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"Are You Ready For Contact?" Asks Pleiadian Earth Council, And Other Questions Regarding, "Total Focus"!!

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“Are You Ready For Contact?” Asks Pleiadian Earth Council, And Other Questions Regarding, ”Total Focus”!!

Folks… hey how ya doing?… Listen… to the questions Mira is suggesting we reflect upon… I feel this is great guidance and thus, felt sharing it with you, could help our species to make peaceful contact with extraterrestrials.  


Does working with a Pleiadian Earth Council excite you?

Are you ready for a new way of ‘earth’… where our species provides a focal point of peace, love and harmony?

Who is everybody in debt to?

How much fakeness, can one person truly fall for….

Our Pleiadian Earth Council is basically suggesting that we dust ourselves off, stand up and take responsibility and party with the rest of the unvierse…. truth is, earth as it is, are the party poopers of the universe…. trashing this and that…. blowing up shit… 

And we do not have to focus on all that, when we could be partying with the universe, with love. 

Mastery has never been about controlling others in a selfish manner…

Earthlings have been mind controlled to be selfish slaves, constantly trying to upgrade the prison life. 

Our family… our earth council, want to assist us to leave the inner prison, to create heaven on earth.

You and I are the bridge.

You and I are the key.

Consider these words your invitation to the Pleiadian Earth Council.

Consider further important messages from extraterrestrials are flowing through at all times.

This flow of messages and support, are withheld from more mainstream sources.





Greetings I am Mira.

I greet you today from the Earth Council where I have been working for over six of your Earth years. My job is to assist the Earth’s Ascension process. I am here to assist you as you move into higher consciousness for your Ascension. It should serve you well and I trust that you will take these matters into consideration.

Number one. What is your stamina level? You are running the last lap of the final race. Are you breathing? Are you keeping your eye on the prize? Are you continuing to raise your vibration? Are you letting go of what no longer serves you? Are you trusting the process? Are you reminding yourselves of your part in the Divine Plan?

Number two. What is your most important area of focus right now? Are you prioritizing your spiritual work and healing? Are you taking care of first things first? What matters the most? Are you trusting yourself? Are you believing in yourself? Can you envision a new future for yourself and a new planet?

Number three. Are you building greater faith and trust in the process at hand? Are you managing to stay positive and when something negative comes do you let it go and not let it affect you as it would have in the past? Do you feel that you are capable of maneuvering over any hurdles that might come your way?

Number four. As you approach the end of these lower dimensions do you feel yourself becoming less burdened? Does the material world have less impact on your daily life? Are you beginning to get a sense of what it feels like from time to time to feel some bliss, joy and happiness? Do you want more of these positive feelings?

Number five. Are you getting ready to have contact with us, the Galactics? Are you open to meeting some of your Galactic brothers and sisters who are already on the planet? Are you aware that you will recognize us when you see us? Can you begin to imagine how joyful and heartfelt your reunions will be? Are you ready to share and learn from each other?

Number six. What is your preparation level for stepping into new work assignments? What is the burning desire and passion within for greater service to the Earth and life on the Earth? Are you willing to learn with others and to share what you know? Are you willing to amplify your creativity and to part with the old way of doing things?

Number seven. Right now, can you think about getting the best that you can get from these final days in the third dimension? Can you make the best of it? Can you put it all together so that you can see the big picture and get the value from that? Can you remind yourself that you chose to be here at this time for this very special purpose? Can each of you realize how important your contribution is, and that the value of your energy and love is enough?

These are my thoughts right now. I hope they will be helpful. I cannot wait to see your reactions.

We are in full swing with everything that is occurring right now. Our total focus is on you and the Earth. We continue to participate in doing our part in relieving the Earth from the contamination of the dark forces and for the illumination of the light.

I am Mira with love.

Major Update!! Grandest Reunion of All Creation And The Long Awaited Mass Landings, Earthlings Set To Visit “New Jerusalem” Mothership!!

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