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UPDATED WINDOW: POLAR FLIP (polar flip event) - NUCLEAR BOMB(S) (to be detonated mouth of Columbia River or Oregon Coast/Pacific Ocean) - THE BIG ONE (MASSIVE GLOBAL EARTHQUAKE, or Cascadia Subduction Event on West Coast of America) - UPDATED Date/Time WINDOW - scribed by The Son of Man

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As i previously informed you, there are very large calamities heading our way, the Holy Bible’s relating of these events seem to correspond with very near astrological events as well as Federal Corporation/Military/FEMA/NASA readiness & preparedness, all while not informing the general public.  

The Son of Man say:
Below is my notice to you, that major calamities are coming and I give a window for them.  After convening with GOD, who has asked me to use the names Jehova, or Yah, I have been given information that may affect the time window.  Read further on THIS POST to see the updated time window for incoming calamities

In order to cover up the impending CALAMITIES (End of the World, meteors, earthquakes, giant tsunamis, massive lightning events, passing of large bodies through our solar system (PASSOVER related to Jewish PASSOVER), thus THE SIDE SHOW we see out our window, on the news, on the FAKE ALTERNATIVE NEWS, and from all the FAKE ALTERNATIVE videos, THE GEO-POLITICAL CROWD, and from websites, and venues, IT IS ALL A BIG SIDESHOW, to distract you from what is important, BEING, our the politicians and governments of the world have all committed TREASON against the peoples of their nation, and TREASON against the EACH & EVERY NATION’s SOVEREIGN, and against their SOVEREIGNTY.

- See enslavement by the legal law dictionary:

Enslavement by the Legal Law Dictionary
“The Devil’s forked tongue,” called = LEGALESE (short version):

- See oaths of office proof:

PROOF = America Enslaved - OATHS of OFFICE:
America’s Oath’s Swapped Out For FAKE Oaths to a foreign, British-Owned Corporation

- See proof on the floor of congress, proof of TREASON

Proof of Treason, PROOF that “United States” is owned by foreign, “United Nations Inc,” exposed through Bills @  FAKE CON-gress, a CON by diGRESS away from FREEDOM:

- See most important historical document ever, proving TREASON and proving that our government is a foreign government, that all who’ve sworn allegiance have committed TREASON, and are foreign citizens, and that court houses and government properties are EMBASSIES, in other words, you lose your rights when you step foot on foreign soil.

and a duplicate copy here, since GOOGLE  is TREASON:

These parties are now attempting to ELIMINATE We The Victims, in order to clear off “THEIR” LIABILITIES, and are attempting to USE BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS AGAINST THE POPULACE, including but not limited to; BUBONIC PLAGUE, TYPHUS, EBOLA, MEASLES.  Illegal aliens from AFRICA are piling over America’s southern border by the hundreds.  How is it that 300 North Africans from the Congo are caught at the same time at the southern border of America?  Who helped them?  Who infected them with Ebola?  WHY DOES EBOLA follow the INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL DOCTORS and the INTERNATIONAL NON-Government Organizations?  Here is a video about the cover up that had some interesting material, advise caution as www.BeforeItsNews.Com and www.RumorMillNews.Com are secretly contracted disinformation specialists who SCREEN INFORMATION CONTENT and WHOM BROADCAST FALSE INFORMATION woven in POWERFUL TRUTHS:
Article Title:  “Hot Zone Outbreak! Hospital in Isolation Police Station & LAX Terminal Evacuated”

Here is a video of what is coming, the KOLBRIN Bible tells us from the Egyptian Priests’ accounts of what it was like to have PLANET NIBIRU (The Angel of Death, or The Destroyer) passing over them, taking up one-fifth of the sky, and raining death and destruction upon the earth, while overturning mountains, and opening up great chasms, belching fire from the earth, the KOLBRIN BIBLE was made out of BRONZE SHEETS so it survived, and still exists.  This is the true account of PASSOVER (get it? the truth is in the name!!!) and of the Jewish Israelites fleeing from Egypt during the EXODUS.  It does match up against the bible if you know where to look, i just ran across a piece in the bible yesterday that talked about the EXODUS of MOSES and the ISRAELITES and it most definitely talked about land opening up and swallowing those who were worshipping idols at where the land met the Red Sea, before Moses asked GOD to part it.

The crossing of Nibiru takes up 1/5 of sky, rains fire, brimstone:

Again, here is the previous article, which discusses Revelations 12 and MUCH INCOMING CALAMITY:

Here is the update:
As we know, Satan loves to flip things to confuse us, and so did Satan flip the (below) yellow highlighted portion:

  It is not a “women clothed in the sun,” and instead, “Is a man clothed in the Son,” as Mercury is going to make an Eclipse of the Sun between earth and the solar disc.  Information about this “TRANSIT OF MERCURY” is below, scroll down.  The next transit happens on:
 11th of November, 2019, it happens 13 times per century. (see 13 below)
-  The biblical concordance of the number 13 is (found by searching, “Strongs 13″:

Mercury, which the Babalonians called NABU, represented knowledge, scribe, wisdom.

This is very important and relates, because the Bible says that the Messiah will receive His power once the Child is snatched up to heaven, which also could mean, that I, The Son of Man, have died during the process, giving my life for GOD’s Son being born unto my wife and I, and our Son being snatched up to heaven to His throne (To rule the nations of ZION, the NEW EARTH, under a new heavens).  

See below, in the blue highlighted portion, POLAR FLIP (“A third of the stars swept out of the sky and flung to earth”), this will likely cause a MASSIVE GLOBAL EARTHQUAKE, and highly possible NUCLEAR BOMBS being used to cast a wall of water, to murder my wife as she flees after what may become a scene of carnage if the Powers That Be try to devour my child as the scripture says.

And here is the information about the Transit of Mercury (Eclipses the Sun, between the earth and the solar disk.

And here is alleged information regarding the assassination of a former NASA American Embassy representative to RUSSIA, whom was just murdered after visiting a PLANETARY DEFENSE CONFERENCE between FEMA, NASA, Military, and FAKE GOVERNMENT federal corporation entities, and she was murdered after just asking the Russian Embassy for a meeting to discuss “VITAL CIRCUMSTANCES.” At the time of her murder, Lola Gulomova, was no longer working as a go between for NASA and the FAKE State Department with Russia, and she was instead working for the FAKE Commerce Department  Granted the below document is coming from so there are certainly some mis-informations contained herein, lies woven in truths, but the assassination of this women, and the double murder suicide of her and her husband who were both shot multiple times and died, THAT PART IS TRUE, you can look it up on your own.

another excerpt very good excerpt:

“One thing is for sure.  The ruling elite are genociding us, speeding up their plans to genocide us, speeding up their plans to re-inforce their criminal theft of all our nations, by flooding our nations with illegal immigrants who will vote how they are PAID TO VOTE in the FAKED RIGGED ELECTIONS held by our FAKE RIGGED GOVERNMENTS whom are really just FOR-PROFIT, FOREIGN-OWNED FEDERAL CORPORATIONS, whom all the employees have committed TREASON by swearing allegiance to a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT, which made them all FOREIGN CITIZENS which made it ILLEGAL for them to TOUCH A FIREARM, which is why THEY WANT ALL YOUR FIREARMS, and now that people are waking up, THEY MUST KILL YOU BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!  And whatever they do, they certainly don’t want you to find out THAT IT IS NOW THE END OF THE WORLD, the clock is ticking down, and they do not want you to know, THAT YOU DO NOT GET A BUNK in their UNDERGROUND BUNKER which was paid for BY MONEY STOLEN FROM YOU, when they held a gun to your head, and PERSECUTED YOU BY EXTORTION AND STRONG ARMING INTO PAYING MONIES that you were not liable to pay (YOU ARE NOT LIABLE FOR PROPERTY TAXES AND INCOME TAXES, especially NOT IN AMERICA.  And the United States, only lies inside the District of Columbia, so the next time a COP asks for your driver’s license, tell him know, that he is outside of his jurisdiction, because he swore an oath to a foreign government, swore allegiance to a fake constitution, from a corporation that was originally BRITISH-OWNED, and now is owned by THE UNITED NATIONS parent corporation, WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES, a foreign owned, for profit, private corporation (NOT PUBLIC) and they have been murdering and genociding and falsely imprisoning your kin, and committed every fraud against you possible, and doing the most horrible SATANIC ACTS to your kin.  They are not GOD’s children, THEY ARE TRAITORS, THIEVES, ROBBERS, AND GENOCIDAL MANIACS.  Feel free to protect yourselves, GOD wills it, therefore do whatever you must do to protect yourselves.  But do not commit murder, GOD does not allow it, AS JUDGEMENT BELONGS TO GOD ALONE, as God has remembered the sins of their iniquity, and shall pour out a double ration for them, double to what they poured out and forced unto others to drink, and so GOD shall pour our double for them, and force them to drink it.

But feel free to burn down the enemy’s infrastructure, as they are using it to genocide your kin.
How is it that I have not made the news yet?
I can tell you to burn down the White House, but to honk for 30 seconds first, because that is longer than “THEY” give the Palestinians when ISRAEL “roof knocks” a 5 story building with a small warning shell, before blowing it to smithereens 10 seconds later, as if 10 seconds is enough time for the parents to get their little children out of bed and to exit the building safely, and so ISRAEL is genociding Palestinians with TRUMPS HELP, the United States is a Crime Syndicate, and must be treated as such,  THE UNITED STATES is most CERTAINLY NOT AMERICA, and most CERTAINLY NOT, “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” and thus it must be purged from our land, just as every nation’s people MUST RISE UP, and purge their federal corporations from their lands.  The reason the federal corporations were able to create a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT or the foundation for it, is because EVERYONE LOVED THEIR LIVES SO MUCH AS TO SHRINK FROM THE FEAR OF DEATH, where if you were not afraid to die, THE GOVERNMENT WOULD FEAR YOU, but if you are afraid to die, THE GOVERNMENT WILL GENOCIDE YOU and THEY MOST CERTAINLY ARE DOING JUST THAT.

RISE UP MY CHILDREN, come with me to everlasting life, on a new earth, under a new heavens, a life of righteousness, where these genocidal satan worshipping monsters are NOT INVITED!

I am The Son of Man,
The FRUIT is RIPE for the HARVEST.  THE END is NEAR. NESARA- Restore America – Galactic News

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