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The Time Traveler who Recorded Himself in the Future, On his Cell phone

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    • Pgh.Oldtimer

      Really old story. :roll:

      • FusedNail

        How can it be old if it hasn’t happened yet?

      • Norry

        “Really old story” sure, but the trooth needs to get out there any which way it can! I would say without a doubt after seeing this story for the 8th time Apple has an App they have been keeping secret for a while, soon we may all be able to time travel using an Iphone !! coool !!

      • KnowMoreThanYou

        Old and very stupid!!! On the bright side though, there is a future.. :idea:

    • Dustdevil

      This came out 4-5 years ago. It was proven fake. The young man’s tattoo is shorter (tattoos don’t ‘lengthen’ over time, but widen), the young man’s eyes are wider and more squinty than the older man’s (eyes actually widen with age, as do noses).

      The biggest tell-tale that these are two different men is the ear lobes. The young man has an ‘attached earlobe’. For those unfamiliar with ears, the earlobe on most people (about 74 percent) are detached. That means the bottom of the ear hangs down 1/4 to 1/2-inch lower than the bottom attachment point where it joins the facial jaw. An ‘attached earlobe’ most usually is at or above the attachment point. (in other words, the earlobe ‘hangs down’ on a detached earlobe’, while an attached earlobe does not). Barring damage, ear lobes are always both attached, or both detached, per person.

      That said, the old man has a detached earlobe, the young man has an attached earlobe.

      These are different men. While chances may be that they are father-son, they are NOT the same person.

    • srsly1

      This retarded story keeps popping up here every couple months. Proven false, yet the moronic sheep contributors here keep falling for it.

    • Thetruth

      Just a heads up on a New conspiracy theory site for you all to keep
      an eye on, We put truth first unlike some others, censorship is not
      allowed at doomjunkie…

    • ProfEvil

      Oh come on! This isn’t news, it’s a Nordic TV ad for insurance.

    • Stupid Sheeple

      thats a 666 tattoo they both have

    • Time Traveller

      Oh good grief. Proven to be fake, a marketing stunt. If you want to read about real time travel with photographic proof… go to my profile. Merry Xmas everyone by the way. Really enjoy this site. :D :grin:

      • djfxw

        Went there…didn’t see any stories by you.

    • Andor

      There is maybe a 00.1% chance of anything true on this website!! Then we get people like Lavender Rose who’s assignment is to spread fear on the internet. The amount of BS here is immense people!!! Where do they get time to put all this crap on the website?

    • jay67

      BIN must be getting desperate to keep reposting this c*ap.

    • red-uk82

      This is a website for AMERICANS… No person on this earth with even half an ounce of brain power would actually believe anything on this site.
      The whole world (excluding America) is very aware that America & Americans themselves are extremely fearful of the real world.

    • The Real Deal

      Pretty crazy video. Most likely a well orchestrated hoax by a father and son, or family members, etc…but then again, who knows?

    • jay67

      I guess BIN recycles this garbage on slow days.

    • Astral Silence

      Wow, looks like that guy really loved his tattoo because tattoos DO NOT stay that dark for very long after getting them, let alone many years down line unless he kept going and getting it touched up…which I highly doubt since everyone who has tribal tattoos regretted getting them long ago (it’s a sign of being a brainless douchebag to people who have tattoos). Oh and also not the whole fact this was proven as a complete lie (obviously) years ago.

    • djfxw

      My God people! This is very old and proven fake!




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