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Psychic On: History's Mysteries

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Q.  There is another, more temporary set of the “Devil’s footprints”, that I think you should do a reading on as well. They were made in snow, and only on two to three nights in February of 1855 in East and South Devon, England.

Among the high mountains of that elevated district where Glenorchy, Glenlyon and Glenochay are contiguous, there have been met with several times, during this and also the former winter, upon the snow, the tracks of an animal seemingly unknown at present in Scotland. The print of the foot in every respect is an exact resemblance of that of a foal of considerable size, with this small difference perhaps, that the sole seems a little longer or not so round; but, as no one has had the good fortune as yet to have obtained a glimpse of this creature, nothing more can be said of its shape or dimensions; only it has been remarked, from the depth to which the feet sunk in the snow, that it must be a beast of considerable size; it has been observed also, that its walk is not like that of the generality of quadrupeds, but that it is more like the bounding or limping of a hare when not scared or pursued. It is not in one locality only that its tracks have been met with, but through a range of at least twelve miles… -Wikipedia


A.  When I tune into this, I first see a Bigfoot.  This creature being questioned is not a Bigfoot, but I get that this being can go between dimensions just as Bigfoot does.  Bigfoot feels to have more skill and control in this area and does it intentionally (this is for survival).  This being sort of “accidentally” came here for a short time, and then “re synced” back to his correct dimension, and essentially disappeared as fast as he arrived.

When I see this being walking in the snow, he looks to be half human (from the waist up) and half horse (from the waist down).  It reminds me of a centaur, only rather than four legs, there are only two.  He feels to be very confused, as if he was walking about and then just “appeared” here out of nowhere (which is basically what happened).  I get there is a vortex of energy near where this happened (may be something interesting to look up), and that contributed to the glitch in both timelines and realities for this being.

He doesn’t look to be harmful, or even “devilish.”  If anything he feels he would be scared to see a full human versus a half human hybrid.

Q. Hi Lynn,  Does Mammoth Cave in Kentucky go all the way to the Hollow Earth? It is has been rumored that it leads to the Hollow Earth.

If so, can a person (assuming they have a uniform and gear made for this journey) walk all the way to the Hollow Earth through Mammoth Cave?  Thank you.
A.  I get that if you were to go through the right labyrinth of caves, it would direct you toward a sealed “gateway” to the inner Earth.  You would have to go miles, and have proper supplies and safety gear.  Even then, to “breach” the entrance, I see that you would have to know how to enter (feels like there are traps and tricks you would need to pass).  I see something that resembles a huge Jenga puzzle made of stone, and you have to pull specific pieces with symbols on them.  Getting inside is very protected, and just anyone cannot get in.  It is like you have to have permission or be invited (at least via this point of entry).


Q  Hi Lynn,  Can you take a look at the hole in Houska Castle(in Czechia) and see where it leads to? Some people claim that it is a portal to hell. 

Here is a video that talks about the Houska Castle hole: 

A. I get this was a naturally occurring sink hole that goes several hundred feet deep and there is an underground river that runs at the base of it.  It looks as though this castle in on (or rather built upon) a piece of land that had many caves running beneath it at one time.

The caves flooded, and the people that used the caves fled to higher ground.  The constant running water weakened the cave system, allowing the Earth above it to sink (looks more like a drastic and loud crash when it happened).

The hole itself does feel eerie, but it isn’t because of the hole itself, but rather what people projected upon it.  It is true that darker arts and ceremonies were preformed with it, and throughout history darker beings resided in the hole (because they were called upon).  It feels as though those beings have left (they were tied to the people that resided there, and not the location).  You may sense some residual negative energy, but this place feels to be “mostly” ok now.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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