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Clinton’s Trail of Bodies Grows, but Her Noose Is Tightening

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Clinton’s Trail of Bodies Grows, but Her Noose Is Tightening

Bruce Steinberg and John Cruz were in possession of information that could have implicated both James Comey and Hillary Clinton in several criminal conspiracies. Today, one man is still alive and telling the story of Clinton/Comey criminal conspiracies and the other man’s corpse is not even recognizable after being burned beyond recognition in Costa Rica.

Bridgewater, James Comey and Bruce Steinberg

There is one significant and clear reason why John Cruz and his family are alive and Bruce Steinberg and his family are all dead. More on that later in the article.

Who is Bruce Steinberg? Or should I say, who was Bruce Steinberg? Bruce Steinberg and his entire family perished in fiery plane crash in Costa Rica that killed ten people.   Steinberg was also an executive at Bridgewater Associates, a company which, as Politico is reporting that James Comey spent three years as an executive employed by Bridgewater. Bridgewater Associates is a $150 billion hedge fund founded by Ray Dalio that the New Yorker has labeled “the world’s richest and strangest hedge fund”, as The New Yorker reported back in June of 2016. Ray Dalio was a key Clinton supporter and was staunchly opposed to Donald Trump. The Clinton’s were fighting rumors that they were involved Bridgewater’s more nefarious activities along with James Comey. And now the link between Bridgewater and the Clintons is dead along with his entire family. This is reminiscent of so many other Clinton deals gone bad (ie Whitewater) and the trail of bodies that follows a Clinton-inspired financial fiasco (eg McDougal).

But Wait…The Trail of Bodies Grows Even Longer

Zero Hedge is reporting in yet another airplane crash, involving ANOTHER small aircraft, , in another crash, that the Compass Group Plc Chief Executive Officer Richard Cousins and four members of Cousins family were killed in another event identical to the Steingberg family. Cousin;s seaplane crashed into the Hawkesbury River in Sydney, Australia. Cousins’ company the Compass Group built the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock. And how could Cousins have been a threat to the Clintons? Deciding what to put into the Presidential Library is an arduous task. One has to filter through volumes of documents and material that will not make it into the library. This task would have put Cousins in possession of some potentially damning information about the Clinton’s criminal activities. Of course, Cousins, on behalf of his firm, would have had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. However, such an agreement would not have been immune from a Federal subpoena for criminal wrongdoing. If I were an criminal investigator, this would be the starting point of any investigation into the Clinton criminal cartel. Are Steingberg and Cousins just another strange set of coincidences or, is there more?

I have yet, another coincidence.

From Neon Nettle:

One of the United States’ leading surgeons, who exposed misappropriation of funds by the Clinton Foundation in Haiti, has been found dead after being stabbed in the torso. 

Dr. Dean Lorich was found on the bathroom floor of his New York apartment by his 11-year-old daughter with a knife still stuck in his chest at around 1 pm on Monday. Those who follow Wikileaks and have investigated Hillary Clinton’s emails may recognize Dr. Dean Lorich’s name already.

In 2010, Lorich was part of a relief effort that flew to Haiti as a volunteer to offer his skills for civilians who had been injured during the earthquakes that devastated the region. Within 24 hours of the earthquake, a 13-member team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, and operating room nurses was assembled, with a massive amount of orthopedic operating room equipment, and flew to Port-au-Prince with Dr. Lorich.

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s “charitable” Clinton foundation led the relief effort in Haiti raising millions of dollars from around the world to help the people recover from the natural disaster. Sadly, most of the funds never reached the people of Haiti, but instead, lined the pockets of the Clintons’ associates who were meant to redevelop the nation, but never delivered.

Dr. Lorich and his team were there to help save the limbs of those injured, which without the proper medical treatment, would have meant amputation for a lot of people….

Another man with damning criminal information about the Clinton cartel is dead and this cannot even be disguised as an accident.

Another Brewing Clinton-Based Criminal Conspiracy

President Trump is hot on the trail of Hillary Clinton. He has reacted to the suspicious fire at her residence with suspicion. Here is the President’s tweet on this matter:

Crooked Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, has been accused of disregarding basic security protocols. She put Classified Passwords into the hands of foreign agents. Remember sailors pictures on a submarine? Jail! Deep State Justice Dept must finally act? Also on Comey & others,”….

And then there is this tweet as the President is determined to force the DOJ to reopen the email investigation. 

Many people in our Country are asking what the ‘Justice’ Department is going to do about the fact that totally Crooked Hillary, AFTER receiving a subpoena from the United States Congress, deleted and ‘acid washed’ 33,000 Emails? No justice!”

And now we conveniently have a fire. A fire in which potentially incriminating evidence is destroyed just days after these aforementioned Trump Tweets which threatened to reopen the investigation.

A Chappaqua Fire Department source confirmed fears that incriminating evidence against the Clintons has been destroyed just days after a White House insider warned that Donald Trump was preparing to prosecute their crimes.”I saw smashed up hard drives, melted memory cards and the charred remains of paper scattered all over the room and immediately knew the fire must have started there,” a Chappaqua Fire Department source told local news reporters.”I immediately called it a code 10-41 and requested a Fire Marshall,” explained a firefighter, after it was made clear that the house fire was “put out by Secret Service agents” before the Fire Department arrived.Code 10-41 is firefighters’ code for a suspicious fire.

It is prudent at this point in time to revisit the John Cruz allegations against Comey and the Clinton family cartel. They provide a global view of the extent of their criminal activity and the large scale in which this criminal activity is conducted.

Former Sr. HSBC Vice-President, John Cruz, Reveals Governmental and Banking Criminality Beyond Belief

John Cruz is your ordinary family man. He put himself through college and worked his way up the corporate ladder.  He excelled at working with bank customers. He rose to the position of Sr. Vice-President of HSBC Bank. Everything was fine was until he discovered that his bank was laundering drug money for the cartels and terrorists and some of the money ended up in the hands of the elite such as Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. And it is not just the laundering of money that is critical, it is more a matter of WHO was involved.

A Rude Awakening

John Cruz was fired from his job at HSBC Bank in New York for whistle-blowing on the bank’s illegal activities, his family was threatened. and yet,  he still feels that everyone needs to know what goes on behind the scenes of a major bank. Cruz even reported the illegal money laundering to Homeland Security, but to no avail. He should be an American hero, but instead, he was chastised, employment was hard to find and he lives in constant fear of his life. If it were not for the tapes he’s made and held back, for leverage sake, he would already be dead as well. The Cruz tapes are the only reason he is still alive and Steinberg’s as well as the Cousins’ family were wiped out in in a pair of fiery airplane crashes.

I have interviewed John Cruz several times in the past and as a result, I was the first to report on this inside story of monumental corruption involving HSBC Bank and the story of John Cruz, a critical eyewitness, who was serving as a Vice-President at HSBC at the time. The third interview with John Cruz produced first-hand eyewitness testimony that can only be described as stunning.

Senior Managment at HSBC Bank Wanted to “Know Nothing”

John Cruz discovered that massive amounts of drug cartel and terrorist money was being laundered through HSBC. Cruz investigated and found evidence of multiple money-laundering operations.  He went to his bosses and reported what he found after he had conducted field operational investigations and found evidence of boiler rooms operations and fake business addresses, etc. His bosses told him to get back to work and to forget what he had told them. The head of HSBC security told him “This is how we make money, forget what you think you have seen”.

Why You Should Be Outraged

Cruz also discovered that millions of Americans, unknown to themselves, have had fake stolen identity accounts opened up all around the world in order to launder money, resulting from drug transactions, in their name. That means that both you and I have our collective names associated with the most dangerous cartel members and terrorists on the planet and we don’t even know it.

If you run afoul of the former Obama/Clinton administration, this information could be used to falsely set you up. A work-related investigation could also turn up these anomalies. Every American should be outraged and when we add in the revelations contained in the following paragraphs, the American people should be shutting down their government, storing their own food, water, gold, guns and ammunition. Every American should be taking the bulk of their money out of the bank and investing in previous metals. Civil disobedience should become the new national past-time, if the perpetrators do not go to prison. And who are the perpetrators?

  1. Hillary Clinton- Failed Presidential candidate
  2. James Comey- Fired FBI Director
  3. Loretta Lynch- Former Attorney General
  4. Eric Holder- Former Attorney General

Government Accomplices to HSBC’s Money Laundering: Comey and Clinton


Hillary’s Clinton Foundation profited from HSBC’s terrorist affiliations, according to John Cruz.

The former FBI Director, James Comey was into the corruption up to his ears. According to Cruz, Comey moved money from HSBC to the Clinton Foundation when he was on the board of HSBC.



For the purposes of brevity, I will confine this discussion to the respective roles of Comey and Clinton. However, there is enough evidence of wrongdoing to send Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder to prison as well.

I have previously documented how FBI director Comey served on the Board of Directors at HSBC during the time of the coverup of the criminal activities. Comey is not the only senior federal government official implicated in the crimes of HSBC either through participation or cover-up. I asked Cruz about Comey and he was aware that Comey had been on the board of directors at HSBC bank and was responsible for “moving money”. We now know that moving money meant, in part, included moving money to the Clinton Foundation, which was funneled into her presidential campaign. How many felonies do you count here? And are we surprised that Comey gave Clinton a free pass for her illegal emails? Comey should be in jail, right next to Clinton.

Cruz also stated that the Clinton emails undoubtedly deal with her involvement with HSBC and the connection to the Clinton Foundation. And beside Hillary Clinton, who was at the center of it all? That would be none other than James Comey.




The Clinton Foundation is a total criminal enterprise. They may wear their suits and ties and stand up and say the pledge. However, make no mistake about it, we, the American people are living under a complete Deep State mafia. Only Donald Trump offers hope.

Many of the Cruz tapes I alluded to are available on the Cruz website. 

The question that we are left with is how far are the American people willing to go with this criminal enterprise?

President Trump has these criminal in his crosshairs. As John Cruz so aptly points out, the child-sex-trafficking (ie Pizzagate/Pedogate) are merely the tip of the iceberg as to what will soon be available for prosecution.

john cruz

The above radio interview was conducted on The Common Sense Show  on 7/24/16. The interview was interrupted as I was taken off the air just as I was going to introduce John Cruz to my audience. Our health reporter at that time, Katy Whelan, was not prepped to do the interview, but admirably picked up the slack until I could get back onto the air. I was off air for four minutes. The show is broadcast on Global Star Radio Network and  it goes out over two satellites at the same time, each satellite broadcast is located on opposite ends of the country. My studio radio equipment was still operating, but I, alone, was disconnected from the air. I was only able to reconnect with Global Star Radio Network through Skype. In the hour following the Cruz interview, my studio equipment was, once again, able to connect with our satellites. This was similar to what happened when I tried to be the first non-mainstream media show to interview Ammon Bundy. The Obama administration interfered with this broadcast because they do not want you to know the truth. Well, the truth is located right here. These are the lengths that the Obama mafia would go to keep the truth from coming out. 

Donald Trump will have his day of reckoning against this criminal cartel.



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    • Counter Analysis

      I still remember that interview, and it was great. This witness and his claims should be front page news in every media outlet. The fact that probably none of the public outside of your audience knows is very telling.

    • LightsOut

      And who are the perpetrators?

      – Hillary Clinton- Failed Presidential candidate
      – James Comey- Fired FBI Director
      – Loretta Lynch- Former Attorney General
      - Eric Holder- Former Attorney General

      You left out a long list of them! There should be THOUSANDS of people on “THE LIST”.

      From local leaders pushing agenda 21 to foreign leaders plus all top bankers and the main old money families that have profited by creating wars and human suffering! Also do not forget the religious sectors that are on the top of the food chain. Hopefully the few good guys that are left in the Military Industrial Complex will get the ball rolling! You local and state officers that are not corrupt should have a talk with sheriff Joe to try and get organized to help the military out.

    • Pink Slime

      They said the plane flipped. The Cessna Caravan is a very reliable plane. Unless overloaded, but it was not. It followed no larger plane vortices. I suspect the plane was sabotaged – as they all are. Like the plane that killed the Hawaii State Director of Health. Where was the Transportation Safety Board report of any investigation of that plane?

      The crimes of Democraps and particularly of their RING leaders is especially egregious and notorious, not to mention outright acts of betrayal and treason. Many should be HANGED by the neck until dead.

      There needs to be a housecleaning of these notorious DEMON infested psychopaths. They are of NO USE to anyone and only WISH DEATH upon you!! :twisted:

      • harry

        I forgot about the Hawian plane crash when Ms. Eddy was the only one that was killed and all others rescued. She had the information concerning the Obama birth certificate. This was lost in the plane crash in the deep blue sea.

    • Canderson

      She is a “Jew” and nothing will be done about it.

    • unidentified

      just when you think it couldnt get any stranger, comey was never part of the problem/coverup according to news reports, nor was sessions

    • patann

      -Beware, some fifty million deaths have been attached to Trump and world leaders at present, especially those of western civilization. Surely, being reminded of Abbas calling on those eight nations to withstand Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem, make me wonder, are the ten heads, the short lived world rule that’s to reign, forty two month’s prior to the Antichrist, equally allocated 42 months, are they in place? Just as I’ve seen the antichrist reign in great prowess doing Trumps, witnessed the same fury as cast at Ezekiel’s rise of gog and magog cast at his campaign, even why I warn we’re in ancient beast reign.
      -I witnessed Senator Obama be declared, ‘the one,’ witnessed the two beast of revelation 13 come as so he did and once he was president, I heard it said of his presidential win, That is a timetable of two weeks and seven years, we now know, two week of which was then 2015, declared something about Cameron no doubt a pending Brexit. God right now is said to be avenging all martyred blood, so we’re talking from Cain’s, slaughter by Abel to these tug of nuclear wars, those three continents to nation seen in a block, Asia, America, Japan and Russia, (see Daniel’s four, it’s 7th chapt,), further I witnessed 2002. from which come the cry, right into Trump’s inauguration, how again, fifty million will die, hence the command that America exodus.
      -I’m reminded of the Amazing grace of God showing King Nebuchadnezzar (see our Angel Gabriel 2004, warning the same), the stone cut out without hands falling from heaven crushing all things rebellious men. No doubt like world leaders at present, this King of all kings was to take this divine intervention and fall on his face before the God of all Kingdoms and Nations this planet and repent, his entire lands. Pretty much what Prophet Daniel is praying regarding His Israeli people just before an Angel Gabriel and Archangel Michael appearing and the granting of the seventy weeks of years timetable was then granted, the final week upon which we’re now entering, the appearance again of the Angel Gabriel. But no, only bringing and reducing this King of all kings to his lowest point ever, insanity and unthinkable sickbeds, still seven years later, was he then capable of acknowledging God as God.
      -I guess you can say, ignoring all such warnings, when something simultaneously happen to US soil, causing it not only it’s world reign by tens of millions lost, but the worse of the worse for all men now earth stranded, is when the Bride of sunlight, God’s throne is heard no more at all in them. Until I can yet hear those lyrics burning and burning in my ear, “ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone, only darkness everyday; hear God’s prophet described it’s sorrowful earth as all of them simultaneously losing and right there memorializing their precious, dead mothers. Leaving me to ask, had I, apostle THEY call me, been featured 2008-2015, along that meeting of world nations of them all, there ever was, or would, or could ever again be; the single one where ten heading nations being by the beast launched along ten kings, kingdom world rule; clearly not only right alone the cry, how a come Hussein presidency is a pending two weeks and seven spinoff into Cameron’s Brexit, that is Trumps’ Truexit, of all rebellious rule falling into the damning clutches of ancient beast reign? Let no man deceive you, beware, Apb, get it, get Jesus and get (ASCEND) out of it! see more here,

    • jennifer


    • The Watcher





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