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He Wore This Next to President Trump With Millions Watching?!? - And Silence From the Right!?

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Because cognitive dissonance works it’s cancerous craft on people of every political spectrum….I want to be clear about something before I say what I’m about to say. These two should be in Jail. There are many things we could say that would rightly condemn these psychopaths for the criminals they are but JUST the Uranium One deal and their massive observable theft of the Haitian people by the Clinton Foundation is enough to put them away, by any credible justice system, for LIFE. And their treasonous acts, according to our founding documents, would exact a much more severe penalty….if you know what I mean. (see video to follow along…THIS you gotta see!!)

This guy is also a criminal and warmonger…as is this guy and so many others that came before them. Matter of fact Washington is a district that is crawling with criminals in suits who claim to be fighting for your freedoms, when nothing could be further from the truth. They’re there as puppets (weather senators, congressmen or presidents) to enrich Zionist bankers, enslave Americans and serve their Israeli puppet masters.

I wasn’t planning on dealing with this topic, but as I was reviewing material and scouring the internet, I happened upon this video which was released yesterday on January 3rd by the channel golden state times. It’s entitled “OMG President Trump Just UNLEASHED his Secret Weapon and Democrats are Terrified”

In less than 24 hours it has over 380k views and an excellent like to dislike ratio….so it was well received. In the video Trump, apparently, makes a surprise visit to the briefing room where he first congratulates liberty snatching, anti gunner and full time psychotic nitwit Nazi Pelosi who just became speaker of the house. After this, he gives a glowing review and introduces members of (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) or I.C.E. and Border Patrol.

Remember, ICE is a part of the security theater called the Department of Homeland Security which is responsible for the mega expensive, highly ineffective, disastrous, fourth amendment stripping blue shirts of the TSA.

Remember, both ICE and TSA were created after the 9/11 attacks in order to keep us safe ….uh….from those evil terrorists. The only problem is that most Americans don’t see that the largest terror cell on American soil, which creates more terrorism for the American people than any homegrown foreign terrorist every could, is their own government.

So, if you’re a conservative, you’re supposed to look at ICE and Border Patrol as heroes who protect our country and our freedoms. On the other hand, if you’re one of those people who wanna abolish ICE and every other Authoritarian, freedom-stripping, constitution trampling agency… you conservatives are supposed to look at such people as liberal lunatics who don’t have the best interests of America at heart. So the script has been written by your over lords and you follow that script or risk being shunned as an anti-American Commie. And that is how the Zionist banking masters feed that cognitive dissonance worm growing inside the brains of everyone who, Left or Right, it doesn’t matter, is a government-loving statist.

And that’s why cognitive dissonance red flags filled my mind when I saw what I’m about to show you. As Irony would have it…while the video was playing…I was reading the comments under the video….

Comments like….


A lot of praise for Trump…and then I read these two:

Pelosi is a traitor to this country

Nancy Pelosi is a demonic witch obsessed with destroying this country from the inside out.

I agree that she has violated her oath more times than I can recall and I agree that, as her actions show, she’s obsessed with destroying the life, liberty and property of Americans. She is an oath breaker and therefore a traitor….

And the demonic witch part is something I don’t doubt….but as I made my way back up to the video from the comments section….this guy…was introduced. His name is Art Degueto. He’s the vice president with the National Border Patrol counsel.

The ironic thing about hailing trump and ICE and Border patrol, while calling Nazi Pelosi a Demonic witch, which has a thing or two to do with satanism….

Art here…Mr, vice president for the National Border Patrol counsel is wearing a satanic Freemasonic pin.

Now, if you’re caught in the left vs right cognitive dissonance paradigm, you brush the display of that satanic, secretive, anti American organization pin off as a nothing burger…because the guy wearing it is pro Trump and Pro Wall and anti liberal policies….at least as far as you know. But I have no doubt that if that was Hillary Clinton up there introducing these agents and that very guy wore that very pin, website after website would have photo after photo of Art and his satanic pin circled and highlighted, and paragraph after paragraph would be shouting from the roof tops about this sinister organization, their sinister schemes and rituals, and the unbridled evil it represents.

But we don’t see that, because cognitive dissonance is real. And it works on liberals just like it works on conservatives…because, no matter which way you slice it, both sides want the control and power to rule other people who don’t want to be ruled. Controlling, committing violence on and stealing from people is what left branches of government do and it’s what right branches of government do.

The very people who decry such satanic symbols are those who rightly promote speeches like this (clip)

But we don’t see condemnation for this ICE video from the right. It’s almost like they can’t speak of what they know to be evil because they’ve somehow fastened themselves to the Trump train. It’s almost as if the shocking thing Trump said about his supporters is true. (clip)

For those of you don’t know about the depth of evil Freemasonry represents…there are plenty of channels out there who specialize in exposing their disgusting, perverted satanic rituals, and the massive influence and control they have over government officials, Hollywood celebrities, sports stars, the music industry and corporate executives.

The reason I made this video is because I’m tired of seeing people fall into the trap of the elite…who use the Hegelian dialectic of problem, reaction, solution, and the left vs right paradigm that keeps us deceived, distracted and divided.

If you stand against evil stand against it. Don’t be a manipulated reed that sways in the wind.

If you think I’m off base, stick around and use reason, logic and truth to state your case. You could leave an ad hominem if you’d like, but that’s rarely productive.



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  • nomorelabels

    Trump followers will never admit to anything that reflects negative on their savior.

    They would believe whatever he tells them to believe, while he likely giggles at the gullibility of it all.

    • Anonymous

      Drumpf spoke of being a Mason at an event with southern baptists during campaign. Youtube of it may still be up. Illuminati card game included predictive programming of POTUS Drumpf and MSM intvs from 40 yrs ago. He is another complete faQe- marketed as the ‘real thing’. Only the most stupid cucks like American public would buy that a multibillionaire Elite puppet controlled by the bankers who bailed out his many casino bankruptcies, is a financial genius- (an who now call the shots in his administration). Or who boasts of getting away with “not paying taxes for 20 yrs” is a patriot or regular guy like you and me.
      Trojan Horse Drumpf boasted during his campaign:
      “MEXICO will PAY for the wall”
      If that was true? There would be no need for a govt shutdown.
      Drumpf is the Deep State’s faQe “opposition” for the right wing losers, just as stooge Obummination was Deep State’s faQe “opposition” for the left wing groupies.
      Dont you people EVER THINK? WTFU is wrong with you?

  • PaulTarsuss

    Youtube won’t let me reply to your video….let’s see if BIN still allows it….

    Here is more information on the masons and their fellow rulers of this nation and much of the world…

    This is how late the hour is….the signs are here in abundance….

    “Fear not what you are about to endure”….Jesus Christ

    25 “There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. 26 People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken. 27 At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. 28 When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”

    God bless your efforts in a very BIG way.

  • zrose

    Not all Freemasons are bad people. It is when you get over the 33rd degree that the corruption begins with some people.

    • Just Dandy

      No just dumbed down demonically compromised, until they are psychically attacked to anti-up their idiot choices that generally involves screwing over their friends, family, acquaintances, or strangers. It is a “process” of turning unChristian and ultimately becoming the world class assholes that create and manage the wars on the planet…though this does generally require a few incarnations. An example of where it leads to are Vatican Jesuit assassins, deep state blood thirsty baby sacrificing power players, etc, etc, etc…do the Christian warfare prayer to inoculate….these times are going to amp up those thusly compromised and it is not going to be nice!

      • Andy

        sounds like dumbed-down religious delusionists of all varieties – you lot believe in your imaginary friend jesus and they believe in their imaginary friend satan

  • wheeties

    you guys are so full of shett–was reading the different mason groups were going to start suing the people using slander and liable–then you will have to back up your bullshett in a court of law–will forward your nonsense to a group in southern calif who are lots of lawyers as well as masons-they do millions of charity work a year–you guys are very insulting/immoral and your not going to get away with it

    • TRUTHY1

      You have diarrhea of the mouth to go with water on the brain. No Freemason is going to challenge anything stated in this article or the comments.

      It is forbidden to utter the name Jesus in any Freemason Temple or Lodge. Why would that be ? I’ll give you a clue.

      Albert Pike, 33-degree Freemason and author of Morals and Dogma

      Lucifer, the Light-Bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual or selfish Souls? Doubt it not !

      If that is not good enough for you then go back to the foundations of Freemasonry. The Templar’s. Who did they admit to worshiping ? Baphomet of course also known as Sofia according to the Atbash cypher.

      You need to re-educate, read the Scriptures, stop reinforcing the deceptions and lies and pull your head out of your a$$ !!

      • wheeties

        another agent of of satan proclaims to know the “truth”–the devils truth–just read your bullshett you wrote–disgusting garbage –your the one that represents lucifer you moron–every bible humper is an agent of satan–here is a fact about your bullshett bible—>people have been saying the same crap over and over since the beginning of time and always attributing to god when god had nothing,zero to do with that garbage–——–>the bible,the book of wrath and judgement,satan’s best work—god has no wrath nor judgement–only stupid,foolish,petty,immature humans have wrath,judgement,guided by their unholy god,the devil–god knows who,what we are–you think god puts you on this planet with his divine love and then decides to destroy you because you dont adhere to some nonsense written and practiced by some insane old dudes!!!? the bible is the word of men,not god–god would not touch any of that insane crap with a billion mile long pole–all that bible humper bull shett is for agents of satan–god is love and jesus said salvation is for all,even a one second old “baby”–no hail marys or forgiveness needed—if jesus was here today he would be hanging out with the ungodly and sinful,immoral lost souls–jesus knows the self righteous,with their huge maniacal egos that you find at most churches are beyond help-they will only see the light when they cross to the other side…fools,jackasses these die hard bible humpers–but keep posting your crap truther so we know what,who your are—–dumb ass agent of satan…

      • Andy

        because they don’t like fairy-tale character names being spoken?

    • Anonymous

      Fkkk off dildo. Lets go to full court case and have full due diligence and open those Satan Lodges for 100% legal discovery. ALL PUBLIC.
      WTFU and STFU you stupid cuck
      Trust the sQum! Trust the sQam!!

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like some real fear you are displaying there, Wheaties.

  • Slimey

    Why are there so many HAIRLESS pale men? They remind me of those Catholic priests that like to pray on people. I don’t trust hairless people.

    Yahuah sends you women and children (Negroes) to rule you when you SIN. We see this in Europe too. Apparently, liberals and the ‘Elite know how to bring man down.

    Follow Satan and get the women to lead the man – to his DOOM. Like in the Garden of Eat’n. :twisted:

    • wheeties

      nice as usual there pink…..

      • Slimey


    • Andy

      imaginary friends send nothing – and they don’t need to either, because you delude yourselves enough on your own

  • Just Dandy

    Freemasonry is Satanism dressed up as something else. Make no mistake, the vast majority of these Freemasons are clueless that participating in these satanic rituals is SUCKING their brains from their head, not to mention their spiritual clarity and discernment. They are unaware that they are being used by the demonic realm as vehicles to take humanity into very DUMB and STUPID
    territory during these very critical technological development years!! In the past these Freemasons are responsible for perpetuating the sick notion that WARS, battles, conflicts, and divide and concur of good humanitarian initiatives….these people have to be awoken and shown how to negate with extremely powerful spiritual prayers, search on YouTube!

    • wheeties

      bible humpers are the bringers of hate and destruction–the devil sucks the brains right out of christians,bible humpers–they are the anti christ,agents of satan….

  • DangerWillRoberson

    trump could get saved in office? :idea:

  • Guitarilla

    Sorry to break into your smug complacence, fellows, but the REAL controllers of EVERYTHING that is taking place are the Jesuits. Go ahead. Prove me wrong!

    • wheeties

      you might be right –they are thick in the middle of it –but follow the money…..

    • Anonymous

      JEWsuits, like JEWhadis were underwritten and founded by zionist Khazar Pharisees. Do some basic research. Learn some logic. Foundation of the lodge went back to the Cabala- the ORAL LAW of Moses, 1500 yrs before Christ.
      What a stupid cuck

  • raburgeson

    Upset that conservatives do not act like ANTIFA? For that manner Free Masons don’t even act like ANTIFA.

  • Just Dandy

    Freemasonry is simply Babylonian hermeticism. It involves invocation and evocation of demonic influences. In basic term that people can relate to it is practicing lower levels of Satanism. The doors to mayhem in the individuals life…the discord and disharmony that is brought about as a result of these practices will destroy any family unequivocally and will be relentless…only one cure, spiritual warfare prayers through Christian bible.

    • Andy

      so, it involves the invocation and evocation of NOTHING?? because demons exist only in the imaginations of the deluded, just like satan

  • memBrain

    Try to remember one important fact. Trump uses his enemies to achieve his goals. Don’t think that sharing screen-time with an individual by any means supports their causes.




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