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Sabrient Systems is an investment research firm headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. Through an unbiased, fundamentals-based, quantitative approach, we create unique and robust rankings, ratings, reports, and commentary for stocks, indexes, sectors, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). For investment professionals, our multi-factor stock evaluation & ranking models can be used as: 1) a pre-screen of a large universe for idea generation, 2) as an overlay to an existing portfolio for indexing, weighting, filtering, or hedging, or 3) as a mechanical portfolio strategy for absolute-return, long/short, hedging, or pairs trading. For self-directed investors, our products and services (all based on the same professional-level research) serve to educate and inform you about the market and individual stocks, and actively help you to evaluate stocks, gain a competitive edge, simplify your life -- and make money.
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