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Warning! March 22, 2012 Press Release Warning!

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Uploaded by TerralO3 on 18 Mar 2012


All the major news outlets are being sent a copy of this March 22, 2012

Press Release WARNING

stating that everyone living in or near a seismic zone should be warned to brace for one of the top five earthquake events in recorded history on March 22, 2012 at 4:58:34 UTC. Earth axis is expected to shift five+ inches with the world aquifers, when our planet passes 66,000 miles per hour through a gravity trough connecting the Sun and the inbound heavy-mass object (HMO).


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Sunday, March 18, 2012

Contact: Terral Croft, [email protected]
Skype: Terral03


St. Petersburg, Florida – Our researchers have discovered a pattern of seismicity going back to 1965 that has transitioned into large magnitude events including Earth axis shifts on a regular 188-day cycle. The most-recent events include the February 27, 2010 8.8 event in Chile, the September 4, 2010 7.1 event at Christchurch, New Zealand, the September 15, 2011 7.3 event in Fiji and the March 11, 2011 9.0 Japan event. The next timeline event is expected to take place according to our calculations on March 22, 2012 at 4:58:34 UTC, when Earth will pass through the gravity trough connecting the Sun and a heavy-mass object (HMO) being tracked out of the Leo Constellation. The Earth axis is expected to shift five to six inches like the four-inch shift with Japan event and the three-inch shift with the Chile event.

Saturn is currently in the Virgo Constellation next door to the Leo Constellation where the ringed planet also passed between the Sun and this HMO to develop an extra ring and the super storm now raging in the northern hemisphere. The evidence indicates that Jupiter’s liquefying core, Venus’ slowing rotation with Mars’ and Uranus’ increased seismicity are all perturbations associated with our inbound HMO. The last time Saturn experienced this storm type was thirty years ago, when the planet passed between the Sun and Leo Constellation. Our team is also tracking the U.S. Government response to these threats, which includes Presidential, NASA, DHS and FEMA Preparations.

Our research team anticipates that HAARP multi-frequency wave signatures will begin transmitting on March 19, 2012 at 4:58:34 UTC precisely seventy two hours prior to the expected event. The team also expects to see increased four to six magnitude quake swarm activity at the ‘event’ location. Everyone living in or around a seismic area should be warned to brace for one of the top five seismic events in recorded history on March 22, 2012 right around the equinox.


I have been sending warning messages to the media all along and nobody has responded with a single word. We shall see very soon if the next ‘event’ on the 188-day cycle is for real or not. My hands are clean and everyone has the opportunity to be warned …

Press Release Link:

My website:

Some Media Outlet Links:

Download Paltalk Messenger (free):

Terral’s Research Group (Education/Other):

First March 22, 2012 Warning Video:

Second March 22, 2012 Warning: 3/22: March 11, 2011

Japan Quake PDF:


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    • Anonymous

      We shall see on March 22nd whether we have a prophetical genius or an abject kook.

    • Anonymous

      I vote kook that does this until he gets one right and then says, check it out I was right. I predict earthquakes will happen in the future and probably every day on this planet. And I predict if there is something big this guy will claim to have predicted it. Give us a location or you are full of yourself.

    • Anonymous

      Well, it had better be an inbound heavy-mass object, because the clock is ticking on the year 2012. If this object doesn’t present itself to the sky-viewing public soon, then there simply won’t be enough time for the object to arrive and wreak the havoc so many are either expecting or hoping for. I personally don’t want the world to end, but some people are intent on making buck, by predicting it over and over again.

      If you are correct will you celebrate or grieve, profit or lose??

    • Anonymous

      Here there presents itself a very interesting side in addition which also with this subject concerned:

      Online Translator German – English:

    • Anonymous

      There is a 188 (+/- 12) cycle. This is undeniable.

    • Anonymous

      How many times can we expect to see this story churched up and reprinted…

      Planet X, Nibiru……whatever,

      it is all fear porn.

    • zgravity

      Great! Just in time for my Birthday. Looks like I’ll be doing a lot more drinking than usual and if it all ends on my birthday then at least I’ll go out happy.

    • Anonymous

      What ever happens I am ready ! I just purchased a new camera to record the End of the world !


      With all the warnings up there I couldn’t help but think of this.

    • Anonymous

      is this the same terral that was claiming that comet elenin was going to hit earth, and everyone had to join him in the ozarks in order to survive? think this guy needs to lay off his crack pipe for awhile

    • shadowatcher


    • redheaded_rn

      Terral, Terral, Terral, you do realize that if there is no disaster you are a complete lunatic? I’m just saying…

    • OTNSam

      This is the same Terall03 who advised everyone to move into caves in the ozarks last year to hide from comet elenin. He takes other people’s work as fact without verifying anything. He kept saying last year everyone needs to wake up. We gotta wake people up!

      What is interesting is that Patrick Geryl is predicting a x-flare due to planetary alignments. Time will tell.

    • Not Anonymous

      lets play math teacher, if I’m wrong please point it out.

      02/27/10 (8.8)
      + 188 days
      09/01/10 (largest quake for that day (5.0), Sept 4th is not 188 days.
      +188 days
      03/08/11 (largest quake for that day (6.1), March 11th is not 188 days.
      +188 days
      09/12/11 (largest quake for that day (5.3), ?
      +188 days
      03/18/12 Largest quake for that day (4.9) don’t match up to be March 22nd on the 188 day’s

      Seems to be a lot of mis-information and bad math.

      Am I wrong?

    • vector theta

      You all might want to go to Terral’s research site and study up before making any judgements. I’ve been following it for over a year and it looks to me that they have definitely some across something very big. They have astronomers, scientists and engineers all looking at this stuff. I’m an engineer and an astrophysicist, degrees in both, and I’m saying, it really looks like they are for real. The exact time of the event is, of course, unknown, but the date will be correct. It has happened over and over on the same cycle, get ready.

    • Ardin

      If this doesn’t happen is he going to admit both him and the 188 day system are wrong? Or is he going to turn into a pathetic psychopath like 9Nania and start pretending he’s an old woman?

    • Not Anonymous

      I just want to know why the math don’t add, is it 188 days or just something close enough to say “see, I was close enough.” is it 188 days or not?

    • Anonymous

      Gee, what a coincidence. Haarp has been going crazy night after night with huge static noises over the heads of Coloradans in the four corners area in the mountains. Further, The moon size satellite Clementine is also revolving around the sun and pulling CME’s from it, which affects our electromagnetic shield. Add to that the fact that the bankers that resigned are not being arrested in mass, rather, I bet they are going underground. Bet they have something planned for us and add to that, Obama signing the peacetime martial law and you have a perfect storm for another neocon/neolib induced false flag bigger than 9-11 which, by the way, resulted in the deaths of 12,000 people, not 3,600. The dual Israeli and zionist bankers better hide, because if they do this, they are toast.

    • Not Anonymous

      in less than 3 days you would be seeing preparation, not implication. all bs…

    • sjsrana

      TOO LATE……its already here and with AGENDA NWO: New Women Order

      Now all RISE……for NWO:

      Marriage is not a license to ‘MONEY MAKING MACHINE’ for either of GENDER ‘period’!


    • Wake up

      It’s 188 and 189, that’s why the numbers are off. ( I think ) anon 12000 died you said , prove it! Show me where in the social security death index are these so called 12000 dead.

    • Whiskey Zero

      If this was true, you’d be seeing massive movements of military/elite. We do not see this. I have no doubt they are afraid of something, but a large inbound object will have obvious effects on the sun/earth long before it is visible. You’re not going to see movement of elite if/until one of these major solar precursor events take place. That will be the signal to head to DIA/sanctuary. When it happens you/everyone else will know it but likely not be able to do much about it as marital law would likely *attempt* to restrict movement.

    • Whiskey Zero

      I wonder if Terral is going to try to claim the 7.9 earthquake that just hit Acapulco Mexico as a hit? There was also an earthquake in that area on 12/10/2011, a 6.5.

    • Mellissa

      When you do go to the site you can click on all the titles but anything new except this one posted here you must pay for a year sub to even read it. It is all wee need extortion for knowledge. If the OP really cared he/she would not be selling it

      But if you look and look you can find the newsletter itself, after reading it I wonder if there is more of an idea of a dark twin to the sun, a binary system is more the norm then previously thought, and if it is a brown dwarf then it is no wonder we do not see its light.

    • Mellissa

      Not to support an inbound massive object. Its possible, I think it is more of a part of a major cycle we have yet to see as humans. If we did it was lost knowledge or not even comprehensible other then
      “Oops,God Did it Again”

    • Mellissa

      Besides it could just be that we are getting closer to the magnetically charged FLUFF in the interstellar cloud. We have been in the cloud for thousands of years but are just leaving the local bubble and into the fluff.


    • Anonymous

      if it is going to occur then there is nothing anyone can do about it… and ‘god’ has nothing to do with it…. it is just simply physics…

      however if you are even partially awake then you are currently prepping for a dollar collapse type of event anyway… so kudos to you..

    • Diane

      Just asking, is the 7.9 earthquake that Mexico just had count as the one you mentioned or will there be one farther up the coast?

    • Not Anonymous

      if there is not another one larger than this then he will claim “close enough.” if there is a larger one, then he still wins either way. I will say it has got myself to say “huh” where still see…

    • Gojiroiscoming

      Gotta say, that @hotmail address is pretty authoritative. I’m sure everyone is taking this thing very seriously.

    • Anarchialdesire

      today is only the 20th of March 2 days and counting

      1 sheep 2 sheep 3………..

    • Whiskey Zero

      I’d be more concerned about the occult implications of 3/21-3/22. March 21 is one of the Illuminati’s human sacrifice nights according to and 322 is associated with Skull & Bones.

    • Whiskey Zero

      I’d be more concerned about the occult implications of 3/21-3/22. March 21 is one of the Illuminati’s human sacrifice nights according to and 322 is associated with Skull & Bones.

    • John L Sullivan

      7.5 in Mexico today makes this prediction pretty damn close.
      Would you like to live somewhere on the ring of fire in another 188 days or so?

    • Ardin

      @ John L Sullivan
      I DO live on the ring of fire, and even so I believe this guy is a complete load. Or, at least, the quakes I’ve felt haven’t been lining up with the 188 day theory at all.

    • vector theta

      Get over and ignore the term “188 day cycle.” That is what Terral decided to name it. These events never happen EXACTLY on time, but every one of them has happened within 48 hours of this alignment period. The Earth is very complicated and this is way above the standard and predictable lunar gravitational tide cycle. I see from the comments on here that most people are missing the forest for the trees. I have no connection whatsoever with this group other than following their research for over a year. Major events like this don’t accidentally happen on a regular time schedule. Go to the sites listed and read what this group is studying. Get on the paltalk room and you can correspond with the researchers. None of these people are getting paid anything, they are doing it because they believe there is something to these alignments. From what I’ve read from this group, I do believe that they are definitely onto something of major significance. Don’t jump to conclusions before you have informed yourself.

    • ManyNations

      Anonymous VS Terral L Croft, Terral03`s CyberAttack on Feb 11 Radio Show Thwarted
      According to what I found Terral is 18 years old and a complete fake.

    • Anonymous

      LOL…crackpots are closer than they appear…Engineers/Astrophycisists who cant count is not a good thing…Satelite Clementine is moonsized? really? How did it get into space pray tell? You see, the project info states: “Clementine was launched on 25 January 1994 at 16:34 UTC (12:34 PM EDT) from Vandenberg AFB aboard a Titan IIG rocket.”
      To my knowledge this rocket couldn’t lift a lunar-sized object into space, but then i’m not an astrophycisist :P I think someone has misunderstood about clementine completely. It was on a lunar mission, not lunar-sized!!! Slight difference?

    • Mellissa

      Oh Anon, lucky you, must have missed the conspiracy theory that the data we know as clementine is all made to hide the real so called program. Of a moon sized man made space,… er base?? Something anyways, just another drop in the bucket of the star wars space program theory’s.

    • Things that make ya go hummm

      7.5 in Mexico!!!

    • Anonymous

      The event in Japan was not a natural disaster, but a man made one. So it could not have been part of this 188 day cycle. Any mayor catastrophe ocuuring to our planet now might very well be cause by the actions of those who want to wipe out 6 billions of people.

    • Anonymous

      If this does not happen then shut up. If this does not happen you will be guilty of discrediting the Lord and His Gospel which you declare you love and care about. You will make Christians look like Chicken Littles. Unless you have direct communication with the Lord and He is telling you this is going to happen, then SHUT UP, you are ruining the witness of true Christians in His service.

    • TorriesD30

      Everybody must realize they have got the date wrong. Back in 1965 when these calculations were first started, Pluto was a planet and everything was based on NINE planets. Now we only have EIGHT planets, so this date is off by 11%. The correct date now falls on June 19, 2012


    • Anonymous

      Problem is you call a date and time Terral, its a controlled event 3 22 Skull and Bones Day, So no it wont be Mr Terral prophaciser Itll be Mr Terral in on it. No one can call a time and date on a HMO you nitwit

    • Anonymous

      Its alread 3 22 in China so Terral is already wrong. You call time and date and it happens, It isn’t a HMO its a controlled event and the dude had inside info

    • Anonymous

      Also just for kicks and giggles, Some have said that Terral is Mike Patriotic underground using a voice altering software. Funny Terral has never ever been on Camera, Lived with Mike and has a similar voice. Both were invited to be on a radio show and agreed right before the show Terral backed out. So I say do a skype show with the both of them otherwise that story may be true. Funny Mike disappears off Youtube and Terral begins to go viral. More than before. HMMMM Crack research team? Or Crack rip off team? All of a sudden now Terral is a big Harrp know it all? If anyone knows much about a Heavy Massed Object one 7.4 does not a Dwarf Star make. It would be one afer another after another. Go back to physics class.

    • Anonymous

      Oh and while I am on it Terral has upped his Newsletter from 25 bucks to 50? If this is info we all should know, why should we pay for it? Yeah I know lets head to the Ozarks and let Terral whip us while tied to a tree if we don’t fall in line. No Ill stay on my own thank you, Stockpiled and ready like freddy. Again if an event happnens around that time on that date it is not a HMO its a controlled event. No one can all time and date. Not even Terral who claims himself Jesus and God. No you dimwit you are niether.


      3) ON THE RIGHT OF PISCES IS SAGITTA THE BOWMAN,THE ARROW, and in other vignettes the arrows signify “asteroid hits”
      One Male translates in hidden texts from ONE MALE’ to ‘MENOLEA’ which means “electron being” …all the other lines on this page have been deciphered as well

      These can be seen at the web site in the forum ONE MALE

      while you are there,
      check out the new forum MARCH PISCES APRIL EASTER on page 10

    • Anonymous

      Oh and just like on Youtube, Terral makes no comments to any commments. Just calls the ones who disagree Haters. Uh no Terral, until you show your face on Youtube and prove you are not someone else. The record stands. Your a dude using voice altering software. Oh and Terral, Hater is an old term like what’s the dealio and Yo outdated. Since a lot of us have family who live off the coasts of the pacific, Either way, Happy it didn’t happen but then ticked off for all the fear porn. Crack team? or on “crack” Terral will lead us in the next world lmao, his words exactly. Uh no bro you are not God nor Jesus. And surely are no ones leader. Get over it. Show yourself on youtube or go down in youtube history as another guy with multi channels.

    • Anonymous

      Reading comments can provide information. What is the purpose of fear-mongering? I do not see logic. It’s also a “cry wolf” situation if you ask “what if” somewhere in your mind. Why can’t people state real facts, backed up with real evidence? I can understand wanting to be anonymous – this is something people do when they fear something. Perhaps Terral fears persecution by people high up? Although he also propagates fear too. Neither is good for anyone. Did you know your brain shuts down when you are in a state of fear?

    • Anonymous

      funny bro maybe we post as anonymous but so is your post lmao just sayin

    • Nam Marine

      News flash!……”World Ends at 8 pm”. Film at 11:00.

    • Anonymous

      Oops!! The date/time has come and gone!! What now!!

    • Whiskey Zero

      LOL still here. This will do wonders for Terral’s credibility!!! LOL

    • Gojiroiscoming

      Clearly the Illuminati changed their plans since Terral outted their grand designs!

    • Andrea

      This is the same Terral who had several gullible people moving into some caves near the roaring river state park in SW Missouri last year.
      He was wrong then just like he is wrong now.
      He is exhibiting classical symptoms of delusionary behavior marked by the fact that he appears not to be experiencing a marked impairment in hIs daily activities.
      He appears to be functioning in a social, occupational or other important settings. As such his outward behavior should not be noticeably bizarre or objectively characterized as out-of-the-ordinary.
      His continued fascination with the mythical Nibiru, direct communications with the divine, and his several years obsession with the doomsday events is what is rather disconcerting because it has led him into an imaginary reality that is going to end when he is given a specific date by the Divine.
      This in and of itself could possibly lead him to gather together some sycophants who he would convince to seriously consider a mass suicide event similar to Jonestown or the Hale-Bopp Comet cult in San Diego some years back.
      As a Christian I do believe in the Biblical account of the proverbial “Last Days”, with the exception that it is the Lord God in heaven who knows the times and no one else.
      Terrals delusion is no different than others who profess to know dates and times, it is a figment of their own imagination and nothing more.

      Terral needs to seek counseling for his disorder from a certified and skilled mental health professional who is either a Christian or one who understands how religious belief systems play out in every day life.
      There is little to no evidence to support his delusion except excerpts from none credible sources. He takes a little here and a touch from there and compiles his smatterings of information into what some consider as credible.

      I give Terral the same credibility as the Sorcha Faal reports, absolutely none.

    • Str8Talker

      Terral… you just keep swinging and missing the ball… go back to your Ozark Caves in the heavily ancient volcanic region… those fumes are really getting to you, buddy.

      If something is coming… then it’s coming. You do a DISSERVICE with every FALSE REPORT… so when the REAL THING HAPPENS… Nobody will listen.




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