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A Prophecy For World Leaders. Will Jewish Leaders Usher in the Messiah Before Muslim Leaders?

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Wait, the leaders know about Isa, the Messiah??? Yes, and they have been giving the public soft disclosure that the Messiah is on earth doing his great work!

Quotes from Breaking Isreal News

“’The Messiah is already active in the world but not everyone is willing to see this,’ Rabbi Fish said. ‘Some people are unwilling to see this no matter what proof is presented…’”

“It is written that in the days leading up to the Messiah, tzaddikim (righteous men) will begin to announce his arrival but some people, those who have not prepared for His arrival, will laugh at the righteous and the learned,” Rabbi Fish said, warning that it is forbidden to mock the righteous.

And Rabbi Winston said: “God can be speaking right at you, saying the Messiah is right in front of you, but if you refuse to hear, you won’t”.

Expanded Evidence of Stories and details that are circulating on this here

What does the Muslim World Know about this? Are they preparing as well?



Qur’an & Hadith references in the order which they appear on screen:

Al Hajj 22:40-41, Ad-Dukhaan 44:18-19, Sahih Muslim 8:192-193, Al-Baqara 2:159-160, Al Ghafir 40:4, Az-Zukhruf 43:61, Al-Isra 17:85, Al-An’aam 6:154, Fussilat 41:15-16, Al Bukhari 34:425 & 5:657, Al Maaida 5:60, Maryam 19:36-37

This is Very Real!

Diplomatic Briefing on the Return of Isa (Christ)

A Prophecy Specifically About You

Now that you know the truth, there is a prophecy specifically about you.

Government and religious officials should contact Cardinal Monte via the information provided at the end of the video.

Learn what has been hidden from you at

You may contact Isa’s diplomats via email there as well.


Sources and Credit Courtesy All from God/Allah and the Direct Order of Isa and his Messengers

Also share this EVERYWHERE and save lives! #ChristIsBack



What can YOU do?

Go Here!

The Ecumenical Order of Christ

Other Evidence

Frequently Ask Questions

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    • Cifer Therrien

      Time for the world to realize what is going on and who is behind it.

    • samrg472

      The King must take His throne sooner or later, whether you usher Him in or he takes it by conquest. Choose wisely before it’s too late!

    • Selena Scott

      Yes! Back at last. We don’t have long to wait. Give yourself to God now before it’s too later.

    • EricLogan

      Christians, Jews, Hopi, AND Muslims should recognize this by now. The King has arrived!

    • The Holy Prophet

      These Rabbi’s need to put down their stubborn pride and just accept the evidence we present to them. Rabbi Fish is right now, they refuse to see what is right infront of them. Right now, though, it seems the Muslim leaders are on track to usher him in.

    • William S.

      The codes within the Torah reveal the truth, RayEl is Moshiach!

      Why is his name “RayEl” and not “Jesus”?

      As any scriptural scholar will tell you, Christ’s name was “Yeshua”, not “Jesus”. Some will tell you that the name change was caused by “grammatical errors”, “translation differences”, or a litany of other excuses. If you go anywhere in the world and ask for a Coca-Cola, you’ll get a Coca-Cola, yet for some mysterious reason, the world forgot the proper name for the Son of God, a name that would give power to all those who would properly invoke it.

      Exodus 20:7 “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain: for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that shall take the name of the Lord his God in vain.” When something is used “in vain”, it is being used ineffectually or unsuccessfully. If one calls upon the Son of God, but uses a different name, it is done in vain.

      The truth is, the world was purposely confused by Satan, so that no one could invoke the authority of God, through the proper name of His Son, and a “popular name” was given to the uneducated masses, this name was “Jesus”. Open almost any Bible, and you will see that the proper names of Christ and his Father, are replaced with: Jesus, God, Lord, etc. This was done on purpose.

      Lord RayEl could have easily proclaimed his name to be “Jesus”, if he wanted to continue the deception, and avoid the controversy, but Lord RayEl insists upon truth in all matters.

      Lord RayEl (or “Ra-El”, using Hebrew vowel rules) is not offended when people refer to him as “Jesus”, because he realizes the fault is not in the person who addresses him, but instead with the one who purposely confused the people of Earth. But once you know better, you should wisely avoid using the improper name, lest you be guilty of purposely violating the commandment.

      As to why his name is now “RayEl”… Before the Holy Spirit joined with him, his human name was “Raymond Elwood”, which is properly truncated to “RayEl”.

      Revelation 19:12 tells us this about Christ’s return, that “he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself”, so Christ’s return, with a name nobody was expecting, is yet another fulfillment of prophecy.

      The etymological origin of his name, is traceable back to Egyptian Judaism. RayEl literally means “Word of God”. Further, if you read Revelation 19:13, it clearly tells you that “his name is the Word of God”, so “RayEl” is the name the Bible told you he would have.

      • deano

        Hebrew vowell rules? which Hebrew?……PALEO or MODERN(1890) ?…# Paleo Hebrew = PHONECIAN.

        RA?…..that would be of Egypt rule…..Amen-RA..Amun. Is RA EL? (is RA god? apparently so, we end prayers in Amen!)

        Via transliteration …..we cant TRUST…..the “Word” , or name of God.

        We need to concentrate on the “SOUND” of god…..what other sounds can those vowells make? are they Long or Short?

        Forget iesus = eeee – soooous. try ieshu = aaaay-shuh IEShE’….(aisha/ Ashur……Asher in the babbble book).

        In PHONECIAN…….YHWH = Yi eH ‘sh’ eH ….Yiehsheh (yaah-shuh)…Is it not written in the book of YASHER?

        I am ‘who’ I am ? …..I am ASHER I am………look at Assyrian god…@ASHUR.

        The IRONY, is Asher/Ashur/Assar… a title as well. It is another name for Marduk! The ALL-SEEING.

        We SEE your DECeipt Cardinal Monte, Bishop Micheal Harr and you white collar wearing criminals of Pedophilia and LIES.

        You are not an UNSEEN movement! And for all those DECEIVED, just ask yourself….”Who are the REAL occupants of the Dome of the Rock UFO?”

        Thats right…..not the RA EL occupants……the RE AL ones.

        Their message? “Beware the bearers of False Gifts and their Broken Promises. We oppose DECEPTION !!”

        * False Gift = promise of eternal life in heaven with Jesus

        *Broken Promises = broken policys of politicians, indoctrinated via Jesuit universitys.

        # That Templar RED CROSS symbol, is the same black IRON CROSS, proudly warn by German officers.
        just like the MALTESE CROSS, was the same BLUE MAX(pou le merit) of WW1 german fighter aces.

        Just like that white collar. is the same symbol used by Catholic PEDOPHILE PRIESTS. That is no Halo around your neck, its a Dog Predatry Dogs!

        Again House of David !! Why is the Star of David, on the 1900 British Colonial Flag of NIGERIA ?????? :shock:

        More lies? more Deception?……WE OPPOSE DECEPTION !!!!!!

        • TheDirectHouseofDavid

          There is power in his real name from over 2,000 years ago and his new name as written to expect Rev 19 12

          and several other scriptures.

          He was never Jesus. It was Yeshua then and new RayEl. If you are so-called opposing deception then you must know rule number one the first deception was giving him a false name as they did over 2,000 years ago at the crucifixion to mock him. Yesua means may his name be forgotten and obliterated. There was no letter J in the Hebrew alphabet until 500 years ago. So for true truth seekers, one must be learned in fact, history and truth

          We have Torah code and bloodline to confirm it.

          Do not worry he has dominion that will be demonstrated. Worry if you are within it

          He is a protector of children and he is the one who revealed all the priests and Pope. You all need to pay better attention. These things did not occur until a given time. This is all documented. If anything he is the one putting a stop to it by having revealed them. :idea: You need to keep your sources straight :idea:

    • Corey DeFrancesco

      Time to wake up!

    • Civil Liaison

      Both think themselves superior to the other, both consider themselves closer to God, and both have prophecies which places themselves ahead of the other in terms of their alliance with the Messiah. Will they soon compete for his favor? If God is willing…

    • Huntsman8

      RayEl is the only determining factor that will unite all under One True God!

    • Knowledge-Is-Powerful

      Time for the righteous King to take His Throne… Lord RayEl :!:

    • Man

      So Is the voice you hear audible or is it just in your head?

    • Anonymous

      There is only ONE Messiah (Mashiach) that will come – a descendant of Kind David. The only one who fits this description is a Gd-fearing religious Jew who will be Gd’s appointed for Jews and non-Jews alike. The Talmud says that before Mashiach comes all evil and corruptions will be eradicated, including corrupt judges and corrupt leaders. President Trump is apparently fulfilling this task and hopefully Gd will send Mashiach, the son of David, very soon.

    • Priestess Monte

      It’s interesting they admit Christ is here, yet they don’t take the information being relayed…

    • Slimey

      I thought this was familiar as I read it and said WAIT… is this LONG HAIR again??? I immediately started scrolling down to see LONG HAIR and YEP, it’s LONG HAIR again.

      The Catholic long hair. Wants to be the new poop. Usher in the New World Odor. Make everything into a TURD world nation.

      So nice…… :cool:

    • TheDirectHouseofDavid

      That is just it to those who seek and pay attention he IS of the branch of David as prophecy teaches. He has that Jewish blood as the Spirit of Yeshua was delivered to the son of man who was best suited for this. Selected by God as the Torah code has confirmed.

      Talmud is man-made. However, he still fulfills a broad range.

      It is impossible to have peace without Messiah first taking over via conquest or ushered in as a King in peace. Two options and right now Israel is surrounded and he has warned them to repent for the crucifixion, turn from their ways, proclaim him to the masses and usher him to the throne. No King is going to the works if the leaders and masses are made to think he is serving to them vs the other way around. He has been eliminating many leaders and revealing them for who they are and he also has Israel surrounded and no longer under his protection until they bend a knee to him. He is not a genie come to grant wishes. He is the King of all Kings. So that means man must do their part or they will be cast outside of his Kingdom and paradise. They will be separated for being complacently on the sidelines doing nothing. The masses have been deceived so that is why they do not see him now.

      I hope that is clear because he is real. Destruction is about to come upon the people from the other powers that be and they will regret not doing their due diligence to receive their redeemer who could have protected them. What I foresee is a stand down. There will be a loss until they realize he is real and then they will repent and a stand down be made to happen. Only because people are stubborn :!:

      • deano

        branch of David is NULL & VOID, if the patriarchal lineage of Joseph is important. Mary was impregnated by an angel, or a spirit(ghost holey), or Pantera, or any one else but Joseph….the descendant of David. This immaculate conception makes the very ancestoral line…NULL & VOID.

        King of Kings was Cyrus. The man who let the captive exiles free, and returned the statue of MARDUK to the Zigurat(Tower of babylon).

        That Dome of the Rock UFO 2011, captured by multiple cameras and angles…….DOES NOT SHOW your Lord Raymond that everyone hates…..stepping or descending OUT OF IT!!

        Spirit? (ruah-the wind?)……or Holey Ghost? Casper the ghost with holes?(not a friendly ghost!)

        The most stubborn people on this planet are Defenders of the Faith> gullible christians.

        What will these Christians do when a REAL ufo lands, and the occupant informs us Jesus is a MYTH?

        Your whole life, and its belief driven ethics will be shattered…….will u CRUCIFY the messenger?(revenge for a wasted life?)

        You are correct David> the other powers that be, the Higher Powers, the WATCHERS.
        They came down over Jerusalem that night to warn us of the prophecy, and its deceipt!

        ;;;;;;;;;” the return of jesus on a cloud, like lightning”…….a fake Jesus stepping out of an Area 51 manmade ufo!

        This whole Raymond Elwood crap is laughable. It in fact PROVES the coming “GREAT DECEPTION”.

        FOX, with its Papal Knight of St Gregory MURDOCH, quickly made the “mississippi tourist hoax” to cast the whole event as a hoax and deny the reality of UFOs.
        Seems whoever your Superior General is, thought this could be a great money making scheme…..and ALIGN it to the return of the messiah. Stig Dragholm was doing this long before Ra-el….. :mrgreen:

        Everybody HATES this raymond……and will not get on bended knee for him either. You lot can kiss his hand like a King of kings, or some Eminance Cardinal Monte ring……or Bishop Harr ring……
        just like medieval grovellors……for the Royal King in court……or the Cardinal at Communion. Papists and graven images!!

        U need to be aware of the other higher powers. The stand down will be when they appear on Mass, either before fake messiah return at Jerusalem or during…….they will not let the SOCIETY OF JESUS …..deceive us again!!!

        Talking of stubborn……Why is the Star of david on the 1900 Brit Colonial flag of NIGERIA??….yes,David….it does affect hebrew roots……it proves the whole establishment of Is Ra El is a planned agenda…for Zionism.

        Who has really COVETTED Jerusalem since the crusades? @ CORPUS SEPERATUM -1948 UN meeting.

        All of your followers wear the black with a white predatry dog collar, or think they are Templar Knights, wearing their armour of god…….all DECEIVED…….all defenders of pedophilia, with its death cult crucifix cross.

        • TheDirectHouseofDavid

          I think you might be a bit on a crazy conspiracy side of things. Thanks for the dis-info bat crazy intel in your mind

    • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

      Government officials would LOVE to contact cRay cRay! :twisted:
      Especially those in Indiana! :lol:
      Tooshies and tootsies HouseofSatan. :wink: :idea: :roll:

    • Andoron

      I see the kool-aid drinkers are promoting their poison again.




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