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Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Passes Lie Detector Test Confirming UFOs Exist (Video)

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by N.Morgan

Former American astronaut and the second man to land on the moon, Buzz Aldrin has passed a lie detector test over claims that he experienced alien encounters.

Along with Buzz, three other astronauts, Al Worden, Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper, also underwent the test and the results were positive.

Is alien life real?

The tests were carried out by researchers at the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology in Albany.

Latest technology was used to determine whether these astronauts were making false claims about aliens, but interestingly, it has been proved that all their testimonials were correct.

Experts say that these results indicate the presence of alien life somewhere in space, and the signs of extraterrestrial life these astronauts witnessed during historic space missions were true.

During the test, researchers carried out a complex computer analysis of these astronauts’ voice patterns while they talked about alien encounters.

Even though the technology used for these tests still remain a top secret, experts claim that it is much more effective than conventional lie detector tests.

Why believe Buzz Aldrin?

Buzz Aldrin is considered an iconic figure in the history of American space exploration. The astronaut is the second human being to step his foot on the moon, along with Neil Armstrong.

The 88-year-old astronaut has many times revealed that he had witnessed a UFO during his space trip to the moon.

He even made it clear that the alien UFO he witnessed was L-shaped. The research revealed that Aldrin is sure that he witnessed a UFO, but he did not have a logical explanation for it.

Al Worden, the 86-year-old Apollo 15 pilot claimed that he has seen extraterrestrial beings. According to Worden, human beings are descendants of an advanced alien form.

The voice clips of NASA astronauts Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper who are now dead were also analyzed.

Mitchell had claimed to have seen several UFOs, while Cooper had previously revealed that he has chased a cluster of unknown flying objects.


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    • duncombemu

      Now ask him if he actually walked on the moon. :roll:

      Then see what results from those questions.

        • Equalizer

          Aliens exist all over the Universe and on Earth… Been here for billions of years before our human race existence. Our ancestors DNA was manipulated (multiple times and continues today) Humans never went to the Moon due to the Van Allen radiation belts.

          • HitleryforPrison

            Our entire film crew saw 3 UFO’s in a triangulated formation stop directly over us in July 2005 on west coast (before dusk). 25+ saw and confirmed shape, size, altitude, speed and soundless departure of discs as they shot off at mach speeds north up the coastline. Not in Kansas anymore.

    • Man

      You can’t prove aliens like that.

      If you ask Christians if they belive in God with a lie detector, You don’t prove they exist because they aren’t lying

      Reason why… Because lie detectors just measure certain stress levels like blood pressure, sweating etc etc

      • Man

        So that just confirms that their belief is true.. that is all you have proven.

        Not that it is actually true

      • 2QIK4U

        And after forty-fifty year’s of telling the same lie you could pass a test in your sleep because your subconscious would be convinced and the lie imprinted. Even though you know you’re lying! What else was asked?

        • 2QIK4U

          There’s already plenty of evidence of other races, it’s all around you. To be able to see a pyramid on the moon through the telescope tells me we have a secret space program or something else made the pyramids! It’s secret or another? And NAZA haven’t dared to bomb it like they nuked the square building, when they showed all the schoolkids as an American experiment

          • 2QIK4U

            Whoops. It’s one secret or another? Both screws the elite even after we’ve had the last true century stolen off us. I want my Jetsons car’s and Hoverboard! :(

            • Man

              It is kinda racist to state that other civilisations couldn’t achieve building their buildings and needed help from aliens.

              you don’t have people say Stonehenge was built with the help of aliens.

              Or that rome was built in a day because of aliens

    • CUB4DK

      So now we know the existence of UFOs…how does this get US further ahead?? We need to ENDORSE the likes of Dr. Steven Greer to give us the BIG PICTURE !! If he can go MAINSTREAM, :cool: … then things would be EXPLAINED…that is what we all want…the TRUTH!!

      Cheers, Uncle Hexy…I think that I am suffering from a hangover…hehehe

      • CUB4DK

        …and the TRUTH has been COVERED-UP since the DAWN of CIVILIZATION…??? :mrgreen:

    • unidentified

      they were probably being monitored by artificial intelligence


      A total of 4 comments that don’t know the facts. Does anyone really believe that earth is the only planet with life. My father flew
      a captured UFO which my mother disclosed just before she died. I have to say I hope there is an intelligent race of aliens that
      will stop WW3, destroy nuclear weapons and give earth a warning: there is a holodynamic effect that will resonate thru out the
      entire universe. That time is at hand.

      • Anonymous

        Have to agree with the comments that passing a lie detector test means nothing. On BIN, we have multiple claims of people, very scuzzy, dumb people, at that, being Jesus, who may also pass a lie detector test. If you really believe flying monkeys are ripping away your flesh, it could come up true on a lie detector test and only mean that you’re batshit crazy.

        So, looking at the comments sections, well, BIN articles, too, for that matter, I think you need a much stronger argument, you that check for little green men under your beds, maybe that the earth has been invaded by a race of very stupid extraterrestrials that infected the gene pool, like Nephilim on bad drugs. In light of compelling evidence, like BIN, I could find that more plausible.

        Then, though, we’d have to go further and ask what they’re up to. Enslaving the world by monetized YouTube videos, first the trailer parks, the next stage to go after homes on slabs? Creating a race of delusional morons, that talk to their laptops on YouTube? LOL!

      • CUB4DK

        I am at Peace with myself and I know the FACT that there is other LIFE in this UNIVERSE. This piece was about BUZZ telling the TRUTH, about the FACT, that he saw UFOs… you know, us Trailer Trash Stars do NOT need the NEGATIVITY…hehehe :lol:

        Cheers, Uncle Hexy

        • Anonymous

          Unc, for somebody so at peace with himself, you sure have a history of talking about your penchant for drugs and alcohol. So what is it? You need to slam back all that peace with dope or alcohol? So much peace it’s just too much for you? Truly, that must be a peace that passeth all understanding, and, after all, this is BIN. That much makes sense, anyway.

          • CUB4DK

            BillyP Pee…don’t take me so seriously…lol Do separate the FACT that CANNABIS is a PLANT and an AROMATIC FLOWER.… NOT some illicit DRUG…as we were conditioned and indoctrinated to believe .
            As for drinking…I only like to drink in Social settings…take care BillyP :lol:

            • Anonymous

              Tell you what, I’ll work real hard on not taking you so seriously. But, you know, poison ivy is a plant, too. That would make a nice salad, right? Hey! Hemlock has lovely, little white, flowering balls, Aconitum such striking purple petals, and Daphne so fragrant. If you don’t get enough good old, natural minerals, you could start supplementing your arsenic.

              By the way, do you consider being awake a social setting, then? I did have a relative that talked to herself, and, when asked why, she said, “Because I’m the only interesting person I know.”

            • The Real Deal

              Anon wins the internet for the day! lol :wink:

            • 2QIK4U

              It’s a weed that flower’s, it isn’t a plant Horticulturally speaking it’s classed as a noxious weed. (It’s also why it’s called weed lol) think I need some to survive Binned

    • Don - 1

      The USA Law Courts do not consider these tests to be reliable. They are not admissible as evidence in Courts.

    • Pink Slime

      Hello Angle#3

      Charlie here. This is not a big deal. (Doughnuts for 25¢ are :lol: :lol: ). Anyone who stares at space at some point will tell you they have seen a UFO. I’m not surprised at all.

      I use to get whacked a lot with them in the bakery (Unidentified Frying Object) when the boss wasn’t around.

      They keep this story going because it keeps interest high in intrigue and people make money. Most of the UFO seen are meteorites, shooting stars, light anomalies, rockets, science experiments and possibly pranks. :arrow: :neutral:


      Charlie (We sent Buzz our UFO Award. A fried doughnut clearly identified as edible) :roll: :wink:

      • CUB4DK

        Thank-you PINKY your Hillarious… :lol: :lol:

        • The Ferrett

          That should be . . your’e hilarious you moron . .

          • CUB4DK

            Sorry Ferret…that was a typo…I’m only human…

            Cheers, Uncle Hexy…and it’s you’re :smile:


      Didn’t need him to confirm that, unless he will take a lie detector test that the government is lying when it says there are no UFO’s, then it might be useful.

    • FauxScienceSlayer

      “Perplexing Apollo Questions for NASA” at FauxScienceSlayer….doubtful Armstrong made “giant leap”….

      • Don - 1

        Armstrong has never been anywhere near the moon.

        • Anonymous

          No but he sure has shown his own moon a few times trying to cover up that ridiculous lie.

    • Nu-MexTransplant

      And the bastions of faith have demonstrably squelched this truth.
      First, it was blasphemy to even suggest Earth as not being the center of the universe, nor even our SOLar system of planets.

      Governments squelched this truth, for fear of panic (like what was radio telecast by writer Wells)

      Individuals like Capernicus, Galileo and care we say it – Elon Musk for instance, are considered genius, but they know the truths.

      Inspirations from the future, inserted into the consciousness expedited our learning (bluntly, we weren’t evolving)

      This man is in no fear of unemploym, liability, non disclosure at his and their age.

    • Rad

      He was good about lying that he landed on the moon. Why wouldn’t he be good about lying during a poly test? Think about it. After they conned us into believing that they actually sent people to the moon, they stopped going there. Why (they never really went there…..)? They used the moon con to get us to agree paying them to develop their satellite systems. The satellite systems have allowed them to build a surveillance grid that will enslave us forever. They never went to the moon. That was a hoax. That was an excuse. We need to wake up.

    • Anonymous

      Of course, they exist…

    • Godspell

      And the person giving the test would never lie, or claim something that wasn’t true ? I don’t believe buzz, or the one who gave him the test .

      • CUB4DK

        …what do you believe Godspell???…

    • Godspell

      He saw something that he cannot explain, so that would be a ufo, but not an alien, just demons .

    • Godspell

      The test were carried out by researchers and how do we know these researchers are not lying ? Do we now just take the words of agents, because all teachers and professors are agents of the government, so we have government agents giving tests to other government agents . You people will fall for anything, if it goes along with what you already wanted .

    • Godspell

      This whole story is a lie . Your answer to why we should believe him, is because he walked on the moon and we all know, that’s a lie, so we are supposed to follow a known liar .

      • CUB4DK

        Thank-you Godspell :smile:

    • Anonymous

      Well, Obama said that we have no knowledge about ET aliens.
      White House Denies Any Contact with Alien Life
      “Strike one more blow against UFO conspiracy theories. The U.S. government is not in contact with any extraterrestrials from other worlds, nor has any confirmed proof of alien life been found, White House officials say.”

      How could anyone doubt the word of a USA politician, much less the president of the USA?

      • CUB4DK

        The President does not have the security clearance in this Kakistocracy (nut house) … set up by a Plutocracy(banksters etc,) The President always has been like the monkey in the middle, and looses all his credibility. The SECRETS of the Moon, Aliens and Space will eventually be revealed to the masses once ARRESTS are made, and the TRASH is collected. :smile:

    • a.colts

      The real secret is that it’s all humans. Maybe in a different state of evolution due to different environments but DNA is homosapien maybe with some retillian genes to help them better adapt to environments.




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