The Adventures of Yorky
For 20 years now, I have lived and traveled with Guru Om. I have been writing down his words that I have heard, almost on a daily basis. Guruji was a sheep shearer in the Outback of Australia for 18 years. He came to Australia as a boy of 15, without his family. All of the knowledge that he carries comes out of hard labor and sweat (not books). He is the embodiment of Compassion.(That's why, 20 years ago, He took Sanyas!) I asked Guruji to write down his experiences as a Sheep Shearer as I wanted everyone to know this character..Yorky. At first he declined as he said, "Why would I do that, I had to live it?" Eventually he agreed (after much whingeing on my part) and these excerpts are only a small portion of 35 years in the Bush. Please visit the other blogs I post to with some of the stories. http://theadventuresofyorky. and the stories leading up to his emigration to Australia at http://aninheritance (the stories are not in any dive in & enjoy.) The Mercurial world is dedicated to the words that I hear daily from Guruji.
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