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John Brennan to Be Indicted for Treason - Great Video!

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David Zublick Channel

Published on May 13, 2019

Former CIA Director John Brennan is about to be indicted for high treason, an attempted coup against President Donald Trump, and for and child trafficking. A former Intelligence officer says when this indictment is unsealed, expect violence and civil unrest the likes of which this nation has never seen before. David Zublick unseals the truth in this special report!


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Justine DeVoe

Justine DeVoe1 day ago

I hope this is true but I’ll believe it when I see it!

Cory Ellison

Cory Ellison1 day ago

I hope the hell Brennan goes down but I’m still waiting!!!😂

Kristie Ingram

Kristie Ingram1 day ago

Shame he is CIA cause he will go kicking and screaming like a GIRL , 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Lynette Dunn

Lynette Dunn1 day ago

I am so glad, he needs to be picked up right away, he is so dangerous

Mario Pina

Mario Pina1 day ago

Took long enough..hang him high .Next pelosi for furnishing BRENNON with children & her bribe payments from the mexican Cartells allowing them free access to America

Sami Jaye

Sami Jaye1 day ago


Sean Havey

Sean Havey1 day ago

I also believe that Comey will go down first…

Melinda Vaughn

Melinda Vaughn1 day ago

No wonder Pelosi and Dems did not want a wall up at the border!!

relppE LeahciM

relppE LeahciM1 day ago

ok negative commenters – go to the Black Conservative Patriot channel and see his latest, it goes along with this one just fine…..Brennan is going down, Comey too, and +++ more

Chapel Tibet

Chapel Tibet1 day ago

Well, I’ll sit around twiddling my thumbs awaiting verifications.

John Beyers

John Beyers1 day ago

If the left starts something, the Right, All The Right are Ready…….. We’ve known about this for years and have been waiting for this to happen WWG1WGA Semper Fi and MAGA !!

Dora Tiscareno

Dora Tiscareno23 hours ago (edited)

🇺🇸…….. 👍what is up with all these PERVERTS….they can not get a woman…and have normal relationships or even get another man 🌈ungodly but its not a small child SO THEY FORCE THEMSELVES ON SMALL INNOCENT CHILDREN…. SO DAM SHAMFUL AND UNGODLY…Vengeance upon them… HANG THEM 🌳….. EXECUTIONS

Condee Rogers

Condee Rogers1 day ago

He needs to be secretly arrested and taken to GITMO before anyone knows what has happened. NO MSM

Contrarian21 Bootcamp

Contrarian21 Bootcamp1 day ago

Arrest this DC Sewer Rat Brennen

Gerardo Sanchez

Gerardo Sanchez1 day ago

To all brothers and sisters in the name of the most high put on your full armor of Adonai and prepare to stand together amen GBUA.

chris maarhuis

chris maarhuis1 day ago

Get him Now, and sentencing should be on live tv.

You Tuber

You Tuber1 day ago

Let the dark left expose themselves so we can weed them out of our society.

Janice Brocke

Janice Brocke1 day ago

Throw the sob in jail & throw away the key!!! TRAITOR

Eric King

Eric King1 day ago


Dave Pyles

Dave Pyles1 day ago

it used to be treason was handled immediately. you want this crap to stop, start handling treason the way it should be handled. you must fight fire with fire otherwise…

Mario Ortega1 day ago

Too good to be true! I’ll believe it until it happens.

Dora Tiscareno

Dora Tiscareno23 hours ago

PEOPLE ARE JUST SO DAM “”BLIND”" TO THE TRUTH….PERIOD !!!! So Sad….so many will die

Sesha Rhee

Sesha Rhee1 day ago

If they will be tried in a military tribal, why are they stalling. Arrest and let them wait in jail for their trial. They have too much time to plan more false flags.

Debbie C

Debbie C1 day ago


Barry Soetoro

Barry Soetoro1 day ago



Diamondjane1 day ago

Hi David it’s good to see you again. God bless your life.


GJ1 day ago

John Brennan…….This is a very very very evil man.


MarketDomination1 day ago

I want to believe it, but Zublick has spread so many lies, misinformation and salesy pitches that it’s hard to believe anything he says any more…

Heather Zlotyh

Heather Zlotyh20 hours ago

Where/ what are your sources? How can we believe you if you just say stuff from your “sources”

Mary Baukholt

Mary Baukholt1 day ago

AT LAST! So tired of these crooks getting away with murder! I wonder if the left realizes what their actions look like to regular American Citizens! Talk about poor losers. The only ones who’ve lost their minds are the lefties!


sandybeach73723 hours ago (edited)

Bremen, you are one angry man. Your face says it all LOUD AND CLEAR! Maybe the ugly on your face will save you in prison, but maybe not, since you’ll be looking at the ground during ‘PLAY TIME’ in prison. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Justice & Liberty for All! 🗽🗽🗽🗽 Yes, even for you Brennen.

Shannon Sweeney

Shannon Sweeney1 day ago

We are also weary of being told these high-profile people would be picked up, and we’ve been waiting for years. What is taking so long? That’s why I don’t listen to these types of videos anymore because it’s so damn frustrating.

Sami Jaye

Sami Jaye1 day ago

Sour puss ole bat. Pray pray pray

Lin Ro

Lin Ro13 hours ago

I can’t wait for this EVIL to be put away for good!


Lee1 day ago

LOL, He’s still out there giving everybody the finger. He’s not worried.

Paula Jones

Paula Jones1 day ago


Rick d

Rick d18 hours ago

I am so glad that treasonous traitor evil pig is about to be arrested ‼️ if dark left goes crazy, they can call and the u.s. Marines and the National Guard’s. I live in Alaska so we have the u.s. Navy up here that protects us ‼️

Joe De Jesus

Joe De Jesus19 hours ago (edited)

First a Military Tribunal in January, nothing happen. Now I hear of a Grand Jury. What gives?

Jeff Keen

Jeff Keen1 day ago

The “pitchforks” are sharpened and ready!

brandon burdette

brandon burdette22 hours ago

Yea just like sheperd Smith is going to be fired from fox. Fake news Dave

Asher Evans

Asher Evans23 hours ago

I’ve been watching g your videos about this and nothing happens..

rodney worthington

rodney worthington18 hours ago

Some one who is in Government or works for the State,and commits An attempt to remove a Sitting President is not Just guilty of Treason….But High Treason.

Shark Attack

Shark Attack21 hours ago

I doubt it! Good try though. Click bait🤨

Glenn Chapman

Glenn Chapman1 day ago

What reliable sources?

Cheryl Clarke

Cheryl Clarke10 hours ago

Brennan is the devil incarnate… befitting he converted to Islam where he will be Satan’s aka Allahs right hand man!!! Evil personified!!!😡

Rainy R&R & R&R

Rainy R&R & R&R1 day ago (edited)

Im so happy to hear Brenham is getting whats coming to him, Gitmo. What an evil bastard.

The Last Boy Scout

The Last Boy Scout19 hours ago

Reliable and very reliable sources. Yeah ill take it to the bank!

Jerre Geary

Jerre Geary1 day ago

“Nothing can stop what is about to happen…Nothing.” PANIC? THIS IS AS REAL AS IT GETS. NO ESCAPE. NO DEALS. ADD BRENNAN TO GRAPHIC AND UPDATE. EVIL HAS NO PLACE HERE. -Highest level U.S. Military intelligence report. Dec. 10, 2018

Christine Mooney

Christine Mooney18 hours ago

makes sense of some strange murder mysteries & cover ups in N.Z & also Podesta’s presence at the time of the Chris..Church mosq.e attatack.


freelandsm11 day ago

If they don’t hang, it’ll happen again……

John Larouche

John Larouche23 hours ago

6 ways till Sunday right Schumer, boom-a-rang!!!!!


Slick1G321 hours ago

so how long we been hearing this now A YEAR ????????/ i’ll believe it when I SEE IT!!!

TDN 71

TDN 711 day ago

Does anybody believe anything you say anymore? Like where is recent proof of the military tribunals that supposedly started 3 months ago?


VenaZ1 day ago

Talk about EATING ur words…hehehe. The Truth ia about to be UNSEALED!

Liz Johnson

Liz Johnson1 day ago

Hang this traitor by a toe, should I start popping by corn? haha

Johnny Ringo

Johnny Ringo21 hours ago

who are your sources and how come Rush, Hannity, Alex Jones, Judge Janine and other conservative people have not reported this?

Kim Pickens

Kim Pickens1 hour ago

Can’t wait to c a brennon”s interview behind BARS.

A Brit in the Philippines

A Brit in the Philippines1 day ago

When has he been right about anything,it’s a bit convenient that most of his information is from the dark web so can’t be verified.

One Hope 4 Heaven

One Hope 4 Heaven1 day ago

anyone else notice the “all-seeing eye” on the background panel? Wake-up, Folks!

Shan Bowen

Shan Bowen12 hours ago

Hey David,glad to hear from you again.Brennan should be arrested.

Louise Whittingtin

Louise Whittingtin1 day ago

I’m starting to wonder if this is real or not. If they are in fact guilty which I’m sure they are & many more. Yet all I do is hear talk & no proof.

Piet J Verbaarschot

Piet J Verbaarschot1 day ago

Through this reporting, people are told why it takes a little longer if some people are sentenced and ultimately tried. Our thanks for that, and good luck with your work …

Guy Griesse

Guy Griesse1 day ago

I pray for this. He is a major scumbag traitor of the 1st degree.




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