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Video: Legal Gun Owners Must Surrender To ATF

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Bill: Legal Gun Owners Must Surrender To ATF

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    • Anonymous

      No. Won’t do it.

    • Jerry

      They better have some good gun sniffing dogs!!!!

    • Jerry

      Going to pick on the veterans? We veterans go out and defend the Constitution and your freedom, and your going to classify me as a threat? Any, and all veterans getting a discharge from service is automatically charged as a threat. What kind of government would take it’s people and completely reclassify them as terrorists for doing their jobs. The word “jobs” should really be “commitment” to their country. Feinstein, you are , without a doubt, the most danger to this nation, and you should be taken completely out of society. You need to be incarcerated for life , along with all of the loons like you. Your mother, should have been spayed long before giving you live birth. You, bitch, are a terrorist.

    • REDD

      @Jerry–When you feel the need to Bury your Guns, It is time to actually Dig them up and get them ready to use!! If you or anyone else in this Country gives up their Guns, you will see the Day that you will Witness your Wives, Daughters, Sons, and neighbors Dragged through the Streets after their Deaths!!
      If you want to see your Daughters and Wives or Grandchildren Gang Raped and Murdered, then ask every Citizen of Every Nation that has ever been Disarmed by their Government if it Won’t or Can’t happen!!
      The Liberal Progressives don’t want to Disarm you because they Hate Guns!! They want to Disarm you because they know that they can’t carry out their Plan with the Citizens being Armed!! If you think it is Untrue what I say, then why do they fear an Armed Population? They never have before in History!! They just know that they will have no resistance from us without our Weapons!! But with them, we can not be Beaten !!! And if they have No intention of Beating us, then why the Insistence on Disarming us!!

    • Harry Nut

      I wouldn’t count it getting that far….. Its more likely we will be looking to strengthen what this camp has weakened. The riff I see coming has nothing to do with the Chinese so much but will undoubtedly change how we do business. I hope our State’s leadership has a plan as well as the Federals. There are a number of entities that hate America within our boarders and outside. They are looking to boil and crack us like an egg.

      The timing of the Clinton stomach virus is strange. Don’t get me wrong, Obama and a number of his cabinet shouldn’t be there. The Libya cover up in itself is wrong and reason for IMPEACHMENT alone. Impeachment due strictly on Obama Fool strategy although I’m not counting out him not being a real American President…. Obamanomics, Obamacare, Obamagate, ObamafoolI mean the whole lot of what his leadership puts out is bunk!

      If it comes down to an assassination attempt on Clinton by the Islamic Brotherhood we will be forced to change the way we are doing business. For starters foreign aid to hostile Governments needs to stop. Just look around and get out of your comfort zone America! In my opinion we need to flush the a few ppl on Capitol Hill and count out that frame of thinking in order to preserve the Union…..

      Unfortunately we are forced to take whatever first punch they through. I will say to the third world pebble heads you better watch out for the guy that takes what you are doing and doesn’t fold!

    • REDD

      Their Fear of Our Weapons and Our Resolve is their Deterrent!! They kill at Will, just look at the Abortion Mills that they Force the Taxpayers to Fund!! Over 50 Million Babies have been Murdered in the past years!! Don’t think for a second that they Care Anything about Human Life!! because that will be your Undoing!! It is simply a means to an End to them!! Learned and taught to Obama by his Idol…….Saul Alinsky!!! And his Mentor…..Frank Marshall Davis!!!

      • Equalizer

        Bull’s eye REDD!

      • Anonymous


      • Idiot Proof

        Those guys were just thinkers, Bill Ayres was a doer, a REAL domestic terrorist…don’t forget that guy…

    • arpes

      When I took the oath, it wasn’t to get a piece of paper (citizenship). It was to stick the finger to the monarchy and elitist europe. I believe in the founding principles of the constitution to my core.

      …. it ain’t going to happen. Molon Labe!

      • Anonymous

        Right on O! Sounds like Oath Keepers is the right place for you…as I am.

    • Equalizer

      Yes of course, when you pry my cold dead fingers from around them.

    • Michael Carrigan

      All debts are to be forgiven each 7 years pursuant to Deuteronomy 15. Thus, by failing to cancel these debts and indeed every mortgage, our leaders are violating the word of God. The debt holders, including the Chinese, should know this. The Bible is in the public domain.

      Therefore, I bind and grind this $15 trillion of debt beneath my feet in the name of Jesus. Our leaders need to get under proper authority and stop being in rebellion. In fact, I cast out their spirit of rebellion in the name of Jesus. They need to submit to the Lord.

      Obama may preside in the natual, but I, Michael Carrigan, preside over the United States, in the spiritual. People need that release. They shall no more be slaves to the unseen, but only to those who can prove they are real parties in interest.

      To redeem the treasuries, the holders should provide verifiable proof of funds; a list of all human owners of the debt, even for supposedly “sovereign debt”; a statement of the source of funds and balance sheet going back to prove it. Even to the time of the seizure of Czar assets held for safekeeping in Rothschild banks; or stolen from victims of the Nazis. And if any of the funds used are from theft or usury, then those treasuries are not eligible for redemption.

      Now if someone wants to offer a discount pursuant to Luke 16 and show mercy, then they shall be shown mercy. If someone so no, pay me what you owe (even though I’m a debt collector with no skin in game), then they are cast into outer darkness.

      Actually, the debt is actually a curse. So I do not consider that the US owes $16 trillion in on balance sheet debt. No, those who have lent have done a major disservice to the American people. It’s time to collect from them. They owe the United States a $100 trillion for failing to carry out the year of release. But we can probably just settle at zero that there be no poor among us.

      So let the Chinese and the other purported debt holders know that Michael Carrigan has ground your financial assets spiritually under his feet. He consider this a violation of both the first amendment inasmuch as Deuteronomy 28 promises that we shall lend to many nations and not borrow; and that of the 13th amendment to allow no slavery. He casts down this debt in the name of Jesus.

      If anyone has a higher name, let him proclaim it now so Christians can laugh at him and shake their heads. Try.

      • The Truth!

        Michael,my brother.
        Read Revelation and be blessed.
        Ask our Father,by the power of His Holy Spirit to give you knowledge and wisdom
        to see and hear.
        All things must be fulfilled before the passing of our generation.

        Peace be unto you


    • Anonymous

      I foresee a great number of new field openings in the near future at the ATF….

    • primrose

      Neither the written story nor the video will show up for me – any advice on how I can access them? Thanks :?:

    • Far Rider

      Gun Registration always leads to Gun Confiscation.

      Confiscation is always a messy, violent affair. There is no way that Confiscation in America would go easily for anyone. Confiscation always involves heavy-handed brutality and gratuitous violence by government against its own Citizens. In America, government violence and brutality against the Citizens has historically led to Armed Resistance. Just look at Lexingtion and Concord in 1775, Gonzales, Texas in 1836, and Athens, Tennessee in 1946.

      Armed Resistance usually leads to government-sponsored Genocide. That is coming. Wait for it, America.

      The federal academics in their ivory towers have calcluated that we “militant” gun owners and those of us in the Patriot community will be easily isolated, publically vilified, and marginalized so that there will only be limited and easily contained Armed Resistance to the forced registration and subsequent Confiscation of our semi-automatic tactical firearms .

      They could not be more wrong.

      These are the same mental giants of the federal behemoth who calculated that it would be a great idea to blame the Security Guard, Richard Jewel, for the bombs in the Atlanta Olympic Park in 1996. The wizards of the FBI decided to crucify Mr Jewel despite the fact that he had warned everyone about the bombs that he had discovered. The FBI never apologized for doing that.

      These are the same federal Einsteins who had calculated that it would be a good idea to have an FBI sniper shoot Vicki Weaver in the head while she was holding a baby in her arms at Ruby Ridge.

      These are the same goofballs who calculated that it somehow made good sense to burn down a church in Waco, Texas, and then shoot all of the women and children who tried to escape the flames.

      These witless clods don’t seem to be all that good at calculating their own outcomes. These guys are just a bunch of damned fools of the worst order.

      That the above federal vageniuses have now calculated that there would be minimal Armed Resistance against forced Registration of semi-auto fireams will turn out to be their worst miscalculation ever.

      The truth is, the level of Armed Resistance would be extensive and pandemic throughout our nation . It would wind up becoming the Second American Revolution and the Second American Civil War, all rolled into one. It would be armed conflict and bloodshed on a scale not imagined in all of American history.

      I will NOT register my semi-auto firearms with the federal idiots, nor with anyone else. Registration is a shell game, intended only to make eventual Confiscation easier for the Goobers of the federal Gooberment.

      I will not meekly surrender my arms, either. I will Resist, and I will not hesitate to join the organized Armed Resistance that will most definitely spring up against any such action.

      Threatening my anonymous, private possession of semi-auto tactical firearms is the “line in the sand” for me. I am hardly going be alone in that assessment, either .

      I will retain my semi-auto tactical firearms despite any and all of the laws and regulations that the squirrel-brained Goobers might spew out of the DC asylum. I am 100 percent certain that I will eventually be presented with the Hobson’s Choice of either using my tactical firearms for the purpose that our Founders orginally intended, or taking a train ride to the government ovens that you and I have already paid for with our taxes.

      That is why I purchased my tactical firearms with what was left of my hard-earned wages in the first place. I don’t give a Rat’s Hindquarters what the current Regime might legislate, or what decree might issue forth from the desk of Bat Ears Barry. I ain’t drinkin’ that frackin’ Kool-Aid, chump.

      You see, we don’t own these types of firearms because we want to shoot up school kids. We don’t own these types of firearms to hunt ducks with. We don’t own these types of firearms just simply to protect our homes, though that is a part of the reason.

      We own these types of firearms because we know that someday the Goobers of every Gooberment will eventually get it into their heads that it might be a good idea to start killing private Citizens, usually because they believe that doing so will somehow increase their own Power.

      We own these firearms because we have looked back in history and we have seen the outcomes from when past Gooberments have taken those same rights away from others. We own these types of fireams so that we will have the ability to organize Armed Resistance when our own out-of-control Gooberment inevitably steps over the line and steps up the removal of our rights and does so with the attendant brutality and violence.

      We own these types of firearms so that we can say, “No, I will not submit”, and then make it much harder for psychotic regimes to just simply walk over us. If the federal Goobers want our firearms, they are going to have to “Come and Take Them”.

      Ownership and possession of tactical firearms is a Human Right. Period. Any attempt to disarm the American Citizens will be met with force. If the Goobers think that they have the right to use force against us, then they had BETTER bring guns, because we certainly will.

      The real reason that governments want to remove firearms from the hands of private Citizens has nothing to do with promoting public safety, or “protecting the children”. Those are mere smokescreens for their true agenda, which is to acquire a government-only “Monopoly of Violence”. Without arms in the hands of the Citizenry, then any government can more easily use violence against its own People. A disarmed popluation is an invitation to use violence in furtherance of government agendas.

      It matters not if you believe that our current regime of Marxist Misfits can be trusted not to do that. (They CANNOT, by the way.) Even if the current regime of psychotic children does not eventually begin a campaign of Genocide against our Citizens, sooner or later, some other psychotic winds up in charge, and then decides to start killing his own people in droves, for his own reasons.

      Bashar al-Assad, who has been busily slaughtering his own countrymen by the tens of thousands in Syria, is not an aberration, he is not an exception to the above rule. Assad IS the rule.

      Disarming private Citizens is and always has been a step towards Dictatorship and Genocide.

      Those of us who own tactical firearms understand this. That is why we buy these types of firearms in the first place. That is why we usually buy more than one, and make sure that we have at least one stashed, hidden far enough away from home that the Goobers could never find it, but close enough to go and get it when the need arises.

      Many of us are prior military, so we understand the concept of “Defense in Depth”. Most of us have been well-trained in use of tactical firearms. Many of us already have more years of training and experience in Tactical Ground Operations than the jackboot Goobers ever will.

      Some of us were the Instructors who trained those who would later become the Instructors for the Goobers. Many, many of us have already seen combat, so the use of deadly force is not something that we would shrink from in defense of our Human Rights.

      Go ahead, ban our firearms. I guarantee you that you won’t like what happens when you try to Come and Take Them.

    • Truth ammo

      Remember Waco. Remember Ruby Ridge. Remember Kent State. Blatant disregard of our constitution has been allowed and ignored too many times. These are our terrorists. Treason has been committed . Remember SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. For all who love living in a so called free country but want to disarm those of us trying to defend that freedom, you should leave because you don’t deserve to be free.

    • Truth ammo

      Remember Waco. Remember Ruby Ridge. Remember Kent State. Blatant disregard of our constitution has been allowed and ignored too many times. Those involved in the raids are our terrorists. Treason has been committed . Remember SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. For all who love living in a so called free country but want to disarm those of us trying to defend that freedom, you should leave because you don’t deserve to be free.

    • Goldbug36

      Hasn’t anyone heard of The Dick Act of 1902? :?:

      • Idiot Proof

        Yes indeed, that’s all that need be invoked!

      • Idiot Proof

        Maybe someone should read it aloud in the Senate and in the House, while they are in full session, not just while the C-SPAN cameras are rolling with an empty room…

    • Anonymous

      The dictator again acts for excutive order of pay raises, while the rest of the country starves. Get ready for the greatest deppression this country has ever seen. Thankyou 60 million that voted for Obamanation.

    • Rico Millan

      No I won’t because I have a constitutional right to own and bear arms. End of story. Anyone trying to change that is committing treason.

    • Rico Millan

      “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
      Read the last part, “shall not be infringed”

      Any questions?

      • buzz13

        Try reading the first part as well!

    • Rico Millan

      Amendment IX

      Rights retained by the People

      “The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

    • v3exceed

      What is interesting is the PTB suggest that there is no peaceful purpose for a well armed public. They completely ignore that the SWISS have done exactly this since WW2. With the largest civilian army, they have the least malicious gun deaths of anywhere int he world.

      Throughout history there is ever only one result when an armed government goes after an unarmed population.

      “Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the people’s liberty teeth keystone… the rifle and the pistol are equally indispensable… more than 99% of them by their silence indicate that they are in safe and sane hands. The very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference. When firearms go, all goes, we need them every hour.” — George Washington, Address to 1st session of Congress

    • harleyborgais

      First of all, the ATF is a federal entity, and the central/federal govt. has been overstepping its jurisdiction pretty much the entire time our Constitution has existed.
      THAT was the REAL reason why the Civil War happened, and it is about to happen again….
      Unless we prevent Obama or whoever is next from starting it!

      The Central govt. (congress) has exclusive jurisdiction in the 10-mile square that is Washington D.C. or the ‘District of Columbia’, which was ‘incorporated’ in 1871, and perhaps also 1801 (have only checked the 1871 ‘organic act of D.C.’ so far).

      The Central govt. claims ‘jurisdiction’ over all areas that get ‘federal aid’ under the ‘Buck act’ of 1940, but….

      ALL Legislation that contradicts the U.S. Constitution is illegal, null, void of law, and no state may make or enforce any such legislations as these, without becoming liable for crimes.

      Anyone who wants me to send them the proof of this, citations that can actually win a court case, I will be happy to (upon email request). harleyborgais at gmail dat com

      The simple fact is, that no matter what ‘laws’ have been made, the ONLY way to change the “Supreme Law” of our land (In America) is an “Amendment” to the U.S. Constitution….
      So taking away ANY guns, is simply ILLEGAL, and anyone who tries it, no matter their rank or office, is committing a crime, and any educated citizen can punish them for it!

      So dont be a sheep, following and led through life, be a lion, and exercise your Constitutional rights, to defend your self, and your friends, family, and fellow Americans!

    • JEDIAM


    • harleyborgais

      Fortunately, the Supreme Court and the U.S. Constitution have already said that no state shall make or enforce any legislation that is contrary to the Constitution….any one who does can be charged with serious capital crimes before a grand jury such as treason or crimes against humanity (or nature).
      Any legislation that is passed which is contrary to the Constitution for the United States of America (Not the ‘federal corporation’ named in 28.USC.3002 “United States”), is null, void of law, unlawful or illegal, however you want to word it.
      Each of those things can be found in Supreme Court decisions.
      Heres another tidbit: All foreclosures on Homes by banks are illegal because nearly all the banks in the world are using the ‘fractional reserve system’ of lending 10x what they actually have…
      Its Extortion, Fraud, Conversion, and there are other crimes in the mix.
      See Jerome Daly Vs. Wisconsin 1969 and Spire Law groups $43 Trillion dollar lawsuit…
      And the Federal Reserves theft of over $16 Trillion from the GOA Report.
      I will email more references to anyone who wants to use them…
      harleyborgais at gmail dat com

    • Estrella

      Molon labe




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