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Epic Fail! Massive Police Force vs Door.... Truly a Must See

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if an immovable object met a monopolized force? We know all police departments don’t tolerate competition in their area. So, in a very real sense, they are the local monopoly. You’re not allowed to hire a competing security firm that offers better service or better prices. So, if people object to police force service, if they despise their actions, if they’re tired of being pestered by badged psychopaths on power trips…tough luck. Police departments have ensured that they’re the only game in town. And believe me…they aren’t there to serve and protect…they’re there to harass and collect. And they do it by FORCE.

They aren’t called a police FORCE for nothing. That’s where they derive their power and that’s how they generate their revenue. And since the term “police” is the 1500s french word for policy…cops are NOT “law” enforcers, they’re nothing more than POLICY enforcers doing the bidding of and carrying out the commands of political parasites who sit around all day scribbling down their opinions which they conceitedly enjoy calling “laws.” Well, they aren’t true laws…they’re nothing more than the commands of men carried out by the command or policy enFORCERS.

Think about it…if cops…at the very least simply honored their oath to uphold the constitution…people wouldn’t be jailed for so-called victimless crimes. The property of individuals would be respected and a whole host of other crimes committed by cops every single day, would be halted.

So, what if that monopolized policy enforcing police force met its match and encountered an immovable object.

Here’s a little levity for ya today. Watch as this police force tries feverishly to break this guy’s apartment door down.

(clip) – this refers to what is in the video…

Now I don’t know what that door, lock or frame is made out of…but that’s a heavy duty battering ram and those weren’t light taps. In case you didn’t count, they just hit that thing 45 solid times. (clip)


That was 13 more times now we have two relief pitchers stepping up to the mound so they can take a crack at it. (clip)

And 10 more times (clip)

11 more times (clip)

Okay, at this point they’re into this 93 times and I’m on the internet searching for what brand of door that is…cause I want one. With the time it took them to pound on this door, they could have already gotten into the room by cutting through the wall and had a much easier time.


I’m gonna speed this up while these guys express frustration and confusion at their lack of result for such a colossal effort.


Okay, now they’re into this failed project 111 slams into this door.

You’ve heard that doors are there to keep honest people out…well obviously this door has the insane ability to keep everybody out…even badged mercenaries who want to do you harm as they carry out the will of their political overlords. (clip)

That’s 17 more love taps and, even though the door is slightly moving it becomes obvious that this door may have been forged in the heart of a dying star right along with thor’s hammer… now I really want that door.


And that was a 128 try heavy duty knock that still yields no entry for the masked police bandits. At this point, if these guys were going to form a superhero team it would probably be a good idea if they didn’t call themselves the intruders.

Well they try and fail to use these massive crowbars as they use the sledge to jam them in between the cracks in the door…. guys…look at this dang door…talk about taking a lickin’ and keep on standing.


After that campaign, Door 172… monopolized policy enforcers…zero


Now look at the door. I don’t even know how its standing. What if every time cops tried to go after a person for a victimless crime….it was this difficult and took this much effort….no doubt there would be way less police crime or they acquire a technology that made this kind of job easier…because you know they’re not gonna give up their revenue generating schemes.


That’s 15 more attempts for a total of 187 tries.. and even though the door is slightly ajar, it’s still not allowing them entry. The video ends without them gaining entry…but I’m sure they got in there because the last thing the police want is a precedent where someone managed to elude them.

What do you want to bet that police, together with politicians, will feverishly craft a law to outlaw doors that can withstand this kind of abuse. That’s the thing about cops…and the government in general…they don’t want people to possess anything that’s going to rival and stop their power.

The maker of that door should be very satisfied that they sell a product which keeps the home owner safe and secure in the place he should feel most secure.

Leave your thoughts about this for the world and the Google thought police in the comments section below and I’ll see you guys in the next heavily censored, shadow-banned video.



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    • Idiot Proof

      It’s gotta be forged from pure Adamantium, maybe enhanced with Titanium. In the end, it seemed like we wee looking at either a FAILED POLICY, and/or, a weak ass bunch of foreign cops. I was rooting for the door anyway!

      • Andy

        nah, it must be made of Trumpium – the only thing i’ve ever seen take more of a beating and stand firm is Trump lol – cept he cops it from both the outside (dimocrats) and the inside (RINOs)

    • duncombemu

      Gee… if anyone knows the makers of this door, just let us know. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.

      They probably had the wrong apartment, after all that. :roll:

    • barebones

      Romanians doing Sesame Street demo of Einsteins proposition on insanity!

    • Slimey

      DUMB COP syndrome on display. What happens when you listen to your politicians too long. You become DUMB like them.

      Don’t they know how to open a door? Trained only one way and can’t even think out of the box. No wonder politicians enjoy using them on you. :wink:

    • Bob DD

      Truly must see? FORGET ABOUT IT. Bad video, had to turn it off.

    • Rad

      The dumb f*cks forgot to try turning the knob first.

    • Rad

      Research has come out that shows conclusively that cops have 2.6 times the muscle as the average male and 23.8 times less brain matter.




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