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2018 fourth warmest year in continued warming trend, according to NASA, NOAA – The past five years are, collectively, the warmest years in the modern record

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Desdemona Despair

Temperature anomaly reconstructions by five different sources, 1880-2018. This line plot shows yearly temperature anomalies from 1880 to 2018, with respect to the 1951-1980 mean, as recorded by NASA, NOAA, the Japan Meteorological Agency, the Berkeley Earth research group, and the Met Office Hadley Centre (UK). Though there are minor variations from year to year, all five temperature records show peaks and valleys in sync with each other. All show rapid warming in the past few decades, and all show the past decade has been the warmest. Graphic: NASA Earth Observatory

6 February 2019 (NASA) – Earth’s global surface temperatures in 2018 were the fourth warmest since 1880, according to independent analyses by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Global temperatures in 2018 were 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit (0.83 degrees Celsius) warmer than the 1951 to 1980 mean, according to scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York. Globally, 2018′s temperatures rank behind those of 2016, 2017, and 2015. The past five years are, collectively, the warmest years in the modern record.

“2018 is yet again an extremely warm year on top of a long-term global warming trend,” said GISS Director Gavin Schmidt.

Since the 1880s, the average global surface temperature has risen about 2 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius). This warming has been driven in large part by increased emissions into the atmosphere of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases caused by human activities, according to Schmidt.

Weather dynamics often affect regional temperatures, so not every region on Earth experienced similar amounts of warming. NOAA found the 2018 annual mean temperature for the contiguous 48 United States was the 14th warmest on record.

Warming trends are strongest in the Arctic region, where 2018 saw the continued loss of sea ice. In addition, mass loss from the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets continued to contribute to sea level rise. Increasing temperatures can also contribute to longer fire seasons and some extreme weather events, according to Schmidt.

“The impacts of long-term global warming are already being felt — in coastal flooding, heat waves, intense precipitation, and ecosystem change,” said Schmidt.

NASA’s temperature analyses incorporate surface temperature measurements from 6,300 weather stations, ship- and buoy-based observations of sea surface temperatures, and temperature measurements from Antarctic research stations.

These raw measurements are analyzed using an algorithm that considers the varied spacing of temperature stations around the globe and urban heat island effects that could skew the conclusions. These calculations produce the global average temperature deviations from the baseline period of 1951 to 1980.

Because weather station locations and measurement practices change over time, the interpretation of specific year-to-year global mean temperature differences has some uncertainties. Taking this into account, NASA estimates that 2018’s global mean change is accurate to within 0.1 degree Fahrenheit, with a 95 percent certainty level.

NOAA scientists used much of the same raw temperature data, but with a different baseline period and different interpolation into the Earth’s polar and other data poor regions. NOAA’s analysis found 2018 global temperatures were 1.42 degrees Fahrenheit (0.79 degrees Celsius) above the 20th century average.

NASA’s full 2018 surface temperature data set — and the complete methodology used to make the temperature calculation — are available at:

GISS is a laboratory within the Earth Sciences Division of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. The laboratory is affiliated with Columbia University’s Earth Institute and School of Engineering and Applied Science in New York.

NASA uses the unique vantage point of space to better understand Earth as an interconnected system. The agency also uses airborne and ground-based monitoring, and develops new ways to observe and study Earth with long-term data records and computer analysis tools to better see how our planet is changing. NASA shares this knowledge with the global community and works with institutions in the United States and around the world that contribute to understanding and protecting our home planet.

For more information about NASA’s Earth science missions, visit:

The slides for the 6 February 2019 news conference are available at:

NOAA’s Global Report is available at:


2018 Fourth Warmest Year in Continued Warming Trend, According to NASA, NOAA

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  • Anonymous

    And… it’s already been proved that once again they fudged the data to get this report to come out that it is
    the warmest once again. As we are having record setting cold all over the world, we talk about how warm it
    is out there? WOW! Um, some people, I swear have no thinking ability left. Drugs? What causes people
    to experience intense cold and think of global warming? The global warming scare tactic was thought of
    by a man name Maurice Strong several decades back, like in the late 60′s.. He did it for two reasons.
    1. Control over other humans. 2. To profit from it by charging others taxes for their guilt in using fossil
    fuels etc. Al Gore took his idea and ran with it, presenting the diabolical plot to the masses to see how
    much he could profit from it. Shows polar bears sitting on a little iceberg, as if they were going to die.
    We all know polar bears can swim 20 to 40 miles at a time when they want to. If the bear was on the
    little iceberg, it was because he wanted to be there fishing.. He could jump in the water at any second
    and swim 20 plus miles to shore at will.. But good old Al, made it look like he was out there stranded,
    to make people feel sorry for the man eating bear, then extract money from the gullible, while he
    flies around in one of his many jets between his six mansions strung out all over the USA.. PITIFUL,
    GULLIBLE, people. WISE UP.. It’s a scam.. Read the letter one scientist wrote recently to his
    colleagues on why he just quit their little organization.. He called it the biggest hoax ever perpetrated
    on the world!

    Go back and read Al Gore’s book, or watch his movie “An Inconvenient Truth”.. Take a pad and
    a paper with you as you watch the movie, or read the book.. Write down key points and dates on
    when all of this was supposed to happen.. No more snow by 2013? REALLY AL? No more polar ice
    caps? Miami and New York under water by now? None of those things have happened.. Yet they
    take some island that we know has been sinking for decades and show that the oceans are rising?
    The sad part is people believe these things they spout, even though they don’t really happen.
    These people want to be controlled and robbed by charlatans I guess. Go for it dummies! Give
    these mansion elitists (who laugh all of the way to the bank) all of your money, while you find
    the noose of control tightening around your neck.. Go for it!

  • Anonymous

    Only fools and disinfo agents still believe what NASA says after all of their lies exposed.

  • DJ Dog

    Coldest winter in years but global warming is the cause I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a little global warming in Chicago right now. We’ve had so much rain in Texas the past year it’s starting to feel like Seattle. Thank you global warming! Thank you God and Al Gore!

  • FauxScienceSlayer

    “Perplexing Apollo Questions for NASA” > FauxScienceSlayer > 50 years of great leap lies….add some CO2 lies….




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