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Watch What Socialism Actually Does to People!

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This article follows the video…

Yeah…the only problem, Chunk, is that nobody in congress is on your side. They are on the side of authoritarianism which means they’re on the side of the Zionist bankers who, control and fund the government through extortion which they call taxation, empower the military industrial complex, foment wars, devalue the dollar…and all sorts of other things political parasites won’t address.

Chunk here….promotes socialism, as do many other people, and sets it on a pedestal as the solution to the worlds ills. The only problem is that. Socialism is EVIL…but I Repeat Myself

Take a nasty turd place it in a box, cover the box with the best, most expensive wrapping paper, stick a bow on top and the turd is still a nasty turd. Try to dress it up, spray perfume on it or polish it…and it’s still just a nasty turd.

Socialism, just like the turd is the same way. Hailed as the redistribution of wealth in order to help the little guy, Socialism is down right evil. It’s evil because it’s based on the immoral actions of theft and, more specifically, extortion. You can dress socialism up, give it a nice smile with the brightest white teeth, make it exciting and fun…and you still have that which is immoral and….well….evil.

Enter…Alexandria Occasio Cortex. In a nutshell, AOC is Socialism with a Bright shiny smile with a bow on top!

Socialism, like other authoritarian isms, is a brand that happily reinvents itself with the advent of every naive generation. Let’s face it…most kids these days just don’t care. Hand ‘em a Nintendo Switch or an Xbox, a comfy couch, some headphones and plenty of junk food in the fridge, and their fine in their little make believe 1st person-shooter world. For everybody else who’s bought into the left vs right paradigm…give socialism clean nice white chompers, shiny hair, a bright smile and a youthful look and BAM….you’ve got instant acceptance and a cult following who checked their critical thinking at the door and is prepared for you to rob them again and again. Cause, socialism, when you package it like that… has to be good for us…right…how could you go wrong with a look like that?

But like the tasty peanut butter I load on the catch plate of my rat traps….what may be scrumptious for the palate in the short term isn’t so kind to the back of the neck in the long term.

AOC, who says the stupidest things when she’s not saying other stupid things appeared on 60 minutes and said this: (clip)

Don’t you love when people say you need to start PAYING your fair share of taxes. As though taxes were something you paid. When the thief comes up to you with a gun and tells you to give him your wallet…you haven’t paid the thief. You were the unwilling victim of a crime. Nobody in their right mind would give a government, which has already buried us in untold TRILLIONS of dollars in debt, one more nickel of their own free will. And another thing…what god man or woman is legitimately qualified to set the standard for what a persons “fair share is?” (clip)

Then Anderson CIA Operative Cooper asks: (clip)

To which AOC says, (clip)

So, work your buts off to attain the so-called American dream and what’ll be waiting for you? An Alexandria army ready to help relieve you of 70% of your invested time laboring energies to give to the filthy criminals in Washington! The American Government…the Harder you work the more we’ll take….Cause socialism is fun, exciting, fresh, and smiley.


Come on Cortez…there’s no “contributing” to it. This is wholesale, shameless extortion…you know it…we know it and its time to stop with the euphemisms and just call things what they are.

Politics is and has always been the cleverly deceptive art of using euphemisms, lies, emotionalism and fear-mongering in order to deceive average people into accepting and even demanding the the chains of their own oppression.

If you guys get something out of these videos….you know what to do…

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  • Slimey

    There is no way these women recently elected should be allowed in Congogress. The Negress Muslim, the mother-f*cker lady, and this childish Osassyio Cortez, not to mention Nonsense Pssylosi who is TURD in line to be President.

    God forbid should something happen to Trump or Pence. I, for one, will NEVER accept Pssylosi up there. Just no way.

    Something wrong with Washington up there to allow this to happen. Something corrupt and criminal in nature. One that would put in an imposter Negro sodomite from a foreign TURD world dirt-bag country to be your ruler.

    Now they are just sending you rotten women who do not create or invent things from those countries to be your rulers even as the murderous white male-hating Hillaryous who is a thoroughly deluded woman. A modern-day Jezebel whose body was eaten up by wild dogs so that only her hands remained.

    This fat sick old lady can’t even run and wants to be your commander-in-chief. :cool:

    • Rockledge

      Pssylosi ? Seriously? What are you, 9? Grow up and learn to express yourself like an adult.
      Once again, if you want to make a point, make it appear that you have a point to make rather than just slinging shit like an ape.
      There is enough reality and facts to dig from to support opinions about politicians that it is unnecessary to resort to schoolyard taunts and childish remarks.

      Rise above the shit slinging politicians and say something meaningful. They are the problem, be better than that.

      • Slimey

        i’m sorry, I just can’t call them by their proper names. This feeling will go away, I’m quite sure when the SHTF and we got Nonsense Pssylosi and **uckie Boy tied in a chair in front of me so I can SLAP THEM!! :lol:

        These two are imposters and phonies much like the Negro sodomite and have done INCREDIBLE damage to your country. I believe they may be directly responsible for the MURDERS and MAYHEM of illegal immigrants on innocent American citizens.

        The Negro sodomite may have done permanent damage to this country that you may LOSE your next war because of this mahoo sodomite.

        Hillyarous & Bull gave the Chinese our missile technology and Hillaryous was trying to sell uranium to the second most Nuclear armed country in the world and Americas most feared enemy.

        I consider them our modern day Julius & Ethel Rosenberg. I care not to slap them. But I wouldn’t mind pulling the lever to hang them. Because I know…….. :cool:

        • Rockledge

          I have the distinct impression that I am the only one who attempts to read your deranged posts.
          I do so mostly out of my twisted sense of appreciation for unintentional humor.

  • gumby

    thankfully these idiots have one vote and even some of the dems think they are crazy so if they get out of hand our illustrious senate will stop the stupidity. as far as votes in the senate of course you lose romney the traitor,collins an maybe another one so basically if someone farts loud enough we are screwed. when the American public that have enough common sense really wake up and see we are on a one way straight line ride to socialism then maybe we can stop this treason and put these sobs and the bitches in prison but just long enough to hang them. MAGA build the damn wall now and to hell with the demoRATS.

  • Rockledge

    As opposed to capitalism, which as we can all see has been a whopping success.

    All this shit of trying to insult democrats by calling them socialists is not only absurd, it insults socialism which is nothing like what the democrats want. What they want is for america to be taken over by genetically disadvantaged dependents who want to shift wealth they didn’t earn to them.

    That is not socialism.

    Between the twisted social and economic ideals of the democrats, and the fascist economic and political control the republicans dream of, the working man is screwed.

  • DK

    Sorry to disappoint, the United States became socialist in 1777 the very moment it based its legal system on the Roman Republic where the state owned all the land and rented it out to tenants, then was free to regulate every aspect of life. Wages were regulated, marriages, taxation it was a no party state run by custodians/elders nobody was allowed to leave Rome, the women absolutely refused to do so, dress.and behaviour were regulated in law, as was your address to an official. Socialism is the American child 40 years on and it is long. overdue the US recognised its role in creating.the French revolution where the rebranding of the old republicanism took place.




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