Demon Hunters
HYDRA: Satan’s Serpent Seed (Canaanite’s / CATS) are creating a Master Race full of darkness seeking to over take the Host Body creating a Race w/ in a Race; thus building Satan’s Army. This via engineered Chimera Parasites, Symbiotes and Graphene Oxide that over take the Host Body. Symbiotes were also documented in Marvel movies over taking the Host Body. Marvel Symbiotes Read Here: As of now my research suggests Graphene Oxide and mRNA Operating System is found in all Vax which were not placebo jabs; but they also slipped some doses into population supply which allegedly include having King Cobra Venom for immediate extermination (Depopulation Agenda). Those whom received King Cobra Vax will exp. immediate adverse reactions and likely death. The remaining symbiotic vaccinated will then be hooked up via 5G to AI Hive Mind via the Graphene Oxide Black Goo Web currently found in the vaccinated and many foods. 5G will assimilate these folks into A.I. Hive Mind once they accept the chip or quantum tattoo proving their Allegiance to NWO activating the Graphene Oxide / OS network now currently part of their biological system with their spirit soon devoured over taken by Symbiote parasite (VRIL?) once assimilated into Satan’s AI Black Cube Hive Mind (HYDRA). This of course being my opinion as of now. Satan w/ his Serpent Seed race is seeking to take over the Host Body System making one full of darkness; destroying their life essence / spirit assimilating them into Satan’s AI Black Cube vs remaining grounded in Christ / Yeshua; even unto death. 9/11 the two becoming the one (One World Trade Center); Lady Gaga - Creating a Race within a Race. Jesus / Yeshua has his bride of Christ and New Jerusalem Cube and Satan has his inversion the AI Black Cube (Metatron’s Cube) and his Hive Mind; which will include those who accept their SNAKE BITE VAXX w/ it’s toxic Black Goo Graphene Oxide, Chimera Engineered Parasites / Symbiotes which is designed to take over the host body making one full of darkness vs remaining grounded in Christ; even unto death. Trump is from the Tribe of Dan (a Canaanite) hence why he did slip calling Vax a Weapon, Shared Snake Poem your having let in a Snake, Tweeted “His Blood is the Vaccine” (Bc Trump and Canaanite / CATS alike have been over taken by Black Goo Symbiote / VRIL; having sold their soul to Satan); hence why Kanye West and UFC Colby Covington both call TRUMP Dragon Energy, etc… 5G = Assimilating and over taking the other half “V” (The Good U) of the host body making u become full of darkness w/ your spirit devoured and your being assimilated into Satan’s AI Hive Mind becoming a remote control demonic Bot For the Order / Hydra. They are looking to create a master race of demonic possessed host bodies whom have accepted their Snake Bite Vax; who will be controlled by the A.I. (HYDRA); Metatron’s Cube (LUCIFER), etc.. why do u think UFC Attire is called Venom and UFC Octagon make Star of Ishtar Venus / Lucifer w/ 666 Monster Energy Logo in Center of Octagon. What do u think “V” TV Series is about? V = Reptilians / Blue Blood the Resistance in TV “V” Show is called the Fifth Column “V”; hence the two V’s which makes the two U’s (HOST BODY). The AI Black Cube is above atop the DOME (SKYNET) SS NASA Serpents creating a master race for Satan’s Army. Then u have 5G Frequency, bioApi’s, Psychotronic Weapons Systems, etc.. all playing their part which will activate Operating System in Vaccinated creating their Zombie Virus (Rockefeller Operation Playbook Phase III). This in order to get the remaining unvaxxed vaxed w/ their Snake Bite Mind Virus Vaccines. This based off my research and studies off course. Seek Jesus / Yeshua now as He is our only saving grace and do not take their Snake Bite Vax!!! Lastly; pls. do not take my word at face value rather; seek Yeshua for confirmation and test the spirit. If felt led; pls. build upon the research and share this information far and wide. Again it is my full belief that Yeshua is our only Saving Grace! 🚨 HYDRA: These Vipers are seeking to create a Serpent Seed Master Race (COBRA VAXX) 🚨WATCH THE VAXX (NOT WATER): SERPENT SEED COBRA VENOM CLOT SHOT (GRAPHENE OXIDE TOO!)
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