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Russian Military Accused of Starting Fires in Gatlinburg, TN

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I have spoken to two locals from Gatlinburg, TN, where wildfires have destroyed much of the region. Further, going back several years, I have reported on Russian troops in the Gatlinburg area as well as the sighting of Russian mechanized armor in the nearby Smoky Mountains where former hunters are now banned from entering. Further, Russian commandos have previously been accused of starting wildfires near Colorado Springs and Washington State. Therefore, the allegations brought forth in the following video should come as no surprise.

From two locals, with whom I have had previous contact, there is a general belief among many of the Gatlinburg locals that the Russians are responsible for the fires.

The following seven paragraphs were published as part of a larger article on The Common Sense Show, nearly three years ago:


Is there a third attempted false flag in the offing? I think this is unquestionably the case. Not only do we have the Russians and Chinese to worry about, now I am receiving first hand reports of large numbers of Muslims appearing in communities where there is a large Russian contingent. Yesterday, I received two emails regarding this development in Gatlinburg, TN. One source is direct eyewitness to this fact. Interestingly, the Russians in Gatlinburg are notoriously stand-offish. However, this eyewitness says the Muslims and the Russians are interacting. The other email I received was from a person living near the Canadian border who reports that her parents have seen pretty much the same thing in Gatlinburg.

It is interesting that the Gatlinburg area has had its nearby mountain trails and national parks closed to visitors. My mind immediately harkens back to the reports filed by Sherrie Wilcox, which she related on The Common Sense Show. Also, Sherrie has videos of Russian troops in DHS vehicles which are available at  (see video below)

Local residents in Gatlinburg have been reporting to me stories of strange helicopters landing on a golf course late at night. Russians who speak impeccable English, but refuse to interact with the locals. Gatlinburg resident, Dr. Susan Helman, has twice been a guest on The Common Sense Show, in which she has offered details of the Russian invasion of her community along with her personal sightings of the aforementioned helicopters.  Below is an example of the type of emails that I get from people in Gatlinburg.

“…My mother’s family live there (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) and have confirmed that the Russian soldiers arrived in droves over the last 3 years.  Also a large segment of the rural counties have seen the Russian mafia buy up land and homes.  I told a DEA agent about the Russian mafia scaring the locals about 5 years ago and they successfully had a couple drug raids. Tennessee is becoming more Muslim…”  

Let’s connect some dots here. Why are trails and roads leading from Gatlinburg into the Smoky Mountains being closed? Why are the national parks being closed? Why are Russians and now Muslims appearing in Gatlinburg in such large numbers? How do these facts correlate with each other?

Certainly, Muslims would generally pose no threat. However, when they begin to appear in significant numbers where there are Russians in significant numbers, then we should all be paying attention. I think it is likely that this is a 5th column insurgent group. The closing down of vast wilderness areas in this proximity suggests to me that this is a staging area, a base of operations. It is a military foothold. Many in Gatlinburg feel the same way.

The fact that Sherrie Wilcox caught Russians in DHS vehicles is an important development as well. This is strongly suggestive of the fact that the lines for civil war are being drawn. Foreign troops plus DHS are one side and the US military, along with the American people are on the other side. Does it make any more sense to you as to why DHS purchased 2.2 billion rounds of ammo to go with their 2700 armored personnel carriers? Is this why much of our fighting force is in Afghanistan and Iraq and plans are being made to strand them there when the fighting begins here?

I have detailed on several occasions the Russian military presence. For example, the following two video were reports on Russians in the same area and they were traveling in uniform in DHS vehicles. This information came to me almost five years ago.

Most people who use social media have figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the government. For those who are well aware of the issues, it’s high time you switched over to

It is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship. Firearm friendly, you may buy sell or trade anything allowed by site TOS rules.

On August 29, 2015, I received a very disturbing email from a reader. I published this email again because of the email which follows it, and the second email provides some confirmation for the claims made here.


My son-in-law is a wild land firefighter based in Chelan, WA. As I’m sure you are aware the fires in Washington are some of the worst in the nation right now. I spoke with him last night after he came off of a 20 day shift. He has been battling the Wolverine fire which lies in a very remote part of the county only accessible by Boat or Helicopter. This is the same remote area that the U.S. Army Airborne division has been using to practice helicopter mountain training.
While battling the fire and establishing fie lines around Holden Village, he and his crew came upon two Blackhawk helicopters on the ground in a remote part of the forest. He said that soldiers drew their weapons on his US Forest service fire crew and told them they couldn’t be in the area because it was a restricted Military zone.  He said all of the soldiers were in US Army uniforms, but two of them appeared to be Russian (wearing US Army uniforms) and in his opinion the Russian soldiers seemed to be in charge. 
My son-in-law challenged the soldiers stating they were there to save structures threatened by the fire and they would continue to do their job, at which point all the rifles in the company pointed at him. At this point he said he actually felt threatened for his life and he and his crew retreated going around the helicopter crew. This led to a discussion as to whether or not the US Army had been involved in possibly starting the fires which now burn approximately 135,000 acres.
Please withhold my name for obvious reasons.


For What Purpose Are the Russians Here?

To effectively answer the question, I must defer to what I wrote about in the past in which I claimed that all signs point to the United Nations taking over this country once martial law is declared in response to some crisis, probably economic.
I can draw no other conclusion that the Russians are responsible for “burning out” major areas in and around Gatlinburg for the purpose of establishing a strong base of operations. 
My hypothesized is legitimized when we look at the FEMA bilateral agreement of 2011 mutually signed by the by the Russian Foreign Ministry which allowed the first 15,000 Russian soldier on American soil to engage in “disaster training”.  The disaster will occur when the economy collapses and we have Russian tanks in our streets.

Most people who use social media have figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the government. For those who are well aware of the issues, it’s high time you switched over to

It is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship. Firearm friendly, you may buy sell or trade anything allowed by site TOS rules.

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    • Watcher1266

      Didn’t we hear this same comment about the California Wild Fires and even the Canadian ones?

      • Morgana Le Fay

        Probably. Hodges probably checks his basement, closets, and under his bed for UN and Russian troops before he goes to sleep at night.

        • Morgana Le Fay

          That said, our politicians are so duplicitous that it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if there weren’t Russian or Chinese troops stationed here that are conducting covert operations.

          • Thom V

            Not covert operations, but OVERT. They were seen by many hunters, etc, in these areas …. and also Chinese and UN troops. Just hope Trump ousts them first thing in his term…..if not, then we are in trouble and know he is complicit with the US takeover……

            • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

              Wheres proof anyone saw anything? Oh there isnt any.

              People need to remember that people can lie when they post stuff on the internet.

    • Boo

      Well if it’s a Russian contingency of the UN = “Globalism” and Putin’s Russians = “Nationalism”, how does that add up? Now if Putin wants to cripple the US and the “Globalist’s” by insuring costly losses on US soil, so are we are kept busy fighting the Globalists on our own soil, while Putin advances his country’s economy and businesses throughout the world…I would say that’s a brilliant chess move on his part. So the Russians use the UN and the Globalists agenda to work against them and us on the one hand, while Putin is cementing Russia’s economical advantageous position throughout Asia and the Pacific Rim on the other hand. Is Trump any the wiser…we’ll know soon enough.

    • Richard Parker

      Put the blame where it belongs – on the US government. Who lets these “Russians” or muslims into the US? The US government does. So why point fingers at others when the problem can easily be found in Washington DC?

      • Boo

        Brilliant idea, but I think brilliance has been banned from public use by Washington

      • kletus_ledbetter

        Spot on—!

    • Anonymous

      Recently I was driving to Vegas and got a flat tire. It was 110* outside. No one would stop to help. Eventually a Hummer with Russian soldiers stopped, they said they were on their way to the new, huge Vegas FEMA camp. The Russians actually fixed my tire for me, and they offered me some of their chilled Vodka to try and it was DAMN good. Thank God for the Russians, they were the only ones to stop and help. They were really nice guys.

      • Redlist Renegade

        Oh you mean that your TAXICAB broke down in la la land just outside Vegas ?!!! I thought that the Bullsh*t that came from and happens in Vegas was supposed to STAY in Vegas !!! That IS your half ass “Motto” down after all isn’t it SNITCH ?!!! P.S. The ONLY part of your “fantasy” that’s true is that you do drink vodka and obviously way TO much of it (which I’m sure that the cops there in Clark county take a real dim view of when you’re working as a CAB Driver !!! YOU obviously wouldn’t know a REAL Russian even if they bit you in the ass “Dear Cabbie” !!! :lol:

    • Eggzactly

      I am going to give Dave a 50/50 on this one. The Smoky Mountains National Park is UN Owned now. I dont know how but that is true as well as most of Our Natl Parks. Trump needs to address this and give American land back to Americans. The sign at the entry of SMNP says “A UN Biosphere” at the bottom. I have heard of the training camps in those mountains. I wont rule out Muslim Terrorism either. That is a Terrorist tactic which has happened in Israel just this last week where they tried to burn it down and supposedly 13 Arab men were arrested. I live in Ga and have been seeing the smoke where I live for the past 3 weeks. It is amazing what 1 match can cause damage wise.

    • Pink Slime

      What happened to Sherry? Don’t see her blogs anymore?

      Tennessee is real white country. If this is true this is a real effort to DESTROY WHITES as I have been saying for quite awhile. White haters are being allowed in your country. Megroes, Mexicans, Mongrels, Muslims and Migrants by the Millions are being let loose on the unsuspecting white population.

      They even managed to put in ILLEGALLY on you a Muslim Megro as your leader. Incredibly stupefied Americans! Told to reject Yahuah and worship Megros instead.

      Yeah, Barack – The Magical Megro…… :lol:

      • Cmonsense101

        How much white one has to be to be considered as white by those closet KKKs in u la la land? Some hints would definitely help cuz we got all kinds of white niggas in amurika – pink white, yellow white, red white, dead white (my personal favorite), brown white etc. My point is no body is 100% white or 100% black.

        Are those donuts giving you enough sugar? If not, suga daddy Ohomo can bring you more. With all the electoral shit going on, he is probably working on his 3rd term.

    • beLIEve


      US has imposed SANCTIONS on Russia yet, The Russian Federation has GENEROUSLY offered TROOPS to the UN to be deployed within the US ?

      I don’t think so.

      These TROUPES..ACTORS/MERCENARIES…are likely to be Stooges of SOROS, attempting to KICK-OFF WW III….False Flag style….in time to save the BANKSTERS from the FEMA ….GUILLOTINES.


      The Russian’s are coming! The Russian’s are coming!
      I think this bullshit,
      The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!
      is really beginning,
      The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!
      to get ole.
      The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!
      It is like the “We have always been at war, with Eastasia.”
      The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!
      Eurasia has always been our allies.
      The Russians are coming! The Russians love their children too!

    • TC

      Who would you trust on a dark night. Russian troops who are professionals, or our politically correct bunch? I remember that our guys had no problem at all disarming us after Katrina, and shooting anyone who resisted, the Constitution be damned. Our bunch (and I have kids in the marines) have a way to go before I will trust them with our lives.

    • Anonymous

      How stupid this people think that we are?, if the “Russian” military are in U.S territory, who let them in and why?, This is just another propaganda by the FAKE MSM NEWS…REMEMBER WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION IN IRAQ.

    • desertspeaks

      yeah sure, it was the russians.. how stupid are these morons?

    • Josie

      When I first heard about the fires, I told my husband, I bet some of the solders hear from one of the others country’s that are here started it. Course he didn’t believe me. I read few months back about a couple of solders were seen in Tennessee around that area trying to start fires. Another elite order that our government went along with. Sure hope Trump gets in office January, it’s a long time to wait.

    • Judge Roy Bean

      Sounds like pure bullshit to me!

    • Macanan

      I can Assure you, I spoke with a Honorably discharged US vet of 20 year’s about 3 to 4 years ago, and he told me then at first hand that he had a confrontation with some Russian troops in the hill’s of Gatlinburg at the bottom of a hill, he was told by forest ranger’s that he was not aloud to be there and had to leave. So I would have say that I could believe this story.

    • VirusGuard

      Just reading the title i knew this would be our David – H

      Pissed off muslims maybe, Russians, well keep taking the pills and stop being silly

    • Awake

      Did any of you consider that it might be Ukrainians , they speak Russian.
      And that the Americans are involved in supporting and running their government.
      These people are being trained to use American weapons to further kill Russians in Ukraine.
      Stop supporting terrorisem !!!! Obama

    • jj

      Total nonsense! This is all about the continued Russia and Chinese propaganda. Hodges previously said that the Russians were in Alaska, then Colorado. The he said the Chinese were massing on the Mexican border. Then it was terrorists who were massing there. Now we have the Russians in Tenn. Talk about fake news. These people just don’t give up!
      The simply fact is what would Russia do here, go to McDonalds? If they wanted to destroy the US a simple EMP blast would do it nicely. No loss of troops. No costly war. They must think everybody is plain old dumb!

    • Beaver Cheese

      So….where did all of the Russians go while the fires were burning and the smoke was consuming any available oxygen….?

      • Awake

        They are Ukrainians , speaking Russian!

    • Awake

      Ukrainians ?

    • Awake

      Why is Americans vilifying Russians , wake up and realize that the Russians are very good people , with a very old culture
      85 percent are orthodox christians , and that includes Mr Putin , please listen to his speeches on You tube and educate yourself.
      He wants to stop the madness created by NATO and your Barry Satorro.

      • kletus_ledbetter

        You mean Dingle Barry Satorro

    • kletus_ledbetter

      This is BULLSHIT. Nothing more the globalists would like than to start a war and then hand it over to President elect Trump. More globalist propaganda.

    • kris

      Hi Dave,
      Just a hint on the Russian military presence In USA. What if they are not Russian military and they may be Chechen or other nationals from former USSR republics sharing Muslim theocracy (some of them not necessarily all of them) clad in Russian military uniforms…This may lead to ISIS finally!!!
      Any comments on this may help unveil the real truth and the real danger.

    • Doccus

      Aw man.. my car was covered with ice this morning..The Russians must have done it, because they’ve got so much ice there. What’s more, i wanted to have cereal for brekky but most of my milk was gone.. . No question. The russians went and done it!
      Better nuke ‘em then…

    • oh brother

      Blame the Russians for hacking our elections and catching our forests on fire. haaaaa………..


      It was Hillary, out to get those white rednecks!




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