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Wake up "Progressives" Proof Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex Is "Really Really Bad."

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Somebody submitted a comment on the last Ocasio-Cortez video which I wanted to use as a springboard for this short video…but I couldn’t find it. The gist of it was, people today are less interested in facts and more interested in Political Personality Worship. Like Hollywood…politics is truly the cult of personality and government is the church of that cult.

You see comments like this…under an article that called Cortez attractive, “They also need to quit calling her attractive she has eyes like a horse, and teeth like a donkey, and yet she is far less attractive than either a horse or a donkey.”

I know there are a lot of jokes floating around about how she looks…I’ve joked about it and mocked her wild-eyed gaze as she considers taxing so-called rich people at a 70% marginal tax rate over 10 million dollars. But I hope these funny little stabs don’t take away from the facts….these people we’re talking about, these so-called rulers who supposedly legislate and write freedom snatching rules for the rest of us as they steal the product of our laboring energies….They are bad people….very very bad people..

Let’s be honest…if Cortez was on the side of the right, spewing conservative talking points, no body who’s now calling her Horse teeth Cortez would be doing so if she was wearing their colors.

I don’t care what these people look like, I don’t care what kind of money they have, or how they talk or how intelligent I think they are. I care about their level of morality. Do they wanna initiate force against me and you in order to put their plans in motion? And the answer is yes…the want to create laws that you have to obey, they want to demand that you give them money or they will cage you. That’s all I need to know…and that is what makes them very bad people. And I don’t care if we’re talking about Socialist Cortez, Gimme your guns Nazi Pelosi, or let’s go full throttle with empire building, take the guns before due process, civil asset forfeiture is a-okay with me, trump. If you think you have a higher claim over the lives and property of others and want to initiate violence on people who have only broken the commands of political puppets…you are an immoral…evil person. That’s not my opinion. If I was your neighbor and I came to your door with a letter in my hand that contained the signatures of 100 of my friends giving my self the “right” to take a portion of your income or help myself to your stuff against your will….you would RIGHTLY call me a criminal who disregards the life and livelihood of the victims I’m about to create with my evil actions.

Now I touched on this when I rolled this clip in the last video…but we all need to realize exactly who Cortez and the rest of these so called politicians are and the evil they’ve spawned in this nation called America. Listen to here words.


To which I would say…who cares about legality. Slavery use to be illegal…did that make holding a person against their will okay? It use to be LEGAL to own and sell booze up until January 29th 1920…but mysteriously and magically, when the clock struck 12 (depending on your time zone) on the morning of the 30th…all of a sudden it was ILLEGAL and you were considered a criminal in the eyes of psychopaths who pretend to have magical powers to declare something wrong or right.

When you get to a point as a person…and I’m talking about any person…where you are more concerned about the legality of something rather than the morality of it…you are way far gone. And if you conform to a set of man-made rules or believe that you are the arbiter of what is right or wrong because you were elected to some position with a fancy title…you’ve decoupled from the human race and are now living as an enemy of those who don’t buy into your delusion. Conformity is doing what you’re told, no matter what is right….but morality? Morality is doing what is right no matter what you’re told.

Here’s the point in the Cortez video I wanna get to. (clip)

The irony couldn’t be thicker. Cortez IS a really really bad guy. She’s a declared socialist. Socialism…as I’ve covered in a couple previous videos is demonstrably evil. Because it seeks to steal the wealth of some and give it to others under the seemingly moral-sounding guise of bringing about equality. The only problem is that the seemingly kind-hearted ends (or artificial equality, brought to you by the force of government thugs) doesn’t justify the immoral means of robbery. Socialism is theft….Socialism is extortion. If you don’t follow their smiling young congressional socialist with gleaming white teeth…..SHE authorizes men with guns to bring you in line…if you resist her GREEN NEW DEAL Socialist Utopia. You will be caged….if you continue resisting…I hope your life insurance is paid because you’re gonna be staring at the inside of a casket lid for the rest of time.

This woman is not evil because I think she is…or because I say she is…she and everybody else who has a left or right, democrat or republican, progressive or independent statist outlook want’s to do you harm if you don’t give them your money.

This video is short because I wanna make the point that if you’re taking political sides because you’ve become enamored by a particular personality, you are making a huge mistake as you disregard truth.

If you disagree, don’t just leave a dislike and an ad hominem…but substance to your disagreement… leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Slimey

    They are not bad people. But very STOOPID people. That’s what is bad about them. But to add injury to insult they neither know nor believe they are bad or STOOPID people. That’s what is scary – DELUDED people!

    And all libs and Democraps are DELUDED people. They make up at least half of your government and all of your MSM. Think of them as a KURSE for not obeying the most High.

    He sends you these people when you SIN. Stop sinning and He will make them disappear off the face of the earth.

    But it is apparent that she is just a bimbo. I mean a REAL BIMBO. That is all she is. That is what all Democrap and leftist women are. BIMBOS. Observe them carefooly, they are Hillaryous. But that’s another story. :wink:

  • Justin Case

    If you elect a 29 year old bartender to congress this is what you get. STUPID! This woman is so stupid she is dangerous! She wants to phase out air travel in favor of railroads that magically cross the ocean. Maybe it will be powered by unicorn juice…


    Speaking of natural disasters AOC is in fact a natural disaster. Late night T V is going to have lots of fun with her.

  • Man

    First off all, This artical is full of personal attacks (ad hominem) against her,

    So taxes are in place because those who benefit the most from the country resources also need to pay the most to contribute back into society. But i do find it interesting that a person who has average income is defending Billionairs who all use various tax loopholes to protect their money,

    ‘Morality is doing what is right no matter what you’re told’ Never heard of dillema’s? Or is it everyone’s duty to jump infront of a bullet to save a person’s life? Also, Christian Morality discribed in the bible is all about what you are told….

    A socialist program is farm subsidies. Is that stealing money? The popular cash for clunkers is also a socialist program.

    The Green deal is just a plan that gives incentives and rules spread over time for the industry to change their business model. Most countries witha enviromental policy has set up targets within and amount of years. Most of the time Industry complies because they make industry more efficient. For example, targets for energy use, it usually leads to a novel advantages in the market.

    • Anonymous

      STFU. FAG.

      • Man

        go back to your mom’s basement, snowflake

    • Stustev

      I agree ad hominem does nothing to promote the valid points of the article.

      Taxes are literally theft. No matter the proposed use of the stolen items the act of thievery is wrong. Your comment about morality and the overall context of your comment is an oxymoron. The addition of ‘Christian’ to the term morality does nothing to support your overall theme.

      The socialist farm program itself is not stealing. Cash for Clunkers, the popularity of which is not necessarily positive, is not stealing. The government having the funds to give away, no matter the reason for giving the funds away, is a result of theft. Giving away stolen funds is analogous to Robin Hood.

      The ‘GND’, Green New Deal, is an attempt to shape policy in such a way as to drastically increase the act of government theft.

      Do you have examples of the ‘novel’ advantages of brought about by the manipulation allowed by the stolen assets?

  • grayeagle40

    Pundit Michael Galagher speculates she is a President Trump plant. Editorial Comment.

  • Canderson

    “Immigration is a form of war in which the violence is delayed.” ~ Martin Van Crevald

    “Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.” ~ Aristotle

    This is what they them cultural-Marxists* exploit;

    “In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests, you vote in

    accordance with race and religion.” – Lee Kuan Yew (Founder of Singapore)

    * Communism/Satanism as a Social engineering tool.

    • Canderson

      Because capitalism been transformed into a rigged system; them Socialists are being able to fool the people they are the answer, in fact they are funded by the very same small clique of Robber Barons that rigged “their” system in the first place.
      Socialism is killing the middle class not the very rich.

      • Man

        IF the capitalist system is so great, why is it so easily rigged?

  • nomorelabels

    She believes her own words, some believe her words, some believe the words of those they vote for, and those voters keep the system alive, the same system of two party divisive politics, corrupt officials, government intrusion into the people’s lives, and yet most applaud their slavery and continue to vote for it.

    We the people, always the target of politics, always the ones who suffer at the hands of sociopaths who are attracted to government work, because that is who government wants.

    Both sides are the same, both sides have a few within that actually have a desire to improve our country, but we are distracted by party politics, and it is only going to be we the people who liberate our country from both socialists and zionists within.

  • Canderson

    Hey it is not a joke it is the truth.




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