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Urgent Message - Fleeing the Mark of the Beast and Non-Human Entities

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On the night of May 16, 2019, my oldest daughter and I both had prophetic dreams. They present things to come that many will face during the time of the antichrist and the mark of the beast system.

In my dream, I experienced a situation that will happen to those who must flee from the beast system. I was in another person’s body, witnessing and experiencing firsthand the terror of being hunted down by the powers that be. I was on the run with my family. We were doing our best to travel at night, and from one remote location to another in order to avoid being caught. No matter where we traveled though, we were always being tracked, followed, and aggressively pursued. Everything we did was under surveillance.  

The population by this time had been drastically reduced by the judgments, and the first-fruits remnant had already been translated. Those who were still publicly visible were the ones who had already taken the mark of the beast and had been ‘changed.’ As a believer, I knew what this meant. The lure that the system presented if you accepted the mark was that you could be made immortal- you would never get sick, you would not age, and you would never die. However, I knew this was a lie. It was only meant to get as many people as possible to take the mark of the beast without understanding truly what it meant. 

Many, many people willingly took the mark and were forever changed, as it restructured their DNA and they were then not fully human anymore, meaning that they were no longer redeemable through Father’s blood sacrifice on The Cross. They had become part of satan’s kingdom and were more robotic than human, easily controlled and with little to no emotion, as they did not think for themselves anymore. They simply did what they were told to do. 

The terror for me was palpable, as I was hunted down like an animal. I remember feeling great fear, as there seemed to be no way of escape from the system’s technological surveillance. When those that were sent to capture me finally caught up to me and my family, I knew it meant that they would forcibly give me the ‘mark’, or I would die in refusal. I then woke up from the dream.

My daughter’s dream found her in a home with our family in hiding from the system as well. Our family had been safely secured and provided for, as the first translation had already occurred, and we were there to assist others who were looking for refuge. 

We were in a home where we had been instructed to stay indoors and not allow anyone to enter unless they had been sent by Father. We were given discernment to know who was and who was not of Father. Many were desperate and cried out and begged for us to allow them to enter. However, we were told that because of the increased demonic activity outside, as well as the implementation of the mark, many people had been ‘changed,’ and were no longer His people, even though they portrayed themselves to be friends, family members and loved ones, and even very young children. 

My daughter told me that the hardest part was not being able to allow certain children in, as they were crying and scared and obviously in distress. Our spirits knew, however, that they were not fully human. They were the offspring of parents who had been corrupted by satan’s seed and who had taken the mark of the beast, and they were not of Father. She told me that our family was completely protected, although we were told to strictly adhere to our instructions and not allow anyone, except those of Father to enter His refuge. End of her dream.

As with everything I present, please take this to Father and The Holy Spirit and pray for discernment. These things we are presenting to you are found in the Word of God. All that is about to happen has been foretold, and it will happen exactly as it has been prophesied. Whenever I get a dream or vision from Yahushua (Jesus), I always ask if He wishes to speak to it, and share any revelation. The following are His words to all of His children. 

Yahushua speaks:

Daughter, tell them that it is out of My great love for My children that I give you these visions and dreams and so many previous words and warnings from My heart. I wish that none would perish, but sadly, many, many will. This that has been shown, as well as many other things that have been foretold, will come to pass. My Word will not return to Me void. I warn and I reveal what will come and is even now already here, so that more would come to Me on bended knee- broken, humble, and seeking forgiveness for their sins, their hard-heartedness and their disobedience. I will be found by all those who seek Me. I will keep those from the hour of trial which is now upon the earth, if they would only seek My face and My will for their lives. 

Not one will stand in his/her own strength, for the darkness that is here is far greater than anything this world has ever experienced. You are no match for the enemy and his hordes of hell, and without Me, you will succumb. Once I strip you of all your creature comforts. Once I remove the foundation of all you have placed your hopes in. Once I have destroyed all your idols and left you desolate, who will you turn to then in order to survive? Those who do not walk completely with Me now, who will remain after I take My first-fruits, will find themselves in the most desperate situations of their lives. Nothing you can imagine can compare to what will be, and nothing you could do will change the situations you suddenly find yourselves in. This is why I have taught for so long that the only safe place of refuge is Me. I am the Rock, the Fortress, your High Tower and your Defense. No one else can and will save you. This is truth, and after these things occur, you will then know that what has been spoken here and in My Word is truth and light and has been given to light the way for you. 

Those remaining after the first-fruits have been translated will be hunted. They will be persecuted as never before. Those who live through the judgments of famine and pestilence and war, devastation by storms and great fire, will find themselves running for their lives. These words are not cause for fear, but rather to stir you to repentance, to radical transformation, in order to bring you to conviction, as you continue to walk the broad path to destruction in your sins. 

Those who must flee, who surrender to Me, can still be protected and provided for, if they truly have a change of heart and look to Me alone for their refuge. I alone can make it possible for those traveling to My places of refuge and those assisting to be invisible, not detected by any means of technology satan has devised to track you. My angels will assist as well, as My daughter and others have been shown for many years now. Those hidden in these places will have the opportunity to further mature and grow in their relationship with Me, before I return again to translate them as well. 

My warnings shout out again to you:


Do not take anything in your body, in your forehead or in your hand in order to buy or sell or do business, as by doing this, your very DNA will be altered, restructured and programmed, and you will not be fully human any longer, and you will not belong to Me. Many, many who profess My name at that point and refuse the mark will be martyred, but this is a great honor for those who will suffer for My name’s sake. 

Once the mark is taken, those who have the mark will be used by the enemy to lure those who have not taken the mark into traps to trick them. These programmed individuals who have been altered and are not Mine anymore will appear in forms resembling those you know and love in order to capture you. It is imperative that you know of these things before they happen, so that you will be informed and very circumspect. So many will perish from lack of knowledge. Do not be one of these! Many more than you are aware of, even right now walking amongst you, are not fully human. They are soul-less beings that can take the shape or form of anything familiar to deceive you. Only those who walk intimately with Me are gifted with the discernment to distinguish between these altered beings and My creation. 

As I have spoken through My daughter in the past, hybrids and offspring once known are being released as well, to appear again as part of the great war on My people by the enemy. He has gone to great lengths to amass an army that will fight against Me and My people in these last days. Those whose DNA is changed by the mark will join the men of renown in forming this vast multitude. This is why I speak to you that you are no match for the wicked one and the evil schemes he has implemented. 

When you don’t know My voice, when you haven’t discarded all the menial distractions of this life that you use for entertainment, you continue to drift further and further into the sea of complacency, numbness, and apathy. The programming being done by all your devices and your media drown out the voice of your Creator, and you cannot expect Me to come to your cries of help when all suddenly changes, if you have not taken the time to learn of Me and seek Me with all your heart, soul and strength. What more can I say to you as your Father? 

You do not have years left to figure this out. You do not have months. The clock strikes midnight, the hourglass is empty, the shofar is blasting My warnings, the die is cast. Recompense is here. Judgment is set. What has begun will not be stopped. It is come. 






** Please, while there is yet a moment to do so, print this and any other important information that Yahushua has given us and keep them in your dwelling places. Send these messages to those you love. Talk to everyone who will listen to you. It could mean their soul!**

Julie Whebee

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Prophetic Dream – The Mark of the Beast … A Celebrated Choice

Prophetic Dream – The Mark of the Beast … A Celebrated Choice

By Joanie Stahl (June 2018)

                                                Dream – June 20, 2018

In my dream, I was outside somewhere and it was a nice day.  I was doing mundane things, which I cannot readily recall.  Next thing I knew, the scene immediately changed and I was in a very large indoor.  I was suddenly in the midst of very many people like a huge celebration. Something notable to celebrate was going on, as if something big had happened.

It was not like any other celebration. It was had the feeling of an earthly or worldly celebration, more so than New Years. It felt like Mardi Gras.  (I am trying to capture the feel, look, and the energy of it).  People were all partying, laughing, and talking very loudly, as to be expected at a huge party.

I noticed everyone was dressed in clothing worn to a party. It was not elegant, nice clothing, but a bit on the trashy side if you get the picture.  I saw everyone but no one saw me.

Suddenly, it was revealed to me that I was in Canada.  In fact, when that knowledge came to me I was shocked and said to myself, “How am I in Canada! How did I get here”! I felt great alarm and fear.

Then, I noticed that every person had what looked like a tiny metallic piece embedded withintheir skin and upon their heads.  I was very tiny, yet big enough for me to see it clearly.  I took interest as to why it was embedded in their skin and yet remained visible on the outside. It was a tiny silvery square with small lines in it.

I first noticed it on a wild looking woman who wore red and black, having black hair and tattoos. She was holding a drink in her hands and her loud, gaping, obnoxious mouth was blaring out raunchy laughter.

Her body moved in a very seductive manner. This disgusted me. Actually, I saw everyone in this same way – vulgar, tasteless, and empty. It seemed humanity was completely lost and void of Jesus. Everyone had the appearance of being dirty, like greasy and filthy.  They all behaved identically, and each possessed a hollow blackness with a deep darkness in their eyes.  There was a Satanic wildness to everyone, as if all were soulless.

I was seated in the very center of them, while everyone was acting wildly out of control. It was a rowdy, heathenistic celebration.  I keep repeating this because it was completely evident that something enormous had just happened in Canada, and all the citizens were more than elated over it. They displayed an over-the-top euphoria due to whatever change had taken place.

I really feel to emphasize that whatever it was that happened in that country evoked a type of celebratory hysteria. I also knew that the celebrating I was watching was throughout the entire country of Canada.

Everyone was standing, walking, and running around in wild animal-like fervor.  I looked up at every persons head to try to see if it was only a few that had the metallic piece embedded in their heads, but it was everyone. I said to myself, “Is this the mark of the Beast”?  

I did not have the “chip” in my head, but everyone else did. I also knew that I was in Canada by some strange act of God just to witness this. I still felt increasingly afraid.  I wanted to get out of there as fast as I could. There was such a feeling of great fear, and I felt like I had to get away from those people! As soon as I felt that, I woke up.

Joanie’s Interpretation

In this particular dream, it went from a common, normal day to a radical location change.  This signifies to me that what is coming will happen suddenly and when least expected, take us by surprise.  The odd thing is that I found myself instantly and literally in Canada of all places. I say this because though we are neighboring countries, it is a rarity to give it any thought.

Canada is one of those nations that are mostly quiet on the global and journalism front.  I see very little reported on it, which made this particular dream even more provocative.  I experienced a rather intense alarm mixed with shock and fear as soon as I realized I was there.  

This also raised questions to me even within the dream because I felt that I was in some type of serious danger. It felt as though I was watching something that was escalating to my demise, even though it was a wild party and no one seemed to see me.  Nevertheless, I was still afraid.

What I know I was witnessing was that there was an event that had just happened that affected their entire nation.  It was a national game changer. It was something that would nowbring about a new order to things and a type of newfreedom.  

I had a powerful direct knowledge that there was a New World Order of things.  The celebrating was greater than anything previously celebrated on earth.  It eclipsed what I tried to explain as it being greater than New Year’s Day mixed with Mardi Gras.  I saw heavy drinking and gross drunkenness, and lasciviousness.

The obvious central point of this wild celebration was that everyone had a tiny metallic piece embedded in their foreheads, which I knew was the mark of the Beast.  I was certain of it. Though I marveled at it, I knew it could be nothing else but that, which only increased the rising terror in me when upon this realization.

The reason it was partially embedded and partially stuck out was to show me two things at once.

The verses below show both things. First, the location is the forehead, and secondly that the mark is embedded in it.  In my dream, I saw both. The reason I could see it was because the Holy Spirit had to show it to me this way or I would not have been able to see it at all.  Meaning, if it was totally underneath the skin, it would not have been visible and gone unnoticed.

“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six.” ~ Revelation 13:16-18, KJV.

What I want to say that I did not include in the dream is that more than anything, I strongly knew that this meant a new way of life for them and that their previous way of life was gone forever. That is why all the people were rejoicing.

The wild, seductive woman dressed in black and red represented witchcraft.  She was the focal point of it all. She was captivating and took center stage among all the people.  She wreaked of what the woman who rides the beast symbolizes.  You can read about her in Revelation 17:1-5.

This account in scripture reveals that she “rides the beast” because the Antichrist and his system support her.  I feel also to say that those who dressed trashy and were filthy and dirty represent the masses who follow her. They love her and are intoxicated with her promises of a new national economy and other freedoms.  I believe that the trashy clothes and filthiness do not represent the poor of the land, but the wretched filthiness of total sin and depravity. 

The blackness in their soulless eyes, as well as the satanic, feral-like wild behavior was because after taking the mark, it turned them into that.  I saw that they were doomed.  They sold their souls and were filled with that darkness … the darkness of hell.  The mark sealed their eternal destiny.

This dream was spiritual foresight into a prophetic event that is very soon to come upon this world, and in the short future.  I want to say in circling back around about it being Canada, that God is trying to show us that when the mark becomes globally required it will happen first where everyone will least expect it or in a nation last on anyone’s list.  Do not be fooled. This is going to happen in nations that no one is paying any attention to at that time.

The dream was meant for us to be aware and look in places where you would never have thought of looking before.  What does the government of Canada know? What do they have planned? Is this mark of the Beast already slated for a date around the corner?  

The feeling of fear and danger growing meant that when this takes place there will be a period of celebratory hysteria. However, when that dies down, which will be quickly, the Christians who refuse to take the mark will stand out.  There will be incredible life threatening circumstances for them.  They will feel this same terror, accompanied with the need to run for their lives.

Joanie S.

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