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I Pet Goat 2, Indicators Of Future War Strikes, The Messiah, Fall of Currency and Possible Rising of the Mahdi

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Quotes Imperial Regent of the Lord Angelus Domini

WINTER IS COMING!”… The ominous quote made famous by the Illuminati show, “Game of Thrones”, which is now entering its “final season”, where the dead have risen, and a once dead Prince, now resurrected, finally takes his rightful place on the throne as King.

The “Parable of the Budding Fig Tree” told by Christ in Matthew 24:32-35, Mark 13:28-31, and Luke 21:29-33, was the instruction to His followers to know the “season” by knowing the signs, and since He knows not the day nor the hour (Matthew 24:36), but presumably the year and the final season, shouldn’t we pay much more attention to His WINTER WARNING about fleeing the Abomination of Desolation, saying “Pray that your flight won’t be in the winter.” (Mark 13:18)

Logically, the only reason people would be fleeing during the winter is because they have NO CHOICE… Because they didn’t take heed of His commands and warnings over the “Seven-Year Covenant with the Many” (Daniel 9:27), and were forced to run at the last possible moment when it was essentially too late!

By now you should have noticed in the Illuminati video “I, Pet Goat II”, all of the end time events culminate during a savage winter that has encased the world… By now you should have also noticed that the internet is flooded with dire warnings of the “sun dimming”, and Earth entering a “mini ice age” this winter… Do the math.

Winter officially begins in America and Israel in about 16 days.

The Messiah, Christ Returned Makes All Things New by Eliminating the Old. The USA currency and other economic collapses for example. He has a plan and He takes over.




Revelations 3 18 To the Church in Laodicea …17You say, ‘I am rich; I have grown wealthy and need nothing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked. 18I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined by fire so that you may become rich, white garments so that you may be clothed and your shameful nakedness not exposed, and salve to anoint your eyes so that you may see. 19Those I love, I rebuke and discipline. Therefore be earnest and repent.


Revelation 21:5 English 5 And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” Also he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.”


This is happening now. The dollar is being dumped left and right. The Lord rids of ALL others.



Stocks nosedive, Dow sheds nearly 800 points

Please follow along with the video

I isolated this location after review of it several times before noticing the only major difference between it and other Mosques and Minarets was this huge mountain it sits upon.




Minaret, from Arabic: مئذنة‎ mi’thana, also known as Goldaste, is a type of tower typically found adjacent to mosques. Generally a tall spire with a conical or onion-shaped crown, usually either free-standing or taller than associated support structure. The basic form of a minaret includes a base, shaft, and gallery. Source

Notice The POINT at the top of the Minaret in the IPet Goat 2 video also gives this one away as the match in Turkey.







So here you notice that there is a STRIKE on a religious monument. This mountaintop mosque was built in Erdoğan’s hometown

Let’s not overlook the fact that a vast amount of the globe seems to be covered in ice and snow at the same time. I venture to say that something apparently happens to the ” SUN.” Stories have come out about dimming the Sun, but it was the Lord’s words years ago in that he will dim our sun. Naturally, Saturn will present as the sol as it once was brought back to life much like the Phoenix that rises up like the Lord himself when he reigns upon the earth.

So WHO would execute such a strike? At a glance, it appears to look like USA stealth technology but does not mean it cannot be otherwise.


The relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Turkey have been generally peaceful since the establishment of the modern states but sometimes have also been strained. Iran and Turkey are major trade partners. … Turkey has an embassy in Tehran, and consulates in Tabriz and Urmia.

Next Religious Monument MECCA, Gran Mosque! Saudi Arabia.



Notice the Octagon shape on the ground. Notice the landmarks next it all. Grand Mosque. You can see here a Sufi Whirling Dancer Arising from the Grand Mosque roof next to Mecca. This mosque has a roof that slides open and close. This is why It shows this figure ” Rising” above the Mosque. A Muslim, Sufi figurehead.






Sliding-Roof-Grand-Mosque-02 (1).jpg.jpg)

Could this be a hint about the Rising of Mahdi?






Follow time markers 5 19 to 5 28







So what is currently in the news about Turkey?

resized_4fa65-de401b49thumbs_b_c_9ce2c2f4c2687eb3d8ad2c5f3452672e.jpg Turkey strikes blow to YPG/PKK at home, abroad in Nov. YPG/PKK terrorist attacks aim to hurt civilians, children and disturb Turkey’s peace, tranquility, security

Turkey urges Israel to ‘immediately stop’ Gaza strikes Story Here

Turkey, Russia working to resolve Idlib issues: Erdoğan. But are they?

Erdogan Urges Putin to Hold Another Summit on Syria’s Idlib Turkish president calls on Russian counterpart at sidelines of G-20 to discuss the enclave where the two are trying to create a sustainable demilitarized zone Reuters and Haaretz Dec 01, 2018 7:12 PM Story Here This is a declaration of war against Turkey. Arab nations, we are warning you; Stop those two crown princes at once! Topple Mohammed bin Salman! Understand that the trap has been set against you! Quotes İbrahim Karagül

They have been talking about dumping the dollar for some time now. Not good news for the dollar? Russia and Turkey ditched US currency for S-400 missile system deal Published time: 29 Nov 2018 12:40 Story here

I would really like your opinions on this matter, so I encourage dialogue, questions, and points that could shed light on revealing more pertinent information on this matter. It does seem to be closing in a very short amount of time.


Other Evidence

Frequently Ask Questions

Other Sources Credits Sources and Credits God and his Holy Son The Messiah Lord RayEl The Imperial Regent of the Lord Angelus Domini The Holy Bible Christ Has Returned YouTube I do not claim ownership of any pictures, videos or story links. This is all purely educational and blog Combine logic, signs, prophecies, and follow these headlines to connect it all Coincidence …no such thing! The Storm Is Here

 Are YOU Prepared?

You Know What to Do!

Exodus, Go Baja or Mount Zion area to prepare!

Top 10 US Enemies were: North Korea. Iran. Syria. Iraq. Afghanistan. Russia. Libya. Somalia. Allies to USA Top 10 Countries that are USA Allies USA allies: Philippines. With an extremely strong relationship with the Philippines, both countries are one of the most amicable allies in the world since 1947. … USA allies: Germany. … USA allies: France. … USA allies: Australia. … USA allies: Japan. … USA allies: Mexico. … USA allies: South Korea. … USA allies: Israel.

The worst enemies are the ones you do not see coming. For some reason, some are not mentioned here. I find that very interesting. Watch for China!

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    • The Holy Prophet

      People need to wake up and realize that all of the things we have been saying for years now are finally being realized and coming to fruition exactly when and how Prophecy foretold. It would be most obvious if people paid attention to the scriptures and the signs going on around them. We are at the very end. It is time to come to Lord RayEl.

    • Priestess Monte

      There are so many hidden messages and warnings here…let’s hope people wake up to the truth before its too late!

    • Cardinal Monte

      These are really interesting times we live in. You can just feel it, something is in the air… Something powerful is coming this way… The Lord will take his throne soon, and all shall be revealed!

      • Central Scrutinizer

        ^^^ You can just feel it, something is in the air…

        Sorry, that was me. Spicy nachos with a burrito on the side last night. My bad.

        But seriously, I Pet Goat 2 is quite possibly the worst film ever made. And you guys got WAYYYYYYYY too much time on your hands to pour over every detail of every frame.

        I envision the creators of this slop sitting back and reading all these ‘prophetic reviews’ and just laughing and laughing and laughing. :mrgreen:

        • TheDirectHouseofDavid

          Upset because prophecy is fulfilling at a rapid pace? :wink:

          • Central Scrutinizer

            Apparently, you and I have a very different definition of “rapid”.
            Well, that and the whole notion of ‘prophecy’.

            Find me 1 thing, 1 single solitary thing, that was “prophesied” here on BIN, with a timestamp to prove it, and it actually came true.

            I’ll save you the time, cause it can’t be found. BIN is batting 1.000 at being wrong. :mrgreen:

        • Civil Liaison

          I imagine you get paid quite well to be an asshole. If not I suppose your existence itself is quite questionable, reconsider your options.

          • Central Scrutinizer

            Yea, nah…. All my comedy is totally free of charge.

            ENJOY. :mrgreen:

    • Jaymian Franks

      Thankyou. Btw, Australians are starting to wake up. Praying for a major change here.

    • samrg472

      So close to the end!

    • Cifer Therrien

      So many secrets revealed!

    • Knowledge-Is-Powerful

      I hope people wake up to see that this video isn’t just an animation. It’s a timeline!

      • Central Scrutinizer

        Yea, a timeline of gibberish. WORST FILM EVER. :mrgreen:

    • EricLogan

      Hindsight to me is always the final authority on prophetic matters, and it seems like this video has already shown numerous events and processes which came to be.

    • Greybeard

      hope you all fit……going to be doing a lot of running next year

      i would be more concerned about summer if i were you….hahaha

    • Huntsman8

      If people do not have their eyes on God and His returned Son, Lord RayEl they deserve what is coming. There are obviously many prophecies being fulfilled and the end of this world game changers are imminent. Thanks for sharing.

    • TheDirectHouseofDavid

      It is time for the world to prepare


      When Christ ascended to Heaven 2000 years ago, it was at this location, and the angels assured the witnesses that he would return the same way.

      Acts 1:11 And they were saying to them, “Galilean men, why are you standing and gazing into the sky? This Yeshua, who was taken up from you into Heaven shall come in this way, as when you saw him going up into Heaven.”

      Matthew 24:27 For just as lightning goes out from The East and appears unto The West, so will the coming of The Son of Man be.

      When his Holy Spirit descended from the clouds in the Middle East (Jerusalem), it entered our realm with a flash like lightning, and instantly traveled to the West (North America), to join with the Son of Man, RayEl.

      He is your King and your Lord, and the one prophesied by all of the major religions to judge the people, and bring about a new and everlasting kingdom.

      Over the past seven years, we have supplied absolute proof of this claim, providing documentation of our Lord’s continuing fulfillment of prophecy, from major media sources, as well as ancient scripture.

    • Civil Liaison

      This is the best source of prophetic explanation, so spot on! The Clergy of Lord RayEl are the wisest people known to mankind.

    • Greg

      Tis the season (as some might say)… the final season, that is. Winter is coming! You can always rely on the illuminated to put a message out for the masses, to shine some light in their direction.
      Good explanation on prophetic events. Thank you! :)

    • William S.

      Nearly all religions believe we are presently in the “end times”, that period of history when the world will undergo divine judgment, followed by the establishment of an everlasting Kingdom of God that is reserved for the chosen.

      Most believe the Messiah will come just prior to this judgment, offering the people one last chance at salvation. Lord RayEl is that prophesied Messiah.

      Though “faith” is important, we will still provide evidence of his divinity. :idea:

    • Philo

      If you want to sound less of an idiot then first go read Israel Ben Barzle his free ebook The House of Israel Returns..
      It will help you see things in the right perspective.




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