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Shocking: The FDA Says You Have No Right To Freedom Of Food

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The FDA Says You Have No Right to Freedom of Food

You thought you had the right to choose what you eat? The FDA says you don’t. They claim that there is no fundamental right to choose your food or freedom to contract for it. Responding to a Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund lawsuit, the FDA clearly states that you do not have the right to freedom of choice in your diet.

Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) Lawsuit Against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

The FTCLDF is a 501(c)(4) organization, which means that it exists to promote the social welfare of its members and community. They define their reason for being in one sentence:

Sustainable farming and direct farm-to-consumer transactions further the common good and general welfare of all Americans.

Their Mission Statement says, in whole:

The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund is a 501 (c) (4) non-profit organization made up of farmers and consumers joining together and pooling resources to:

  • Protect the constitutional right of the nation’s family farms to provide processed and unprocessed farm foods directly to consumers through any legal means.
  • Protect the constitutional right of consumers to obtain unprocessed and processed farm foods directly from family farms.
  • Protect the nation’s family farms from harassment by federal, state, and local government interference with food production and on-farm food processing.

On behalf of its members and for all family farms in the US, the FTCLDF filed a lawsuit against the FDA, claiming “that the federal regulations (21 CFR 1240.61 and 21 CFR 131.110) banning raw milk for human consumption in interstate commerce are unconstitutional and outside of FDA’s statutory authority as applied to FTCLDF’s members and the named individual plaintiffs in the suit.”

The FDA responded by claiming a number of things, including the absurd idea that the FTCLDF has no standing to file the case! That is, they’re claiming that the organization that represents the people who have been harmed by the FDA’s actions does not actually represent them. They claim that no harm has been shown, in spite of the fact that the FDA’s actions have prevented farmers from producing and selling raw milk and their customers have lost the ability to obtain it.

The FDA’s Response and Claims

The FDA makes several statements in response to the lawsuit. The implications for personal freedoms are frightening.

No Fundamental Right to Raw Milk

The FDA claims that “…plaintiffs’ assertion of a new ‘fundamental right’ under substantive due process to produce, obtain, and consume unpasteurized milk lacks any support in law.” This implies that no rights exist unless they have been specifically granted. This concept runs completely counter to the basic concepts of the nation. The Declaration of Independence states:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

A basic notion in the founding of the nation is that rights do not have to be delineated. The rights identified in the Declaration of Independence clearly stated that they are merely “among” the obvious rights of people. How could anyone suggest that obtaining one’s food of choice is not an inherent right?

FDA Has the Right to Set the Rules for How They May Be Controlled

The FDA claims that, before filing a lawsuit, the FTCLDF should have filed a petition with the FDA. In other words, they’re claiming that they have the right to set the rules by which they may be accessed and controlled. If the FDA has such a right, then it is unaccountable to the people.

No Historical Tradition of Access to Food of Choice

The FDA states that “there is no ‘deeply rooted’ historical tradition of unfettered access to food of all kinds.” This implies that one does not have the right to a vegetable garden containing one’s choice of foods, or that choosing organic over petroleum-based fertilizer is not a right, or that one has no right to choose to eat a vegetarian diet.

“There is No Generalized Right to Bodily and Physical Health.”

This title quotes the title of a section of the FDA’s response to the lawsuit. If that doesn’t terrify you, then nothing can. The FDA is, literally, claiming that they have the right to take a person’s health if it suits them. The section uses specious logic, claiming that there is no right to bodily and physical health because, according to them, there is no right to food choice, which is a claim that only the FDA could make.

It’s interesting that the FDA is implicitly acknowledging that there is a connection between food and health, though they deny that one has a right to either freedom of food or pursuance of bodily and physical health.

“There is No Fundamental Right to Freedom of Contract.”

Another section of the FDA’s response is the above title claiming that individuals do not have the right to engage in contracts as they choose. This flies in the face of the basic right implied in the Constitution and strengthened by the 5th and 14th amendments. Limitations have been placed when contractual rights conflict with personal rights.

However, the inherent right to freedom of contract has not been abrogated, in spite of the FDA’s claims. Their reference to it as “anachronistic” says more about the FDA’s attitude towards the people than it does about the intent of the law.

“FDA’s Regulations Rationally Advance the Agency’s Public Health Mission.”

This statement by the FDA—again, the title of a section of its response—is made without a shred of documentation in support. It is nothing more than a self-congratulatory statement of opinion, one that a large section of the American public does not accept. Indeed, the illogic and arrogance of the FDA’s entire response to the FTCLDF lawsuit tends to deny their claim to rationality.

The FDA’s Logic

The logic the FDA is using seems to be: If it isn’t specifically named in the Constitution, then there is no such right. The absurdity of that logic is revealed by suggesting that you don’t have the right to breathe because it wasn’t specifically granted by the Constitution.

What could be more basic to life and the right to live than the right to eat as we wish and obtain the food we wish to eat? We have the right to free speech and assembly. In light of that, how can the FDA claim that we don’t, by definition, have the right to eat what we choose?

Could the Founding Fathers have possibly envisioned a government that would infringe on an individual’s right to choice in food?

Nonetheless, we need to understand that, in one sense, the FDA is right. Unless we act to stop their intrusions into our rights, then their claims will, effectively, become law. They’ve almost accomplished it now. Consider that the FDA’s claim that you have no right to choose what you eat isn’t front page news. The battle is almost lost already. It’s time…no, it’s past time to take action.

“But I Don’t Believe in Raw Milk”

Some readers may believe that pasteurized milk is better. That’s your right. However, does that give the FDA the right to enforce pasteurized milk on everyone? At what point will the FDA be infringing on your rights to food and health?

Many people have found that switching to raw milk has improved, and even cured, serious health problems. In light of the fact that the FDA has stated that you have no right to health, at what point will something you require be made illegal or difficult to obtain? Do you find that taking Vitamin C helps prevent colds? Are you aware that the FDA is planning to infringe on your right to take it? What about Vitamin D? Many people are finding that it improves their health, yet the FDA disagrees and wants to regulate it.

Do you want the right to eat organic food? That may be abridged, too, as the FDA is grabbing the right to define what organic means. What about genetically modified foods? Studies are showing that they cause tremendous harm, yet the FDA doesn’t even want you to know when foods have been created through GM processes.

The list can go on. If you’ve found that a certain food provides a particular health benefit, but someone has made a health claim for it, did you know that you can be denied access to it—simply because of that health claim?

This is not about raw milk. This is about your right to pursue health and the food of your choice. Please, don’t ignore this plea. Whatever your views on any particular food, it should be self-evident that each person should have the right to obtain it. The FDA’s intrusions on our lives are egregious, fundamentally evil, and outrageous. Please, take action now! There truly is no time to waste.

Take Action!

You can start by going to the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund’s action pages:

  • Help Congressman Ron Paul’s bid to overturn the federal ban on raw milk, HR 778. He needs cosponsors. Please go to FTCLDF’s Help HR 778 Get Co-Sponsors to End Raw Milk Ban page and follow instructions sign a petition on the subject.
  • Help defeat HR 2749, which would give the FDA even more power and put small family farmers out of business. You can simply sign the petition, or add a message to make it more personal and powerful. Your representative will get the message.

Then, start writing to your representatives in Congress, including your rep in the House and your senator. Write to the president. Then, write to your local state representatives. They’re under pressure from the federal government to go along with these abridgements of our rights.

We, the People, can stop this encroachment of our rights—but only if you speak out, starting now!

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    • X

      The right to choose what you want to eat is liberty
      The right to choose how you want to eat is the pursuit of happiness.

      Without the correct nutrients, they rob us of life.
      “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”

      FDA and there wordsmiths have no common sense.

    • Anonymous

      Nonsense, let them make the claim, for they know there are 100,000,000 guns that keep them at bay, just like most other of their crazy laws!

    • Anonymous

      well they have the right to “MY NEW ROPE”!!!

    • Don't be hating!

      FDA can kiss everyone ASS! They are eating the same crap we do..Their families and children eat, breath, get diseases just like everyone else. Bunch of monkeys

    • Anonymous

      Just another step in the Anti-Christs plan to give you the mark of the beast before you buy anything.

    • Anonymous

      Oh yes, all those guns have kept them at bay, for we still have gardens, collect clean water and are alive. What they might be getting away with has not yet been attempted on most of us,un like with you unarmed pushovers WTFU dude.

    • Anonymous

      It seems the contrived Obama administration’s only cultivated skill is molesting people. Put me in the White House and I will ditch this garbage, IMMEDIATELY.

    • Anonymous

      FDA should concentrate on the very poor job they are already doing and take a hike with this crapola. They can not handle what is already on their plate, otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many law suits against them already. This is another government branch who believes, without a doubt, that they are more knowledgable about health and your body than you are. People in Washington have the mistaken notion that the rest of us are all morons & imbecils. Not so much any more folks.
      The FDA’s time has expired. The people are out of patience with these stupid ideas of control over us and your soon to be put to pasture with a few other government departments full of power and no steam. Your disgusting in your attempted power grabs.

    • Georgesblog360

      The FDA worships at the altar of Monsanto, on this one. Control the food, control the people.

    • Anonymous

      Well……. you voted for “hope and change” Now you’re getting the change. Remember, “we have to pass the bill, so we’ll know what’s in it”? Isn’t it exciting waiting for the next shoe to fall?

    • MindMe

      If you own a cow, you can drink all the raw milk you want. That’s not being infringed. There’s no ban on that. The FDA is simply regulating your ability to sell it. Should you be able to sell any food product to consumers without any kind of oversight about its safety as a food?

      According to the FDA:

      ||While the perceived nutritional and health benefits of raw milk consumption have not been scientifically substantiated, the health risks are clear. Since 1987, there have been 143 reported outbreaks of illness – some involving miscarriages, still births, kidney failure and deaths – associated with consumption of raw milk and raw milk products that were contaminated with pathogenic bacteria such as Listeria, Campylobacter, Salmonella, and E. coli. Because E. coli can spread from one child to another, the risk is not just to the one that drank the milk.||

      It seems reasonable the FDA would limit sale of any product that can affect the health of people around the drinker. A child who does of e.coli didn’t have a free choice in the matter.

      • M24

        The problem with your argument is that it fails to consider the whole picture. Sure, every now and then someone gets sick from drinking raw milk. BUT, people get sick from drinking pasteurized milk as well–so should we ban milk altogether? I haven’t done the math, but if you look at the number of people who get e. coli or salmonella poisoning from fruits and vegetables I would be willing to bet that the numbers are HIGHER than raw milk. SO–should we start imposing strict laws on when and how we buy fruits and vegetables and subsequently give them to our children? Obviously, if an infection from raw milk can be passed on then one from lettuce can be passed on as well. Most of all though, your argument fails to consider the vast number of people who benefit from drinking raw milk. It is difficult to find research on this topic because it is almost impossible to quantify such an effect. However, that doesn’t make it invalid. Therefore, it becomes a risk analysis and the FDA does this kind of thing all the time with drugs. Virtually every drug on the market will cause an adverse effect to someone who takes it so they calculate risk by determining if the number of people who benefit outweigh those harmed. I would dare say that from that perspective, 143 reported cases of people who fall ill from drinking raw milk is a very very low number–especially considering the number of people consuming it worldwide.

    • Anonymous

      “governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

      FDA has the right to exist only to the extent of our consent. Overriding that consent can be done only through the use of force. This is the true nature of tyranny. It needs to end, hopefully peacefully through the electoral process. Think RON PAUL.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, the FDA is incorrect in saying we dont have the right to choose what we, sovereign citizens, will eat. Its an implied right in the Constitution, and as a lady says, it is part of our liberty and freedom. WE have the right to life, liberty and the persuit of happiness from God, not man and NOT Government or any Government entity.

    • HealingMindN

      For this reason, the FDA has their own hired guns. Do we have the right to dissolve the FDA and start over? Do we even have the right to vote for or impeach FDA officials? Does the FDA exist outside of the US Constitution? Are we living in the FDA’s world of 3rd Reich Gestapo Madness?

    • MindMe

      “I agree, the FDA is incorrect in saying we dont have the right to choose what we, sovereign citizens, will eat.”

      But the FDA didn’t say that. You can eat any food product you want. You just can’t sell anything you want across state lines.

    • WhenInjusticeTakesHold

      To prove that rights do NOT have to be delineated, read the 9th Amendment.

    • WhenInjusticeTakesHold

      The federal government has no authority to regulate anything in and between the many states. Its jurisdiction is ONLY in the District of Columbia, territories, and bona fide federal enclaves, including armories and docks that states ceded jurisdiction. See Article I, Section 8, Clauses 17 and 18; Article IV.

      The agencies and bureaus are of the executive branch and absolutely have no law making authority as the executive branch has no law making authority. See Article I, and Article III.

      You can sell anything you wish across state lines, and government has no say-so in it as no government entity can interfere with contracts within the many states, and absolutely have no power to dictate anything about food stuffs except within its jurisdiction. And, even in its jurisdictional area, food (except that imported from foreign lands) cannot be controlled.

      The F.D.A. is purely a servant to the pharmaceutical industry, which pays a fee to get drugs approved. See the 1992 Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA). Thus, the F.D.A. is simply a business under the guise of protecting people and their rights.

    • MindMe

      “The federal government has no authority to regulate anything in and between the many states. Its jurisdiction is ONLY in the District of Columbia, territories, and bona fide federal enclaves, including armories and docks that states ceded jurisdiction. See Article I, Section 8, Clauses 17 and 18; Article IV.”

      Really? Because they’ve sure operated for decades like they have the right to regulate interstate sales of certain food/medical products. Surely this has been challenged in the courts before the raw milk people? You would think the tobacco industry would have challenged their jurisdiction a long time ago.

      Forgive me if I don’t take your legal opinion on this matter.

      “The F.D.A. is purely a servant to the pharmaceutical industry, which pays a fee to get drugs approved. ”

      The FDA is a pretty lousy servant then, given the huge number of drugs they fail to approve for their paymasters.

    • Anonymous


      VOTE FOR DR. RON PAUL 2012

    • Idiot Proof

      I am curious as to how:

      1) the FDA thinks it possesses the authority to make that determination,

      2) how exactly that supposed authority was allegedly granted to the FDA, and

      3) by whom was this non-existent authority granted.

      The FDA is claiming that I, as a human being, as a citizen of the united States of America, do not have the Right to choose not to take poison/be poisoned, not to take drugs/be drugged, to choose my own diet and nutrition, to attempt to get, stay, and/or keep healthy.

      WOW. There are some people in high places, that think they are so high, that they cannot be brought back down to Earth, and I mean crashing back down to Earth…

      I eagerly await the one-hundredth monkey-sheeple waking the hell up, and causing the inevitable cascade of consciousness to wash over all of us, and cleanse us of the parasitic wealth and life-energy sucking leeches that have been, and currently infest our planet, once and for all.

    • energymight

      Do not forget the Federal Supremacy Clause of our constitution. any crazy laws these regulators and agencies try to push on us are null and void, because they are Unconstitutional to begin with.

    • Idiot Proof

      MindMe, you are correct in asserting how the FDA operates, and that the FDA does not approve many drugs for the corps that apply for approval, but, the post you replied to is 100% factually accurate. In my opinion, the reply and attitude you displayed, is most certainly part of the PROBLEM, rather than any type of rationalizing, and definitely not part of the solution. To me it is absolutely astonishing how many of the drugs that they DO approve, wind up killing people anyway. That in itself is proof positive that the FDA “approval process” is severely lacking and FAILING in integrity, effectiveness, and intention.

      Most of us are pretty much aware of how the FDA, as well as most of the governmental corporation operates, and some of us realize that it is wrong, illegal, and detrimental to our well-being. What we need, is, when people point out that the gov corp is not abiding by the Constitution, or breaking its own laws, a vociferous and public call from many voices, for the gov-corp to get back in line with the Constitution. What we do not need is for people to roll over, bend over, or bow down to the corrupted system, shrug and say, “Ahh what are we gonna do, huh? It’s the government, we cant fight that.”

    • Idiot Proof

      MindMe, did you not notice that you are the only one on this page, who is not on the same page as EVERYONE else?

    • WhenInjusticeTakesHold


      My name is Ed, but somehow this always says “anonymous”. I also wrote the comment immediately above this one.

      Anyway, this says it all about the founding fathers and government’s lack of control over our food and medicine, etc.

      “If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls of those who live under tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson


    • WhenInjusticeTakesHold

      Sorry about saying, “the comment immediately above..” It is the one that begins with,

      “Posted by Anonymous on Friday, December 30, 2011

      The federal government has no authority to regulate anything in and between the many states. Its jurisdiction is ONLY in the District of Columbia, territories, and bona fide federal enclaves, including armories and docks that states ceded jurisdiction. See Article I, Section 8, Clauses 17 and 18; Article IV.

      By the way, mindme, the courts are not article courts of law, the “one supreme “Court” of Article III. Nor are the courts any less corrupt than the other two branches of government. And, yes, they – all the branches – have been getting by with every criminal act imaginable, including such despicable acts as rape, incest, pedophilia, and all the mala in se crimes, every mala prohibita crime, and treason against the people.

      Wake up and smell the stench of every government here and the quasi governments they create.

      The foxes guard the foxes, and leave we people hung out to dry.

    • True News

      Hi Ed, go into your profile and change the screen name to something. If you leave it blank, your name is “Anonymous”.

    • Wake up

      Have you heard of the s 510 ? And let’s say Ron paul is president ” awesome ” but that won’t change what mansanto has already done. What haarp has done, what Chemtrails are doing. So you think writing to the wall is going to make a difference? Because no one cares for your letters, compared to the deaths and suffering that they ignore. And yes the government assumes we are morons becaus that is what they are producing, and most of us are feeding into the bull. And no I don’t think so about everyone eating the same food. Most people with money, should I say upper class eat pure organic. I keep hearing sovereignty, if that were true how come we are controlled in every way, doesn’t sound like we are sovereign citizens. Especially after ndaa being in.

    • Wake up

      The FDA allowed gm salmond, over 85% of corn and cotton is gm. At least 60% of all soy in the US is gm. Those three things are in so many proucts. They allow flouride in our waters. And just so you know all the radiation from fuku has been circulating into the US, so the further west more toxic. In Europe they are telling everyone to stay away from the produce and meats from cows. All the natural gas leaks into our water supply and food. They know. This is all eugenics people. WAKEUP!

    • TeeLee

      All I have to say to the FDA is, “Uh, excuse me?”

    • WhenInjusticeTakesHold

      Thanks, Chris.


    • Wake up

      Nothing huh?

    • Anonymous

      Everyone has the right to choose and even grow their own food … or whatever they like. What is the FDA for?

    • Anonymous

      The FDA is for maximizing big pharma corporate profits. Providing guidelines for industries that manufacture products that kill in excess of 200,000 people a year. Just another taxpayer financed criminal operation. Given that their policies often do more harm than good there is speculation among some of those conspiracy theorizing , extremist patriot, constitution loving, Bill of Right loving types, (of which I happen to be) as to whether Al-acuda may have infiltrated their shadowy ranks.

    • Wake up

      Not if the s510 ever gets passed. The law will stop you from growing your own food.

    • GrowMap

      This is a really serious issue that must be stopped. Have you seen the penalties that law imposes? See my comprehensive post about Food Rights for extensive information, links and videos on this topic.

    • SkareCro

      “The law will stop you from growing your own food.”

      Really? Words on a piece of paper someone isn’t a party to is gonna stop them? I say lets make a law that stops felons from having guns… How well has that worked out?

      It’s NOT “law” unless you consent. Which master do you serve?

    • MindMe


      “The FDA is claiming that I, as a human being, as a citizen of the united States of America, do not have the Right to choose not to take poison/be poisoned, not to take drugs/be drugged, to choose my own diet and nutrition, to attempt to get, stay, and/or keep healthy. ”

      But again, the FDA is not claiming that about thr raw milk case according to the documents on the raw milk people’s own site. They are merely claiming raw milk sellers don’t have the right to sell raw milk across state lines without complying with certain FDA health and safety regulations. Further they note that because of the ease with which e.coli can be transmitted by raw milk drinkers, it moves beyond a personal choice issue and an issue of public health. Your rights end, naturally, when you put others in danger.

      “To me it is absolutely astonishing how many of the drugs that they DO approve, wind up killing people anyway. ”

      Could you list what % of approved drugs kill people and supply the source of this figure? In my opinion, food and drugs are far safer today because of the FDA. Before the FDA people would try to sell radioactive substances as medicine. The FDA was created to end this kind of insanity (

      No organization or human is perfect. I’m sure you would agree idiotproof you’re not a perfect being. I have no doubt the FDA will make errors. We’ll never have a 100% safe drug or food supply. But the FDA does not simply throw its hands up at such mistakes and go “oh well, crap happens”. They try to improve the process, just as, say airlines impose new safety processes following accidents.

      Still, you’ve not really adequately explained how an organization supposedly owned by big pharma fails to approve many drugs or why they even insist upon vastly expensive drug trials or insist on expensive post approval data collection for the life of the product. Big pharma, it seems to me, would have had the FDA lower the bar considerably, bringing it in line with what the so-called supplement industry has to match. Instead of addressing this counter factual, you simply moved the goal post. Not going to work with me. Sorry.

      “MindMe, did you not notice that you are the only one on this page, who is not on the same page as EVERYONE else?”

      I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make. Einstein was not on the same page with most classical physicists when he published special relativity. An appeal to popularity is a logical fallacy.


      I don’t quite follow what you’re trying to say about courts and their authority. It seems to me that many people challenge certain laws based on their constitutionality. If they win, this seems to toss out the law. While I’d like to see the raw milk people have their day in court, it seems unbelievable to me that no one has challenged the FDA’s right to regulate. There are many killer lawyers out there who, if the FDA’s unconstitutionality was as obvious as some claim, would have jumped on a chance to sue the FDA out of existence on behalf of tobacco companies et al.

      Could you site some specific case law to back your claim?

    • MindMe


      Read the actual FDA response:–ds%20mtd%20memo%20in%20support.pdf

      See near the bottom of page 3.

      In short:

      The raw milk people claim the FDA prevents them from:

      - traveling across State lines with legally obtained raw dairy products;

      - consuming the foods of their choice.

      The FDA notes:

      “Noticeably absent from plaintiffs’ Amended Complaint, however, is any allegation that FDA’s regulations have ever been interpreted or enforced in the manner feared by plaintiffs. In fact, the government has neither brought nor threatened to bring a single enforcement action against consumers who purchase unpasteurized milk for personal consumption or retailers of such products who do not engage in interstate commerce.”

      The raw milk people are simply inventing a ban that doesn’t exist in law or in practice. They are fear mongering to advance their own political and profit agenda, in my opinion.

      Returning to this point:

      “MindMe, did you not notice that you are the only one on this page, who is not on the same page as EVERYONE else?”

      Yes, everyone else saw the emperor had clothes. But I can see the emperor has no clothes. What’s your point, again?

    • Schitthead

      FDA = Federal Death Administration

    • Anonymous gold Bailout Total: $29.616 Trillion Dollars

    • Wake up

      Nice… Ok the FDA is a unity that keeps us safe? Are you on crack? They spend millions blocking laws that would give you much more info on what you eat. So basically they leave you in the dark, like a fascist dick. Yeah your right people make mistakes. I never knew mistakes and lives taken go hand in hand. Did you know ecoli is generated in the intestines? So they use ecoli excuse for everything from fruits to veggies, and they have no intestines. Basically your saying the USA is the best in health and preserving life? And your dead wrong.

    • Wake up

      Obviously your not paying attention to the world or information being accurate. How many drugs are called back because they are creating monsters and death and misery? Just watch the tube when you see a commercial they’ll show someone suing so you can join, why because most of these never go through clinical trails. Trails should last years not months or days. But nope they have there agenda. Which does not consider our perspective or the evolution of life. And so know the FDA has already screwed us with flouride, do you know what that is? And you have the nerve to say mistakes.

    • Wake up

      Food and drug, how do they go together?

    • Wake up

      Problem #1

    • Idiot Proof

      Yeah mindme, you are the ONE who sees the truth, and the rest of us are dumb stupid and blind. You are most definitely a troll, all you do is defend the indefensible, by confusing the issues through your lies and misinformation.

    • HealingMindN

      Is US Health Really the Best in the World?
      Barbara Starfield, MD, MPH

      Caution: The “Best Route” to Good Health is Causing 106,000 Deaths/Year (Big Pharma, biggest defrauders of Fed Gov’t – so why isn’t the FDA going after big pharma which causes 106,000/year as opposed to organic raw milk producers causing no deaths?)

      The War Over Raw Milk Heats Up

      Daily Finance reports:

      “On occasion, people do get sick from drinking raw milk. But the number of people sickened by raw milk compared to other foods does not seem to warrant the FDA’s focused, expensive campaign …

      No government regulations of interstate commerce in peanuts, kale, or cantaloupes have been suggested, despite the much greater number of people sickened by consuming these foods. Sushi, a raw food that provides a greater opportunity for illness than raw milk, is legal in all 50 states, too.”

      A Campaign for Real Milk

    • Wake up

      Great point on sushi, argument is flawless.

    • MindMe


      “Yeah mindme, you are the ONE who sees the truth, and the rest of us are dumb stupid and blind. You are most definitely a troll, all you do is defend the indefensible, by confusing the issues through your lies and misinformation.”

      As far as I can see, between you and me, I’m the only one presenting evidence and fact for my position. You’ve supplied nothing but hand waving and avoided addressing my actual requests for evidence to support your claims.

      To me, that doesn’t seem like trolling. That seems like honest debate.

    • MindMe

      @Wake up

      “Ok the FDA is a unity that keeps us safe? Are you on crack? They spend millions blocking laws that would give you much more info on what you eat. ”

      What laws are they blocking? Could you give some examples with references?

    • Anonymous

      “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

      Have the FDA found a way in which a person can live without ingesting food? Doesn’t the farmer have the right to sell its product? And how about his pursue of happiness.

      Since the product is natural. What the FDA should have required was a warning to the person buying the product. So that the person buying knows the possible risks of using raw milk.

      Other than that, I fail to see where in the constitution the federal government is given power to decide what can be sold or not. Specially between parties knowing the risks involved.

      Since we live on a republic. Govenment only have the powers that the constitution gives. Since the power itself is not of government, but of the people.

      On a republic (as the USofA is) No law that goes beyond the powers of the constitution is legal. Nor should be obey.

    • whitebear

      Very nice
      I know several people that are lactose Intolerant… Until they drink udderly delightful milk i.e. unprocessed, unpasteurized, unbastardized milk.
      They can drink all the cow milk they want as long as its fresh.
      Not that I think they should but if that’s what they want, then there it is.

    • Wake up


    • Wake up

      Of the top I don’t remember the exact info, but I’ll Get it for you and sorry it was a bit harsh. Ok I can describe it, in Europe when you purchase certain foods they will come with info like a color system green meaning you can eat it everyday, yellow twice a week, red twice a month( example). This was over a year ago, they spent over 5 million $ getting it out.

    • Wake up

      Ok they allow GM food and don’t tell you about it. They tried passing the s 510. But it looks like they don’t need it.

    • Wake up

      Like me. And we are a republic, but most have forgotten .

    • HereAmI

      Fortunately, the FDA doesn’t realize that Vit D is best obtained by sun exposure, so their attempts to regulate its availability are doomed.
      Wrt pasteurized milk, and how it is supposedly so much safer than raw, we should be aware that all dairy cows are obligatorily injected with Monsanto’s rBGH. This changes the composition of the milk in an unnatural way, ie different percentages of the various proteins. It massively increases milk output, at the expense of the cow’s well-being. Because e-coli contamination of the milk is seen to be a problem, as it invariably is in any system of animal husbandry which is modelled on the Auschwitz Paradigm, these cows are routinely injected with antibiotics to control the e coli. This rapidly results in antibiotic resistant strains emerging. So we now have a situation where the feared e coli is actually becoming a major problem, whereas before the FDA and their Funding Fathers Monsanto got involved, it was not a problem. Believe it or not, humans were designed with an immune system whose function is to deal with occasional infection by the bacteria and viruses which we have grown up alongside. If you look at Amish, etc, indeed at any group of people in the US, these things were not a problem in past times. Diseases tend to get out of control only when the population is undernourished ( read “Junk Food” )or under stress, eg from wars etc, which undermines this natural resilience. Pasteurized milk is also full of blood because of the underlying infection of the herds, which paradoxically is created by feeding them routine antibiotics.
      The philosophical issue is this. The US is a socialist/communist state. This is otherwise described as one in which all instructions come from a centralized source; the FDA and all the other alphabet agencies are a part of this system. So you are told what to do and what to think, and how much you are allowed or not allowed to do any particular thing. The concept of you being in an equal partnership with these people, and ultimately, owning the government, as you pay for it, has been subverted. So the Bill of Rights has been abandoned in favour of a Bill of Responsibilities. You have not specifically chosen to do this, but if you do not resist their changes, then you are deemed to have consented to these changes.
      Centralized control is highly dangerous. This was why the Constitution was framed as it was, with checks and balances to prevent this hijacking of freedom. The problem is, that if a group of; let’s just call them Bankers for want of a better word; and The Rothschilds if we wish to be a little more specific, gets into this single hot seat, they can begin to control everything and everyone according to how they want things to be, which basically boils down to plutocracy, aka feudalism, where the corrupt elite controls the many. If you think of the analogy of an agricultural system, where massive fields of one particular crop are grown, this opens the system up to equally massive failure, if for example, a particular pathogen arises and destroys the entire crop. ( which is how nature operates) Conversely, if the land is divided up into lots of little patches of different crops, the introduction of a crop-specific pest will not cause a systemic failure. So the idea of the individual states being given the right to establish their own unique statutes, which might not be in accordance with those adopted by other states, is seen to be a healthy situation.
      The focus of this article is on the availability or not of different kinds of milk. Milk is usually from cows. The word for cattle in Yiddish is goyim, and the Talmud considers you too as cattle, ie worthy of no more right than a cow has, under this present paradigm of exploitation. So by neglecting the absolute right of cows to a happy life, you are simultaneously downgrading your own rights. Everything is connected, Gentlemen, in a perfect society.
      Vote for Ron. He has this idea of decentralizing power, which is Step One.

    • Things that make ya go hummm

      Poison the food………..kill the people.

    • X

      When you pasteurize milk, you kill everything in it, including the good nutrients, vitamins, good bacteria, amino acids, and it kills bad bacteria. The old science to it treats milk as a total fluid, devoid of flaw, not as what milk really is. Take a look under a microscope, raw will look like bags, with floating bacteria[good]. Take a look at pasteurized milk under a microscope. Looks like an endless supply of popped bags. The nutrient value is negligible at best.

      The difference between raw and pasteurized is like the proverbial “heaven and hell”

      This fits in perfectly with the “Codex Alimentarius”
      Nutrients that are known are now poison in the FDA’s eyes. Fluoride and other toxic waste is now considered an essential mineral, just like many other toxic wastes that are the new nutrients, using there pseudo science!

    • Wake up

      Well they add synthetic vitamin d, someone said earlier the sun is the best source for v D, which is why they make you terrified of the sun. So synthetic vitamin D it depletes your magnesium. Wich in hand create a snowball effect on your immune system. No magnesium and then your body starts not being able to absorb other nutrients, once you understand wiith out minerals and fat and water you can’t absorb vitamins. And vise versu. They all need each other for the body to use them. Can’t have one with out the other. That’s what all the fortified and altered foods do. They fill you up, but the damage free radicals are doing is to much for the immune system, and you have all kinds of problems from diseases to a malfunctioning immune system, possibly creating allergies, dis eas . And if your not giving your body the elements needed, you are malnutrition 100% . And that is why people are so divided. There always negative, that into makes you unhappy, once your unhappy you creat apathy. And it goes down hill from there….

    • Wake up

      Once your body needs Hese elements, and for what ever reason you can’t get them, your body synthesizes certain enzymes ect.. Now you just stoped that process. And the more stopping and not doing or the ability for your body to produce what it needs, your body deteriorates even faster. And once that happens it’s like your body totally has no instinct or memory, no homeostasis.

    • WhenInjusticeTakesHold

      Here, this should interest you all,especially since these are approved by the F.D.A.

      10 Most Dangerous Prescription drugs in America ..

      Last edited Fri Dec 30, 2011, 12:20 PM USA/ET – Edit history (3)
      Alter Net

      The Fix/Kevin Gray

      For the first time in nearly a century, automobile accidents are no longer the nation’s leading cause of accidental deaths, according to a major report released Tuesday by the National Center for Health Statistics. The new number one killer is drugs—not smack, crystal meth or any other stepped-on menace sold in urban alleyways or trailer parks, but bright, shiny pills prescribed by doctors, approved by the government, manufactured by pharmaceutical companies and sold to the consumer as “medicine.” Yet of the billions of legit pills Americans pop every year for medical conditions serious and otherwise, the vast majority of lives are claimed by only a select few classes—painkillers, sedatives and stimulants—that all share a common characteristic: they promote abuse, dependence and addiction.

      This list of brand name and generic drugs was compiled from the Drug Abuse Warning Network’s (DAWN’s) database of emergency room visits in 2009, including drug poisonings that lead to both deaths and survivals.

      1. Xanax (alprazolam) 112,552 (benzodiazepine class)

      2. OxyContin (and other oxycodone drugs) 105,214 (opiate class)

      3. Vicodin (and other hydrocodone drugs) 86,258 (opiate class)

      4. Methadone 63,031 (opiate class)

      5. Klonopin (clonazepam) 57,633 (benzodiazepine class)

      6. Ativan (lorazepam) 36,582 (benzodiazepine class)

      7. Morphine drugs 31,731 (opiate class)

      8. Seroquel (quetiapine) 29,436 (antipsychotic class)

      9. Ambien (zolpidem) 29,127 (sedative class)

      10. Valium (diazepam) 25,150 (benzodiazepine)

    • Common_Cents

      Whoa, is this the same FDA that approves pharmaceutical Drugs even though they are DEADLY to us? If you havent read a warning label on FDA approved drugs, you need to.

    • Idiot Proof

      WOW! Whole bunch of posts/comments missing. Some of the mods here at Before It’s News, seem to not want certain information being shared, and they are censoring that info by deleting posts/comments. Posts and comments that in no way violate the ToS.

      Why is this happening? Mods should only delete the most offensive posts, not the most informative and important posts. Keep it up moderators, and you will be astounded at how quickly you will lose credibility, and how fast your site is abandoned by your frequent visitors.

      It’ll get really lonely for you if all there is at your site is trolls, shills, moderators, and the idiot sheeple morons who still buy the official stories reported by the MSM Propaganda Machine, that you yourselves become a part of, at the moment you begin to routinely censor and delete comments. People will abandon this site in a hot second if you keep deleting posts, just like, I, and tens of thousands others did with InfoWars for censoring posts containing pertinent information.
      I correct myself, your credibility has already suffered because of comment deletion, and thus, censorship. I am asking you to cease that practice immediately.

    • Wake up

      Wow, that is a problem!

    • MindMe

      @idiotproof I’m still waiting for comment on:

      “To me it is absolutely astonishing how many of the drugs that they DO approve, wind up killing people anyway. ”

      Could you list what % of approved drugs kill people and supply the source of this figure?

      A user above listed 10, although a lot are pain killers and certainly dangerous if not used as prescribed. You can OD on Vitamin A or water quite easily too. But I would like to know, idiotproof, your specific goalpost. What % of the pharmacopoeia is killing people when used as prescribed? As I noted, elixir sulfanilamide killed 100 people and was the final nail in the coffin for the creation of an FDA.

      Further, you did not bother to address the glaring counter factual to your FDA conspiracy claim. Big Pharma has been notably powerless in getting their FDA servants to lower the barrier for drug approval. It’s a vastly expensive procedure.

    • Idiot Proof

      Troll, look up and read the comment that lists them…you are not worth wasting time on, you are only interested in derailing the thread, and your ‘tactics’ are straight off MSLSD, FOAD.

    • building 5

      the FDA has become a corrupt organization., -And I won’t take anything they say seriously anymore.

    • Wake up

      Mind me if you learn how vitamins, water , minerals , and fats work. You’ll understand that’s how your body is being destroyed silently. Certain vitamins need certain minerals, and is it fat or water soluble. And then you have synthetic vitamins, so first when all is good you need the trifecta of Vitamins , minerals, fat or water. Ok now synthetic, synthetic vitamins deplete other vitamins and minerals, so do fake fats , mostly anything not organic. And they know this. When you go the Doctor because your sick ( in my eyes this is week you go for emergencies or illness being sever ) and the doctor gives you Tylenol , why in the hell do they not tell you it’ll deplete your vitamin C? Mindme analyze please!

    • BewareTheStobor


      These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

      I like seeing this on a product!

      Wake up – You’re one smart cookie. Mind providing a reference for Vit. C depletion by Tylenol if you can? Thx.

    • Idiot Proof

      Are ur not sitting at a computer? What prevents u from searching for that info for urself?

    • BewareTheStobor

      @Idiot Proof

      Maybe I want to make sure I see his source because he is obviously a well informed individual. That source would no doubt have other info I would be interested in seeing.

      Now, a question for you, please. What information did the mods censor? It’s disturbing to hear that any legit comment is prevented from being posted but I’d like to know what subject prompted the behavior. Thx.

    • Wake up

      Hey these freaking people do erase messages. This is a waste.

    • Wake up

      Now I know why on certain topics no one even responds. And I thought I was being ignored, that’s what usually happens in person. Most people never want to hear truth, especially when you show them that they are being self centered. And they also laugh at you, so not cool! Especially when a person has no integrity, from lack of respect.

    • Wake up

      I got you on the references, I’m a little slow these days with my own RAM, I’ve been going through to much info and I get stuck mentally lately . I’m just shocked that people or what ever think no sorry they don’t think they just act like junkies doing what needs to be done, and what needs to be done SURPRESS INFO, these fascist, (I cant say pigs or trolls because I don’t want to insult pigs or a trolls) so zombies, there you go.

    • BewareTheStobor

      Wake up – Read your comment on Vit. D. There is a natural source of Vit. D besides the sun. Some mushrooms have a healthy amount of it. Makes sense – they thrive in low light and most don’t do well in full sun. For years I’ve collected wild mushrooms and now I am growing five kinds on my property. We can’t rely on sunlight for our gardens or our Vit. D requirement thanks to chemtrails. I haven’t seen the sun in days thanks to those f’ing things and I’ve taken steps to counteract them. They’ve been extremely heavy and I live in a low population area.

      Cheer up. More and more people are noticing the unnatural aspects of our world.

    • Wake up

      I couldn’t find it been reading for to long, but I think I was just agreeing that the sun gives you vitamin d, and the most abundant, im saying now.Your right about the Chemtrails , and it makes it impossible. But that still does not take away that the sun is the most abundant source of vitamin d, but I got you , your just enough me other ways to get vD. Thanks ! Did you know your mushrooms will , I hate going blank, boost your immune system. Wow took me time to think of boost.

    • Wake up

      If you read the Japanese on food they are very smart on their techniques and a lot of info they have on nutrition.

    • BewareTheStobor

      Wake up – Yes, I’ve read about the Japanese, particularly what they did to live a “normal” healthy life span despite being exposed to high doses of radiation in WWII. Been doing it and more ever since Fuku.

      Yes on the shrooms too. I’m growing Maitake and Shitake for instance. Did you know that Paul Stamets discovered a mushroom that can thrive on radiation and clean the soil of it? Search YouTube for “Paul Stamets: 6 ways mushrooms can save the world” – great video.

      Don’t worry about the links – thanks for trying. Somehow I missed that info on Tylenol so thanks for mentioning it. I should have known there was a reason it is in so many over the counter meds.

    • Wake up

      Nope I messed up, I’m sorry it’s aspirin !

    • Wake up

      This is old to me, and work with kids and babies, and it’s all about Tylenol all the time, so like a reject I typed Tylenol. Sorry, but since were on the fact to much Tylenol does deplete a antioxidant that takes mercury out of your system. Once again sorry.

    • Wake up

      Not just Tylenol but all Acetaminophens.

    • BewareTheStobor

      Acetaminophen depletes endogenous glutathione says one source. Good to know that. No more Tylenol!

    • Wake up

      So busy realizing to apologize I forgot to say super thank you on the mushroom that soaks it up on it’s own have to read. But I know fruits and vegetables will clean your soil also. But I dont think the clean the radiation, so that’s freaking awesome thanks.

    • BewareTheStobor

      Wake up – You’re welcome.

    • Wake up

      Check out 1917 or 1918 Spanish flu, aspirin induced scurvy . Which is a deficiency of vC.

    • Wake up

      Yes! That’s what it’s called. Glutathone this is children get right infants, and it supposed to get rid of the mercury in you body. Babies get shots with low levels of thymerisol hope I spelled it right? Crazy if you ask me, eugenics 101.

    • WhenInjusticeTakesHold

      Here is a bit of information about the F.D.A. and the Cancer Industry.

      The pharmaceutical industry led by Sloan-Kettering, the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute pays a fee to the F.D.A. to get drugs approved, and have done so since 1992 (indirectly even before that. It is through an act called the Prescription Drug User Fee Act.

      What the F.D.A. will NOT do is approve natural means to cure chronic illnesses, such as cancer, Diabetes, heart and circulatory problems, etc. Because our bodies need specific nutrients from natural sources, all chemicals made by pharma and food processors (look at the crap on the label put in food) are foreign to the body and cause side effects. Then, side effects are treated by other pharma chemicals that cause side effects.

      For a good explanation on the science and politics of the pharmaceutical verses natural cures, see G. Edward Griffin’s video, The Science and Politics of Cancer, or Dr. Lorraine Day’s, Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore. These are just two of the many sources but the fact is, the F.D.A. is not going to do anything, nor will Congress, nor the courts, do anything to disrupt the trillion dollar business making us sick has become.

      When I was young, cancer was seldom heard of. Now one in two men and 38 percent of American women get cancer. Also, Diabetes II, completely curable naturally, as is cancer and all other conditions, now affects something like 1 in 4 with 1 in 2 either suffering the condition or are pre-Diabetics.

      The F.D.A. approves the crap in food, including Aspartame (carcinogenic and a deadly poison once used in rat poison), MSG (carcinogenic along with many other immune destroying effects), all the preservatives, artificial stuff (such as blue berry flavored stuff), and so on. In fact, no one should eat packaged foods or processed meats. All are poisonous to our bodies, and the rate increases in chronic conditions proves this beyond all doubt (although the false science used by the processed food industry, the cancer industry and the medical industry as a whole will try to tell you otherwise).

      Believe or don’t believe but the people that control all this could give a good healthy crap about you and your good health and care only about what your suffering will produce for them.

      Me, I elect to not eat any more of their garbage, although it does get trying at times to find good sources of good food. You can continue, as most people do, to not pay the price to get healthy without using any synthetically produced drugs by the madmen. Or, you can do otherwise and start forcing the government to get every artificial substance out of food, air, water, and to stop using terrorism to keep healthy food and its healthy chemicals from us.

      I wrote this in a hurry so please accept my apology for any typos – I have to get on with my organizing hundreds of hours of research in this matter for a series of articles about this topic.

    • Wake up

      Aspartame, check this out is fecal matter from e-coli….. Pretty messed up

    • Wake up

      Read up on doctor Ann wigmore, I think her name is. She would take cancer and aids patients and cure them by raw foods and super diets. Cleaning your colon is the key to most infection and disEases.

    • MindMe

      @Idiot Proof

      “Troll, look up and read the comment that lists them…you are not worth wasting time on, you are only interested in derailing the thread, and your ‘tactics’ are straight off MSLSD, FOAD.”

      That didn’t answer the question. Please re-read my question. If you’re not sure what I’m asking, let me know and I’ll try to clarify.

      And yet again you’ve ignored a glaring and powerful counter factual to your FDA is in the pay of big pharma. As far as I understand the definition of troll, a troll is not someone who deals a devastating and unanswerable blow to your world view. I’d define that person as “pretty smart and informed”. Uniformed opinion is cute ‘n’ all but it only gets you so far in a debate.

      “Are ur not sitting at a computer? What prevents u from searching for that info for urself?”

      The burden of proof always rests on the person making the claim. Did you get a university degree? When I wrote papers in university, I was not allowed to make claims and then footnote it saying “dear professor, look this up yourself if you want evidence”. I had to back my claims. It’s kind of basic stuff.

    • HealingMindN

      Outbreaks from consuming pasteurized milk are responsible for many more illnesses and deaths than raw milk, yet the CDC never issues warnings about those; although FDA and CDC would like you to believe their concern is for your safety, when you examine the facts, their first priority is protecting the dairy industry

      Raw milk from CAFOs would indeed be unsafe for human consumption as it is often loaded with pathogenic bacteria due to the filthy, overcrowded conditions on huge dairy farms

      Real raw milk comes from “happy cows” allowed to roam freely on pasture and eat grass, which optimizes their health and immune systems and produces milk that is very safe to drink in its raw form

    • Wake up

      Now that’s a huge problem those concentration farms. They produce more crap then food . And anything related to what is produced is almost like crap, when you realize it has no value, it actually ruins your immune system.

    • Wake up

      After the decision f taking an animals life so we can consume it , at least have the decency to allow it to move! No even better they all get to see and hear each other suffer, real humane! And people have the nerve to preach.

    • Idiot Proof

      Any else notice how mindme is ignoring all of the other posts that either support my contentions against the FDA or prove them, and he keeps digging at me to provide evidence for him that is available to him through google, and totally self evident anyway?

      Anyone else notice how mindme is almost relentless in pursuing an issue that somewhat derails the topic, the the4 FDA says we don’t have the right to choose what to put into our own bodies?

      I rest my case, he is a troll…

    • Idiot Proof

      U c mindme, if you wanted any info that would be one thing, but you just want a reply, so you can counter it. This is just a game to you, and it is not to me, and that is why I am ignoring your requests. You are an internet arguer, kiss off..

    • Wake up

      Worst pollutants, fukus radiation blowing our way, chemtrails, flouride, haarp,natural gas, oil spills , fossil fuels, the list goes on, why should anything change? When this is all generated by us in one way or another. Doing nothing is neglecting, look it up. So who has the power we all do, and we do nothing:(

    • Wake up

      Dude these people have erased som of my comments and nothing was offensive ! That’s wrong man.

    • MindMe

      @Idiot Proof
      “Any else notice how mindme is ignoring all of the other posts that either support my contentions against the FDA or prove them, and he keeps digging at me to provide evidence for him that is available to him through google, and totally self evident anyway?”

      I only addressed the ones I found reasonably compelling and in answer to the questions I’ve posed you. For example, I resonded to WhenInjusticeTakesHold on Sunday, January 01, 2012 2:37.

      If you found any other post a good summation, then feel free to direct me to it.

      My arguments are:

      1) The original article is inaccurate. The FDA is not trying to ban food choice. This is established by the material the raw milk people present.

      2) The FDA, while not perfect, was created to keep hucksters from marketing things like radioactive water as a cure all and keeps the food and drug supply as safe as can be reasonably expected.

      3) The FDA is not in the paid service of Big Pharma. That drug trials are so fabulously expensive, require so much work, and so many massively expensive drug trials fail the approval process is a glaring counter factual to such a claim.

      Idiotproof you’ve not provided any counter arguments. Your silly tongue lashings don’t count as counter arguments.

    • Elliander

      In addition to the assertion that we have rights not specifically granted, we do have a direct right to health because we have a right to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”. While the courts haven’t made a direct link between the right to “health” and the right to “life”, the courts have made connections between the right to life and anything that interferes with that right.

      Since unhealthy people tend to die sooner than they otherwise would I would argue that we do have a right to health, since that is a prerequisite for a genuine right to life.

    • truthzilla

      Trace them back to source and take care of it.

    • iamamerican

      The FDA and other fed departments don’t realize that our constitution states in article 1, section 8, paragraph 17, that our government HAS NO POWER OUTSIDE OF TEN SQUARE MILES AROUND DC!

    • Shiloh

      The FDA needs to be abolished. If the govt. gives a crap about people’s health, they should distribute pamphlets on safe food practices. Factories should do random inspections with their own workers to insure product safety and be open to public inspection. If they get someone sick, they risk losing their business. Pharmaceuticals should be taken with a grain of salt and should not be considered any sort of gold standard in medicine. Not when diet and environment play just as strong a role in health. The FDA is what gives govt credence to modern medicine and GMO/commercial foods. Without it, people would go back to trusting their own judgement and the judgement of thousands of years of cultural knowledge regarding food and health. The less favorably and credible the FDA looks, the quicker it will fall flat as a useless entity, created to “protect us” but actually to enslave us. I’m glad people are waking up to this.

    • antidisestablishmentarialism

      The FDA are a department of the corporate government. The corporate government rule by acts and statutes which apply ONLY to agents, employees and agents of said government. Their rules for their employees. They assume you are their employee due to your use of their identification.

      They have every right to dictate what their employee’s can and cannot do when they are working on company time.

      These farmers need to learn WHO they are and WHO they are NOT. Act in their proper capacity in the Private. Without this understanding, without this knowledge they have lost before they begin.

      Study Dean Clifford, Mark Stevens, The Spaniard on Youtube. Learn your real status and how to enforce it. Before its too late.

    • Banderman

      The FDA has no right, authority, nor any expectation of the aforementioned to tell free human beings on the planet what we can or cannot eat.

    • londontown

      Hey, not so fast FDA!!! Check out Article 25 of the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” which states: “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food…” I ask–is say Raw Milk (in this case) adequate for the health and well-being of myself or family??! Link:




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