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H.W.'s Final NWO Middle Finger to the World CNN Is Covering Up!

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Real quick announcement…. I’ll be joining Adam Green from the YouTube channel Know More News for a LiveStream tomorrow at 1pm CST (11amPST) on HIS channel (…) where we’ll be discussing some heavy duty, hard-hitting truth about the state of our world and what we can do to begin to turn things around for the better. I’d love to have you join us on the live chat…hopefully you can make it. What you’ll wanna do is subscribe to his channel and hit the bell notification icon…and you’ll be alerted when we’re about to go live.

Adam really sticks his neck out there exposing the true axis of evil…the Rothschild’s international banking cartel and has even traveled to Israel to give you a first had look at what’s actually going on that mainstream media absolutely will not report on. Remember, that’s 1pm CST which is 11am PST or 2pm EST.

As we consider what scientist want us to think are mere contrails (what they claim are harmless trails of condensed water from an aircraft or rocket at high altitude) ….let’s also take a look at and hover over today’s grayed-out Google search page which reads “National day of mourning for President George H.W. Bush.”

I wanna give props to the YouTube channel A Call for An Uprising and to the Washington Times (not to be confused with the Washington compost pile) for revealing what we’re gonna take a look at in this quick video…and really you need to share this with everybody you know. Because the grave irony of all this reverence and honor people are giving to an allegedly dead but certainly extraordinarily notorious warmonger, is that, while people mourn his supposed passing, H.W. has chosen, in return, to turn up his nose and give us all the middle finger in a very symbolic way. And if you just stop to think about it for a second…symbols are very important to these lifetime skull and bones, secret society, free masonic, United Nations-loving, globalist spooks who love to dangle this crap in our faces as they make us the brunt of their satanic little inside jokes in their quest for world dominance.

The Washington Times reports. George H.W. Bush was long famous for the astonishing variety of socks he wore, so much so that the city of Houston has asked residents to don special socks to honor him this week. The Republican Party also offered “HW” socks at its online store for years.

Jim McGrath, who was the spokesman for both Barbara and George H.W. Bush, now reveals the design of the last pair of socks the late president will ever wear.

But before I show you the design pattern H.W. Picked as he supposedly bids farewell to the earth he had a huge part in helping to destroy….

I just wanna take another look at these so-called harmless trails of condensed water vapor as they innocently hang in the air we all have to breath for…. hours and hours and hours after which they’re reported to make people sick, block the sun for days and literally modify the weather.

But, if you think I’m just a conspiratorial, anti-government kook….maybe you’ll believe in the existence of chemtrails or As former CIA director and counsel on foreign relations puppet, John Brennan likes to call Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (clip)

Other globalists like Al Gore like to denounce cloud seeding projects, brushing them off as nonsense…but they’re all part of the same club, they are work together and they know exactly what they’re doing (clip)

So Gore the globalist down plays this, but as you can see with your own eyes…this isn’t something they’re “thinking about doing” this is something they do every day…and they’ve been doing it for years. They seed clouds with a concoction of chemicals like silver iodide, potassium iodide and dry ice (solid carbon dioxide), Liquid propane and other chemicals in order to manipulate the weather. It’s classic geoengineering.

This technology is not new. The footage you’re looking at is from a 1923 news reel where, the Air Service is dropping a chemical curtain to obscure and protect approaching bombing planes. Supposedly they used this kind of technology in Normandy to hide approaching boats.

The point is…what you’re eyes are seeing here are not harmless water vapor contrails that quickly and easily dissipate. You’re seen chemicals being dumped into the atmosphere for a particular reason and regardless of the reason…this is detrimental to your health. Consider this news report. (clip)

So, when you look up into the sky and see a trail left by a plane that keeps expanding and hanging in the air for hours and they tell you there’s nothing to be concerned about remember… the government was caught spraying its own people at least once, the CIA admits to spraying and you’re eyes can see that they’re spraying. Your eyes don’t lie and neither do the skies.

So, what special design did poppy global warmonger HW bush decided to wear for the rest of time in his casket.

Here’s a twitter post by former George H.W. Bush spokesman Jim McGrath.

The 41st President will be carried to his final rest wearing socks that pay tribute to his lifetime of service, starting as an 18 year-old naval aviator in war.

Remember, to these skull and bonesmen, Masonic puppets, symbolism means everything. The pattern on his socks is an in-your-face glorification of the military industrial complex and the horrors of mass murder called war, as the war planes fly over leaving their deadly chem trails hanging in the air of a world filled with the humans he lived his life trying to destroy in his quest for one world order dominance. And these people are proud to shove that symbolism in your face!

Leave your thoughts for the world and the google thought police in the comments section below and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

Don’t forget to subscribe to know more news and I’ll see you guys in the livestream tomorrow.

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    • Slimey

      When I was a young little boy I use to see these trails in the sky all the time. But I have NEVER seen them as an adult, where I live anyway. So, when were those contrail pictures taken youze guyz like to show us all the time? :mad:

      • Rad

        Are you on drugs slimebob? Try getting a computer and learning how to do a meaningful search on the internet.




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