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The Next 15 Days Aliens will Come to Washington, but Why the Government Closed up to 17 Days

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  • dennisR8

    This story is a prosperous lie and fabrication. fake news is not only at MSNBC and CNN it is here as well.

  • patann

    -And I heard in my hearing while escaping skyward, as said to earthen endangeted be aware of Alien dangers from above”, actually why I crafted 1986, America’s/The worlds into Africa for escape l. Indefinitely, that’s from a qusking, erupting molten America, (our 1996) their, book characters 2012, these transformingg, submersible Arks, the Aqua Juttah, beware, Apb, see

    Offer! Offer! Offer! Mansions In Heaven For Better Homeless Shelters, Beware, Apb,

    -If you mean by Alien invading, an alien to organic mankind God’s Kingdom reign, those holies of holies come down to assist Jesus as predicted with the Holy Bride’s blessed escape, apostle I am agree with you, THEY’RE here, three to four years now. A prophetic phenomenon, Blessed Ascension, revisited only hours before the predicted Hawaii inbound missile alert; I was starring down a dangerous, perfect man, like Pres Trump, Western Leaders; when an identical appearing perfect man as Michael Early, Jesus asked me, will the Angels also ascend? Now admittedly we know Jesus is asking us, Ancient Beast Rule/Antichrist Reign come, will six millennia now of divine intervention by blessed Angels also with the Bride reign of unspeakable grace be taken, ALL, off planet and who want to be here or stay here for that? Rwoent or Perish, also said perfect man Jesus, Beware, Apb

    Priohecy Links

    -99 bowls of molten lava on Trump’s Wall, If One Of Those Bowls Should Happen To Erupt, 98 bowls of Molten Lava On Trump’s Wall! Beware, Apb, see,

    And The Sunlight From A Mountain God’s Throne Cried, Let My People God!

    -I keep telling people, Trump’s is a Truexit and Hillary would’ve been a Hilexit, the American dream gig is over. Exited the national, international stage with Obama’s Administration, 2008/09-2015/16, as of a Cameron’s Briexit/Blaexit/Brexit, pending. Meaning as predicted Rev 11, into Bush’s 1998/2003, a designed, assigned Hussein (predicted Islamic reign US soil) ended this nation and now rules this world. Even Hussein Obama rising with Rev 13 beast, awarded two weeks and seven years into Ancient Beast reign. Indefinitely, the grace period, Dan 12, into Rev 10 Great Angel and lately, May 15, 2004, Daniel’s 534 Angel Gabriel saying, ALL THINGS UNTO FULFILLMENT! Then as of 2016/2023/ 24/25/26, I witnessed Jesus millennium descend among other blessed to cursive things. Cursive, American molten crater soil no more ever, sat at a lost of 15%; as in tens of millions spontaneously lost, 50 million according to Bush’s/Hussein Obama’s pushed into Trump’s, 2017 inauguration, (see approaching confirmation, the super blood moon, Jan 20-21, 2019); that blessed, Jesus would rule for a 1000 years from there, then God’s infinite Kingdom reign, knowing, beware, escape, Apb, see more here,

    • get real

      why the universe allows idiots like you to type is beyond me!

  • Andy

    Nibooboo? :eek: yep, definitely going to listen to the rest of your claptrap now hey :roll:

  • No time

    Talk to the hand cause the head ain’t listening.

  • Rockledge

    I don’t follow the tube links, never do, but I can say that I think it hilarious, all the talk about little green men coming to get us.

    The only aliens coming to Washington are going to because a wall doesn’t stop the criminals from getting into the country because it doesn’t get built.
    In which case they will march on Washington, and eventually take it over.




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