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Why Is Air Force Silent About Huge Meteor Strike Near Early Warning Base?! Was It Not A Meteor?

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Why Is Air Force Silent After Huge Meteor Strikes Near One Of Their Bases?!

If a meteor slammed down near your home, the last thing you would probably be is silent.  Now imagine one hitting with a force of 2.1 kilotons…the impact would be extraordinary.  Yet, and for whatever reasons unknown, the US Air Force is not saying a word.

Meteor strikes aren’t completely uncommon however one the size we are describing is.  We are going to take a quick walk through some ancient and modern time meteor strikes and the show their exact force, power and the damage they can cause.  You will be left breathless when you see some of the footage recorded and get a better understanding of why the military silence is so unusual.

When you wish upon a shooting star, just hope it doesn’t come close and turn into what you are about to witness.  They are awe-inspiring, scary and most of the time just a mystery as to where the materials end up going.  I hope you enjoy this coverage of the most recent event of space reaching out and reminding us of our frail existence.

God Speed and God Bless,


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    • Anonymous

      This was actually one of the new guns developed by the lizard aliens in their underground 57 storey lab that caused this. That’s why the Air Force is quiet. They cannot stop these nefarious lizards and their guns. No one can. :eek:

    • spd1275

      Well golly gee, maybe they just didn’t see it. Or maybe their radar was down for planned maintenance. Or maybe the Airman, who told his seargent, who told his lieutenant, who told his captain, who told his lt. colonel, who told his Brig General…. maybe each had to fill out their respective reports in triplicate, had misplaced their carbon paper, and it was filed in the UFO basket (ya know… the ROUND one).

      It IS the United States Air Farce after all.


      Why no word, because the solar system is entering the local interstellar cloud filled with trillions of 2.1 megaton sized asteroids and the Sun’s electromagnetic field being at Solar Minimum is not strong enough to push the asteroids out of the inner soar system, so the sheeple having no deep underground hideouts left with only umbrellas cannot be told the fact that the increased asteroid population wizzing past earth is increasing and will continue to increase on and off until out of the cloud 30,000 years from now and many impacts from the asteroid rocks are bound to occur more and more frequently, so why scare people, nobody can hide effectively. So umbrellas up everyone so you don’t see its coming. Hopefully no more asteroids will hit the earth. All you can do is pray but since the Government does not like praying to anyone else but them they won’t endorse that.

      • Anonymous

        God will protect me. :eek:

      • 2QIK4U

        This Happened over six months ago

    • westgate

      Thule – pronounced by the locals as, TOO-ee

    • freedomringsforall

      Isn’t that about the impact force of a rod from god?

    • Anonymous

      The Huge Meteor Strike was just a small forerunner o things to come:
      A Dangerous New Jovian Sized Body In Our Solar System
      2018: THE B COMET SWARM

    • 2QIK4U

      Go and keep watching SECURETEAM10

    • patann

      - Good question, something similar happen to Michigan while we questioned was Hawaii 01/13/2018, truly a missile strike? Then Russia in Syria went under attack, US congressmen tried to escaoe for their lives, Iseael and her neighbors are hard at it again and Jesus the perfect man that early morning of,, asked, would the Angels escape into heaven with the Bride? All very suspicious.

      -There are many eye witnesses that said it was indeed a strike that got interrupted and those out on tour boats witnessed this happen. All I know the early hours heading into this what did happen? Not only these odd inquring from Jesus, but that waking me from sleep as Jan. 12th passed inky minutes into its 13th, has to be the most daunting forewarning.

      -That is since God was in Noah’s ear, only now as of Rev’s 17:16-18, Jer. 37:8, Eze. 4, 5 chpts, seem world nations encouraged prophetically to come aganist the world’s most powerful system, the whoredom and weaponization of peace on earth, presently a weighed, judged, sentenced and doomed Mystery Babylon, America/Western Civilization.

      -Whereas these attempts may have been actual attacks and Hawaii’s eruotion, for months now. That’s pouring as the predicted 2017, 99 bowls of molten lava, so tons of molten lava emptying into the US West, Pacific California could be the predicted ELE., I suggested, as to take the 2017, eclipse, trajectory, a blazing inferno to towering, super wave, either one a domino effect, across aUS soil

      -See the San Andreas/Cascadia subduction zone, into the Yellowstone, into the New Madrid into the eastern seaboard, soon declared gone as well. The slow motion exodus I saw caused so many millions their lives, the question now, is a predicted, 2015 Hawaii disaster said to leave Memphian children orphan. Though it’s for centuries seen, could Hawaii be a gignormous political to scientific miss that’s gonna cause millions chosing not to escape, their everlasting souls with their lives? Beware, Apb




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