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The Greatest "Underdog/Hero's Journey" Story The World Will Ever Know

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Here he is…..

Well…  he once was a little boy… his father and uncle were stolen from him by evil traitors touting treason that tears the tree of liberty up roots and all, so that towers should fall and nations of people should be lined up and slaughtered.  

At only the age of three, this young man stood triumphant…




…vowing to his father and his uncle, to himself, his family, and to God Almighty In Heaven…

… that one day…  one great godly God given day of justice… 

…this little boy…  

….he would become a man…

…. and he would find those evil traitorous bastards who stole everything from him, that which mattered most, but most of all, he would find “the ONE”, the most vile of all the traitors, the one man, who gave the orders…  

… the orders to assassinate his father… 

… the orders to assassinate his uncle…

…and this little boy vowed to “ride his enemies, like a bucking bronco, his spurs in their ribs, until that final day, that he could stomp his dagger of revenge through their cold lifeless zionist hearts”…



… he put his plan in motion…  he knew that to kill a giant he too would have to become a giant… and boy oh boy, the man who killed his father, he was a giant!

The man who assassinated his father and uncle, was none other than the most powerful man in the “So Called,” “Land of Liberty,” a man who was really nothing more than a cold blooded killer, a wolf in sheeps clothing, a man so vile, he made Hitler look good, and that is probably because this evil man’s father, Satan’s Right Hand, Mr. P.B., actually helped create Hitler, financed Hitler, helped Hitler rise to power.  The evil son of the evil father was no better, far worse in fact! 

This evil man was so vile…  He seemed larger than the devil, a man so vile… they say black blood flowed through his veins…



So that little boy… he grew up… and became a young man…  



… he selectively made choices, precision planned decisions…

… but he put it out there…

… for everyone to see…

…but most of all, he wanted that one most vile evil man to see!




…Precision decisions… darker by manner, but likened with a surgeons ink marker, “John Kennedy talks to G.W.,” delineating the difference between left verses right, good verses evil, to separate the bad flesh, taking down  the evil rest…  

Everything… all careful in planning, it all revolved around that one, most vile, most evil of men, its between, “George & Me,” the young man said!



…This little boy, who’d grown into a man…

… He made friends in high places, builders among men, residing in tall places, “The Secret Behind Trump,” is me the young man said.



Thorough planning, he gathered influence… put plans in motion, “Trump’s Running – All The Way To The Bank,” to break the FED, the young man said.






This little boy, he needed, something special, “The Search For The Perfect President,” began.  He laid out the breadcrumbs, hid them, in places that most would miss, but that one day, one shining day, when it mattered most, someone would see them, so that word would spread from Sea To Shining Sea, and help everyone believe, that this little boy, who’d become a man, had returned triumphant, to conquer The Matrix, to feed everyone a Red Pill, he really knew too damn well who he was fighting, and what he was fighting for, “The War For The White House.”

And these were no ordinary evil men… he would need, “The Search For The Perfect President.”






This young man, he was armed with a piece of paper, a piece of paper so important, more important than most, because this one little piece of paper, was the only thing the evil bad men had not destroyed!  Everyone knew of it, but hardly anyone used it.  The Constitution was gone forever, pilfered, stolen, lost, and fraudulently replaced.  But this young man, he had the one that mattered, and he knew how to use it.
And this was important too, because everything had been stolen… 
Everything had been Counterfeit…
This young man, would have to awaken a nation.  
He would have to become, Machiavelli in this, like the father of modern political science, all through his body, like The Prince
This young man, he would have to become the legend of the century.
He would need power, lots of power…
This young man, he would have to become… the one “Who’s pulling the strings”
He would needed to know, the Insiders Guide, the Best & Worst, the Real Reasons, to make Political Predictions.
So he shined light on the darkness…
To take down the de facto corporation, he would seize one office, then leave breadcrumbs to find, so that his army could bind…
The “West Wing,” would take lots of careful planning…
He thought about what Candidates should say, but Won’t Say… 
The good thing was… He wasn’t alone!
He would need a “GRAND EXIT.”
Everyone would morn his passing…  “Gone Too Soon,” they would all say!
The plan was set in motion…  He said his “Farewell!”
He let his enemies grow reckless, fat, happy, drunk, and slumbered.
Until one day…. 

The little boy, who had saluted his slain father, morned his slain uncle, would PASS FROM LIFE  on INTO A LEGEND.”



 Smile for the camera!






 He would have all their “Dark Secrets,” How The Pentagon Spied On The President,” and all us anons would be “Paranoid And Proud Of It!”




 A man like that….  Boy oh boy would he need ONE SWELL GAL, “Crazy About Him,” enough to overlook the, “But Not All His Politics!” 
(This Author’s Wife In Same Boat…Lol)



Will the REAL John Wayne… Please Stand Up!!!

And thee Winner Is!:

Meet “Vincent Fusca” aka @TheReal”R”anon

Vincent Fusca…  

His name translates as, “Conquers Darkness.”

… He just executed his arch evil nemesis, GHWB, who assassinated his father and uncle…

…He’s on his road right now leading up to the White House…




…He’s taking out the trash on the way there!





…Only 37 million people to arrest for Treason (1/10), that and setting free the 80% of the prison population that is wrongfully incarcerated under victimless crimes, a violation of THE LAW our forefathers and the framers gave us called, Common Law, which states clearly, that if there is no victim, there is no crime, NO HARM, NO CRIME.

His legacy is greater than that of “The Count of Monte Christo, for he has returned from being thought to have been murdered and comes forth with the armies of thousands of anons dressed in fine white linens, to rightfully take back all the stolen ill gotten wealth in the world so that the meek may finally inherit the earth!

His real name…?











If that did not make sense for you, BELOW, you will find YOUR ANSWER, spelled out more clearly, read it and cheer!:

NESARA- Restore America – Galactic News

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