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X22reports & Q Updates | Nice Try Big Fail | The Economic Patriot Plan Activated, the Dollar to Be Gold-Backed? | Why the Swamp Fears Flynn Now More Than Ever (Videos)

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The [CB] are using every trick in the book to stop the BREXIT from happening, they are using delays, fear disinformation, #propaganda … you name it they are doing everything to make the people say its not worth it. BLS reports that employment is much higher than expected. Trump meets with Chinese and says the deal is very close to being done. Trump tells the Fed that they need to lower rates, the plan is in action. Trump’s nominees to the Fed are gold bugs who would like to have the dollar backed by #gold.   —–

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The attempted take-down of President Trump involved senior figures in the intelligence community, the very people Chuck Schumer, in a moment of candor … —–



[DS] Trapped, Their Move Was Just Blocked, No Place To Hide

X22Report  The MSM and Biden are just brushing off the accusations. Trump says Biden is a threat to himself, China, Ukraine, Esptein’s Island. [DS] tries to get financial records, Meadows and Jordan block them. Rybicki says they were blocked from looking at HRC laptop. Trump is at the border, the wall is being built. The plan in Mar-a-Lago was to block the Chinese trade agreement and to stop Trump from having meeting their. Nice try, big fail.

The Economic #Patriot Plan Activated, On Schedule, Did You Miss It?



McAllister TV

Do You Know What We’ve Been Through?

Just Informed Talk

Why the Swamp Fears Flynn

Headlines With a Voice


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    • an argie

      If trump would have, he COULD have abolished the FED the day he was inaugurated!

      This is what Hitler did in Germany on january 30th 1933.
      He threw out the Rothschilds and stunned the world by creating a new money supply FREE OF INTEREST for public affairs, BACKED BY THE GERMAN LABOR FORCE!
      i.e. EVERY Reichsmark (dollar) created FREE OF INTEREST by the government had to be backed by a certain amount of hours of work and/ or a certain amount of produced goods. This is the TRUE meaning of “Arbeit macht frei” (Work will set you free) – Free of the (zionist) banksters.

      Now on january 30 1933 Germany had:

      7.000.000 unemployed workers
      Billions of dollars in debt
      No air force
      No navy
      An army of 100.000 men for internal affairs
      Massive hunger
      People were freezing to death
      Gigantic crime rates

      WITHIN THREE YEARS Gerany became from one of the poorest countries in the world to one of the richest BECAUSE THEY WEREN’T PAYING ANY INTEREST TO THE ZIONIST BANKSTERS ANYMORE!

      In 1936 there was, in spite of a boycot of German goods WORLD WIDE which was instigated by the zionists on 24 march 1933,

      - Almost no unemployed
      - Decent working hours (40 hours work week) – This legislation is adopted to almost every Western country today
      - Pensions
      - Health care and health insurance for all workers
      - Decent housing
      - Holidays for workers
      - No hunger
      - People were proud again of their nation (contrary to the Weimar republic)
      - Germany had become the most fertile country in the world (People were subsidized by the government for producing babies up till four children!) – They got 1000 Reichsmark per child (An equivalent of ONE YEAR OF SALARY PER CHILD!!!)
      - No crime anymore (It wasn’t needed anymore)
      - Noone freezed to death anymore

      In december 1936 Hitler had an approval rate from the German citizens of 98%!!!! – Now NO PRESIDENT OF THE U.S. EVER HAS HAD SUCH AN APPROVAL RATE!!!

      This is the main reason for WWII. Germany had to be obliterated (as well as physically, as mentally, as spiritually) for NOT complying to the banksters like Rothschild. They were affraid to DEATH other nations would adopt this German (barter) economy. This is also the reason why Hitler has become the most demonized man in the history of mankind in the last century. He showed us a way out of the Zionist Babylonic banking system based on endless debt. – On may 8 1945 Germany had 0 debt to the banksters. – Remember in 1933 it was at least 32 billion Reichsmark (Trillions of dollars today)

      So you see, Trump COULD HAVE THROWN OUT THE BANKSTERS LONG AGO and set up a new economy, not backed by gold, but by the AMERICAN LABOR FORCE – which still is one of the best in the world!!!

    • grayeagle40

      🇺🇸⭐️⭐️🇺🇸 Luke17:28 Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded;
      An economic collapse prior to the great tribulation is inconsistent with the Ancient Hebrew Scriptures. Stuart Varney said on Fox And Friends “the booming economy will last through the end of the year.” Stuart Varney on Fox And Friends 04/06/19 “No recession on the horizon.” There are however two hidden bubbles Debt, and derivatives. Keep an eye on these, plan accordingly. America’s money is created by the Federal Reserve and backed by the government indebting the people. Catch up with me on YouTube. I have done a study on the Federal Reserve, scroll down to Federal Reserve Note

    • truck driver

      Mark of the beast is in Obamacare and FEMA camps chopping off everyone’s head using a Guillotine.

      • an argie

        Duckduckgo for Europa – The last battle. It explains in detail how and why Europe en the U.S. are on the eve of extermination and what WE can do about it! In most European countries Jewtube has blocked this content because of “antisemitism”.

        “Antisemitism” has become a free out of jail card for the Zionists to oppose ANY criticism without a proper form of debate!
        In Europe – escpecially in Germany – people can be thrown in jail for years for this.

        Read the Talmud – It’s one of the most disgusting works I ever red, next to Alexandr Solzhenitsyn’s work, The Gulag Archipelago.
        Know thy enemy. Know how they operate through stealth, through a fifth column to destroy nations from within by occupying all key positions in media, politics, education and finance!

        Their greatest achievement was the Soviet-Union. It was a TEST. In total they murdered over 60 million Christianic Russians in the most barbaric way beyond imagination and they took the heart out of Russian-Orthodox Chrisitianity by destroying over 70.000 churches. The constitution of the U.N. is based COMPLETELY on the constitution of the USSR!

        Zionism = Judaism = Illuminism/ Marxism/ Bolshevism/ Socialism (from Illuminati) = Communism

        Zionism is the political movement
        Judaism is the religious movement
        Illuminism/ Marxism/ Bolshevism/ Socialism/ Communism is the cultural movement

        The ultimate goal of these psychopathic Zionists is total world domination from greater Israel! To show their superiority they should become the ONLY white race in the world. That’s why all white nations (U.S., Europe, Australia/ New Sealand) are flooded with non-white refugees. – Read Von Coudenhove-Kalergi’s Pan-Europa! in which the entire blueprint is layed out –

        This is why Hitler wanted to throw out the Jews out of Europe. They betrayed Germany in WWI. They sucked the Germany dry during the Weimar republic, they wanted Germany to become a communist country by instigating dozens of “revolutions”.
        National-Socialism and Fascism was a REACTION of the European citizens that didn’t want to lose their Christianity.

        Germany even stopped a military assault from the Soviet Union in june 1941. Operation Barbarossa was a PRE EMPTIVE STRIKE of the German/ European soldiers. The red army was ready for conquering ENTIRE Europe with 175 divisions, 13.000 air planes, 20.000 tanks, 1.000.000 paratroopers and over 60.000 additionial weaponry like howitsers, cannons, etc.

        By sacrificing the German army, Germany PREVENTED WESTERN AND NORTHERN EUROPE FROM BECOMING COMMUNIST COUNTRIES! – Read Suvorov, Icebreaker! – And still Germany is demonized for it to this day.

        The Nuremberg trials (1946- 1949) were Zionist show-trials. Nothing more. They even held the trials under COMMON LAW instead of CIVIL LAW, which is current since 1815! Out of the 139 “confessions” in these trials, 137 were from people that had damage to their testicles beyond repair.
        Stalin had to cover up his own crimes. He invented the holohoax, showing his own material and footage and blamed EVERYTHING to the Germans (f.e. Katyn Forest, “Death camps”, etc.). All of the footage and “evidence” in these trials was his own material (holodomor) and from the NKVD or “evidence” of footage in Germany itself as a result of the terror bombing from the allies (Dresden, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Baden-Baden, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and every other major German city that was bombed to try to destroy the German people as well as mentally as spiritually- Read Theodore N. Kaufman’s Germany Must Perish

        What will happen if the Zionist take over?


        Zionists HATE Christians to the core. Read the Talmud!!
        Holy Mary is a whore
        Murdering Christians is NO CRIME
        Enslaving Christians is NO CRIME

        One last thing. Do you ACTUALLY believe Jesus Christ was a Jew?




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