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Gigantic Extraterrestrial Cube Hurls Toward Earth - A Mathematical Probability

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Why have apparently unrelated events like the 9/11, and Fukushima, 3/11 seem to bear precise mathematical relationships toward each other? And, why do the unfolding of these events seem to coincide with the unfolding of the Book of Revelation, and corresponding passages in the Bible, i.e. 9:11? That is apparently because all these events somehow have been intelligently been guided to occur a precise times.

To the extent that the Bible is part of this context, the Bible must therefore be a blueprint that is being used for the execution of intelligently guided events. Indeed, this was the conclusion of the late retired officer Bob Cooper, who had apparently predicted, within weeks, that 9/11 would take place.

If the Bible, as the apparent blueprint for a regressive alien intelligence, lists events 1 thru 97 which all sequentially take place… is it a far stretch to think that the 98th listed event might also occur? Is that some kind of “conspiracy theory”, or is that basic logic, and common sense?

A mathematical computational analysis of the Bible as an alien blueprint, in relation to the apparently orchestrated execution of scripted events, suggests that it is highly probably that some kind of Extraterrestrial Cub is hurling toward Earth, and will get closer to Earth based upon precise patterns of “sacred geometry”. Unless, we as humans, can wake up [to borrow the words of David Icke] to change this apparently artificially constructed timeline of events, billions will perish by late 2012.

The Book of Revelation, which has been referred to as both an alien script by Alex Collier and by Dr. John Lash concerning his research on the ancient Pagan Gnostics, stipulates the following:

[2] And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

[16] And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs. The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal.

First we see that it is similar to a giant mothership and that it will descend from space (Rev. 21:2) The dimensions of this ship are 1,500 miles wide by 1,500 miles long and 1,500 miles high. It’s a giant cube (Rev. 21:16). The writers of Star Trek the Next Generation were being prophetic in their visions of the Borg ship when they portrayed it as a giant cube. The inspiration of the Lightbringer; Lucifer, is manifest in their attempts to show humanity the connection between the amorality of collectivism and the New Jerusalem. but no one seems to be listening…until now.

Jesse Ventura [in the below video] on his show Conspiracy Theory shows that elites have apparently been preparing for Washington D.C. to sink underwater, and have allegedly been moving massive governmental assets to Denver. Has the so-called War on Terrorism, along with its fascism been actually intended to prepare the advent of a New World Order by the alien architects of a “Doomsday Cube “ toward an alien conquest?According to Alfred Lambremont Webre, elites through their time travel capabilities have already established that 2012 is part of a catastrophic timeline, that they have sought to prepare for the “Doomsday Cube”, as the rest of humanity get unknowingness closer toward demonic “cover story” scenarios like World War III.


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    • Anonymous

      OMG! I wonder about the pixs the ETs are giving me and the number ’8′ is in lots of them. There are letters and numbers in my pixs of the light I modify and reveal. I don’t understand….can YOU tell me? Here is my link:
      Or is yours a different view of things? I think mine is pixs of a mother SHIP.

    • Anonymous

      This is Garbage, no cube is coming towards Earth, the only destroying power that is coming towards earth is Christ and all of his mighty angels to destroy the wicked and establish his kingdom… only the righteous in him will be saved from the wrath of the Most High.

      These Giants/Nephilim are the seed of satan, many of them are in underground caverns in ancient Gath which is located in Israel, yea I know… the truth hurts.

    • Anonymous

      Shalom/Salaam!(derived from thrre, IDENTICAL consonants SLM that stand for PEACE; of common origin, i.e., Hebrew.Aramaic spoken by Prophet Ibrahim pbuh/Abraham, and ARABIC).

      Re the cube, do u have at least the satellite/giant telescope image of it by at least NASA?

      BTW, for “strange” yet FACTUAL “mysteries: in the universe, kindly take a peek at, and FOCUS on topics re: the Miracle of al-Qur’an and CONFIRMED by science.

      Salaam – J bin J

      Stay cool dudes; u don’t have to become Muslims that COUNTLESS among the FAKE Christians HATE very much. Hence, the worlwide DEMONIZATION of Islam and Muslims.

      C me at, and kindly one of my own THREE, long commentaries (my world-views on various subjects), one of which being the WHEN SATAN et al RULE! Read as well the other, re “CHI” or “inner energy” or TENAGA DALAM in my language. Bet u gonna enjoy it, a bit scary tho re the “torment in the grave” in either long articles..

      BTW, u will find sub-subjects on “E.T.” which is mentioned in the KORAN/Qur’an at the above Site; also by a Muslim contributor re the Speed of Light which is thought-provoking.

    • The Apostolate

      You are partially right “Anonymous”. But Christ has already arrived. See the evidence at

    • Ali

      Wow,inhialation of the masses,im saving up some antipsychotics for when it starts,im choosing my form of death.

    • Ali

      Wow,inhialation of the masses,im saving up some antipsychotics for when it starts,im choosing my form of death.

    • JasonX

      Its funny how Christians try to keep us in a constant state of fear just to gain new followers. The events apparently unfolding in the book of revelations were copied from many other sources…like the Egyptian’s Kolbrin Bible… that described a cyclical event that struck our planet…the Christians took this information and twisted it to make it seem as if their angry god was about to destroy the wicked and the world would end. They have also twisted the words of the Mayan and tuned their warning into a doomsday, even though the Maya never claimed the word would end…they said the world would end as we know it and a new world would be born…just like what happened 3600 years ago when their civilization rose out of the ashes of the old world which had just been destroyed.
      We are eternal beings and the One God lives within all of us and all around us, there is no need for churches and holy men, preaching that you need them in order to be saved. There is nothing to fear if you should pass away during this coming change, because you are eternal and this is not the end. Do not listen to the fear mongers who only wish to manipulate you through fear…the truly enlightened being need no religion, they already know that all paths lead to the Creator.

    • Anonymous

      RA-EL IS..NOT..CHRIST !!!!! you are being decieved big time!!cb

    • AnAlternativeToFascism

      Sheeple – Robots in disguise…

    • Officer Jethro Bodine

      I have a split personality, one moment you know me, the next you wonder who the hell you are talking to–I don’t date serial killers, have sex with dead women or try to reason with zombies. I always wanted to get raped by a wild dolphin or a polar bear but every time I got close enough, the guards caught me or the animal changed it’s mind at the last minute, I have no idea why.

    • Paris

      When will we ever stop clinging to the old lies? 2012 is upon us and I hope it will be a time of enlightenment and we can finally see the lies of the Jesus myth for what they are. More and more people are discovering that Jesus was nothing more than a carbon copy of all the other “sons of god” who came before. One difference…these gods were born on Dec 25th, where as it was decided that Jesus was born on Dec 25th 350 years after his death.
      Jesus the man NEVER claimed to be a divine being or the son of God…these words were written about him after his death. Stop living believing the lie and stop shaming his memory.

    • Paris

      When will we ever stop clinging to the old lies? 2012 is upon us and I hope it will be a time of enlightenment and we can finally see the lies of the Jesus myth for what they are. More and more people are discovering that Jesus was nothing more than a carbon copy of all the other “sons of god” who came before. One difference…these gods were born on Dec 25th, where as it was decided that Jesus was born on Dec 25th 350 years after his death.
      Jesus the man NEVER claimed to be a divine being or the son of God…these words were written about him after his death. Stop living believing the lie and stop shaming his memory.

    • Enigmanonymous

      I’m eager for 2012 to be over with. I wonder what people will claim will be the apocalypse after its passed?

    • Mark Brander

      This author is on an ego trip and weilds to much power at before its news. He keeps his stories on the front page so that he can seem to be bright!

      Chris, please correct this!

    • Anonymous

      If you mean God to be an ‘alien’ then you have a point. God has been alien to man ever since man was thrown OUT of the Garden of Eden – satan has deceived the whole world! CHRIST IS COMING TO RULE THE EARTH WITH A ROD OF IRON!


      This is a subject that has been sitting dormant within the translations of the Hidden Texts of Nostradamus.
      As much as we deny some things – eventually we may have to give in…
      Some time ago I did one very short one page forum and named it ROMAN CANDLES.
      Within this page of quatreins (note: not quatrains) is a warning regarding cube and rectangular and cigar shaped Off World bodies.
      Even the cubes in the crop circles are the warning to us regarding these off worlders.
      According to Nostradamus and his disguised texts the crop circles are communications from the Ashtar (Eshdar) Council of Light in league with the “Talls” from the Pleiades.
      He had great faith in the Pleiadians as evidenced by his own illustration on his Almanacks. Nobody ever seem to query that.

      I have just been working on the last line of the final quatrain in the centuries
      here goes:
      The great empire will be for England,
      The all-powerful one for more than three hundred years:
      Great forces of the sea to pass by land
      The Lusitanians will not be satisfied thereby.

      10 100 4 The Hidden Text :
      Les Lusitains n’en seront pas contens

      Lusitains … codes within codes

      From Lusitains comes:

      ISN’T SaLu I (Sirius talls SaLuSa) or
      I SaLu ISN’T (what people think or invisible dimension)
      ITS U (uranite) S’LuSa N (the need) SaLuSa IN TIN SITS IN SITULA L II (Pisces 2012) or
      LII (grey) SITS IN SITULA
      IT’S LINUS A (winter solstice)

      10 100 4 Les Lusitains n’en seront pas contens
      seen relentless suns II

      Became “Great” Britain in 1604, add “more than 300″ to when it became “all powerful” – would that take us to 2013?

      Tectonic plates move the distance UK to Portugal (Tunisia to Sais in the hidden text) = a bit over 200 miles in longitude which would mean the Earth’s axis tilts a bit more.
      See “Italy to South Africa” and “Rio to south pole” for the latitude distance in other lines…very close to the same number of miles – around 4,800
      To tell about the greys from 52,000 years in the future, stargate users and non-disclosure
      ANSTUS means “study of the family tree” In this case it means the He-Rod52 greys in our past and our future

      = remain duped and unknowing ISATIN is chloral hydrate

      SaLuSa a Tall from Sirius A.
      A.L.S. is like motor neurones disease spread by chemtrails supported by those of an area near Sirius and Orion
      N is the rune for “necessity”
      N = Celt Ash is in Pisces. L: (Cetus sky rune) is in Pisces. Tin is metal for Pisces.
      SITULA is a bucket shaped craft… in which sit J Rod52 greys like the Roswell greys
      I is the eve of winter solstice = December 19/20 or Egypt or ICE or “unable to progress forward”
      LINUS: using the right molecules in the right concentration that are required for health

      SUNLESS LENSES: sitting in the dark while using the spyglass
      PAST N PATRONS: The Eridani. They are as we are

      Relentless sun’s C.M.E. activity SEEN via the looking glass in the stage gate at RENNES. TRANS OCTANES II (2011 or 2012)
      “ROMAN CANDLES” article is on page 3 of the web site

    • Dawn

      Mark Brander…true identity…the Mark of the Beast Brander…speaks with a forked tongue. His lies will make you burn.

    • Anonymous

      YHWH is not regressive, except in the minds of the depraved,
      or perhaps those who are badly misinformed.
      The Borg are not representative of His Kingdom either.
      Consider, He made all creatures individuals. Even identical
      twins have different fingerprints.

      you can blame the devil for the problems made by the
      pride (his core sin) of the military industrial complex
      and other things. Of course then he foments the New Age
      crap in order to lure people into worshipping him so they
      will be cut off from God and be damned with the devil who
      knows his time is short (in terms at least of eternity).

      The New Jerusalem cube city won’t be here until after Christ
      has returned, destroyed the antichrist and his rule, and
      bound satan aka lucifer (fallen angel used to be a carrier
      of light now only false light, often of a mind scattering
      brassy particulate look), for a thousand years so he can’t
      tempt anyone or the nations not even telepathic whispers
      and we will have only our own fallen nature and retained
      wrong ideas to deal with. After that, he will be loosed
      for a short time as one final test of mankind, his followers
      who will rebel will be defeated, then the general resurrection
      of all mankind for the judgement, then a total overhaul of
      the laws of physics and there is a New Heavens and a New
      Earth and YHWH the Trinity reigns forever.

    • JasonX

      Its oh for Mark Brander to spread his Jesus crap, but if anyone else writes crap he asks the mods to do something about it. Lame religious hypocrite.

    • True News

      Everybody, stories go on the front page based largely on traffic. You report, you decide. We’re considering an IGNORE button, let us know what you think about that. You’d be able to NOT see stories from certain contributors (that you select).

    • JasonX

      That would be an excellent idea.


      An IGNORE button – how would that work?
      I like to read the stupid comments too
      albeit that they take up room and one can almost hear others
      going OOOH NOOOO

      It means some person somewhere must make a JUDGEMENT ON MY BEHALF
      Is that what it means?

    • DaveB

      Pure fiction.

    • JasonX

      As Chris said, you would select who to ignore. It would be like blocking someone on face book…once you block them, you don’t see them or anything they write.

    • Mellissa

      If you ascribe to the theory of infinite universes, then in one this could be a mathematical probability.

      Of course also in another Elvis was Jesus reborn and we have already been saved.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t worry Jason X Jesus died for you too! He’s waiting patiently for you to see the light before it’s to late. He is hoping you call on him now before your time runs out. Your soul will live forever but you choose in what place….

    • Eka

      So God is an extraterrestrial, bringing the Borg here! You should stop submitting here and go toward fiction!


      What is God
      what are the “gods”…answer…
      something “God” made “in His image”

      What is Borg – something from Dr Who? A Game?

      The Highest Authority seems to be something called ELOIM (ELOHIM)

      no place
      no fixed address (you might say)
      no fixed time either
      and no fixed Image

      We are all made in His Image…question mark
      WHOSE image?
      the gods (plural) of course

    • JasonX

      Thanks annon, but I already have Horus in my heart…he’s the original the Catholic church copied when they INVENTED your god. Do some research…and I don’t mean read that book of lies you call a bible.

    • JasonX

      Dear Horus, Please grant me the wisdom to find love for the christtards who plagiarized your memory.

      Amen Ra

    • ladyJ
      check out book 1, its free..explains it all..

    • True News

      Helen and everyone, here’s the way IGNORE would work. You see a story you don’t like, you check on other stories from that contributor and decide you don’t care for all of that contributor’s stories. You then click IGNORE THIS CONTRIBUTOR button at the top of the story and you wouldn’t see those stories on the site any more. It’s entirely your choice and only you wouldn’t see those stories, they would appear for everyone else who didn’t also click the IGNORE button. We wouldn’t show the number of IGNORES in public and we could also do the same thing with comments, if people liked the feature enough.

    • War Pony

      Cap’n Bodine – i’m geting that hathaway feeling – had the same thoughts about the dolpin, but the bear? C’mon man, ducks and seagulls are where the action is! They won’t literally eat you – like a female blackwidow spider. Not that I’m lust-focused et. al. – too reptile for me.

    • War Pony

      Posted by JasonX on Tuesday, December 13, 2011 7:10 , , , por favor, please clue me in on “ ” @ …. and, tell me how the “eye” gained hegemony – PLEASE~!

    • Blacksheep

      I believed in this Almighty God character once. Even went to church too pray and sang those songs of the faith to this all-knowing loving caring invisible entity. However, as I grew older and much wiser = (faced reality)there would come a parting of the ways…

      As a Pastor of 20+ years I’ve read my Bible from cover to cover many times; Now I detest the Old Testament God for acting so childish and being so damn small…
      Yes, small. Couldn’t understand how a God who created the entire cosmos could preoccupy itself with the bloodthirsty tribes of ancient earth. aka Israelites…

      Fact, Israelites were indeed a blood thirsty race of people who only reflected the evil murderous attributes of the one true God they themselves created… Jehovah, Yahweh whatever!

      Even though they had the so-called 10 Commandments to guide them, which this mysterious invisible godlike entity had wisely dictated to Moses… This savage ancient warring tribe of primitives found ways to exploit them all. Naturally, with the blessed approval of this Almighty all-powerful tyrannical ancient God… For this reason and many more, I detest the Old Testament as a work of primitives, not the work of a God who created the entire universe from nothing…

      I also detest the New Testament God aka Jesus for being much worse then the first…
      In the New Testament there evolved a monster of a God much worse than the Old Testament God. As much worse in fact, as endless torture is worse than endless sleep, as much worse as eternal burning in hell is far worse than, “annihilation.”

      Thus, unlike the God of the Old Testament, the God of the New Testament was not happy when his flesh victims lay mutilated and butchered like animals at his righteous feet. No this new and improved “Son of God” would not only carried on with the family tradition of dishing out wrath , but has exceeded the wildest expectations of the father in many ways…

      If we are heartless enough to believe everything we read in this Bible, then we must believe in the God of the New Testament who pursues the dead into death itself. This God, we are told, has found a way to torture even those who have paid “the final penalty.” An often painful and miserable physical death (cancer, disease old-age) with something far worse…

      The New Testament God has set up his own intergalactic torture chamber where there can be no escape, where death cannot be a welcome release. Yes, everlasting torture, eternal burning; this terrible belief, this evil everlasting injustice, has become the heart and foundation of the Christian religion. People believe, NOT through reason, NOT through any desire to goodness or piety, NOT through any hope of making the world better, or mankind better, or themselves better, but through FEAR–simple, devastating, mind-numbing FEAR.

      They believe because they are afraid to think, afraid to question. They keep their minds as little children–afraid to be adult men and women. They believe simply because they are afraid not to believe! As a believer, you must watch what to say always because every word no matter how small, will be used against you after you’re preordained death…

      It is for this religious madness and many other sane sound reasons that I (a former man of god) refused to be a follower of any sadistic monster who calls himself God…

    • Anonymous

      Jason X one day in the near future my God Jesus and your god horus are going to bump into each other in a big way and you might not be happy with the outcome. Come join the winning team.We welcome you brother!

    • matrix30243

      please stop it with the god crap if he logically existed he wouldnt of logically allowed crap to constantly hit the fan. the only thing that is going to save us is our sevles. no one else. thats the meaning of life. if we can save our selves from killing our selves why the hell would anyone or thing want us outside earths orbit. lets contine with the end of the world threats, i love it, i hope 95% of you ignorant people are wipped away from my gene pool. id love to see mankind prevail, but not as long religion and fear control the masses.

    • Anonymous

      Wow when you talk about God you really stir the demons up! Maybe we should go back to focusing on a world with no hope! Man is smart he can fix everything. If you don’t believe me just read the news…. He’ll fix it , just give him a little more time.

    • Paris

      yes we’ve seen youtuber…boring. have you seen the Lamb of God post? Its much more interesting than you droll little video.

    • Paris

      I hate ignorant christards like you anon…join the winning team. What a loser.

    • JasonX

      Thanks for the invite anonymous, but I like to use my brain and your cult frowns upon thinking…so I’ll pass. By the way can you get any creepier…join us brother, we welcome you to our cult.

    • Jez

      Don’t waste your breath on christians…they are dead from the neck up.

    • JasonX

      I know Jez. Thanks for the props Paris:)

    • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

      This is very interesting. If indeed there is a mother ship out in space heading towards us it could certainly be — as BEFOREITSNEWS states- the heavenly Jerusalem coming as Apocalypse reveals. If so… alleluya!

    • IRHologram

      Hey, Dembrat: First post in comments. Need more information. Please PM me on You Tube: barbarakiley1 In the future, if you have something like this…please make yourself more accessable, so others (like me) don’t have to take this risk FOR YOU in communicating. Thank you.

    • trolololololololo

      Its the Borg!

      I’m Popeye the Darwin man;
      I fabricate all I can.
      I fight to the finish
      To ID diminish;
      I’m Popeye the Darwin man.

      Atheist Tards!

    • Anonymous

      Proud to be a Christtard… As a matter of fact – Jesus has taken up residence at my home in Maryland for the past three years. My life has never been better since He proved Himself to be Real. I asked Him to forgive me off all my sins then I asked Him to reveal Himself to me and He definitely has. Every single day of my life- supernatural things happen to me. He even comes to work with me and helps me in different ways. But He wont let me know when Hes coming. But He acts like its soon… No I havent seen Him ever – but He sure makes alot of noise – yes I can hear Him…. He loves when I play sermons on tv etc. Hes not leaving my house till He makes His appearance in the sky for the Rapture of the Church… I love having you at my house Lord Jesus – Thanks!

    • Spuffmunki

      How come everything on this site these days turns into pseudo religious ranting?

      It’s interesting, and I find it fascinating how a belief system like that works.

    • Don't be hating!

      Believe in Religion, then forever live in FEAR! You monkeys just don’t see the whole picture. Religion was written like a screenplay by the Free Masons themeselves. All historical facts about any prophets are stored and hidden away under the Vatican chamber or some sort of bunker. Segregation/Separation/Wars/Fear/Perjudice/Discrimination/Hate/
      SIN/Satan/Evil/Gay priest/BLACK POPE/etc all created and PREDICTED by Religious written for the infestation of ones mind! No one is coming to save us. We can only save ourselves thru Love/Peace/Spiritually use our technology to Upgrade ourselves and our planet. If we do this, then we can join our brothers and sisters in the Cosmos and experience all the WISDOM it has to offer! Meditate and see a glimsp of what is waiting for us!

    • JM

      Don’t be hating, you are one of the few voices of reason on this site.

    • JM

      I just read the Popeye the Darwin man comment…it never ceases to amaze me how childish and idiotic SOME Christians can be. Your Bible is a bunch of stolen stories from other religions and cultures edited to suit your religion, which isn’t even a real religion.
      I know this will be difficult for you to grasp, but just because someone doesn’t believe in your god, that doesn’t make them an atheist. I believe in science and I believe God is part of science; God is part of everything and each of us…including the spiritually retarded who think they know it all, but actually know nothing.
      The truly enlightened need no threat of eternal damnation or promise of Heaven to do the right thing…they do it simply because they are spiritually well developed. It is children like yourself that need to have the rules of religions to guide them…too bad those religions were corrupted a long time ago.

    • O. Ryan Faust

      I’ve been a Christian for 40 years as of last April.
      Graduated seminary.
      Worked para-ministry.
      Taught New Testament Greek at a Bible college.
      Written numerous books.

      Whoever wrote this article is simply a guy with a lot of imagination, but he’s not well grounded in Biblical concepts or prophecy.

      The historical narratives and moral lessons of the Bible can be understood by anyone.
      “Revealed truth”, however, doesn’t come easily.

      I’ve studied the Bible at great length and can guarantee we have been in the “last days” or “end times” of this age since 1948 when Israel became a nation. The Revelation prophecies are currently underway. The next event on the “prophetic calendar” involves some very overt celestial and geological fulfillments, so it’s certain it hasn’t yet occurred. It does NOT involve the “cube” referred to in this article.

      Corinthians 2:14 says “The natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”

      A computer has a monitor because we need an interface in order to access the content and capacity of the computer.
      A Christian is indwelt with the Holy Spirit from God in order to access the content and capacity of God.

      If you have not been ‘born from above’ and received the Holy Spirit from God, you may be able to understand the historical narratives of the Bible and comprehend its moral lessons, but you have no interface to access the content or capacity of God. You therefore have two choices:

      1. Stop trying. If you have made your mind up against Christianity, you can never truly understand spiritual things within the context intended by God, so it just makes logical sense to stop trying. You’re just wasting your time.

      2. Be born again. The invitation to be born into the family of the Son of God is available to “whosoever will”. The formula for doing this is found in Ephesians 2:8 which says “We are saved by grace through faith”. God provides the grace when you leverage your faith to believe, repent (confess and turn from your sin) and ask to be restored to God’s order.

      Atheists are (more often than not) intelligent, reasonable individuals whose conceptual framework intentionally omits God or “gods”. Having considered myself an empiricist at one point in my life (prior to becoming a Christian), I understand that perspective, but having encountered God I was forced to abandon it entirely.

      I frequently cringe when I read postings from Christians in comment sections on the web. All too often Christians base their beliefs on fad teachings, dogmatic tradition, myth or poor scholarship (like this article). It’s not necessary to frighten people with alarmism and hype.

      Isaiah 55:11 says “My word that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”

      If Christians would simply present God’s word faithfully, God promised that it would accomplish His purpose.

      KISS – Keep it simple, stupid.

      I apologize for a lengthy post. It needed to be said.


      I quite enjoyed reading that O Ryan Faust…
      It is a crying pity that denigration is placed on a title
      such as “Christian” “Muslim” and so on

      We are judged by what we do…and humanity never remembers the good things people do – only the horrid. Horrendous things need titles
      and then people take it personally

      Getting back to the CUBE

      Arthur C Clarke KNEW


      must trim my fingernails

      Arthur C Clarke was in the know.
      Cubes come in different sizes and no one can deny the one on Temple Mount, the Ka,aba

      are two relevant interviews which I finished reading at all hours last night.

      They will DEFINITELY give understanding.

      Those of Dan Burisch and David Wilcock – they intertwine.

      The visitations David received – I also have received. In
      my case I took it to be Nostradamus…who uses what he calls a Stage Gate.
      One under Rennes le Chateau and one under Giza in “Hades”

    • JM

      O Ryan, Its nice to see a Christian speak with intelligent… a rare thing on here.

    • Anonymous

      Get silver, weapons and food!

    • 1shot


      the whole cube concept is interesting indeed, yet something with less resistance would be better suited by intergalactic travelers, one would think.

    • JasonX

      anon,its true that God is nothing like the church teaches. The god of religion was created to control us. Whatever the true God is, It does not interfere in our lives or pass judgment on us. We are eternal beings and this life is but one stop along our journey…to believe we are being judged on this one life is insanity. When I think of God, I see the atoms of my body. Each atom is an individual, but they all come together to make up me…this is how I see God. We are the atoms that make up God. This is what the ancient teachers like Jesus were trying to teach us…God is already in us and all around us, we are One. This of course isn’t good for business…knowing we are already divine leaves the churches our of the picture. I’ve often wondered if this was the real reason Jesus was put to death…he was telling people they didn’t need the church, that Gos was already in them.

    • Dick Thicker

      Just a few moments ago, a strange, silver, triangle shaped UFO craft flew by my house. I saw it from my bathroom window.

      It had 3 orange lights at the corners and a white one in the middle. It was playing “Break on to, to the other side” by the Doors on it’s PA system REAL loud. I saw the pilot and co-pilot driving it and they waved at me. They were both wearing skin tight white bell bottom “Elvis” costumes with rhinestones all over them.

      They flew on off towards Winterhaven Road at a high rate of speed and then went straight up.

    • Dick Thicker

      I personally think these guys were the lookouts or probing for a much larger force, maybe that giant cube that is flying up in outer space.

      I bet the main force is hiding inside the cube because they found out about the Hubble Telescope and knew we would be watching for them.

      Those guys driving that UFO by my house probably disguised themselves to look like Elvis so as to blend into the population and not raise suspicion, but I am on to them now.

    • Anonymous

      Jason X, there is little purpose going back and forth with each of our points about my god vs your god.When Gods judgements begin to spread across the earth you have the right to call out to your god or belief system. Whatever choice you make think it thru because you won’t get a second chance. Just keep the Jesus option on the back burner just in case. The problems with us Christtard’s is that we give a damn about our fellow man. Sorry but it is what it is…

    • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

      @ Mad dog don’t be hating. Atheists are curious folk. They are so full of themselves they stink! They think they are god. They fall into the same satanic trap as Adam and Eve did: “Ye shall be as gods.” The day mad dog realizes he is lost forever I pity his putrid atheistic antichristian soul!

    • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

      The bastard apparently thinks he made himself and is the one giving himself life. Poor stupid fool!

    • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

      Atheists are very close to the heart of Satan!

    • Mr Y

      My friend had a vision about the cube so all i can say is be on the look out. Don’t take my words as fact but we’ve known about this cube before ever reading anything about it. The heads up I can give is he said it will hit a city but he doesn’t know which. So be vigilant and keep your eyes out.

    • Anonymous

      After reading the article and the responses. I have to wonder, how many crazy people inhabit this planet any way? It all sounds pretty dicey to me. Get it? Dicey, cube? It’s got to have something to do with fluoride in the water and the power of suggestion.

    • Dick Thicker

      The best way to deal with the fluoride problem is by having your peenal gland circumcised and keeping the area shaved properly.

      Good luck, mine is doing quite well since the circumcision and after I began shaving the region.

    • Dick Thicker

      @Dont be hating, you seem to like monkeys quite a bit. Have you ever considered having sex with one?

    • bobi

      All I can do is smile and shake my head. All of these posts that I have read are typical blatant human ignorance. GOD being omnipotent, (do you know the definition of omnipotent) quite well knows what we were going to do and we have done it. Yes, WE the human race, lowest form of life on this earth, has in fact sealed our own extinction. So get your heads out of whatever you have it in and hang on as dyin’ time is here…. No need to explain it to you as none have any comprehension skills to understand it all…

    • bobi

      Like the old saying goes, “We have enough youth; what we need is a fountain of smart”.

    • TimOsman

      But Christ has already arrived. See the evidence at


      Ra= Sun Gaud
      El = Saturn Gaud, Chronos, N pole black cube, S pole CBS logo eye
      Is = Moon Goddess

      IsRaEL = Rothchild Pagan Zionist Kabballah State For so called joos,

      Bibi wants to bulldoze Al Asqua mosque, rebuild Solomon’s magick temple for their ANTI-MESSIAH

      Hey Aethiests,
      Take note, the Zionist don’t care if you believe in magick blood sacrifice rituals, they dance to their own fiddle of Nero666

      Peace symbol = Nero ritual for the jew, take a wooden cross, break it with arms open slamming down with forearms, next invert broken cross (Peace Symbol or Nero666 symbol of the broken jew that symbolically reject Christ)

      The jews that refused were beheaded, Nero666 swam in blood of young children, was into blood rituals and mocking Jesus Christ.

      “The Broken Jew” aka peace symbol tatoo on Gaga’s wrist.

      She waves her wrist tatoo for cam, while wishing us a Merry Xmas. (Clever Kabballah mockery of Christ, promoting Nero rituals breaking down the jew souls)

    • TimOsman

      Science discovers center of earth = a giant cube

      BItNews has this article.

      check out Saturn 666 Cube Kabba Kabba-Allah Kabballah

    • 1shot

      Can you fly bobi?

    • Anonymous

      A grammatical analysis of this work reveals: 4th paragraph, 1st sentence “suggests that it is highly probably that some kind of Extraterrestrial Cub is hurling toward Earth”

      There you have it. Baby Space Bear ™ is comin’ to get us.

    • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

      @ Cowardly Anonymous. Atheists give me heartburn.

    • Higzy

      “Bob Cooper, who had apparently predicted, within weeks, that 9/11 would take place.”

      You mean William (Bill) Cooper. Get it right.




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