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Is Sport a Sub-Human Activity?

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Will George Noory remember this prediction?

S&P 500 close is best since 2007

2013 US economy on the rise

The Dow Jones industrial averageS&P 500 and the Nasdaq closed up between 0.5% and 0.6%. The Dow finished at its highest level since October 2007, while the S&P 500 closed above the 1,500 mark for the first time since December 2007.

Dear Readers;

I may sound redundant to some but the Cosmic Code is getting new subscribers daily and many of those people never heard of ,my work and I – Thus confirming my predictions is not an ego trip but a sure way to prove my claims.

Back in June 2007 I was on Coast to Coast with George Noory  and said on the air with million of listeners that “The Tail of the Dragon will be forcing a total restructure of the US economy  that will last all the way to December 2012.” I did the same in all my radio and TV shows since then, I also published the following in my yearly publication Moon Power books and in my numerous newsletters and websites - US Economy Prediction .

From my prediction page! “I see the real estate booming again, as the country infrastructure is changing . The old road / signal / bridges systems will be replaced by “round points”, the stock market will experience a slow but sure recovery especially in July / June and January / December 2011/2012.”"

George Noory, David Icke, Maxwell & Rapporport

George Noory, Art Bell the Stars and Dr. Turi

Changing gears:


30 dead after Egyptians angry about riot verdicts try to storm prison

That 2012 incident — during a game between Cairo’s prestigious Al-Ahly football club and the host Al-Masry team — ended with 73 dead.

Do you think Sport is “Sub-Human?”  But how could it be when the best “physical” athletes in the world compete with each others?

And you wonder why I can’t stand sports, religions and politics?  There is nothing what’s so ever that can benefit a single cell of my body, to me dying in a religious stampeded is as smart as dying in a sport gathering and how many souls so far perished this way?  Countless but still sports and religions attracts millions…  To my mind, there is nothing more insane and wasteful than sport games yet 99.09% of human live just for it and will spend their entire week end watching TV!

Like religions, its stirs tons of emotions  that often turn violent and in this case deadly and the players are rewarded with fame and millions of dollars contracts? I wonder what the hell I did to God to land on such a low vibrational world where the spirit, education  and the genius  of man is so  rare and rarely if (in my case) ever rewarded…

Yes I wonder if you could see/measure the intellectual strength of a human being how would I score? Guess what the I.Q. of any soul is measured by the amount of memory and information /books he can  assimilate, collect and regurgitate…But does this memory aptitude make  someone smarter or intelligent? NO! it does not but our society is designed to rewards, appreciate and judge Genius this way or by rewarding imagination (Harry Potter) over facts and non fictional life saving material like mine.  By when the world is made largely or cosmic unconscious morons consumed by mental entertainments such as books, sports and religions who’s to blame?

And this is why a refine poker player or a overly educated graduate will be sought as a genius when all he has is a good memory and operates at a rational logical level in a dense physical world… What an not be seen or dealt with )or the spirit) by the norm goes unrewarded and what you do not see or comprehend in metaphysics is the tip of an enormous iceberg  making up this dense world.

Thus knowing, I was born ADHD and own absolutely no memory; if a parrot is able to recall and recite the full content of a big book he will graduate and be classified as a genius while Dr. Turi I.Q. will be less than average… The parrot can not see nor recall the spirit but he is a master of mental recollection in his own world. This is the best way for me to explain what today’s blind science is all about…

The most expensive non-suite tickets offered today are a pair of club seats in Section 237 for $7,490 each, would someone offer those to me I would turn it down (or give then away) because a bunch of people running, kicking a ball or trying to score does do NOTHING to my brain but induce a mental calcification nightmare.

This is where I realize how unique I am knowing you will never see Dr. Turi at any religious or sports gatherings because the world I deal with, while unseen by the majority is so much bigger and so much realistic!  I can’t help to wonder how many guys are like me or agree with me that any physical games that can brings such powerful emotions  and death should be avoided like any other disease.  Women which are a large part of my audience are born much more sensitive but this does not mean some women are women inside.

Currently there is another emotional debate going on with women in combat The role of women in combat   but again the “experts” judging and talking about women are cosmic unconscious and know nothing of their  natal UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity”  making any lady born with a very strong MARS in their chart attracted to danger, war and actions. IN fact some of those “Ladies” have more balls than men… But by judging of the humongous stupidity plaguing science and humanity today its going to take a while before my work finally make sense to those cosmic unconscious young souls.


 Only last night on the Mabus Radio show  with Jeffery Pritchett I started and ended up the show by making a very specific predictions hours ahead of the latest tragedy now on CNN!  I spoke about Obama, Nukes, gave specific dates and if you missed it you actually missed a lot!

A night of horror

245 killed in Brazil nightclub fire

I wish those 245 lost souls knew about the dangerous Full Moon hanging above and had a copy of my book warning them to stay home as of last night, but it seem they paid the price of their ignorance where the “fire/accident” will be blamed.

 But what will you give the moronic mass if you take entertainments, religion and sports away? Anything that demands “mental Gymnastics” intuition and curiosity is unsuitable for the majority of today’s human beings… This is so sad but its the fact! But this does not mean if you like sport you are a morons, in fact I have some very smart friends that loves football, I am just making a statement on how different, I am  and my own sport preference that’s all…

But while I love boxing (blame it on my aggressive Aries Dragon’s Head) you will never see me in a live match in Vegas (go figure) and after a couple of fights I swiftly move on to the Discovery/science/nature channel and feed my brain with more educational material… Indeed human are very complex but some of us are non conform and particularly very unique! Here goes the tip of the “spiritual” iceberg 99.009 % can not see…

Some would say you have to be born American to appreciate football because it is the national favorite past time. But back home in France the national favorite pastime is with soccer and this does nothing to me either and it never did!

Fans from both sides bashed each other with rocks and chairs, yet prosecutors claimed the Port Said supporters were also armed with knives and other weapons. Many died after falling from bleachers inside the stadium, while others suffocated.

Should I be blamed for wanting NOTHING of this sub-human emotional deadly endeavor?  Should I be blamed if I refuse to go public in time of a full moon to avoid death? In fact my friend Owen and I should be part of the thousands of deaths victims of the Thailand tsunami where we both planned to be on the very day the disaster occurred  But I saved our butts because the same dangerous full moon was above forcing me to cancel the trip!  I guess I feel  much too different and know much more than the norm to MIX with the norm, knowing the  cosmic unconscious mass can become as refined and as smart as a wild bull dedicated to run you over and kill you… I would rather be fishing or appreciate nature with my loving wife…

“tensions had grown throughout the game with Al-Masry fans throwing bottles and rocks at the opposing players.”

I wonder how many of those lost souls  (and the organizers)  knew  about the impact of  the January 26 full moon in Cancer messing up their pin head cosmic unconscious minds?  The results is DEATH all over! But their brain is as full as the leather ball their favorite team has been kicking for hours and now its time for this emotional unconscious mass entity evil to self destruct by carrying deadly acts upon each others – Do you really think I belong there?

Do they know about the word lunatic, moody, crabby and the full moon stirring the worse of their destructive emotions? Sure…my work is not for the feeble minded who have no idea how the moon affects their unconscious psyches!

THU., FRI., SAT., SUN., MON. — JANUARY 24, 25, 26, 27, 28:
RULERS — The Moon (Changing cycles/Growth of soul) and the Sun (Higher self)

Work, Career and Business: Some people will see the end and the beginning of a business situation. New people will move in to replace others. The Moon is still waxing (positive); make the most out of these days ahead and have faith in your ability to deal with any changes. Hope and faith will take you places.

Partnerships: This lunation means a great new start, relocation, and a promotion, even the start of a brand new life. Those changing stars do not care about your sadness, guilt or anything else; don’t turn back, move on to your future. Your situation or feelings do not match your wishes; changes must take place. You’ll be glad you did it. Remember life is a constant process of change, so go for it.

Family and Friends: Mom may get in touch with you, and your past is calling you back. The moon will make the children quite emotional; they will need your attention and will be demanding. With the Sun’s vitality invest some time with them and do something special; they will cherish these days in their heart forever. A surprising new involvement with a child or love is ahead of you. A friend surprises you with an invitation; restaurants will be busy, so you’d better make a reservation if you do not want to stand in line for a table.

Love Affairs: Control your feelings about the past and let them lead you towards your future. Some relationship might end with sorrow, but the stars are on your side. Promote your next section of life without delay. Expect some surprises too and go full speed after your desires; anything incredible can happen especially during the weekend and you shouldn’t stay home. These surprises should be positive and unexpected and there is much to gain if you interact with others. Visit friends, socialize or throw a party to celebrate this great solar and lunar energy. It’s time to do your cabalistic candles ritual, white for the purification of the spirit, green for the purification of the physical, and blue to pray and ask favors of your guardian Angel. Don’t forget to burn some sage and the use of the circle of salt. This lunation has the potential to bring about one of your greatest wishes. Again, don’t waste it, go out there now, push and have faith. If you were born in July, a younger or older person born in January, November or March won’t be able to resist your magnetism.

Travel and Communication: Expect news from brothers and sisters; be part of the action and communicate with those you love. Use plenty words of love and care for others; somehow you’ll be rewarded. Bring your camera; great things and great surprises are imminent.

Environment: Many people are forced to relocate during this celestial energy, sometimes due to nature’s destructive forces. Typhoons and other water disasters are to be expected. Let’s hope the new moon will alleviate drama and make the transition safe for many souls. Riot over soccer verdict leaves 30 dead in Egypt - A night of horror - Hurricane Sandy hit East Coast Coastal town ‘devastated’ and a Cyclone tears into south Indian coast - Bangladesh floods kill 45.

Famous Personalities: Famous and powerful personalities will be ending or starting a very important part of their love lives. Some will have finished their work on this physical plane, and will work as guides for whom they cared on earth.

Events: Foreign governments will have to make important decisions soon. “On Saturday in Suez — about 90 miles south of Port Said — the government deployed troops and armored military vehicles in response to the previous day’s clashes.”

Shopping: Only real estate endeavors from your past are protected; a new house bought now after the full moon could bring much trouble to the new owners. If you do so, make sure to do a candle ritual. Burn white, green and blue candles, and mix them with incense to clean up some psychic residues left behind by disturbed souls. Some of your local stores may also be affected and may rebuild or close down completely.

Lawyers for Catholic hospital argue that a fetus is not a person!

Read the answer in “KFYI Mike Broomhead and Abortion

Note: I am about to generate  February 2013 Daily Guidance and Predictions and  2013 February Universal Moon Transits for my VIP’s to enjoy - Join us now, you can not afford not to be warned by Dr. Turi legitimate work.

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi


 Welcome to Dr. Turi Global Tele Class

 January 28, 2013 from 6pm to 7pm

Yes, all human beings are born psychics and this power can be learned and used to reach all your wishes!  The better prepared you are the more chances for your success to establish emotional,  financial and spiritual stability. Here is a few tips for you to follow to gain the best of my presentation. Realize the goal is to put you SAFELY in a a semi-conscious state of mind where you can reach and use the creative forces cloaked in the Supra-conscious.

You will need to turn off your telephone or remove yourself away from any form of disturbances. If you own pets and kids this may be more challenging for you unless you act appropriately before picking up the telephone. I know I will lock my two big dogs in their house while my cat will have no access to my office.

If you have a call waiting you must use the option to silence it too. If you telephone/cellphone  has a jack you are strongly advised to purchase and use a set of headphones. This will allow you to lay comfortably in an armchair, on your sofa or even your bed instead of holding it.  If you do not have headphones simply put your telephone on the speakerphone mode. The less you move, the better…

Most importantly the more you understand the subconscious process taking place the more chances of getting its constructive power and use the channeling power to tap into the future intuitively. If you are a Clinical Hypnotherapist you know the type of study and commitment needed to understand the full process involved. I am not asking anyone to do this, however I wrote a book titled “Beyond The Secret” that is designed to bypass all the studies and get you all the information needed to comprehend and use the power at your advantage.

Those who own a copy of this book and read its content are well ahead of anyone trying to get the same results.  Remember knowledge is power  and its only if you take the time to educate yourself on the subject that you will reap the benefit. It took you many years to learn how to walk and how to speak or become a master in what you know best, thus dealing and using the subconscious/supra-conscious at your advantage is not different!

To those of you who can not conform to the suggested directions the chances of reaching semi-consciousness is minim however I have a 90 mn Hypnotherapy tape or a CD available and totally designed to do get the same results with much more flexibility. This mean picking up your own day and time to let me re-carve your subconscious in total peacefulness and do it repetitively until you succeed.  I am offering the very informative 90 mn tape for FREE if you purchase the book add $15 and get the CD too.

My website is still in construction thus if you need anything email [email protected] or call my office  602-265-7667

The first part of the tape is a tuition of what the subconscious is all about and how it power can be reached to work for your future. I use tremendous amount of examples and experiences collected throughout my crazy 63  years of life and those of my patients/students.  The other side of the tape is where my voice and soft music combines to lead you into reaching semi-consciousness and stir up the forces of creation to work at your advantage so emotional, financial or spiritual stability can become a reality!

There are million of “Sunday psychics” Mrs Cleo type that indeed need much more help than you do, at your ensue, those Neptunian born are prone to use legal/illegal drugs! While committed to help you, without cosmic consciousness they will never make the difference between divine cosmic/subconscious channeled information and pure imagination! Not to forget there is such a thing a “psychic accidents” -  The scary fact is there are billions of people born with a very strong Neptune in their  natal UCI and those born super sensitive suggestive candidates are not only prone to various addictions but also  psychic invasion.

As long as the subject is put under a SEMI- CONSCIOUS state ONLY he/she is safe but the millions of practicing Clinical Hypnotherapists are NON cosmic conscious and do not know about the 12 specific inductions needed to reach the 12 different subconscious mechanisms…  I can only suggest any mentalists/psychics/hypnotherapists/psychologists, psychotherapists professionals to take me very seriously, avoid bad rep or costly legal battles and take my Astropsychology home course!

Their methodology and education  is based upon  traditional psychological rules where my rare wisdom is missing.  Thus anyone is a big candidate for full induction and this is a truly bad  and dangerous proposition.  In fact I recall years ago being invited in Cancun to an event with an army of practicing Hypnotherapists who induced anyone willing into a very deep state of hypnosis regardless of my repetitive warnings and suggestions to investigate their UCI before proceeding.

Some laughed at me thinking I was an all knowing egocentric  until it happened. This Lady was born with a Pisces Dragon’s Tail receiving her Moon and it took only 5 seconds to put her under and nearly 2 hours to bring her back to consciousness. When she finally woke up she was in a state of demented panic and in tears trying to explain her terrible experience with invading low evil entities from different astral planes.

This will never happen to you with me because my scrip is designed to induce you lightly and safely where you will remain conscious during the entire session, thus there is absolutely no danger participating.

The results varies with each person due to the natal protective UCI and can only allow someone knowledgeable and fully trust to induce perform a full induction, This can only be conducted safely in my Healing Room in Phoenix after checking your UCI.

Remember knowledge is power, ignorance is evil, this dormant power can be used at your advantage if you only ask you will receive. Be part of the FIRST true divine psychical initiation and one of the first to rise your vibrations into the deep cosmic message of the Mayan Calendar Cosmic Code 2012 Mayan Activation following December 21st, 2012.  Let me guide you in the realization and perfect use of the Supra-conscious forces locked in time and space at your advantage. This event promises to be a life changing experience for all the attendance as I lead you into the heart of God himself. See you then  and blessings to all. If you are not, don’t miss anything and read my latest newsletter titled December 21st 2012 – A New Beginning For humanity

Blessings to all my readers

Dr. Turi

Global TeleClass is an international  speaking platform of renowned speakers, trainers and authors, provided at no charge to you by Hilton Johnson Productions, Inc.

You will be trained, motivated and inspired by these speakers and authors, many of  whom command top dollar for a single keynote speech. What does it cost you to attend and learn from these experts live at Global TeleClass…NOTHING!

You can participate in as many classes as you wish, from the comfort of your home and the convenience of your telephone. Classes are limited in size, so all we ask is that you don’t register for a class that you are not sure you can attend. It’s simple. Just click on Free TeleClasses and register for the classes that interest you. You will receive an email confirmation with class details.

Then, just sit back, relax, take notes and learn from those who have already walked the path you are starting to walk yourself.

To Your Success,

Founders Hilton & Lisa Johnson

If you have any question please contact Rona Menendez Director of Marketing Hilton Johnson Productions, Inc. [email protected]

Fax:  954-491-7647


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    • Anonymous

      Well thank you Dr. Turi that is VERY NICE to read the thoughts of someone who sees the world of sports and religion as I do.

      OOPS!! That sounds a lot like a simple miond saying “join up”, and “I only read what I already agree with”.

      But, at least I am AWARE of such folly, and the whole point is to be AWARE – of self, of surroundings, of weaknesses and strengths.

      I was hoping, if I may suggest, for a little more of what you LIKE and a little less of what you DO NOT LIKE. But still, it made me happy to know someone else sees sport like I do.

      I used to be a rabid HOCKEY fan – or “ice hockey” as non-Canadians call it :???: – but for two years now I have not watched ANY, including playoffs. The pros are such pros now that the sport has become “predictable”. Blah. Bah. Bye bye

      • drturi

        As I say before, stay with religion and sports, or what you can only understand…




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