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Full Video: Warning Graphic Content! New Zealand Shooter's Helmet Cam Uncut Uncensored Video

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If everything we see on this video is the real deal (and these days, you never know) there is no good reason that it shouldn’t be made available for the public. “Officials” tell us that this should not be in the “public domain.” Mainstream media tells us we shouldn’t have access to this kind of content. Social Media giants are trying to scrub this from the internet. Freedom says, “if you wanna see it, here it is….if you DON’T wanna see it…don’t watch it.

When people scream for censorship (which is just a euphemism for the desire to CONTROL the POPULATION), they are saying, “I don’t want to see that and I want a third party to keep YOU from seeing it, too.” How arrogant!  NOBODY has the right to keep you from seeing what you wanna see!

So here’s the New Zealand shooting video nobody in the mainstream wants you to have access to. THANK YOU BIN, for having the balls to go against, basically, EVERY outlet, and treat us like the adults we are! Everybody get on BIN…the last frontier of a free and open press!!


Here’s the link to the video:

embed htnl… 2:46 PM


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    • Jonathan Lee

      video broken

      • Global Grist

        The telltale sign of a false flag marker was when he fired through his windshield as he was driving away. I didn’t see the glass break, and why would anyone shoot through their windshield? There are many other aspects of the video that make me think it was all a staged hoax.

        • Anonymous

          The oompa band music is supposed to evoke a German polka from the Nazi Era? What is with the soundtrack played by the shooter? surprised he didnt whip out an accordian and wear lederhosen. Its verging on the ridiculous. The zionists are getting so crude w/ their agitprop its EMBARRASSING

          • Anonymous

            How does the music (from the car’s auto deck?) continue playing even after he’s left the car and walking down the street? Then it stops as he enters mosque. Anyone? Is he wearing Ipod? Didnt see him shut it off? Then it begins again with FIRE. As in hell fire or fire a shot? Too trite. Give him the chair for cinematographic malfeasance. Special effects suck on this one.

            • Anonymous

              OK folks. We’re getting more ISIS redux, GHOUTA-DOUMA fake chemical weapons attacks, complete with rehearsal videos leaking out. Look at the interior of the mosque BEFORE the ‘attack’. Thats why the “dead” bodies were prepositioned before killer entered? Target, not Assad, but “white supremecists”. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • MyTwoCents

      There’s a reason videos like this aren’t allowed and thank God they’re not! With freedom comes responsibility. Videos like this influence other sick minds. Like pornography and violent video games, things like this are killing the moral fabric of our society. People become numb to it all. Copycats try to imitate and become famous too. NO, this should NOT be allowed and most of what’s on TV shouldn’t be allowed either. Open your eyes! The whole country is becoming Godless and without morals or boundaries of any kind. Mental illness is everywhere. With freedom comes responsibility and there is no redeeming good reason why anyone needs to see videos like this.

    • Slimey

      Thanks for posting the video. This is America. if you don’t want to watch the video if you don’t have too. Simple as that.

      We don’t need the phonies and liars to tell you what you can’t and can watch.

      But I did not see the “hero” grab his gun, as they say, did you? :cool:

      • Tedx

        Nope. Didn’t see anyone grab the fake gunman’s weapon.

    • Tedx

      What graphic content? All I saw was a rifle shooting blanks at poorly trained crisis actors, no ricochets, no property or tissue damage from bullets, no active bleeding and not even sound of bullets striking anything. Gunman enters room where people are huddled motionless on ground by wall. They remain motionless as the gunman shoots blanks at them. No bullet wounds, no reaction to being shot with a high powered projectile. Nada! Most art students could have produced a more convincing shooting scene.
      When you watch a shooting scene on a movie, you know it’s fake. But the movie producers go through a lot of expense and work to make it look real. That’s why you see chunks of flesh and blood getting blown off of stunt actors. That’s why the stunt actors reel and scream in pain when shot because that’s what it would look like if for real. Only fluoride-lobotomized vegetables could perceive the live cam video of the New Zealand Mosque shooting as a real shooting.
      Be sure to watch it yourself, so you know for sure. I subscribed to High Impact Films long ago. I recommend you do too. I congratulate Christopher Watson and D-Tube for practicing genuine journalism and free speech.

      • Slimey

        Yeah, didn’t see flesh fly off, maybe one or two exploding packets of movie prop blood. Plus he enters the room and they already look dead with the bodies already piled up.

        Plus, and most curiously I did not see him BUST doors down and start shooting. That was the most disturbing of all. I”m quite sure as deranged gunmen you are just ITCHING to bust those doors down and start shooting.

        Guess they wanted to keep expenses down. :lol:

        • Anonymous

          The set decorator and foley man left the doors wide open, none closed to kick through. Looked like a video game. Even CUs there wasnt blood or impact holes. Almost hate to critique the flubs, as the authorities who monitor us, will fix these red flags next time for slicker visual effects.

          • Anonymous

            Some NZ outlets claiming 3 others arrested and one suspect “fled to Israel”. I kid not. omg folks, they’re forcing Pike’s THREE WORLD WARS on us.

    • Muggles

      Whoever posted this is sick and twisted, I will never watch any video like this, it is sickening that someone would… get rid of it.

      • Tedx

        If you can’t see the shooting is a complete fake, they really saw you coming. On the other hand, you may be a disinformation agent who working for those who don’t want people to view the video and see that it’s just a poorly made hoax.

    • Icecharge

      No pools of blood. There should have been many and large of them but I could not see them. Only one hip was red but no blood was bleeding. In addition, the guy shot several times inside his car but the windows kept intact. So, it was a fake shooting with blanks, fake victims and crisis actors. Nothing real to see.

    • Don - 1

      The shooting is on Dtube for now.

    • Morgawr

      I’ve seen the bombing of Dresden, and Nagasaki nightmare, I’ve even seen Hiroshima highlights and thousands of other Government controlled terror attacks, including their greatest hits 9/11 in your face assault, so why can’t I see this, not that I want to and I even choose to avoid it, but when they will lock you up for watching or even owning it, I feel I have a duty to watch it to see if their hiding another LIE.
      I won’t because I don’t want to hurt my soul if it’s real, but if the persecution of viewers happen my hand will be forced.

    • nikita

      Thanks for posting~ prior to viewing i’d decided to quit watching it if it seemed like sick voyeurism.
      But I didn’t see any graphic content either Tedx ~Alas I’ve seen more graphic childrens programmmes!!!
      I’m not going to say it didn’t happen (& i hope i’t didn’t) but eyebrows are defo raised here.

      & here in UK they’re running a lot of knifing stories, i see more UK knife laws coming…
      like that’s gona stop the real nutters. NOT!

      & The name of the game is “control” people. Don’t forget that.

    • DangerWillRoberson

      not good? every victim had a right to self defense! there is a black out on facts on this shooter? we need facts! second their called soft targets! where is armed security? everything about this event looks contrived the writing on the guns the guns its all scripted for the view’s! another red flag factor to me! rip :cry:

    • HypothesisFree

      UNCONFIRMED [from Jim Stone]: Christchurch shooting fake

      For however long it lasts, take a look at this video on Twitter. No context is given, however, it appears someone who “died” is in the same position he was in when he “died” and he’s texting.
      The background on this was that it was claimed to be a video taken before the shooting, where they were practicing with the “crisis actors”.

      I am skeptical, but I also can’t save this like I can other videos and there has to be a reason why they are criminalizing having the original – perhaps they don’t want people cross examining things. So for what it’s worth Give this twitter video a look, I am a little bit skeptical but it does look like this could really be something:


      UPDATED – Regardless of Intent Your Vote is Effectively a Hate Crime:

    • Morgawr

      Broke my own rules and watched the video, We have been had again or this is a reinactment video.

    • huge_juan

      It looked real to me but what I can’t understand is why none of the victims tried escape. I saw blood and in one photo I could see full metal jacket ammo in the magazine.

    • 2QIK4U

      I saw your video when you were in your car at night just before, if you say you’ve seen it then why don’t you mention the fact that no bullet’s are seen hitting anything at all ! ?? Watch it and you can see it’s fresh out the box with the exact numeral symbology right in your face to make the connection to Trump being like this. Patriot’s want to make Murica Great again is being compared to Nazi germanies purity program. They will use this to take more I completely agree but Watch it again and find one bullet Hitting anything.

    • 2QIK4U

      The guy was 28. He had 14/14 on the obvious with the numerology grid also on the gun. It’s obvious he is mkultra subject. This is a Full False flag. Look how clean and brand new the gun is. This is why they made it illegal is because there’s no bullet’s !

    • 2QIK4U

      The cop doing the Hollywood hit with the shotgun butt looked so pissweak and funny

    • Windwarrior7777

      False flag or not. Hoax …or not. They should slow roast this monster on a spit!

    • Don - 1

      When the shooter enters the worship room the crisis actors are already playing dead on the floor and in corners of the hall. He then commences to fake-shoot all of them….several times over. There’s no blood, no holes in the walls…nothing. Its like watching a demented video game.

      • Don - 1

        The on-site video, shot with a helmet cam, of the NZ ”shooting” is the most fake thing you could imagine. No wonder YouTube and other platforms are desperate to scrub the video from their sites. Its sadly laughable. A high school video class of teenagers could have done a better job of it.

        When the shooter enters the worship room the crisis actors are already playing dead on the floor and in corners of the hall. He then commences to fake-shoot all of them….several times over. There’s no blood, no holes in the walls…nothing. Its like watching a demented video game. The crisis actor’s faces are mostly concealed.

        We can safely add this fiasco to the long list of hoaxes about gun-control and other political

    • DK

      Ok I will report time by incident for the video clip supplied by Christopher Watson.

      The car stereo is on playing military marching music which for some strange reason plays in the ‘gopro’ all the way up to the mosque entrance.
      6:26 2 men shot at the entrance with shotgun.
      one on left apparently dead one on right manages to crawl some 20 feet without a bloodtrail
      stops crawling just past another body as the shooter finds a second body in a doorway(one he did not shoot) where the shooter starts firing and misses from point blank a minor who runs away 6:49 – 6:51 with an automatic having dropped the shotgun at the entrance to the mosque, 6:52 notices a man moving right to left in the main prayer hall and shoots, apparently he is dead but the shooter fires without a target until he sees the body as he enters the hall.

      It now all falls apart as the camera pans right to show 2 unconcerend bystanders looking at the dividing wall and a group of 20 or so huddled on their knees ? in the far corner (in effect ignoring a room full of already dead people on the left side) the man being shot and the screams as well are ample warning at this point we should have had a panic. The gun goes off and everyone drops on the right side 6:53, on the left side there is a body the shooter never shot including another pile of corpses in the other corner which are motionless. He fires some rounds at the bodies which are still and absolutely not his kills, especially on the left hand side of the prayer hall. we also have bodies tight against the wall sheltered from his firing.

      6:57 man makes a break for it without tackling the shooter which would have saved his life since he was in contact.
      now walks around shooting at already dead people
      8:11 man missed behind the screen door runs for the exit, past the dead man in the doorway and where the shooter missed the minor. Shooter shoots at the man as he exits the building. We now have an extra body on the left at the entrance(8:45). The man exiting seems to have been hit at extreme range for an machine gun on AUTO. I dont know much about shooting, but from the looks of it the rifle was not raised to the face and the shooter is firing from the hip without the aid of a sight or laser. Also the shooter dropped 2 mags one of which he picked up again at 8:36.

      8:43 the man seen exiting has fell face down with the first victims left arm between his legs and he seems to have his pants being held.
      No pools of blood ?
      8:57 has exited the building and shoots at passers by some distance away
      9:20 has returned to vehicle to change weapon for a rifle.
      10:03 shoots at a white truck at a distance with the rifle.
      10:30 re-enters mosque, now there is blood from the two men at the entrance.
      11:00 Shoots up the right hand corpse pile in the prayer hall at point blank with the rifle the bodies give a jerking motion, aims for heads the bodies jerk, but and I emphasie this there are no bullet wounds absolutely none are inflicted on the corpses nor is there an exploding skull with a fountain of blood which is expected from a personnel round since he films headshots.
      we have a small blood pool under 1 man, lying on his back. They managed to create a blood trail to the corpses on the left where one man has blood soacked pants, other than the first man shot on entering the prayer hall we have 17 bodies here none of whom were shot at by the shooter until this moment with the rifle, they are around the emergency exit one halfway through.
      11:47 shoots at another bystander after exiting the building.
      In the entire video only the one man at 11:06 can be identified since he lies on his back.
      12:06 goes to finish off the pedestrian, delivers what seems to be 2 headshots which miss hitting hair behind the head, the person holds her face with her right hand, No blood.
      returns to car 12:13 closes the hatchback which was left open.
      Enters the car, RHD, drives over body. for some reason sneakers were left at the point where the pedestrian fell.
      12:48 car is stopped, picks up the next weapon from the passengers seat, a shotgun which he discharges and fails to shatter the windscreen of his car.
      13:11 second round fired, again fails to shatter the windscreen
      13:22 round fired shatters his left passenger window.

      The best way to view the video is to right click on it and use the option to download since it seems to be unable to livestream

      I think that covers it.

      • DK

        P.S. On reflection, the scene could have been produced by 5 live actors and some 40 dressed dummies since the shooter entered a building full of dead people already on the floor or in propped positions which he shot up or just as likely the bodies were real & laid out by the live people wandering around(corpse extras) with the shooter just cleaning up the evidence. So reminisant of the Free Syrian Army videos it could be kitemarked.

    • huge_juan

      This video may well be a fake. The governments are sure trying to bury it. Social media is scurrying around like mad taking it down every time its re posted. And governments are making it illegal to post it. Its hard to believe that all these people were just laying down waiting for him to come in and shoot them. This may not be the real video or this was a false flag.

      • DK

        I prefer the term used on Blue Peter, one we made earier, theres a huge library of cut and paste scenarios fed into CGI locations just waiting for an event to spin the perceptions of.

      • DK

        The gopro footage is wrong, here is a real helmet mounted camera ( with someone firing an AR, you see the rifle from behind not above and the stock is invisible being behind the camera when the rifle is raised to the face to aim and fire from the shoulder, same principle applies with the machine gun. It is as if the camera is looking through the head from a foot behind or it the person was actually a computer graphic and the POV was set at just the wrong angle for first person, not at the eyes but a point behind the character with a very close 3rd person persective where the characters model was invisible since the camera is just inside the skin, something NVIDIA cards used to do.

    • RedFeather

      Crappest false-flag E V E R!

      • DK

        Almost as good as the Boston Marathon where 2 bombs only 20 yards apart failed to kill 200 people in their fatal range of 27 yards each also failing to take out surrounding glass and the globe lampost shades which as glass should have shattered, fatal means all people withing that blast radius either bleed out (no event has 100 ambulances, or paramedics on hand for several hundred casualties)or die of blast effects which have necrotised their flesh. 2 deaths allegedly of children one of whom did not have a corpse. Also one bomb should have killed or injured the passing athletes and the photographers.

    • Anonymous

      Christchurch shooting video fake.Make up you own mind if you know about guns.

    • Global Agenda

      Thanks Brian. Awesome information I am using it in my next video. Before I use it though I am going to read from the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I am going to sacrifice my back-up Global Agenda II Channel. If they take it away my main channel will let the people know that it violated my Freedom of Opinion and expression. Peace out Mark @GlobalAgenda. My question to the controllers and the controllers already know the answer is: Do they care about any written constitutions or charter of rights and freedoms like we have in Canada. Looking at New Zealand and a fellow ‘Commonwealth Nation’ – I am ashamed that they let all their rights go away without a challenge. Now look at the mess they are in. #Fear #PoliceState

    • nikita

      Ok people, I;ve been thinking about this long & hard.

      Essentially 3 main scenarios:

      1) The video,events & it’s media coverage are 100% true & accurate.
      2) The video & events are true but were a false flag.
      3) It’s fake.

      We can talk till we’re blue about the truth of the matter but does it change anything?
      except that in 1) it’s a sad tragedy.
      2) Is plain sick.
      3) Is totally warped.

      Someone tell me please, how do you fight this outcome~ whether Real or not?
      Help me out here.

      & despite my scepticism ~What if we assume it is all true but the mosque attendees had been armed~ would so many have died?

      • DK

        Absolutely right, after entering the prayer hall the shooter was blindsided at 6.57 mins into the video when someone from behind snuck behind him to exit, therefore he was certainly tackleable after the 4th shooting, unable to look both ways at once with lots of ‘bodies’ where a live person could hide, a situation most military would have used flash bangs and concussion charges to avoid.

      • Don - 1

        The event is a fake. If that was a real shooting the walls would have been splattered with a spray of blood….we see nothing of that. The smoke from a real gun would have set off smoke alarms. Also there would be holes in the walls.

        When the gunman enters the worship hall, the crisis actors are already huddled in a pile at the end of the room…..pretending to be dead.

        This whole event is a psyop about gun control…..totally fake.

    • idiots

      how come i don’t have permission to vote?




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