A Review for Vorwerk Kobold VC100 Vacuum Cleaner


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What handheld vacuum cleaners on the market have been trying to do is trying to upgrade the capability to clean an entire home. While it is not necessarily a bad thing, a handheld vacuum cleaner is simply too small in size to compete against a full-blown conventional vacuum cleaner in the same job. Recognizing this issue, this vacuum cleaner from Vorwerk answered the question of“what is a good vacuum cleaner” but for a handheld vacuum. And by doing it a little bit differently, this vacuum focused on a specific niche instead.


Instead of trying to compete against a full-size vacuum cleaner in terms of cleaning a home, this vacuum cleaner focuses on getting a small to medium mess cleaned up as quickly and smoothly as possible. This makes the vacuum cleaner more of a convenient alternative to a brush and dustpan. And this vacuum is more about complimenting a home vacuum cleaner where it might be too cumbersome for a small task than trying to outright replace a standard vacuum cleaner.


Ideally, you would want this vacuum cleaner around your kitchen to quickly clean up all the small messes you made by accident. With simple controls and a futuristic-looking design, this vacuum cleaner will fit right in with the rest of your modern kitchen appliances. And with the compact and slim design of this vacuum cleaner, you can always leave it charging in a quiet corner until you need it.


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Being a small vacuum cleaner with a special niche to clean up kitchen messes, the vacuum cleaner does not come equipped with too much storage space. In addition, being intended as a trusty quick cleaning solution leaves this vacuum cleaner lacking in terms of the flashy extra accessories for specific tasks that come with the bigger vacuums like a crevice tool. This lack of generosity and lack of flexibility might be some of the reasons turning people away from this vacuum cleaner.


The design of the vacuum cleaner also includes a flat side so that you can place it down safely on a flat surface. Although it is still not very secure, and the machine still has the tendency to roll around due to its bar-like design. This is why you should be extra careful when placing the vacuum cleaner down on a table, as it might fall off the edge very easily and get damaged.


Other than that, this is one of the smallest and lightest handheld vacuum cleaners available on the market. The center of gravity is placed on the handheld portion, further adding into the easy maneuverability of the vacuum. Operating the vacuum is as simple as pressing the one single button on the machine, and pressing harder will activate the Power Boost mode for the suction power of the machine. You do need to have a strong thumb to maintain this mode for a long time, though.


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While this is not the best vacuum in the world to use and clean your home with, it does give the other handheld vacuums a run for their money. As you can see from above, this is a solid option for a handheld vacuum should you want a little helper in the corner of your kitchen.

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