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Long Distance Infrared Photography Exposes Globe Lie! Mt St. Jacinto From 123 Miles by Jtolan Media1

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  • wheeties

    my family member has been the #1 expert of infra red tech in the world for years–the hubble,a 8ft infra red,the keck 600 inch on mona kea-his last project was sopia-a 8 ft infra red in a 747 that flies on the edge of space–when i tell him about you nut job flat earth and there is no moon idiots he laughs hard–he asked “are people really that insane?!!?” your a pathettic joke– but that might be your whole gig–is to make fools out of the believers of your flat earth crap….your article is total bullshett,insane bullshe

    • Anonymous

      I learned to read English, from the Bible and Popular Mechanics. Is this your first language?

      Yes, seriously. :arrow: :neutral:

    • Anonymous

      I live between Mt. Baldy and San Jacinto, somewhat east of the filming location, at about 2600ft. Points A-D all look familiar, from my perspective.

      Rockets, near the Channel Islands, were very visible from my house.

      I would be curious to know whether the ocean is visible, at ground level, from a great distance. Has such test been performed, many times, already?

    • Anonymous

      If it is a globe please explain WHY water is always flat and seeks it’s own level of FLAT?

      • Andy

        the ocean is NOT flat, it is curved – go to any seaside hotel, 10th floor or higher, line up the balcony railing with the ocean and SEE the curvature with your own unaided eyes

        • prashi

          It’s amazing how people will make up stories to defend the lie. It’s so obvious that the earth is flat, and nobody, and I mean NOBODY can prove that it is a globe. Defend the lie ’til you die andy…

          • Andy

            what is obvious is that you are barely capable of parroting the ignorance of others – you can see the curve with your own eyes!! and even the ancient Greeks are smarter than you parrots

        • Apollo is the A/C

          Come up with a Photo of Earth Andy or a video of Earth rotating. You can’t. Get back to your Middle School Science class b4 you get detention!

          • Andy

            show me a photo of the edge of your flat earth? show me a photo of the entire universe rotating around the earth

            i can show you photos of both the globe and the earth rotating, but you in your ignorance will call a composite photo (exactly the same thing your phone takes) as CGI

            why? because you’re an ignorant parrot and the best you can manage is to parrot the ignorance of others

      • Knarlydawg

        There’s mountains of evidence of the earth being a globe. I offer evidence just about every time I leave a comment on the supposed FE proof vids. The links I provide are iust a very “small” fraction of the proof available. You FEers refuse to acknowledge the proof shown to you daily. Your lack of fundamental understandings makes it impossible for you to grasp the scale, mass and dynamics of this planet we live on.

        Here’s one more piece of evidence of curvature : :lol:

  • Man

    So if the moon is flat, Why are all other object in our solarsystem round?

    • Anonymous

      The lenses of your eyes and perspective are supposed to be rounded, regardless of your cosmology.

      This particular discussion, in the video, doesn’t say whether anyone has visited any of those objects, in person, though different shapes are reported in fringe discussion.

  • Killuminati

    If you believe the Earth is flat then there’s nothing stopping you from killing yourself to prevent the human race from being infected with your stupidity and mental delusions. If you are even stupider to waste your life researching fairy tales such as this one, then I honestly feel sorry for the parents that spawned you, assuming they are still around.

  • zero

    If you’ve ever flown somewhere on a clear day, you know that there is always a horizon, even at 33,000 feet, that is because the earth is a globe. If the earth was flat, you might be able to see the edge of the world from that height, but not the horizon, because there would be no horizon, the horizon is a product of the earth’s curvature.

    Then there’s maps. Maps aren’t theoretical, they’re used for navigation. There are people all over the planet using maps to navigate, which maps are wrong? A lot of them would have to be wrong if the earth is flat and they’re saying it’s a globe.

    And where does the sun go at night if the earth is flat? There are live cameras all over the world that you can tap into 24/7, it’s easy to see that it’s different times of day at various points around the earth, as you’d expect from a globe. Furthermore you can call people on the other side of the planet to confirm what time it is there.

    • philosophers-stone

      zero, If the earth were globe, the horizon would get lower as you each increase in height until eventually it would disappear under your feet. Why do you assume an edge ? Where is the edge of your universe ?

      • marquise

        He is talking about the edge of your flat earth dum-dum, The horizon does not get lower because the atmosphere naturally follow the curvature of the earth and thats generally where planes fly you know, high in the sky=atmosphere , basic aerospace physics. Call you local airport, they will all explain it to you, or go back to hight school, your dying brain might need it.

        • marquise

          assuming you were talking about plane altitude




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