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The Television Commercial About The National Debt That Is Being Banned By Major Networks

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A new television ad about the U.S. national debt produced by Citizens Against Government Waste has been deemed “too controversial” by major networks including ABC, A&E and The History Channel and will not be shown on those channels. The commercial is a homage to a 1986 ad that was entitled “The Deficit Trials” that was also banned by the major networks.  Apparently telling the truth about the national debt is a little too “hot” for the major networks to handle.  But perhaps it is time to tell the American people the truth.  In 1986, the U.S. national debt was around 2 trillion dollars.  Today, it is rapidly approaching 14 trillion dollars. The American Dream is being ripped apart right in front of our eyes, but apparently some of the major networks don’t want the American people to really understand what is going on.

The truth is that the ad does not even have anything in it that should be offensive. The commercial is set in the year 2030, and the main character is a Chinese professor that is seen lecturing his students on the fall of great empires. As images of the United States are shown on a screen behind him, the Chinese professor tells his students the following about the behavior of great empires: “They all make the same mistakes. Turning their backs on the principles that made them great. America tried to spend and tax itself out of a great recession. Enormous so-called “stimulus” spending, massive changes to health care, government takeover of private industries, and crushing debt.”

Perhaps it is what the Chinese Professor says next that is alarming the big television networks: “Of course, we owned most of their debt, so now they work for us”.

So is this television commercial offensive? Watch it below and decide for yourself….

Does this ad not make some great points?

Month after month, thousands of jobs and billions of dollars gets transferred permanently from the United States to China. 

In 1985, the U.S. trade deficit with China was 6 million dollars for the entire year.  In the month of August alone, the U.S. trade deficit with China was over 28 billion dollars.

The Chinese government has accumulated hundreds of billions of excess dollars, and U.S. government officials now regularly make trips over there to beg them to keep lending more money to our government so that we can continue to go on living far beyond our means.

But the borrower always ends up as the servant of the lender, and we are rapidly becoming the servants of the Chinese.

But it did not have to be this way.

We did not have to merge the U.S. economy into a globalized one-world economy where U.S. workers are put in direct competition for jobs with millions of Chinese workers that make less than a dollar per hour.

Factories, wealth and jobs are leaving the United States at a blinding pace.  Since 2001, approximately 42,400 American factories have closed their doors.

America is being deindustrialized, and the sad thing is that most Americans do not even realize that it is a major problem.

As of the end of 2009, less than 12 million Americans worked in manufacturing.  The last time that less than 12 million Americans were employed in manufacturing was in 1941.

Does that sound like progress to you?

Today, the United States spends about $3.90 on Chinese goods for every $1 that China spends on goods from the United States.

China is accomplishing this by openly manipulating currency rates, by allowing their population to be paid slave labor wages and by putting up unfair barriers to U.S. goods.

And our politicians are letting them get away with it.

So China is winning and we are losing.  In fact, one prominent economist is now projecting that the Chinese economy will be three times larger than the U.S. economy by the year 2040.

Meanwhile, formerly great American manufacturing cities such as Detroit now look like post-apocalyptic war zones.

So what do you think?  Do you think that television networks should be banning the new ad by Citizens Against Government Waste?  Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion….

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    • Anonymous

      Just as this was finishing up, I turned my head and there it was on the tube.
      USA network, Comcast in Grand Rapids MI.
      02 Nov 2010 09:30

    • True News

      Various cable outlets might run it — they like money and when the economy is on the skids “beggars can’t be choosers”. He said “major networks”, meaning the ones like ABCNBCCBS. Those guys are fussier than Barry Diller.

    • SatJeev

      These networks are, in reality, owned by same people who will get heart by public awareness. They do not belong or care for any country. They may be American today but will change and rape another country when America is spent.

    • xdrfox

      It’s been airing here in Florida, But I don’t think many people are paying attention as usual !

    • Anonymous

      Vote for the Libertarian or Constitution Party. Just don’t vote for the traitors currently occupying Congress. We have been sold out big time. Goldman Sachs, J P Morgan etc are the only voices our supposed representatives hear. We need a revolution. Then we need to swiftly try each and every one of them for treason. Guess what comes next.

    • Isis

      Only the truth here is offensive ..

    • Anonymous

      The scope of the fraud is massive; in a day when Pirates were Nautical, stolen treasure was a quick trip to the gallows, each and every time. That was for stolen PRIVATE swag, to steal the King’s treasure would entail some torture prior to a quick craniectomy. No questions asked. We live in a time with too many sheep; ill-educated ‘yes people’ who prefer spinning hubcaps and fast food to Freedom. Go figure. All revolutions are started and generally finished (historically), by two percent of the people, so there is great hope. We need to find the fuse. (Metaphorically speaking, of course).

    • Atheist, liberal, & unashamed.

      Ask yourself one question: How must ones balance sheet change in order for one to pay off a debt?

      If you came up with anything other than “Make expenditures less than income” you’re wrong.

      There’s three ways to do this, cut expenditures, or increase income, or, both.

      Cutting expenditures would mean cutting services. The two largest expenditures in the US Federal budget? Not the Stimulus, not the Bailout, not Foreign Aid, or the new Health-care bill, the largest expenditures in the US Federal Budget are Medicare and the Military Budget.

      Now, can you imagine, for one second, the senior voters allowing cuts to Medicare? Or what the attack ads would say about someone who had? Or the Conservatives cutting, or allowing to be cut, military spending? And what those ads would say?

      Then there’s the second path, increasing income (that means raising taxes). There’s a few ways to raise taxes, some of which are more fair than others. Raising taxes across the board, equal increases for everybody, might be “fair” by some definitions, but a 1% increase to family making $200K isn’t nearly as much of a concern as it would be for a family barely scraping by on $35K, and for anybody lucky enough to be making more than a million, it’s probably less than their annual travel budget.

      Of course, there’s also more specific taxes, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Consumer Goods Tax, etc.. These are the more precise taxes, adding a 1% tax to, say, Capital Gains is only going to affect people playing the Stock Market, buying and selling real estate or Bonds, or trading in precious metals, none of which are likely to affect those below the poverty line or the majority of the middle class.

      Or, we can just make it a clear line by income, which is precisely what the Obama Administration did, they really did cut taxes for 95% of the US population. in a country of more than 440 Million people, that’s not too bad, especially when they made sure the government would actually profit in the long run! (increasing government income = less debt, remember?)

      Every time Republicans have cut taxes in the last 50 years, it’s done so at a loss for the Federal Budget, Hell, No Republican administration or Congress in that same half century managed to reduce the Budget Deficit -or- the national Debt. They’ve added to the Deficit to be made up by borrowing, which, naturally, increased our debt.

      -And that “Tax and Spend” liberal Clinton even left a Budget SURPLUS.-

      Taxing the wealthy (Obama is only proposing a return to 2000 levels) is the only realistically feasible way we can reduce the Deficit, because Senors and Conservatives won’t stand for ACTUALLY reducing expenditures.

      Now ask yourself this, why would a party made up of “fiscal conservatives” fight basic common sense economics? Because the worse the country gets, the more the Congress is stalemated, the more frustrated the citizenry gets. And a frustrated citizenry always takes it out on the people in charge, which gives the Republicans their chance to get back into power.

      They’ve refused to cooperate, even on things that were -their ideas before 2008-, because they don’t give a damn about the state of the country, only on getting their power back.

      Look back at the state of the country Oct. 3 2008, what had they done with eight years in the white house and six in full control of Congress? Do we really want to go back to that?

      Oh, and for those of you who think this all smacks of socialism, stop eating and drinking (the United States Department of Agriculture is a Socialist organization), get off the Internet (It’s a joint military/civilian asset, which makes it Socialism), stop driving (all roads are regulated by their respective Departments of Transportation, not to mention the Federal Highway Traffic Safety Administration, all Socialist assets utilized by the public), in fact, if there’s any laws about it, regulations about it, or the government has any thing to do with it (warning label laws, ingredients list laws, etc..) then that, BY DEFINITION, is socialist.

      Socialism just means the Government is involved with it’s manufacture, regulation, or use. Which means every single politician who ever makes any kind of proposal for any kind of action (as opposed to inaction) is proposing a socialist solution to ~whatever problem they see~.

      Words have actual meanings, learn them, and stop fearing them by gut reaction.

    • Anonymous

      OK Mr. wise guy, when has raising taxes EVER been applied to debt reduction? Raising the Government’s income is like giving the teenagers some whiskey and the car keys. The two things Government does without fail, Hell or High Water? GROW, and SURVIVE. No “Services have been suspended” in the name of frugality, No investment in the economic engine, EVER. As an owner of several small businesses through the years I know this: I am treated as either a golden goose, or an adversary, in some way competing with the Government’s power. Frequently I am treated to both, as higher fees, taxes, and regulatory nonsense, with punitive obstacles to growth, hiring, and keeping good employees. The department of Agriculture is a regulatory nightmare, or a gift of Public funds; neither advance the proposed mission, to feed the people. Words and concepts have meanings you have not alluded to, meanings that describe our Government in any iteration as inevitably punitive to all, rather than an entity to preserve and protect the rights of political minorities. (It was always understood the majority can look after itself.)


    • Anonymous

      I reread your comment. You honest to God believe the DoA somehow is responsible for all of us being “Able” to eat? You are deluded, and obviously not conversant in realities you claim to know. The DoA, as with the DoE (education) could DISAPPEAR overnight. The result? The several States, those with an actual investment in the production of food and operating real schools, would take up the “slack” (almost none) and pay more effective attention to an enterprise that pays the politicians their salaries. The United States Government, as represented by its duplicative agencies and personnel, is in COMPETITION with practical and effective ways to get the product to the table or to College. California’s most valuable cash crop is marijuana, we are voting to make its cultivation legal. The FED has promised to continue to prosecute its possession, leave alone its production. This punitive model, believe it or not, applies to virtually all of our State’s endeavours. Just the cost of Federal overhead for work the State accomplishes on our own is punitive, it doesn’t produce anything. This is the WORD you don’t understand, the Federal Government PRODUCES NOTHING OF VALUE. A service is a COST, taken out of the production numbers of private industry. Since a Government is a COST only, shouldn’t we be more judicious and circumspect in promoting its Growth? There is no Socialism in DC for the States or for individuals. If you think the Proletariat is dictating anything of note…. My CV? Degree in Political Science, Working Capitalist, and Politician. Yours?


    • spirit-of-shiloh

      I saw this commercial for the first time this afteernoon. I think it was on HLN? Pretty scary.

    • Atheist, liberal, & unashamed.

      First off, Anonymous, you’ve mischaracterized several of my statements.

      I never said the USDA is what allows people to eat, I was alluding to the aversion of the populace to anything labeled as Socialism, and the general ignorance of that populace as to how so many things we utilize each and every day are socialist assets. I was pointing out the hypocrisy of that attitude.

      Also, I congratulate you on your success’ in the small business world, but I have to ask, did you hire when you found the extra money, or when demand exceeded your ability to meet it?

      If, hypothetically, you had a set number of employees, and you were doing brisk business, not too much to handle, but not so little you were in danger of having to scale back, and the government suddenly reduced your taxes, would you use that effective gain in capital to hire an extraneous worker you didn’t need? What if the government stopped taxing you at all? Would that increase in capital be guaranteed to be reinvested into expanding the business, even if demand remains constant? Of course not.

      Demand is what creates jobs, and demand rises only when the supply becomes scant. And supplies only become scant.. Well, it’s the vicious cycle of economics, we all know how it works. But cutting taxes doesn’t create significant numbers of jobs, it never has, and never will, and the extra debt added to do so isn’t worth the minor gains.

      I do agree with you, services haven’t been suspended, the voting citizens won’t allow it, any politician that openly advocates suspensions or reductions in services in the modern age is committing political suicide, and you know it. What would have been seen as a cost saving measure in the middle of the 20th century is now blasted as “adversely affecting job growth” or “will drive up cost of X” (when it’s a cut to subsidies), or, if it’s a cut to any medical program (medicare/medicaid) it’s taking away Grandma’s/little Suzy’s health care. Other services suddenly becoming scant or eliminated are seen the same way. The “I’m entitled” attitude that’s become the norm is the problem, the word sacrifice used to have a noble air about it, now people treat it like a skunk. Our consumer society abhors the idea of shared sacrifice.

      I also applaud the legalization efforts underway in your beautiful state, the economic benefits to the nation as a whole would be fantastic were such a movement to gain national momentum and pass, however, I doubt such a thing can come about any time soon. The conservative “moral majority” (which is neither) would go into apostolic fits. And I doubt the nations first African American Commander in Chief wants to be remembered as “The Pot Prez”. But I want you to think about how exactly Marijuana legalization will benefit California.

      It will create legitimate jobs for growers and distributors (taxable income), and the product itself will be taxable (sales tax).Now, what won’t happen or benefit California, would be the complete deregulation of Marijuana. If it’s legal to grow it on your porch, you won’t be buying it or paying taxes on it. Government will still be a necessary partner, even if their action is not one of legal prosecution on the end-user.

      Now, a few facts:

      1. World War II left us in massive debt, with a top-tier tax rate over 85%, we paid it off inside a decade. If we hadn’t then gone on to Korea and Vietnam, we might not have even had a National Debt in the 1960′s and 70′s.

      Since Clinton has been the only president in the last half-century to balance the budget, and that budget was butchered by Republicans the second they came to power in 2000, we have no real world evidence that a budget surplus can be used to pay down the national debt, I admit that. However, a Federal Budget deficit only adds to the national debt, so it must be tackled first.

      2. The Federal Government does provide many valuable services, national security being the prime example, a national currency (can you imagine having separate currencies from state to state?), regulating interstate commerce (so that, for example, a car which follows emission guidelines in Arizona won’t suddenly be illegal if it crosses into New Mexico), The Post Office, The FCC, I could go on, but you get my point. The Federal Government is not a manufacturer, no. It is, however, a service provider. And a necessary one. Is there red tape? Yes. Is there significant and wasteful overlap, undoubtedly. Should we “restart” the Federal Government to it’s role in, say, 1780? NO. The world has changed, and a nation that cannot adapt is destined to decline and sublimation.

      3. Tell GM the Federal Government has never invested in the economic engines of this country, or maybe Fannie Mae? What about Bank of America? Let’s think about the MILLIONS of jobs saved by keeping those business’ afloat. The tellers, line-workers, the call center operators, hell, the janitors.

      4. The government is not solely credited with preserving the rights of the minority against the tyranny of the majority. Read the Preamble to the Constitution, allow me to quote: “ Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity..” notice the laundry list of things that come before “secure the Blessings of Liberty”. The Federal government has those responsibilities as well.

      We used to be a country that MADE things, we were the manufacturing capital of the world, we imported materials, and exported finished goods. This, sadly, is no longer the case. However, cutting taxes on the business’ and wealthy business owners that exported our jobs overseas, is not a solution, it’s a continuation of our problem.

      IF we are to reduce taxes on business’ or their owners, it must be a conditional tax exemption based upon having created more jobs (and income tax gains for the Federal Government) then will be lost in the tax cut.

      May I conclude by saying how much I enjoy these little debates I get here, and again, I must express my sincere admiration for your acumen and accomplishments, and I salute your beautiful state for it’s forward thinking on such matters of Marijuana and Homosexual rights! I do miss California, I spent some time in the Mojave with the Marines for time.

    • Anonymous

      Bear says, Thanks for the reasoned and reasonable response. I see more agreement than argument here, so let me start with our common positions. El Toro? Thanks for your service, I mean that.
      We both rue the loss of our manufacturing base. “Cutting Taxes” is generally a euphemism for corporate theft. I never saw a tax cut, only an increase, for I was always small, contained by my aversion to over expansion, and other factors. “Providing for the common Defense, and promoting the general welfare” means Medicare and Military, this is self evident. Now. The FED bailout of GM re-ordered the capitalization and surety of the firm by “Fiat”, extralegally, more or less by Executive order, such that now the major secured owners are the Government itself and the Labor Union. This is “Investment”? GM needed to fail, reorganize, and re-enter, salvaging the actual owners interest as much as possible, and becoming competitive once again. By competitive, I mean getting a handle on the cost of Labor, the single most important vector for failure prior. Instead, Labor was given a windfall, and the FED “Invested” the way it generally does; Spending Public resources without a solid plan is the “earmark” of the genesis of FED failures.

      Bailout? A Trillion dollars to make the Investor class “Whole”?
      Any true Investor risks his or his client’s money knowing failure means loss of Capital. Why the rush to re-fund the Funds? Again, without legality. To repay the people who could legitimately afford the vast losses, the Public encountered a massive theft of resources, that could not be afforded. Only lately are “Services” being recognized as struggling. Obama wants another 100 Billion dollars? Which brings us to…

      The “Stimulus”. Incubus, really. Most of the money was spent politically, on “Shovel Ready projects” that were a fabrication. I lost my linbe of Credit, sold out and retired, because the Banking piece of my ventures dried up. The Banks windfall was to ease the lack of credit available, sorry, no sale !! The Public is forgiving, and basically benign, so this recent election will hopefully help our direction. Do not misunderstand, the only reason I am hopeful is the Republicans dare not ignore the will of the voters. I have little use for politicians as a whole.

      I concede our differences with respect, I seem to be less trustful of the FED’s motives than you, but our understanding of policy and process is not compromised by disagreement alone.

      Again, Thank You for your kind response, hope to “speak” with you again.


    • Anonymous

      We haven’t depended on the mainstream for a long time.
      That is okay, most people have it figured out, or will soon have it figured out. It’s touching most everyone in someway or another.
      He’s flittering away our future. I wonder, why are these countries taking money from us when they can afford the costs of their economy?
      Truly, we are owed a great deal of money. We’ve invested, with tax dollars in so many adventures, one major problem is that the administration is funneling it back to themselves.
      Follow the money. Truly, follow the money!
      US to Kenya to Iran.
      US to UN.
      US to Middle East, i.e. Pakistan, India, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Cuba, Mexico, Latin America and so many other billions going out to terrorist group. Literally, terrorist groups.
      Iran people does not like Amadabajab out of Iran. They are being called insurgence just like anyone that disagrees with the administration and his shadow government.
      The Administration didn’t tell you that the Mexicans are being beheaded and slaughtered in Mexico…not on the level they should have.
      While I don’t mind a safe haven, they did not have the right to vote. They don’t understand that Obama is GIVING the US to the UN and ungodly amounts of money a year to keep us as slaves. Until we pay off our debt, i.e. $44,487 low end and over 1 million person after obamacare kicks in, we will be slaves. We can be sold, traded and managed, thus Shariah Law.
      Welcome to the real world folks…the Supreme Court are Jewish…not all but many.
      The Muslims HATES the Jews and wants them gone. They like Christians a bit more than the Jews but Christians are not pure.
      They hate music.
      They hate movies.
      They hate pigs.
      They hate women.
      They hate mental ill people.
      They hate the old.
      They hate the crippled.
      They hate the lazy.
      They hate the poor. You pay taxes if you are poor for being poor.
      They can take your children as slaves, the slaves can never be bought out of slavery.
      They can do anything to you, including going back on their word, and you have to like it or die.
      Simply put, the government is stupid!

    • Anonymous

      For the record. The EPA has been taking down farmers and ranchers for quite some time. They’ve demanded 50,000 pounds of cheese be destroyed on a family farm that never had a complaint.
      They are saying that if we plant that we will be first punished with a 100,000 dollar fine, second is prison.
      You can not use your seeds to feed yourself. You can not purchase from a farmer direct. You can not trade in anyway with a farmer.
      Yes, oh Janet is a piece of work. You should check out Holdren and see what he believes in. Can you say forced abortion and medicated water supply?
      I see many truths printed on this page. I see people are waking and have questions. It sounds like a really unbelievable nightmare doesn’t it.
      It’s on us all. Google Oath Keepers and see what they have to say! They very well maybe our only hope for the time being.
      God Bless you all!
      God Bless America!

    • Anonymous





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