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State of the Union (2019) - What Media Won't Tell You About This Photo!

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The embattled Democrat Governor from Virginia, Ralph Northam, made a special appearance and stood with his crew at the State of Union last night…Sorry wrong slide. Ahhh, here we go…the white-robed priestesses of the leftist baby slaughtering cult, which is essentially the same as the democrat creation known as the KKK, made a stunningly evil appearance at the State of the Union Address last night. And, since these psychotic woman are for the slaying of infants in the womb…even up to the moment of dilation on the day of delivery, the majority of whom are black babies, the white garments seem rather fitting.

Band wagon rider Alexandria Ocassio-Cortez insists the attire was worn to remember the women of the Sufferage movement (clip) Unless, of course, you happen to be one of those future women in the womb who gets a saline shot to the base of the skull because some Leftist congresswoman decided to pass a law making infanticide legal.

And before we leave Alexandria can’t keep my hands off your wallet Cortez…let’s hear what she had to say about the state of the Union address. (clip) Imagine that. Getting criticized for being unprepared and not doing your homework from a, then future congresswoman, who said this about the branches of government. (clip)

She also thought she would get inaugurated if she won her seat and then she’d start signing bills. (clip)

Cortez also need to do her homework on home team political colors. Here she’s talking about flipping a house seat red….when her colors are blue. (clip)

When we have a congresswoman who obviously doesn’t do her political homework, condemning trump for not doing his homework, reported by a corporate media outlet that doesn’t do it’s homework you know you’re in a scary, psycodelic, loony bin version of the land of the lost. Somebody pass the fly swatter.

And before we leave Socialist Ocassio-Chavez…sorry, Comrade Cortez…in between the ridiculous amount of standing clapping, sitting, and chanting U.S.A. Like a bunch of high school kids at a pep rally, this, to me was one of the highlights of this Cultic Ritual known as the state under the big top….scuse me, state of the Union. (clip)

Banker-bought or not…this was a classic chess move, pigeon-hole burn where Trump backed the white-robed Klanswomen into a corner and force them to stand and applaud for a DHS Agent by framing his statement against the back drop of this agent and his family LEGALLY immigrating to this country and I.C.E agents (who Leftists want to abolish) rescuing women and little girls and putting sadistic sex traffickers in jail. It’s so obvious that they were checkmated that even stubborn Alexandria, the happy little socialists looks like she was told to stand. This really shows you how much of a dog and pony show this is. These people are mindless followers leading scores of mindless followers who voted and support them.

Another Highlight that caught my eye, was this clip where Trump talks about women filling a majority of the so-called newly created jobs last year, that we have more women in the workforce than ever before, and that since the government gave women the right to vote (as if any man or group of men has the power to grant any such right) this year we have more women in congress than at any time in history. Check out the clip. (clip)

So these white-robed, gun grabbing, baby killing, socialist striving, freedom snatching women will stand and applaud for jobs for women, and congressional seats filled by women, but watch their reaction when trump condemns New York’s late term abortion bill. (clip)

Chuck Schumer, the sinister old man who, along with Andrew Cuomo applauded this infanticide bill literally looks like Penguin from batman plotting his next crime. There are people sitting in prison right now who are only there because they simply possessed something these politicians commanded that no one should possess. And people like this guy will sanction the murder of the unborn and they’re allowed to sit there in the smugness of their extravagant lifestyles? Tell me this world isn’t screwed up.

And, as Trump talks about protecting babies who are able to feel pain in the mother’s womb, the white-robed sisters of death, who look like they just walked out off the movie set of the Logan’s Run death-cult scene, sit their with prudish faces, unable to applaud the saving of the lives of future women. This shows they don’t really care about women. They care about schmoozing people who can vote for them and financially support them right here, right now.

Here’s an interesting camera angle. Listen to what Trump says about protecting the innocent (clip)

Not one democrat KKK member stood. And there’s a reason for that. It’s not just because they say they’re against Trump…it’s because they know the cameras are on them and they know that their constituency that hates the life that’s growing in the womb is watching to see what they will do. And, for the most part they want to live their lives the way they want to, and, instead of preventing conception, they reserve their right to destroy the life they had a hand in creating. That they don’t applaud innocent life shows just how conscience seared these evil people are.

And don’t get me wrong…I don’t think the people who are standing give a damn about life either. If they did, they wouldn’t be involved in the biggest banker-bought death machine on the planet. Governments don’t create, they steal and redistribute wealth. Governments aren’t here to grant freedom…they’re hear to legislate and issue permits for freedom. They’re not here to serve and protect, they’re here to harass and collect. But standing and applauding for life is a normal, basic human reaction to people who have a conscience.


There’s more on this state of the union that was pretty interesting to me….if you want me to do another installment let me know in the comments section. Suffice it to say that not one overpaid, bloated bureaucrat in this room gives a damn about your freedom or safeguarding your rights. They care about you getting back to work like a good slave. They care about taking your freedoms and stripping you of your hard-earned money so they can give it to foreign powers. But this is a perfect picture of the concentration of the inmates running the asylum called the United States Government.

If you disagree, leave your thoughts for the world, the google thought police and the white-robed sisters of death in the comments section below.

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  • Ideas Time

    My guess is that these traitors an many who are a different race who placed in power not elected by any definition of an honest vote.

    This is a take over orchestrated by the elite who control all voting results and count on the MSM to con the people to thinking the elite would never rig the votes to stay in power.

    They need division in the corporate state to be able to eliminate any real positive change and the masses think that they can sent in billions at the next selection and expect different results. Not going to happen.

    Wake up, it is rigged everywhere including Europe. It is all rigged, everything is to rob the masses who don’t get it.

    Time for everyone everywhere to quit blaming the voters who decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.

    • Equalizer

      So many Satanic fuc-tards willing to destroy human life for pure evil and America does nothing… Maybe they should design a larger “adult” version of these barbaric instruments used to dismember a tiny human soul in the womb and provide these libtards with a “hands on personnel adult abortion experience” one at a time. Their White KKK clothing turns blood red is my guess.

      List of abortion instruments.

      • Equalizer

        “Its my body”…Yea, fuc you…but my sperm was involved in creating the gift of human life along with the loving magic gift from God and I love all life! America is still a Republic not 2 wolves and a sheep voting on whom is for breakfast. Wake up, you libtards are a tool, or as Hitler called you…”useful idiots”.
        Time is of essence, choose your side wisely.

        • Andy

          the fetus is NOT her body – entirely unique DNA and the placenta is required to keep two different blood types separate

          i agree a woman should be free to do as she pleases with her own body, but she may not harm another – least of all her own child

  • PaulTarsuss

    That was witty, eviscerating, accurate, and timely stuff….

    Brian, you wrote this article, right? Your writing has hit high gear!

    Don’t ever let up on these bass turds, and keep ‘em coming.


  • disimental

    The Guilty Remnants!

  • Slimey

    All stupid fat, moronic women. Like Negroes, they do not invent or build anything and rely completely on white men for protection and survival yet they think they can live without white men and take all his stuff and the white men need to be kontrolled.

    Well, got news for you. Without white men, Negroes will be cast rated, killed off and made into slaves by the darkies (not freed like what we did for them) and the women will be waped by the darkies and the commies over and over.

    You do NOT want women and Negroes ruling you and one should NEVER be lauding that as we found out with Eve, the Negro sodomite, Nonsence Pssylosi, Obscene Waters, and thankfooly not Hillaryous.

    As you know the most High sends you women and children (Negroes temperamental and low IQ) as rulers because of your sin. This is a good example of why.

  • WorldWatcher

    They are the new political party in America the most dangerous this world has ever seen hopefully will never experience. They are the leftist Islamic coalition they now control all of Europe and the UN the Pope has actually bowed to them with Obama. They came to power in full force in 2018 given the reins of power in the house by the Republicans who lost their backbone in the 1960s when they gave all the children to the leftist to be taught and brainwashed. Over 60 years of leftist teaching the children socialism is good America is evil has brought this movement through steady growth to where it sits now. There are no more Democrats they use the name because it sounds better than leftist Islamic coalition. With strategic use of illegal aliens voting and leftists in charge of the polling stations to eliminate votes and accept other votes all under the watchful eye of some Republicans who feared the leftist mobs more than they love America or the Constitution.There is a very good chance that all the good programs put in by Pres. Trump will be eliminated by the election of 2020 if voter ID laws are not put into place and polling stations are not regulated. Time will tell how successful the leftist Islamic coalition will be I believe the Lord God Almighty chose Donald J Trump as a man that loves America and America being the last nation in this world able to prevent the mass butchery that is envisioned by the left as they burn America to the ground.

  • Cinders777

    Those dressed in white are dudes in dresses. They are not real women.

    :arrow: You can’t trust that what you’re seeing these days is really what you’re seeing.

  • Didianna

    This US politics seem so mad, may be Venezuela after all is not that bad, although even Trump threatening. Indian guru even said Venezuela could become leading country in the world, of course besides India, you may see a bit,




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