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To: The POTUS Don Trump From Q-

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Facia Lector Caveat



All of my life, I’ve never believed in any President while the Don is using Chaos Magick’s and Kabbalah and the I Ching to take out the Deep State Cabal . . . I walk the line with POTUS.  “Line’s & Shadow’s” is a great book about the fake ‘Drug War’ and it’s Karma.


Google wantSS to know if telling me about a new ‘Beach Boy’s Album StarRy Night’ )Every mistake is intentional intel( is useful ? Or is not useful Google asks me? THATS DAMN PERSONAL me thinks . . . noticing that your emotions are sharply focused like . . . a BlueMoon . . . (shuts internet off, to write in privet with the Lord’s hands).


Matthew 18:18-twenty two

So, I saw on social media that my intelligent Jewish friend the chemical engineer encoded the double ‘ss’ in his post about the Wall and Congress. “Sshutdown”. That’s like calling the President a Nazi ! He had his idea about how both D’s and R’s could be happy, spending tons of the tax payers money. My comment was just: Pro 28th Amend

Sharp Focus by Susan Ford President Ford’s daughter: pg 11 “… achieving that nirvana where freedom and control worked hand in hand seamlessly.” pg 32 “… bits into a gale wind. Abraham Lincoln. . . . one-in-ten.”

After the big brother book 1984 and the year I graduated or maybe before but same year, Lines & Shadows by Joseph Wambaugh came out.


“In 1982, three San Diego area police officers underwent psychological counseling … the three in question were all convinced that disturbances in their lives were related to police service … two had experienced … episodes of weeping…predictable in police stress cases. At least two had some thoughts of self destruction … in common was that they were all part of a little experiment. … Ten officers … asked to walk a foot beat … the most bizarre and remarkable foot beat … in modern times. … It was a strange experiment the results of which are still being debated on both sides of the Mexican – U.S. border.”


Point Emerging Probability Entering


Mean is a Measurement Mr Q+ and QAnons



An American realated to the Myth Betsy Ross; the Public Domain Stephen Foster and the Warchief Crazy Horse.  

23&Me has sold your DNA to the NSA and every other alpha-bit gang.

Pain Don’t Hurt  Q-. Pscops 555

Cyclops: Speculative Masons think about what needs be while Operative Masons build what needs be.


81/9 * 27/9 * 108/9 * 36/9

by Q- Qminus Ominous

Jan, 11th Deuce Aught One Nine

1 11 19

Operation PinkFloyd Super Blood Wolf  Full Moon The WALLLLLLL

Google, Facebook, Youtube & Amazon want: ‘A “concrete” measurement of morality?’ for legality of proceedings.


Unfunded Flying Objects

After watching Secure Team 10 “China Lands On Far Side of the MOON” music I understand China’s Ghost Cities. And now I understand the Mayan prophecies, and the Wall. And the future of mankind. If you want an insiders full disclosure of alien contact take a look at this video:

The Great Awakening, Free Energy and the Coming of the Lord. Unfunded flying objects, is a phrase that means: a. Alien’s have no use for money and; b. Our black-budgeted space programs. U.F.O.s. Anyone know of, how much taxed paying money is missing more then compared to how many children are missing? Contact Q- [email protected]

The government has deemed me a “Chronic Undifferentiated Schizophrenic” because I am, a Holy-man. If you can understand that or make the reach. I deem me: A Master of Comparative Religions; Coincidences and Synchronicity. Shortly after 9/11 I was contacted by “aliens” and given the basics of faster than light travel. As many like me have been given before.

During my full “Awakening” in 2003 I developed a method for Generating Coincidences or access to the Akashic Records if you will. This ancient “forbidden knowledge” can be yours!  For ONLY the low price of one million doll hairs! Ha! Lol, KEK!  No, but seriously, the remaining black-hats of the Deep State are starving me and my family out.  To support us contact: [email protected]

To my benefactors I will provide: The Absolute Truth

Data dump the JFK files: the 911 files’ the Area 51 files; etc., etc..

Note: search engine studies, mozilla, google, facebook, youtube, yahoo, msn, wars . . . and algorithms robbed from all of us. How to ascend; how to balance your karmatic credits against your karmatic debt; how to have a greet and meet with G-d, for the low price of 9.99, haha jk. I always teach that for free and always is always forever an absolutely.

If you send a donation to save my starving family, we will “pay it back” by making a video of something one of us is DOING to give your same help back to someone more starving then us. That is R word and as R word is R B.O.N.D..  #WWG1WGA:  

Sources: – POST STATEMENT:  Q & Q+.  Q- thankx you for answer via SerialBrain2:  Trump’s Cabinet Meeting Poster.  

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