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What Bernie Said During His Announcement for Prez Should Concern You!

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How Bernie Just Announced His Presidential Run Should Concern You


(clip) Hi I’m Bernie Sanders


And I’m Brian Young


(clip) I’m Running for Presidential


And I’m NOT


Bernie supporters are ecstatic this morning. Sanders has just thrown his socialist hat, which he no doubt obtained from a wealth redistribution scheme, into the ring. And so-called progressives like the Young Turks are elated.

Bernie Sanders, who never worked an honest day in his entire life, and has managed to amble around political spheres, extracting money through the force and violence of government. Enough so that his net worth in 2018 hovers around 2 million dollars. As senator, your tax money, shovels 174,000 bucks into Bernie’s greedy, non-calloused hands every single year.


He had a good financial year in 2016. While this Democratic socialist was warning against the concentration of wealth in the hands of “the top 1 percent,” he was also joining their ranks.

Like all congressmen and senators, Bernie is a welfare recipient who contributes nothing of value to society. In fact, he’s a drain on the economy and society as a whole. He’s a politician and politicians are parasitic in nature. Though his annual income of almost $200,000 still makes him one of the least wealthy senators, Bernie made some $858,750 off book royalties alone in 2016,” (let’s see…last I checked that’s a capitalistic enterprise, and we just can’t have that Bernie “Combined with his Senate salary, and Bernie boy cleared $1 million in earnings.”


The average income of the top 1 percent nationwide is $1.15 million. So Bernie is in the top one percent of the same people he’s always condemning. So, why don’t we see Bernie giving away 70…80…90 percent of his income? Because like most politicians…he’s a hypocrite. But people like hypocrites.


Here’s the irony, Bernie’s wealth was made possible by the very government he claims to be against.


Remember…while Bernie’s out there claiming to champion the cause of income equality….


He thinks lining up in food lines is a good thing because it’s better than starving to death (clip)


(clip) Our Campaign is about ending all forms of discrimination


It’s not government’s job to attempt to end all forms of discrimination. Besides, they can’t keep drugs and weapon’s out of maximum security prisons…how the hell are they gonna end discrimination in America?


(creating a government and economy that works for the many not the few)


The only problem with that is that’s a Lie. You can’t “create” a government because a government is a construct of the mind where people believe they have a moral right to rule you and that you have a moral obligation to obey those rulers or you get punished by agents of government…and agents of government, which is what Bernie is, don’t create economies. Agents of government can’t create any thing, they can only confiscate the product of the laboring energies of people who actually DO produce things.


(we should not have a regressive tax system)


We shouldn’t have what? (a regressive tax system) Since taxation is nothing more than a legalized extortion racket…how about we shouldn’t have ANY tax system.


But if we don’t have a tax system how are we gonna pay for government and the military industrial complex, and the prison industrial complex and all our wars?


Precisely my point dear watson.


(we are running against a president who is a pathalogical liar…a fraud)


You mean there are presidents who weren’t pathalogical liars and frauds? You act like you’re surprised by this Bernie


(a racist, a sexist)


Bill Clinton’s still president?


(Undermining democracy….leads us in an authoritarian direction)


And that’s why I’m a wanna-be socialist dictator…I mean democratic socialist…because authoritarianism is for chumps….wait…what?


(we need leadership that will fight for working families and the shrinking middle class, not just the one percent)


No…actually we don’t NEED anybody in government fighting for us. We need to learn to fight for ourselves against those in government who claim they’re fighting for us. And the only reason the middle class is shrinking is because governments want their hands in everybody’s pie.


(We need to raise the minimum wage to a living wage)


You hear that business owners? Big business, small business…it doesn’t matter. All those entry level jobs people are more than happy to work for 8 bucks an hour? Bernie wants to force you to raise that to 15 bucks an hour. Why? Because politicians are pussy’s and don’t want to attack the root cause of economic disparity. The federal reserve. And why don’t they go after the FED or the IRS? Because if they did…they wouldn’t be able to do what Bernie does….which is living his life doing absolutely NOTHING of value.


(end the epidemic of gun violence in this country)


This all spells intervention, intervention intervention. No thank you. We don’t want the yahoos in government banning anything.


You can talk about politics all you want…but what underpins the illusion, fraud and theft is the international banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve, the domestic terrorist organization known as the IRS and the IMF. And until men with balls are willing talk about that…how about get the hell outta our faces.

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    • Redlist Renegade

      Well Said !!! If you want to mess up Anything get the government and it’s politicians involved (It doesn’t matter WHICH government or Which politicians) !!! Politicians are nothing more than self serving mouthpieces with “opinions” and opinions are like assholes and Every asshole seems to have one don’t they ?!!!

    • Jeffery Pritchett

      I sure do see a lot of people who voted for Trump upset about their tax refunds lately in the bible belt. As an independent the greed in both parties is disgusting and vile and very anti-christ when it comes to helping the poor and middle class and sick and veterans. Bernie running under Dems again is crazy. Rich get richer poor get poorer people are tired of it and its going to show next election in the results! When you don’t help the people who voted for you I don’t see how you hope to remain in office.

    • Redlist Renegade

      Bernie Slanders Everyone he CAN !!!

    • Slimey

      If Burnme Sanders becomes “President” NO AMERICAN should ever accept or obey this COMMUNIST. But instead, return to your Constitution to RULE you.

      For 4 years our country will thus be imperiled by this division that automatically comes when you put a Democrap (think communist) in office. We will be ripe for an internal division and an ATTACK by our enemies on either US or our allies.

      According to SN the Democrap party is rife with a “slavery” mentality via government anarchy as part of their history to ENSLAVE you and STEAL all your stuff.

      But sir, what about the Negro you complain about? Wasn’t he a Democrap for 8 years?

      Yes, that is true. But he was a Negro and not fit for office in the first place due to their obsession with waycism and low IQ and not a threat intellectually. However, because he was also a sodomite he could easily be railroaded into doing what the uhh, “dark” State wanted.

      Luckily the “Negro” part caused all of it to be negated. Think idiot Negro. But a white guy might be a different story. Hold on to your pants. :???:

      • Jeffery Pritchett

        Are you a civil war reenacter?

        • Slimey

          No, Democraps are. Didn’t you read my comments? Or are you the supernatural telepathic metaphysical type and don’t need to read? :lol:

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