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10 Weirdest Car Crashes People Somehow Survived

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 In the US alone, there are six million car accidents every year.

While some of these are just ‘fender-benders’ that cause minimal property damage, others result in serious injury and death. In fact, 90 people die as a result of car accidents every day. 

Then, there are those crazy car crashes that, somehow, people walk away from.

You might call these survival stories miracles or just incredible luck. Either way, it’s mind-blowing how people have escaped such weird accidents with only minor injuries. Especially when you see the damage done to their vehicles.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at these bizarre accidents and see for yourself!

1. The Convertible Van

Our first and possibly craziest accident falls into the ‘funny and unusual car accidents’ category, but only because of the lack of any serious injury. 

While on his way to work one morning, driver James Crawford’s van came into contact with a floating steel beam as it was being lifted by a crane on a nearby construction site. It seems stiff winds had caused the beam to float into traffic out of the crane operator’s control. 

Before James was aware of what was happening, the beam ripped the entire top off his van off, like the peel-back lid of a tin of sardines. As James put it, “Everything was sawed off, but I was still there”, while fellow drivers said how his van now “looks like a convertible”.

You’d think this accident would have led to some of the worst injuries ever survived. But in fact, James only suffered a few cuts to his face and hands, and a broken thumb – much to the amazement of drivers at the scene!

2. The Youngest Learner Driver

What makes this one of the craziest accidents ever is the driver behind the wheel, who was all of two years old!

Keen to start driving his dad’s red pickup truck, the toddler managed to put the truck in gear while his dad was unloading it. The pickup then rolled across the street and right into a neighbor’s house. 

Thankfully, no one was hurt. Although, the crash did break two windows, gas and water lines…and left a truck-sized hole in the outside wall of Kathleen and George Williams’ home! 

3. Foot to the Floor

It would seem like the driver in this crazy accident watched too many episodes of “The Flintstones” growing up. This can surely be the only explanation for why he thought he’d be able to stop his moving car using his feet!

That’s right, just like Fred Flintstone, this 24-year-old man tried to bring his car to a halt by putting his foot to the floor, quite literally. If you check out the video footage, it’s actually quite impressive how he manages to avoid oncoming traffic at first.

Although, he couldn’t keep it up much longer and soon crashed, causing a four-car pile-up. It’s also incredible how no one was seriously hurt, which is rarely the case when several cars are involved. 

But, perhaps most ridiculous of all, the driver was stone-cold sober! 

4. Driving Dunk

Spotting a fast-moving 18-wheeler big rig in your rear-view mirror is bad enough. But, when you’re parked in traffic on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, the prospect of it crashing into you gets a whole lot scarier. 

This is exactly what happened to Morgan Lake, who was on her way to visit relatives in 2013 when Canadian truck driver Gabor Lovasz slammed into her. The impact from the truck forced Morgan’s Chrysler Sebring onto the bridge’s concrete embankment, and then over it. 

With the driver’s window and windshield now shattered, Morgan’s car plummeted down into the bay. And, as a result of the broken windows, the car began to sink fast.

Luckily, Morgan managed to keep a clear head. She unbuckled her seat belt, pulled herself through the broken window, swam to some rocks beneath the bridge, and waited for police rescue.  

Although Morgan insisted she was fine, she went to the hospital to get checked by a doctor. This is always crucial as one of the biggest mistakes people make after car accidents is failing to see a doctor, which you can learn more about here. But, somehow, Morgan escaped the bizarre accident with only bruises and had no broken bones or even cuts!

5. Hard to Swallow

This crazy story involves another 18-wheeler, but this time, the crash actually saved the driver’s life.

That’s because trucker Richard Paylor was choking on an apple and ended up crashing into a concrete barrier after losing consciousness. But, the crash caused him to smack his chest against the wheel, dislodging the fruit. 

Police were able to work out what had happened after recovering a chunk of apple from the dashboard. And doctors agreed with the theory, concluding the smash must have caused a miraculous Heimlich maneuver.  

Incredibly, the life-saving crash resulted in only minor injuries, with Paylor receiving treatment for bruises, a cut to his head, and a small fracture in his back. 

6. Mom Made Me Do It

It was all going so well for this 13-year-old boy out on a joyride in a stolen car. Until, that is, he spotted his mom driving in the opposite direction. 

The New Jersey teenager stole the car to impress his friends. But seeing his mother distracted him, causing him to lose control and crash into a tree. 

While the accident itself wasn’t too weird, the damage to the car is so bad, it’s a wonder the boy walked away from the crash with only minor injuries. Images from the scene show the car wrapped around the tree with the front caved in. The roof also collapsed into the car and ended up half in the air with the severely damaged windscreen hanging from it. 

The boy sustained a broken nose and a bruised hip and was booked for reckless driving and being an unlicensed driver. Although, we’re pretty sure his parents won’t be in a hurry to let him get his license when he finally is old enough. 

7. Double Trouble 

For most of us, losing our car keys can be a real pain. But, we’re pretty sure the relatives of this racing grandma breathe a sigh of relief whenever she can’t find her car keys. 

Back in 2012, the 66-year-old driver managed the extraordinary feat of crashing two different cars into two different business on two different days. 

First, the lady crashed into the fence of a Dunkin’ Donuts branch. Then, she crashed through the wall of an Eye Care Center, which is ironic, to say the least. We definitely think she must have been seeing double!

8. Dental Drama

There have been some strange car designs over the years, but we’ve yet to see one that can actually fly unless you count the car involved in this bizarre accident. 

The driver of the car, who was under the influence of drugs, hit a median at record speeds and managed to launch his car smack bang into the second story of a dentist’s office. Photos from the scene show the car lodged in the second-floor window, leading people to question how it happened. 

But, thanks to this dramatic video footage from the bus the driver very nearly hit, we can see how it happened. As well as just how close this careless driver came to hitting the bus side-on while hurtling through the sky. This has got to be the craziest accident ever caught on film outside of Hollywood!

Several people were left with minor injuries. But, it would have been a lot worse if the car hadn’t missed that bus by a split-second.

9. Pole Position

While driving during a lightning storm, mother Lisa Beaulieu and her two young children became trapped in an up-ended car, propped on its back bumper by a broken telephone pole. 

The accident occurred when the pole in question snapped in half. The car was then caught in the low-hanging power cable. But, rather than breaking, the cable pinged back up and carried the car with it.

Naturally, Lisa was worried about getting electrocuted, but the calm 911 dispatcher told her what to do to stay safe, and everyone escaped unharmed. 

10. Hanging Tough

It seems that wires pose more of a threat to our driving safety than we realize, as this final bizarre accident also involves a car getting caught up in wires. 

Police at the scene explained how the driver went off the road, hit a fence, and then drove along the fence and up a wire on a utility pole. The car then spun around the pole and got caught up in a tangle of wires, leaving the car suspended several feet above the ground.  

There was no sign of alcohol, drugs, distraction, or a medical condition. But, police suspect the woman may have been exceeding the speed limit of 30 miles per hour. 

The woman was stuck in the car for around two hours until she was set free by rescue services. And, although she went to the hospital for checks, she did not sustain any serious injuries. 

The Weirdest Car Crashes People Somehow Survived

As these crazy car crashes show, driving can be a dangerous pastime. Even if you’re a conscientious driver, there are plenty of ways freak accidents can happen while you’re out on the road. 

Of course, what makes these accidents so bizarre is how the people involved all escaped relatively unharmed. But this isn’t always the case. Read these weird injuries from car accidents to see how!

Weirdomatic is the place where all weird things come to life through the amazing world of photographs – a corner of our wild imagination or the whimsical face of the reality?

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