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Illuminati Murdered Philip Hoffman on Satanic Holiday Imbloc (Video)

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Illuminati Murdered Philip Hoffman To Mark  Satanic Holiday known as Imbloc. The mainstream media want people to believe that Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in NYC apartment from apparent drug overdose. Why Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead on Satanic Holiday Imbloc Feb 2, 2014. This holiday is Most commonly it is held on 1 February, or about halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.

“Imbolc is mentioned in some of the earliest Irish literature and there is evidence it has been an important date since ancient times. It is believed that it was originally a pagan festival associated with the goddess Brighid and that it was Christianized as a festival of Saint Brighid, who herself is thought to be a Christianization of the goddess. ” Credit: Wki

Philip Seymour Hoffman Murdered by Illuminati, please Watch Mark Dice’s video

BREAKING: Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead 46 Overdose Or Murder?

Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead in NYC apartment from apparent drug overdose

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    • bigbaddabooma

      Yep,he just didnt bang to much dope this time.
      He was Illiminatized! :evil:

      • nosi

        I saw what you posted on the other story for this subject. Can we all Hip Hop Hooray when YOU overdose on food and probably booze, because as it looks it shant be soon??

        • nosi

          shALL be soon.

          //my bad

    • JustDave

      Mr. Hoffman suffered and struggled with the disease of addiction. My heart goes out to his family. May he rest in peace.
      And as for the creep who wrote this trash…may he go to hell.

      • John Ale

        Illuminati killed him to Mark their Satanic Holiday.!

        • Anara

          Sorry but you are wrong and way off base here. They dont just go about killing random people
          to mark a holiday. They have women in the outer circles of their continueuum who are breeders
          sacrifices follow an established ancient tradition . Its children who are chosen because of their purity and innocence, always children. You dont know what you are talking about because you have no real knowledge of what actually takes place, You read or hear of someones death
          actor or singer or whatever and you attempt to connect dots that aren’t there.Imbloc is not even an important holiday for them, kinda like the difference between 4th of July and Earth day.
          The guy died of a drug overdose like thousands of addicts do every damn year. It would be an insult to their lord to offer him up old and spoiled meat.

      • ezwatchman337

        I don’t mean to be the guy that says that this was the Illuminati, but this was obviously the Illuminati.

      • Anara

        Im not meaning to trash Mr. Hoffman’s memory, just stating that this is how the Priesthood’s
        lord (Lucifer) would look at it. That is what they are a cabal of very powerful sorcerers and alchemists very disciplined they pass their knowledge and training from father to chosen son.

    • Franks Spiritual World

      Illuminati puppet after you sell your soul.

    • dsd

      Maybe you could write your own story instead of reading to us?

    • Geeper

      Man, have a little respect.

    • Paul M

      Do you have any evidence to back this claim up?

      Any evidence at all?

      One shred of evidence?


      Or did you just pick a high profile death and insert his name into a pre-prepared template?

    • Prince Vermin

      you have been gulled into believing these film stars/directors represent your interests or ideals, while what has actually been taking place for decades has been the rape of American culture in general, and targeted individuals in particular. It extends beyond America’s shores, as well. Philip Seymour Hoffman was a dirty talented whore, and the tributes and condolences pouring in from the likes of Jim Carey and Kevin Costner are from those who have lost one of their own from the pack of predatory wolf pack. I cannot provide in a brief posting all the details of Hollywood’s collusive relationship with the nation’s intelligence agencies, but can state unequivocally that many of the films you are seeing thread details of lives they have targeted into titles, themes, scenes, etc. There is a great deal more to say here, including the films’ indicators of the 911 attacks years beforehand (1998 “Enemy Of The State” in which evil NSA character Jon Voight was born on September 11th). One of the films in which Hoffman starred which fits snugly into this category was “Charlie Wilson’s war”, which I cannot properly explain briefly here. The limitations of brief thread posts.

    • Anonymous


    • Merkin

      I think we should be looking in the direction of Courtenay Love.

    • Litlinn33

      Here we go again. Another celebrity dies and out come all the conspiracy nuts! And Imbolc, as it is properly spent, is an ancient Gaelic festival marking the beginning of Spring, you ignoramus! Satanic, my ass!

      • Litlinn33

        Properly spelt, I meant…

        • Åsa


      • Augendieallessehen

        Love it when morons associate pagan or Wiccan with Satanic. Religious fanatic freaks.

        • Loki

          A lot of them on here unfortunately.

        • Loki

          Plenty of them here. Naïve little people.

      • Loki

        Too hilarious for words.

    • CrowPie

      I thought Phillip was an amazing actor. He played every character with a genuine humanity and realism that few can accomplish. He unfortunately suffered with a horrible disease called addiction. To trivialize his passing with this tripe is offensive.


      Glen Beck is next. Mark my words.

    • Gordon Gekko

      Whom ever wrote this piece let me just explain to you that you are the reason why no one takes us seriously. Your lack of journalism is appalling, and the fact that you post Bull**** like this is why I do not use this site. But by all means continue with these “factual” articles and sell more Esquire quality material. There is no value in this world anymore and apparently there is no shame either.

    • Duque

      What rubbish! My crap has more intelligence than the author.

    • balancedones

      Who cares really if illuminati did it or not lets killem anyway. When in doubt killem. Kill Skull and Bones. Kill Free Masons. Kill Illuminati. Kill Bilderberg. A rope a tree and a mob and there will be no place left for them to hide. Greed is the cancer they carry and greed is easy to find. I say kill the filthy greedy scum . Join me my friends and lets start a revolution. Let us kill this cancer these filthy rich sociopaths before they kill our children. Join us we are elite killers and we mean business

      • Freeamerican

        Like most israeli and jew and government trolls on the page your distraction to all the fake psy ops groups is stupid. jew world order. JWO. masons started by jews serve the jew, illuminati a bunk old name for masons, mason started by jews and serve the jew, skull bones bush and most presidents have been jew. bilderbergs jew page thezog.wordpress Your ‘kill them all’ is to trap people like militias, scum. People doing in a shooting match right now would look crazy to the average dope. people have to know the jew is in control, so educate people about the jew or don’t complain.

        “Make no mistake about it, we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed – not deconstructed but destroyed.” Noel Ignatiev – jew Harvard Professor

        “Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end. ” – Rabbi Isaac Wis

        • Anonymous

          You’re misinformed idiot. Loser.

    • Anonymous

      A self inflicted death by a smack head!
      I’m not crying for stupid! :roll: :roll: :roll:

    • Lee

      Really, the man has been in and out of re-had forever, he was a junkie, very sad, you paranoid freaks need to get alife

    • Notanobamabot

      Seems you left part of the story out

      In Gaelic Ireland, Imbolc was the feis or festival marking the beginning of spring, during which great feasts were held. It is attested in some of the earliest Old Irish literature, from the 10th century onward. It was one of four Gaelic seasonal festivals

      • Wretched Infidel

        Your point, Notanobama?

        Do you have a point?

    • Wretched Infidel

      Anara, you are wrong in saying that Imbolc is not that important a day, it is very important.

      No maybe not AS big a huge deal as Beltane or Samhain, or the Birth, or the conception, or the Summer Solstice, but you cannot get thru the year of the 8 biggest days without Imbolc, that would be like trying to have a dinner party without introductions or appetisers. You are saying something that is not true, above.

      I don’t know if this man was one of their targets for public consumption or not, it may have just been a personal tragedy unrelated. But if he was targeted, along with the younger vicitms, it would have served a purpose.

      So how do you know that they don’t pick random people as well? There is not just one group, there are many groups/cells/subgroups. All of the practitioners do not have breeders, so their victims would be randomly kidnapped young children or babies sometimes, as well as adults who are desirable for different reasons.

      It is not always just the babies and young children. You sound pretty arrogantly sure of your mistaken notions anara.

      • Omega Files

        My sentiments exactly. Those who don’t believe that these things happen slam the people that do for the purpose of respect for the deceased. But if these things do happen (which they do) then wouldn’t the deceased garner more respect from those who are honestly interested in bringing those guilty to justice?

        • Wretched Infidel

          Yes, exactly. I don’t understand people like the above…such as Anara and what she says, with apparent full sincerity – but obvious lack of facts. It is pathetic actually, no, it is maddening to the rest of us. Who have studied.

          Ignorant people can ruin a whole lot of other people with their ignorant and arrogant take on things of importance. This is how we are all ruined. We must not ignore these ignorant people. Any more than we should ignore those liars who KNOW THEY LIE TO US ABOUT THESE THINGS.

          The oldest game in the book of history. Give ridicule of the truth, take it down by carefully executed LIES and partial truths, carefully and studiously pre-planned in sequence. Satan did it to Eve, and his offspring also knows how to execute these terrific and effective lies.

          Hitler said it very well: “It is a good thing that the populace does not think.”

          and “If you tell a lie long enough, loudly enough, they will SOON ACCEPT IT AS THE TRUTH”

          (USING EMOTIONALLY MANIPULATIVE TACTICS of course, at the same time, calling upon ridicule to shut their 6th sense down).

          Our PTB use ridicule of the ones who study truth/history very very effectively. It is societally programmed so much that people are so afraid to speak the truth, it is actually TRAGIC that they use this device to destroy so many people.

          I hate the Liars and the ignorant just fall right into their trap, becoming other, little dutiful liars.

          Well, Omega, have a good day, … lol, and thank you for your comment, I preciated it.

    • Cosmosis_Jones14

      Yeah, sounds legit…because Phillip Seymour Hoffman was such an important world figure, that killing him and making it look like a suicide is just the thing that would break humanity, and cause us all to run with open arms and accept the illuminati agenda. Whoever wrote this trash is a complete and utter idiot.

      • Wretched Infidel

        Well, your sarcastic and ignorant comments are not very unique, Cosmosis Jones. I don’t know if he was used for this or not, but a sacrifice doesn’t have to be “an important world figure”!!

        Blood is shed to feed the demonic realm to provde them energy, and it doesn’t have to be famous, it is its own reward. Because Death is traumatic, it gets one much energy for evil deeds and evil manifestation. Where did you come up with the misconception it has to be blood of the famous?

        The energy was already ramped up enough for the game, on 2/2, we didn’t also need a famous world leader’s death, that would be overkill
        Gosh, you people are dense

      • Wretched Infidel

        And the energy of Imbolg itself provides the energy-raising needed. Fame not necessary, only blood.

    • ALIEN

      Another ritualic death (02.02.2014, 0+2+0+2+2+0+1+4=11) related to the Master number 11.

    • Terry L Smith

      He was a self-admitted, on the record, drug addict. His biggest role of his acting life, was playing a flaming queer.

      Yes, he was a human being. Yes, he was an actor. He died. That’s it.

      All of this “Chicken Little The Sky is Falling” Illuminati under everybody’s bed crap, with boring videos, and NO evidence, but tons of reams of paper INFERENCES, has got to stop.

      All of this hyperboles of attempts to connect religious scripts to some sort of somehow nasty group, with no actual publishable proof, is the stuff you deposit in the commode.

      • Omega Files

        I find it strange that people who don’t believe in a secret government use this website… We use historical evidence to suggest that there is foul play. All people like you do is scoff at those who might be on to something. Is that really the kind of person you want to be?

        • Wretched Infidel

          Good point. They must secretly know what’s up (and yet, cannot admit it to themselves or talk about it rationally with facts) or they wouldn’t waste any time here!

      • Wretched Infidel

        Terry L. Smith, you sound like you are afraid. You mix in ridicule, you minimise, you exxagerage, you yourself use hyperbole above – why, all in your attempt to put this concept down? it is possible he was used as a sacrifice, even though he was a drug addict. Where do you get the misconception that someone addicted is not acceptable as a blood sacrifice, or that he played a gay man?

        ‘some sort of nasty group’ – you really are misinformed, Terry. Study up, read more, talk less, your ignorance is embarrassing to us.

    • Freeamerican

      What a scum trying to frame up some irish crap pretending they’re the holiday killers when it’s the jew that does it, not irish. mark dice is jew, does his ‘illumanti’ crap to distract fromm his tribe, this site is a bait psy ops but page is good, save page to a disk
      psy ops are pushing jews fake truthers to keep shoeple following jews. quit following. educate people about the jew world order. quit voting.

    • whocares

      No one killed Philip Hoffman.

    • JohnnyScottsdale

      Apparently no one on earth can die without some nut on this website blaming it on Illuminati or Obama or some secret society. And for that matter, every mass tragedy to these people is a satanic ritual. Its so absurd.

      Its crap like this and King of Shambhala’s non sense that bring this site down.

    • LifeIs

      It is easy to accidentally kill yourself with drugs. Or with a syringe by air embolism.

      And if that is what happened, then Hoffman was killed. By those who distributed the heroin.

      And by the banks who profited from it. And by the US military, which restored opium production in Afghanistan after the Taliban shut it down. And by every one who said “Thank you for your service,” to the guys who restored that production.

      And no, it’s not unreasonable to wonder if a death is murder. There is such a thing as professional murder. And such murders are often made to look like something else.

      There is also such a thing as suicide made to look like an accident, for insurance purposes, or to spare the family’s feelings a bit.

    • ScreenName


    • Wretched Infidel

      One more mistake to correct, regarding Anara’s post above, wherein she ignorantly and arrogantly puts more misconceptions out there.

      Imbolc is just as important as the ones I mentioned, it is just that it is less of an OBVIOUS DEAL as Beltane and Samhain…

      you cannot have an eight-pointed star with one little one and the others depicted as huge. They are all equal in importance, just different.

      It is like your senses… all in all they make you a whole functioning human being with all being important, and if one is left out, you are not complete. Imbolg is huge, just not to your perception, because you do not know.
      Ignorance is not bliss Anara, remember that




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