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X22Report The Plan to Bring Down the Central Bank System (Video)

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Will it all boil down to gold and silver or is there another agenda in play?

Gold,Structure,The Plan To Bring Down The Central Bank System: #BixWeir

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  • jknbt

    So where is the long overdue market reset everyone has been warning us about? David Rockefeller orchestrated a major stock market crash every seven years starting in 1973 & 1980. We are still getting over the mess he made in 2007-2008. He had help with his fed reserve banker bros that own the Federal Reserve & its banks. By doing this, Chase bank has become the biggest bank in the world, & he plus his banker buds all became multi-billionaires. Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, and Citi bank have all grown enormously through this manipulation. Rockefeller died, & guess what? The stock market resets stopped. We have been due one since 2015, so we are very over-due. They did this to soak up all the federal reserve baseless fiat money they print out of thin air. They crashed the stock markets to let the little people take the loss. The super-rich strategy is to pump up the market, dump their stocks at the peak, crash the market, & buy them all back at the bottom (good old pump-n-dump). If an individual stock broker does this for a single stock, they will get caught by the Feds and put in jail for this felony (see the Wolf of Wall Street movie about Gordon Gekko). These people doing this are big enough that nobody will ever touch them. Old man John D Rockefeller did this by creating the stock market crash of 1929. He doubled his money in one year doing this. Burn in hell, John, until your pile of dollar bills you stole from poor and working people that is roasting your rich ass burns up. Enjoy the company of grandson David, who is no doubt in the jail cell next to yours. Was it worth it? Really?

    If the super-rich don’t crash the stock market again, one grim alternative is hyper-inflation. This is the worst sort of safety valve for all that bogus fiat money. Look at Venezuela. They have an inflation rate of 800,000%. The super-rich don’t want this, because they know it will deflate the value of their money also. The super-rich have set up a fiat money printing machine called the federal reserve in every country in the world. Now the value of money is distorted world-wide. For example, the Nigerian Naira has dropped in value by 90% in the last 30 years due to fiat printing of money. Even the Swiss & Chinese have this machine set up. That is why there is a special currency only for internal use by their citizens and a separate currency for foreign exchange. They know how to play the game to win so their people don’t get hurt. The geniuses that run the US will never figure this out.

    The sheeple out there don’t realize how broke the US is. The debt is 47 trillion dollars. That means that you could put everything in the country out on the street & sell it in a national yard sale, & it still would not pay off the debt. Every family knows that the endgame for insane, reckless overspending is bankruptcy. Then someone else has to take the loss. That won’t work with the US on a national basis. What will happen is the young people will give up on democracy & capitalism, and elect someone as sanguine as Franklin Roosevelt that is an amoral dictator like Hitler down inside. What a nightmare. Socialism only works until the money the new government steals finally runs out. Venezuela is the most recent example.

    The third alternative is war. When a small shop is about to go bankrupt & take the owner into bankruptcy also, a common solution is to burn the store down. They will say “the insurance got hot” as they call in the insurance man for a settlement. All the inventory shown on the books (but long ago stolen) “burns up”, and the insurance company takes the loss. Let’s hope the deep state doesn’t order a war to blot out the debt. These people are wicked enough to kill 200 million Americans and a billion other people in the world just to keep from losing some of their precious money. Hellfire is waiting for these people. They have no fear of God.

    It is going to be an interesting year….yee-haw…




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