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Does This Horrifying Photo Signal America's New "Normal?"

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I hate doing these videos. I despise even having the knowledge that crap like this exists. And when you have kids of your own, little human beings who looked up to you and trusted you to direct them in the right path…it makes having to deal with this subject matter all the more surreal and heartbreaking.

Parents are the guardians…the protectors of their children…and normal people don’t look kindly on parents who abdicate that responsibility.

In producing content for this channel to bring awareness and do my part to effect a positive change in this world, I’ve laid my eyes on things I never thought I’d see. Things that you hear about and kinda bury your head in the sand hoping that it doesn’t really exist. And when you find out it does exist it weighs heavy on your mind and heart and you can’t shake it…until, with the passing of time, the thought of its existence kinda fades…until it comes up again.

And it’s come up again….in the form of a ten year old child named Nemis Golden, who’s parents have encouraged him in the unsettling Drag Queen lifestyle.

A little while ago, I did a video on my back up channel HighImpactVlogs on Nemis and his parents entitled, “What the hell is going on here.” If you missed it, the link will be in the description. Share it…its a powerful and pitiful look at how some parents willingly open their kids up to some heavy duty physical and psychological dangers.

Also on that back up channel the community guidelines strike that still stands against me was for a video I did entitled:


ABC Just Promoted Something SO DISGUSTING & DISTURBING You Won’t Believe it…or Will You?!?

This video features another so-called drag kid who’s stage name is Desmond is Amazing. I spoke out against the exploitation and sexualization of this child and I get slapped with a hate speech violation.

Isn’t it interesting that the crazy conspiratorial folks over here in the alternative media space are the ones who have to step forward and expose the dangers that people are immersing children in while the mainstream media zombie hord are glorifying the very perversions these kids are getting entangled in.

Because of this stifling censorship atmosphere that swirls us around us by snowflake perverts on the internet who don’t have the ability to discern good from evil, I have to be careful what I say. Because it appears that when you speak out against the disgusting lifestyles people are subjecting their kids to you’re all of a sudden branded as a promoter of hate speech. Imagine that…speak out for the protection of kids who are being immersed in destructive lifestyles and YOU’RE the one who’s spewing hate speech. But if you promote pedo perversion…somehow your virtuous and noble and you don’t get guideline strikes, terminations or demonetized.

Anyway, Nemis golden has made it in the news again.

On Monday, 10-year-old Canadian Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden was featured in a troubling Huck Magazine piece highlighting the life of a so-called “child drag queen.”

Young Nemis, whose drag name is “Queen Lactacia,” was shot by photographer Jonathan Frederick Turton for the spread. In one of the shots that did not make the magazine, Nemis, in full drag makeup and a black dress, is posing for a photo with the Season 7 winner of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” Violet Chachki. In the horrifying photo, this grown man who calls himself Violet is wearing nothing but a pair of heels and a small piece of fabric covering his genitals.

I don’t even know what to say guys. This post is still up on twitter. In this day and age of selective censorship and fake outrage, you can get a post taken down or an account banned for putting up certain information about the JFK assassination, questioning the Moon Landing or bringing up some rock solid facts about what really happened on 9/11…but Twitter and Facebook lets this garbage ride without a word. And I’m not calling for censorship of any kind. Freedom is dangerous. I point this out because the double standards are obvious.

Turton, according to his website, “is a multi-media content producer with specialisms in photography, videography and journalism.” He claims to have shot for mainstream outlets and businesses like the BBC, Adidas, Dazed and Confused Magazine, and The Discovery Channel.

In the surreal Huck Magazine piece — which ironically bashes Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro for calling out parents for over-sexualizing their “drag kids” — Nemis’ mother, Jessica Melancon, conceded that drag has a sexual component and is unapologetic about her young son wearing sexually suggestive clothing if it “makes him feel beautiful”: She said,

“Drag is an adult arena and that’s where people question our judgement,” (no DUH!) “So we have to censor things. He knows there are adult aspects of drag that he’s not allowed to apply to his show.” (what the hell? There’s no parental censorship going on here. They let their little boy pose with a naked man who calls himself Violet. What the hell is wrong with these people. Like I’ve always said, if people are free with their perversions in public and exhibit no shame before the eyes of everyone…what the hell’s going on behind closed doors?)

And then she says,

“We would never try to overtly sexualise our child.” (If putting a young boy in a dress and having him act in suggestive OVERTY SEXUAL ways in front of grown adults ISN’T overtly sexualizing a child. If having your little boy pose next to a full grown NAKED man who calls himself “VIOLET” isn’t OVERTLY SEXUALIZING a child…then there’s no such thing as sexualizing a child. There is zero discernment here!) She says, “But if he wears something that makes him feel beautiful, what right do I have to stop him wearing that dress because it might cause people to think things they shouldn’t be thinking? (it’s called being a protective parent and making rational, wise, wholesome choices for your children.) she ends this by saying, “It’s a circular problem.” (no the only circular problem is that the very people who are supposed to be protecting this kid are making excuses and putting Nemis in mental, emotional and physical danger. They are setting the stage for him to be swallowed up in the vortex of a destructive lifestyle that statistically ends with a 40% higher risk of suicide, drug and alcohol abuse and sexual abuse.

In 2017, Nemis appeared on stage with popular drag queen Bianca Del Rio at a drag show his mother brought him to. The clip of the two on stage together, wherein the drag queen repeatedly uses the word “b****” and drops an “f”-bomb, quickly went viral.

“That video happened and everyone went crazy,” Jessica recalled. “But we knew from the get-go we never wanted to lose control, or lose sight of it being fun for Nemis.” Yeah…right. Looks to me like you never had control. You don’t have control when you let your little boy be cat called by grown men as he slinks down the stage in a gown and full make up.

According to Jessica, drag is “how Nemis chooses to express himself. He’s just a kid playing.”

I think it’s obvious to normal people that kids are naturally unwise, inexperienced about the things of the world, unprepared, undisciplined and make foolish and harmful choices in their lives. Parents are there as guides. They’re there to point out the pitfalls of undirected and unbridled expressions and passions. There there to guide their children away from dangers and warn them about the mental, emotional and physical people and perversions in this life who are more than willing to take them down.

There’s more to say but I’ll probably end up earning a strike for speaking out against child abuse and endangerment. Leave your thoughts about this for the world and the google thought police in the comment section below. I’ll see you guys in the next heavily censored, shadow-banned video.

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  • Anonymous

    There has been no pushback against all this twisted evil from the ever self-congratulating Xtians in America. Silence and compliance. That is why this degenracy keeps progressing. There was a time when the NWO would never dare to pull these stunts- their agents would be drummed out of the country. Now? Mums the word.
    Look at France and yellow vests. Why dont we have such in USA? (even they quickly dropped their bank run protest today after the bombing in Paris).

    • Anonymous

      Why aren’t you doing it?

  • Daffers

    Heartbreaking – Amen to your comment below.

  • Anonymous

    Moderate “conservatives” censor the chauvinists, calling for traditional gender roles.

  • nomorelabels

    Defenseless children have been abused by some grown men and women for thousands of years.

    None of it is “new”. It is just reaching saturation in a twisted bizarre world that apparently no one cares about.

    Endless war and twisted pedo’s have been around forever, why do people think this is new?

  • Slimey

    it’s not “disgusting lifestyle” it’s an ABOMINATION.

    We had a Negro sodomite as king and that was an OBAMANATION.

    We are provoking the most High for our destruction. We are literally asking God to KILL US ALL! These people are literally preying on you. The kind that gets you KILLED.

    We must do a different kind of praying. The one that might keep you ALIVE.

    Luke 21:36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

    • Rockledge

      Do you have some weird turrets style disorder that compels you to try to use the words “negro” and “sodomite” as often as possible, even though it is never appropriate?

  • Sue Rosenorn

    Unfortunately this kid will probably end up killing himself later in life or get AIDS.

  • chefjim

    Hell has been leaking through to this reality. Regarding the pic: Pure innocence (the child) and pure evil, demonic, perverted, disgusting, vile, putrid, throw up all over my desk, lunatic, insanity. By the way, they have removed the video on your link to the ABC perversion whatever it was. Said it violates their “hate speech” rules.

  • Rockledge

    It is quite obvious Satan is having his way with people. It would indeed appear that the “end times” is at hand, although I think date setters are fools.
    Sadly, we live in a hedonistic pagan society that has no moral yardstick.
    I partially blame my generation, I am and old hippie, and we wanted morals to be more realistic and to have a basis.
    Sadly, instead of that the pendulum swung out of its’ orbit and knocked a hole in the wall.

    We now have an evil society that does everything against nature. It isn’t just sex that has been convoluted, it is greed, anger, and social interactions in general.
    And the snowball just keeps getting bigger.

    Before long the normalphobes will be in charge, and still be quite malcontent which will make them even more evil.

    When I was a kid, perverts were not bothered as long as they bothered noone. they were active in society, and functioned normally and for the most part nobody bothered them. That was back in the day when everyone knew that people were plagued with weird sexual bents, but had enough decency to keep it behind closed doors. Married couples did not reveal to anyone outside their bedrooms that they had handcuffs, or whips, or diapers, or plastic toys, or whatever else. Those of abnormal desires didn’t wave it in everyones face and pretend it was normal.

    The same went with people who had abnormal sexual practices. Everyone knew they had some sin in their sex lives, but out of the decency of wanting a reasonably normal and tolerable society, they kept it behind closed doors, and everyone stayed fairly happy. Those who enjoyed the bizarre and twisted didn’t try to suck others into their perversions.

    The real problem is that, to sin is one thing, we all do and we all have access to forgiveness.
    But to sin and dance in the streets about it, that is quite another thing. And on top of it, to encourage others to sin and to condemn those who recognize abnormal behavior as abnormal is reprehensible and an abomination. Historically God hasn’t tolerated people reveling in and glorifying their abnormalities for very long.
    Look at Caligulas Rome.
    That is exactly where we are headed.




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