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Not A Show - Not Popcorn Worthy - People Are Dying - People Are Imprisoned - Screw the Crumbs - We Want Some Justice

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 JFK Jr’s latest tweet.  Everyone else is silent.

Sun Tzu say:
“I am about to throw in the towel in my support for these people.  They keep calling it a show, but our brothers and sisters are dead, dying, our brothers and sisters are falsely imprisoned and serving long death sentences for violations of statutes and codes that do not even have a victim. 

 Police are still running around shooting our brothers and sisters and kidnapping them for violations of fraudulent statutes and codes of corporations, when we ourselves are in real living, breathing natives, and we are NOT corporations as defined in the legal law dictionary.

We are natives, living on the land, we do not live in the land, example, “Jeff lives in the “State of Oregon(name of corporation)” = paper genocide. Instead, “Jeff lives on the land, because he is a native, he is NOT a person, he is NOT a man, he is NOT a human being, because all those things are defined by the legal law definitions (legalese) as pieces of fiction.  

A native is the only descriptive word that I know that is NOT a fiction = made up, false.  

Native(s) = real living indigenous population born and living ON the land.

Rise up children of Earth.  No One Will Give You Your Justice To You.  Apparently It Must Be Fought For, And There Will Be Sacrifices.

Strategic Targets To De-Face Over Time:
1)  All Secret Societies, (The Lower Ranks Are Servants For Evil Without Their Knowledge).  Take Out The Lower Foundation, The Upper Will Fall.

2)  All symbols of power for the United Nations Inc and its subsidiaries, the symbols of all member nations.

3)  All Corporate Magistrate Courts (Federated Court Houses=Contract Courts) = (This is all court houses inside of all United Nations Inc subsidiary corporations = United Nations Member States
(Capture The Flag?)

4)  Place Constant Pressure On Police and Law Enforcement to Cease & Desist The Kidnappings of our Brothers and Sisters for Victim-Less Crimes, a violation of a statute or code in which there is no real living breathing native harmed in the process.  

5)  Place constant pressure on Police and Law Enforcement to arrest the Traitors who’ve committed Treason and other Capital Crimes against We The People.

6)  Place constant pressure to release all victims from prison who’ve been arrested for fraudulent violations of statutes/codes in which there WAS NOT a real living victim.


For the only way in which we can truly defeat a foreign corporation enslaving our population(s) is to rise up, organize in defense of tyranny, and once the de jure jury rises, the de fact jury must sit.  Cast off your shackles and march to the beat of freedom’s drum = organize your jural assemblies, erect a Continental Congress.

Just as our American forefathers formed their jural assemblies to redress grievances and appoint members to the First Continental Congress, so shall it be done again.  

Follow in the footsteps of our American forefathers and the framers, join us, add your names to the scrolls of history, and prove that we do have the means to self govern, to cancel out the so-called service contract of the foreign owned corporation, “United States Inc,” and liberate us from their Crime Syndicate grip and chains of slavery.

Once the Jural Assemblies are erected.  We The People shall dissolve the corporation, “United States Inc,” on our American soil, seize all assets and infrastructure, and stolen wealth, and issue to all its employees an offer/threat, work for us, We The People, the real employers, or go to jail as criminals for the persecution and genocide of the rightful employers, We The People. 

Children of Earth!

Rise Up  -  Rise Up  -  Rise Up

Sun Tzu

NESARA- Restore America – Galactic News

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