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Many Of You Will Not Believe Some Of The Things Americans Are Doing Just To Survive

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You might not want to read this article if you have a weak stomach.  Most Americans have absolutely no idea what is going on in the dark corners of America, and when people find out the truth it can come as quite a shock.  Many of you will not believe some of the things Americans are doing just to survive.  Some families are living in sewers and drain tunnels, some families are living in tents, some families are living in their cars, some families will make ketchup soup for dinner tonight and some families are even eating rats.  Some homeless shelters in America are so overloaded that they are actually sending people out to live in the woods.  As you read this, there are close to 50 million Americans that are living below the poverty line, and that number rises a little bit more every single day.  America was once known as the greatest nation on earth, but now there is decay and economic despair almost everywhere you look.  Yes, money certainly cannot buy happiness, but the lack of it sure can bring a lot of pain.  As the economy continues to decline, the suffering that we see all around us is going to get a lot worse, and that is a very frightening thing to think about.

The following is a half hour documentary produced by the BBC entitled “Poor America”.  Trust me, this is a must watch.  Your heart will break as you hear some American children talk about what they have to do for food….

Wasn’t that video absolutely mind blowing?

Those of us that still live comfortably are often completely unaware of what life is like out on the streets of America at this point.

There are millions upon millions of Americans that have lost all hope and that are living on the very edge of life and death.

And more join the ranks of the hopeless with each passing day.  This upcoming weekend approximately 80,000 people in the state of Michigan will lose their unemployment benefits.

So what are those people going to do after that?

They have already been unable to find work month after month.  Their savings are most certainly gone.  Now the only money they had coming in is going to be eliminated.

Yes, I have written many times about how the U.S. government is absolutely drowning in debt and cannot afford to be giving out so much money.  My point here is to show the other side of the equation.  There are millions upon millions of Americans that are barely hanging on and there are no jobs for them.  The suffering that those families are going through is very real.

Millions of other families are trying to get by on the incomes they pull in from part-time jobs.  According to Gallup, the percentage of Americans that are working part-time jobs but that would like full-time jobs is now higher than it has been at any other time in the last two years.  The number of the “working poor” just continues to increase, but most Americans don’t have much sympathy for them because they “have jobs”.

Well, when you are making 8 bucks an hour it can be incredibly tough to make it from month to month.

Just look at how much it costs to buy the basic things that we need.

Without gasoline, most of us would not even be able to get to our jobs.  The price of gasoline has increased 83 percent since Barack Obama first took office, and it is poised to soar even higher.  Right now, the average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States is $3.51.  Never before has the average price of gas gone above $3.50 so early in the year.  Many believe that we could set a new all-time record this summer.

But last year was bad enough.  In 2011, the average American family spent over $4,000 on gasoline.

So when you are making just a few hundred dollars per week, it can be a massive struggle just to put gas in your car and food on the table.

The article that I wrote the other day about the decline of Detroit really struck a nerve.  All over America, people can see similar things happening to their own neighborhoods.  People are scared and they want some answers.

Well, the truth is that we should have never allowed tens of thousands of businesses, millions of jobs and trillions of dollars of our national wealth to be shipped out of the country.

Just check out this stunning photo which compares the decline of Detroit to the rise of Shanghai, China.

Do you think that it is just a coincidence that Detroit is falling apart and that cities in China look sparkly and new?

No, the truth is that it is a natural consequence of our foolish economic policies.

There are hundreds of communities all over the country where third world conditions are setting in.  For example, the following is how one blogger describes what life is like in a decaying suburb of Phoenix called Maryville….

Crime and gangs are widespread. Most houses have either fallen into disrepair, or been remade with outside walls sporting spikes and ironwork. Many of the front lawns are now just dirt (or worse, gravel), the pools green and lethal. 

Now we stand on the precipice of another major global financial crisis.  Economic conditions in America are going to become significantly worse.  The politicians in Washington D.C. may make sure that the boys and girls on Wall Street are always taken care of, but there will be no bailouts for the large numbers of Americans that are about to lose their jobs and their homes.

If you want an idea of what is coming, just look at what is happening in Greece.  25 percent of the businesses have shut down, one-third of all money has been pulled out of Greek bank accounts and unemployment and poverty are absolutely rampant.

For years, a lot of prominent voices out there were screaming and yelling about the dangers posed by our soaring trade deficits and our soaring budget deficits.

But the American people did not listen.  They just kept sending the same politicians back to Washington D.C. over and over.

As a result, soon millions of those same Americans will find themselves doing things that they never dreamed that they would do just to survive.

Read more at The Economic Collapse Blog

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    • marksamanda

      We started out as a nation with few laws we were meant to be the land of the free we have a Constitution that tells the government that there role is to protect the rights of the individual and it lays out what those rights are. This land was full of opportunity if you were willing go the distance and work hard for your keep of the dream. Then something happened people were no longer grateful just to be free they felt entitled to more than that so they went to work and not happy with the work conditions they demanded better from that job they could have just looked for jobs with better conditions but instead they fought for the right to have better conditions and a new law was born giving safe work conditions to employees but these new safe conditions cost the employer a lot of money and he had to fire a third of his staff just to make a profit and stay in business. And a trend was born we have been fighting for better conditions by demanding new laws but for every law we demanded we lost just a little more opportunity and a little more of our freedom we handed it over to the government now we are a land that is so over regulated and suppressed by laws that there is no longer a dream. Then with all this power that we handed over to the government through all these laws the government decided that it had the right and power to make its own rules it started printing money on paper clearly against what are Constitution says it can do. And because the government knows what is best for you they said give me some of your money every month and we will put it aside for you so that you will be able to live comfortably as you grow old give me your money and we will take care of you and they made it a law. Then they decided that with all this money that working Americans had that they could share it with those Americans that don’t work and they took some more of your money and gave it away to those that were lacking and a new trend was started a welfare state began and as long as there is free money to be had there will be hands open to receive it. And as long as people thing all things should be handed to them it will be up to a few to produce those hand outs. The point to my story is that instead of enjoying freedom and the some times undesirable condition that might come with it we made it impossible for anyone to actually be free we can no longer just fend for our selves because there are laws against that if you are hungry you cant just go kill a deer of fish for some salmon you first have pay to have those rights now and they are restricted to seasons. In most states you cant just set up a tent any were you have to pay the state to use that space and in the few places that you don’t have to pay you have a time limit on how long you can be there something like 10 or 15 days is the usual if you don’t pay or move you get fined and have to pay a ticket. The laws of the land have enslaved us they are designed to take from you what was given to us by our founding fathers and turn them into privileges that you must pay for. We don’t need any more laws and we don’t need the government telling us what to do or what we need to spend our money on. We need to take back our rights and we need to stop giving our money to the government that no longer cares about your right as an individual but only want the power to make you do what it thinks is best for you.

    • marksamanda

      I agree with Anon. It is not the governments job to use the tax payers income for charity it should be the choice of the individual that worked hard for that money to decide if charity is something that they want to use there money for charity should be given by individuals and organizations like churches. The government has infiltrated every aspect of our lives it controls our education it regulates our foods it keeps tabs on gun owner and tactical fanatics just about everything you do during the day the government has given you rules and regulations to follow while doing your daily task.
      We have turned into a consumer nation. The laws of the land have driven industry from our country and no longer do we offer good old American made products we buy junk products imported form other country’s were labor is cheap and companies don’t have to spend there profits on providing favorable conditions to there employees. American humanitarians work real hard at exposing the work conditions of sweat shops used by some of our most popular retail stores they are appalled at child labor in other country’s. The people that work in those conditions are grateful to have income they are willing to work where ever they can so that they can eat and allowing children to work so that they can feed them self’s when nobody else can is not such a horrible thing. We started out as a nation with strong willed independent people they came here from all over the world to face unimaginable hardships just to be free.
      That freedom is no more we gave it up slowly over the last hundred years piece by piece we let go of our strong wills and independence we allowed greed to grow rampant in our government policies were made in the name of special interest that benefited the big banks and money making institutions over the American people.
      The legal system that has been put in place by the government is extremely complicated it is set up to only benefit those who can afford to find the loop holes and of course the creators of the system. And its just one more way that the government can take you money.
      Health care is nice but it is not a basic human right. It is a service provided by individuals that are educated in the art of healing. The extremely high cost that makes it unavailable to the uninsured is the real problem but why does it cost so much? Well you can blame that on the government and the purely for profit medical insurance industry. When ever the Government meddles in a part of the free market the consequences are negative as is the case with health care instead of letting the free market decide what a fair prices for services should be insurance companies and the government impede this process. Our government has used mass amounts of the tax payers money for many years now to fund the research that has helped advance our knowledge, quality, and technologically superior medical field with out the funding from the government in the areas of technical science and medical science the rate of new advancement in the field would have been extremely slow before the government started funding research was paid for by the privet sector and due to its costly nature advancement was very slow. Now since the American people basically already funded the advancement of our health care system you would think that it would be more affordable. If you are a Doctor and your patient has insurance that will pay up to 10 dollars for a office visit but you usually only charge 5 dollars what do you do. If the insurance company is willing to pay more why not take what you can get from them. So what happened just there is that the free market rate for services was 5 dollars for that particular doctors service your insurance company most likely insures people over a large area were prices are likely to be different depending on location so the insurance company sets an amount that will be likely to sufficient for the entire area and as a consequence interfered in the free markets ability to set fair prices for services rendered. this was a small scale example of what happened on a gigantic level and exploded our cost for medical treatment.

    • Shejustis

      This is not about charity! This is about the dozen powerful banking families trying to break America’s back. They want a one world government and will stop at nothing to make us their slaves.

      Watch the movie THRIVE www. — GET INVOLVED – it’s never too late to take a stand with hundreds of thousands and millions of others. Share the message — made a difference.

    • Josey Wales

      Were are the food police when you need them? Michelle Obama are you listening?? America is changing, and its not for the better.

    • Anonymous

      % Living on < $2/Day!
      N. Korea=======63
      Sri Lanka======39.7

    • Big Craig

      well it has been bought on by complacency, letting others look after your welfare, since when do humans with power care about others?

      learn to do what they do in vietnam and survive on nothing and get back to growing or killing your own foods, they have no money but a diet that would leave westerners to shame and they all appear happy and there isn’t a big screen tv to be seen

      the worm is turning

    • Ozzie_Thinker

      The problem is good society does not care enough to anything more than pass the buck. Government doesn’t care less. The buck starts with good society and it stops with government. As National Socialism or Marxism are the two options, eugenics does not cater for an underclass. Those perceived as “useless” are left to die [or exterminated]. Good society blames the underclass for “creating its own lot”. Governments ignore the whines of the conscientious. “Agenda driven” organisations like the Salvation Army confuse good society into “believing” that there is nothing wrong with the heart of society. As most are intent on doing nothing, problems morph into monsters.

    • Wake up

      Great point.

    • Blacksheep

      They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well obviously, somebody knew what the hell they were talking about when those words were first altered. This picture stinks all the way to Washington DC. I agree it’s now a sad fact. Yes, this is happening all over our country right now as i speak. “Countless kids whose parents were reduced to living in poverty by that ludicrous world trading system and the slave labor factories that soon followed this criminally orchestrated legislation, are sleeping in far worse places and eating crap like that. They live in shameful poverty while our glorious black as the ace of spades leader above every law, manipulates, steals and takes multimillion dollar vacations while hatching yet another secret economy crashing agenda that will eventually bankrupt all of us in the end.

      The anointed one has already mocked a great many in those racial circles by his wicked lack of concern for his fellow man. The way I see it is two-dimensional here in both size and the scope of these problems we shall all soon face. In the coming months there will be a false flag attack blamed solely on the leadership of Iran. For hell’s sake, just one so-called terrorist attack now giving our military (with a joint commitment from our so-called friend Israel) the green light to attack that poor Muslim country. A most unforgivable sword of hate will soon follow these attacks. At first, this will be carried out by nothing but air power. Unfortunately, with Russia playing both sides of the equation this time around, Iran is equipped with thousands of shoulder fired heat seeking missiles that can knock any jet out of the sky.

      Next the tortured captured American and Israeli pilots who will be deliberately exploited for political reasons. At this time not too far into the future back here in the US were about to enter a kind of twilight zone ourselves. A point of no return will be reached midway through the next financial crisis that involves all that American currency. I ask you to look at your children who you would gladly sacrifice yourselfs to save from a predator who means to do them great harm. There’s a price on your child’s forehead of $680,000 that goes up with the national debt. Soon it will reach a million this reducing all wealth in this country making your precious child just as worthless as the desert sands of Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq.

      It will undoubtedly happen if the evil entity many of us laughingly refer to as our chosen government is not stopped. I will unfortunately, be seeing some of you at a soup kitchen or perhaps in some mile long breadline soon. The middle class, who once enjoyed a form of Utopia in this rich prosperous country, will be reduced to living day by day on those filthy drug an crime infested streets.

      We Americans have become so damn proud in our selfish me only thinking, that we are long overdue for a fall…. Whoever controls Obama is the real enemy to be reckoned with here, we can’t blame the puppet alone…

      Good day gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed your prosperity while it lasted…

    • The Truth!

      True Americans are survivors and are far from being poor.
      The scum that has invaded our country posing as leaders governing officials and lawmakers are the poor pathetic ones.
      These are they that will suffer,the destroyers of truth,innocence,and natural affections. The ones who are filth and criminals and liars and wicked. These are they that will watch as we grow strong and deny their existance and overcome them with the love and faith of our Lord God Jesus Christ.
      These invasers of our country have nade their last mistake.
      They will pay for hurting the little ones and oppresing the true and honest and hard working American.
      We will glorify our Lords name and watch these disgusting abominations writhe in torment and pain for everlasting.
      You don’t hurt Gods’ children.
      Peace be unto you

    • Anonymous

      As the numbers increase of those that depend on the government to provide the basics for existence it is important to realize that the government produces not one damn dollar towards that cause. It produces nothing whatsoever. It just takes. It cannot stay afloat much longer. When we re organize the U.S. government we will be mindful of the one that exists now and be careful not to re create a bloated whore all over again. This congress has failed this nation and that will be its legacy. They will offer textbook examples on what a corrupt body politic looks and acts and smells like. And will set the standard for how not to do it for future generations. The transition will be costly and we will gain first hand knowledge that freedom ain’t cheap and it never has been.

      We don’t need a one world government. We need for one government to stop murdering every thing in its path to feed its voracious appetite for power all the while leaving the people to pay for it making the world view us as demons when in fact the demons are in congress. I don’t know what in hell has been in the white house the last 50 years but it aint mortal.

    • Anonymous

      Screw the poor! The jews need more money.

      Yours Truly,

      A JEWdeo “Christian”

    • Anonymous

      Pastors and Preachers have been silenced in their churches because they have given in to the 501c3 tax idol. It’s time for the government to get out of our churches and our churches to get out of government.

    • Me

      Jesus taught of love and to love everyone with all your heart, with love comes compassion and with compassion comes a human being that has the capability to do whatever it takes to help others in need. We are all Gods children and he does not want us to live this way. We make our own decisions, we choose our own paths but in the end we all could use a shoulder to lean on. If everyone had enough love in there heart to help eachother than we as a country would not be were we are today. All we have to do is stop turning the other cheek because we dont care enough to look. Jesus Christ taught love and through love our world would be the way God intended it to be.

    • Anonymous

      Jesus taught of love and to love everyone with all your heart, with love comes compassion….


      “Jesus” taught love and compassion, but ONLY for fellow Israelites.

      “Jesus” told his apostles to go ONLY to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, which by that time, lived in Greece, Rome, Britain, Germany and a host of European nations.

      “Jesus” told the EDOMITE woman that she was a dog.

      “Jesus” told the EDOMITE Pharisees that they were liars and murderers like their father, the devil.

      “Jesus” said that HE came ONLY for Israel.

      Now, you may worship a hippy-love-child, Universalist, NWO version of “Jesus” but you are worshiping a different Jesus than who HE was and IS.

    • Anonymous

      Also people, you have a corrupt bunch of politicians sending hundreds of billions of dollars out of America to other nations instead of that money being used to help the truly needy. I do not condone giving money to some fat lazy woman laying on her sorry behind watching soap operas all day, and having illigetimate child after child. That money going out of the US should be used to create jobs also. The US needs to make all industry come back into America, and deport about 50 million illegals sucking the government tit of another 100 billion a year. Stop importing workers too. Stop all that junk, and America can become prosperous again. Also kick all those sorry politicians out, and replace them with those who take the constitution, and their oath serious. And last but not least arrest all the criminals on wall street robbing americans blind and getting away with it.

    • Anonymous

      You are right there, the jews are screwing everybody, keeping America in war after war for profit, and robbing every american investor etc. They already stole the gold from fort knox by taking it with fiat money. Now that gold sits in the Israeli vaults, and Rothschild vaults in the city of London. All these dogs should be hunted down and executed for treason, and atrocities against the world.

    • Pateriot

      Obviously we need more government programs to help the poor…which will create more poor who will need more government programs to help support them…which will create more poor…

      As the government increases, the individual correspondingly decreases… And what is left is not a socialist utopia but a Marxist/Fascist hell! Is this the road we really want to go down?

    • lyn747

      I felt sorry for that poor guy living in a drain with his long-suffering girlfriend, (whose idea of cleaning was waving the broom from side to side) until I saw him sitting there with a cigarette in his hand! Where did he get the money from to waste on fags? I’m sure he already smells bad enough!
      Does he really believe that anyone’s going to give him a job in that state? (Now there’s a play on words!)
      Can’t she get a job, as a waitress, or something similar?
      It’s a terrible way to live, but obviously nobody’s going to help them except themselves.
      Get off yer arses, clean yourselves up, & go & look for a job!
      Hold meetings to pool ideas, protest, etc.
      Create work! Make something! Offer guided tours round Las Vegas! Shout! Protest! Move to another town!
      But for God’s sake, do something!

    • marksamanda

      That little girl with the mom who had the since and survival instinct to catch what ever she could and feed her children instead of just letting them go hungry has the best chance of survival. During the ages 11 thru 18 I was a street kid a run-a-way I slept under bridges or in storm drains like the one in the video I found food where ever i could and believe me I ate things way worst than a rat during those years. I traveled from town to town mostly trying to out run the cold or extreme heat went south for winter and north in the summer I met many people and gained a life time of experiences. When I tell people today about my child hood they get this look of pity on there faces my response to that is save your pity for someone else those years of my life made me who I am today a SURVIVOR. I know that I have the skills to weather any type of hard ship and come out on top. In 2008 when i was layed of from my job along with thousands of other Americans I found myself in a situation my husband had just returned from Iraq and was discharged from the Army we had no income in so we packed our bags and moved on in till we found a place we could live we stayed in our tent and slept in the car we stayed positive and determined and with in months we found our new home my husband got a job logging and within the year we had a new house. My feeling is that anybody that has the determination can and will find work but it takes effort a lot of effort when hard time fall upon you you cant just give up and run out to your local welfare office hungry people are determined people and by feeding the hungry you dampen that determination to strive and survive.

    • Enigmanonymous

      Time and time again studies show people don’t really start looking for work until the free money train stops.

      Giving people endless handouts won’t save them. Just make totally dependent on the government.

    • Maranatha!

      Obama stinks like a skunk and so did bush! These politicians will never give a fat rats behind about real people! Thats why it has gotten worse! The current system was meant to collapse and it is doing exactly that! Only its Obummer and the whole ilk of DC that is the cause! Not the solution!! Its not the republicans or the democrats or the libertarians! Its the entire government that is the cause and the Americans have become lazy and complacent and have lived the life of video games and television and were asleep as the government continued to grow! Now the government is about 98% in complete control! This new look of America is world wide!!! Time to start confessing you need God and you need His sons gift of Salvation! You do not wanna be here when the real true Christians are taken out! It will be far worse than our darkest nightmares! Jesus saves! Know him today! What have you got to lose?? Absolutely nothing!!!

    • Roninsteel

      Remember most of Europe is in the same poor state with petrol at $9 a. Gallon and huge unemployment and falling house prices our jobs have also gone overseas or our workers replaced with those from eastern Europe .

      Trouble is we put up with all of this and slowly watch as. Governments are taken over by the EU and the IMF

      Soon those out of work will outnumber those working and we will have riots and new police states …. May God help us all!

    • grasscrown

      @ Posted by Anonymous on Thu 16 Feb 2012 06:45

      Woot! We are the 99%! The consummation Devoutly to be wished. is coming! To die; to sleep

    • CMalcheski

      More liberal dribble. Stock off-the-shelf liberal rhetoric.

    • Anonymous

      I want to cry.

    • Anonymous

      It will be OK. We survived the Great Depression. We’ll survive this Greater Depression. Everyone will work for their dinner if only they humble themselves and ask their fellow citizen for help, not the federal government. This is where the revolution begins… at the dinner tables of our neighbors! God bless us all!

    • Anonymous

      Prepare; for a worldwide economic crash is not far away!

      As the days go by, we are all feeling the effects of the downfall of this economy, particularly in the grocery stores. We can truly see the prices of food as they rise by the week. I warn you all over the world, to fill your cupboards, while you can; for the severe weather is putting great hardships on the farmers and they are being crippled in their abilities to grow crops. When you see a good price on something, buy some extra; and if you are able to do so, preserve some in jars, dehydrate some, or freeze some of it; for the agricultural situation in the USA, and indeed all over the world, is becoming very unstable.

      Hear me, oh you people, who have lived high and have not had to worry about what you would eat, or how you would get it. A great famine is coming upon America; and many will go hungry. Even as our Saviour warned the Pharaoh through His dream to Joseph, to prepare for the hard times, He is now giving us a preview of the terrible times, which are upon us. Fill up your cupboards and get ready for the times, when you will not be able to afford food. Get ready for the times, when you will be unable to get food stamps. Get ready for the times, when you will be unable to grow food, even in your own garden. Get ready; for great travail is upon the whole world. And, we truly have seen nothing yet.

    • Nim

      Jesus didn’t teach us to do anything, he stated clearly we ARE love, that is the central most part of our being, the god within, the ATMA, which is pure love and compassion. He TAUGHT us the world is our enemy and our distraction from our real selves.
      That idiot talking about Jesus came for the Jews is a child of darkness and into the Lake of Fire shall go.

      If you need more teaching than this than you cannot be taught.
      Children of light…children of darkness. You already know the story.
      Poverty is good for men, wealth is a burden and a distraction from the spiritual path.

    • Freedom

      wake up ! since the government issue debt notes ,That means that the American government has never paid real monies (gold) to the individual human being . the human being plays surety for there legal name completing the work (job) for the legal name ,since a legal name only can exist in the form of paper work such as a drivers licence or a birth certificate. that means that the national debt is what is owed to the human being .

    • Anonymous

      we love America..pls .. tax the Roth child’s 1000 trillion $.. at 1000 %

    • Anonymous

      we love America..pls .. tax the Roth child’s 1000 trillion $.. at 1000 %

    • Anonymous

      we love America..pls .. tax the Roth child’s 1000 trillion $.. at 1000 %




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