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Trump Maneuvers Troop Withdrawals as Globalist Psychopaths Try to Ignite WW III for Christmas!

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There’s the Door! President Trump

Discovers Secretary Mattis is a Mad Dog


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Published on Dec 21, 2018

There’s the Door! President Trump Discovers Secretary Mattis is a Mad Dog Globalist Today on TruNews we analyze the true reasons behind the resignation of Defense Secretary “Mad Dog” Mattis and how his departure has thrown the global old world order into chaos. We also detail the latest in the continuing standoff between Ukraine and Russia as homosexual Neo Nazi’s fuel the fire with a push for a declaration of war. Rick Wiles, Edward Szall, Doc Burkhart. Air date: 12/21/18.

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    • HypothesisFree

      Both Mattis and Trump are 100% Zionist war pushing tools. Trump would likely only pull out of Syria after making arrangements for some other entity to continue with the dirty work. And lone behold, it turns out that Trump’s Zionist partner in crime Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia is sending troops into Syria as Trump withdraws, like clockwork. Of course they say that they only have the BEST intentions in mind!

      Regarding Yemen, Trump proved his staunch position that war is good for business. Any truthers not aware of this need to see the following short article which makes this point with a slam dunk:


    • Canderson

      Nah this is bigger than Trump, bigger than Mattis. And they probably both did well according to what they have been taught, their angle of light.

      • Canderson

        News = A spotlight on a long long term plan, a moment in time that already passed.

    • patann

      -As predicted Christmas 2001, into Thanksgiving, Christmas, 2017/2018, Trump from Bush, Obama all its fulfillment. A predicted Dec 24/25 2001, lost of 190 years, homeland securiry is now warning about; my seeing , hearing tens of millions in US lives lost, reaping petrodollar blood guilt sown . Presently since 2017, deemed a Noah’s cousin, a from the US West Pacific, Hawaii, California and Canada into the Eastern Seaboard/New England inundation by infernos,. As of soon the entire North American Craton/Continent, the predicted, 2015, 99 bowls of molten lava, the extinction level removal of Dan 4;4/ Rev 17/18 king of kings Mystery Babylon America; knowing 2 Peter 3:11, on US soil, who, why, what, when and where to blessed escape, get it, get Jesus, get out! Beware, Apb

      -PS/Hashtag, etc, keep all your treasures your heart, blessed are the hearers, doers of the smoke of America’s/West Rule burning for it is at hand, exit southeast as far as Georgia/Africa/Arks or skyward as far as Jesus/Heaven/Mansions, beware, Apb, see more here, and here,, knowing, who, why, what, when and where to escape, get it, get Jesus, get out!!!

    • Slimey

      Mattis is a warmonger? No kidding. Almost every Congogressmen is a lawyer. So they are law mongers. Create thousands of new useless laws every day.

      The real problem is MORALS. But theys gots to make look like they are working. :lol:

    • Canderson

      The False paradigm:
      The Silk Road world – China trade project with Israel as the spider in the net.
      Well if you destroy Europe, what trade will there be anyways?

    • Canderson

      Shouldn’t they be satisfied with only Judea, if they were real Yehudim? And what about the other Hebrew tribes?




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