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There Never Was A 9.0 Earthquake At Fukushima

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From Henry Makow via an anonymous comment.

(Jeff Rense refused to link to this article. He thinks it is a psy-op to absolve the nuclear industry of blame for Fukushima. Fine. But when I posted it anyway so people could decide for themselves, he announced he would no longer link to my site. You will no longer find my work on Rense’s site. Sad that a 10 year relationship should end in this fashion.)

Former NSA analyst, Jim Stone, argues that there was no mag 9.0 earthquake. The tsunami was caused by nuclear bombs in the sea and the Fukushima explosion and meltdown was caused by mini-nukes hidden in cameras installed by an Israeli security firm. The motive: punish Japan for offering to enrich Iranian uranium and straying from Illuminati diktat. This website reserves judgment but offers this introduction by James Farganne in the spirit of free discussion.

by James Farganne

When we compare the 6.8-magnitude earthquake which devastated Kobe, Japan January 17, 1995 with Fukushima, the evidence does not stack up.

A quick Google Images search of Kobe reveals incredible destruction of buildings, bridges, elevated highways, and other infrastructure.

The Fukushima quake, magnitude 9.0, struck about 70 km off the coast of Japan on March 11, 2011.

It sent a 15-meter tsunami crashing over perfectly undamaged bridges, houses, roads, and cars — over a populace which had not been warned of the incoming tsunami, because there was no mag 9.0 earthquake. They were taken completely off-guard. Yet helicopters were waiting, and people all over Japan got to watch the tsunami roll in on live TV.

What on earth was going on?
Ordinarily, the Japanese people are warned of tsunamis.
Why weren’t they warned?
Why was there no structural damage, no reason for them to suspect that a tsunami was coming?

The quake must have seemed like nothing special to a nation of people who are used to quakes. In a video taken in one Tokyo newsroom during the Fukushima quake, staff were seen to continue typing at their computer stations, totally unfazed by it.

A 9.0-magnitude earthquake is more than 100 times stronger than a 6.8.

A 9.0 should have devastated everything within a 1,000-km radius.

There should have been widespread urban carnage, even worse than what Kobe suffered.

Yet the Fukushima quake of 3/11/11 did not cause a single structure to collapse.

But don’t take my word for it. Go look up the helicopter footage on YouTube. Look at the infrastructure the tsunami was crashing onto.
Not the slightest bit of damage.
Common sense is enough to make you wonder.

Jim Stone did more than wonder. He dug up and analyzed the Japanese seismograms. He proved there was no 9.0 quake, and no epicenter out at sea. Instead, there were three simultaneous quakes of much lesser magnitude, all of them inland.

The authorities lied about the 9.0 quake — made it up out of whole cloth.
An earthquake did not cause the tsunami.
There must have been another cause.

Reactors Destroyed by Nukes

It turns out that the official explanation for the Fukushima reactor explosions was bogus as well. Nuclear power containment walls are extremely thick and strong. Hydrogen explosions could never have destroyed them. As a historical reference, hydrogen explosions occurred at Three Mile Island and caused no structural damage, nor even any injuries to plant personnel.

Furthermore, Reactor Four contained no fuel on 3/11/11, and was therefore nonoperational — yet it exploded and was destroyed as completely as were the other reactors that day.

Reactor Four is like Building 7 at the World Trade Center – an utter impossibility, a blatant smoking gun.

A reactor containing no fuel cannot operate; a nonoperational reactor cannot explode unless someone explodes it. The destruction of Reactor Four can only have been the result of sabotage.

Israeli Involvement

In February 2010, Japan offered to enrich uranium for Iran. Soon thereafter, an Israeli firm by the name of Magna BSP secured a contract to run security at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. They installed oversized cameras strongly resembling gun-type nuclear weapons.

There is strong evidence that they planted Stuxnet, an Israeli computer virus that attacks Siemens power plant control systems, and which Israel previously used to damage Iran’s nuclear program. Magna BSP also established internet data links in the reactor cores, in blatant violation of international nuclear regulations.

All twelve members of that security team returned to Israel in the week before 3/11/11. In the aftermath of the disaster, the Israelis publicly monitored the reactor cores via their illegal internet data links. Yet no one took them to task for this.

Jim Stone Targeted for Revealing Truth

What caused the tsunami? What destroyed the reactors?

Using skills honed as a former NSA analyst with an engineering background, Jim Stone concluded that Israel was behind the destruction of Fukushima Daiichi. Now he is paying the price.

Stone proved that there was no 9.0-magnitude quake to cause the tsunami.

The tsunami must have been artificially induced, perhaps by an atomic bomb placed in the Japan Trench.

The tsunami was blamed for flooding the reactors and causing the explosions. But Stone presents compelling evidence that Israel destroyed the Fukushima Daiichi plant by installing gun-type nuclear weapons in the guise of security cameras, and then setting them off in the tsunami’s aftermath.

Stone demonstrates that the Stuxnet virus continues to distort sensor readings at the disaster site to this day.

Unlike many others in the world of whistle blowers, Stone bases his conclusions on hard evidence and unassailable logic. Anyone can review and challenge his work. He is open to it.

Since releasing his report and making several radio appearances to support it, Jim Stone has been harassed, threatened, unlawfully detained, and is currently facing prison time on completely trumped-up charges.

I have watched the reaction to his work on the net. Some have slandered him. Others have railroaded his work.

No one has debunked him……………………….. yet.

Written by Henry Makow.
His conclusions have ramifications that make 9/11 pale in significance.

Why, all across the alternative media, this roaring silence on the work of Jim Stone?

Why haven’t more truth sites simply linked to his report, directing people to review the evidence and decide for themselves?

Some have expressed suspicion that Stone might not be what he claims to be. That’s irrelevant. Facts are facts. The report stands on facts.

If you haven’t done so yet, I urge you to study Jim Stone’s Fukushima report. It is well worth the considerable time and effort. Then, if you agree that his conclusions are correct, please do your part in spreading this information and dispelling the alternative media’s silence on it.

To conclude, a 9.0-magnitude earthquake never happened in Japan on 3/11; the tsunami must have been artificially induced. Nor did hydrogen explosions obliterate containment walls of concrete and rebar several feet thick. The official story is impossible. Israel was punishing Japan, and Zionist operatives now are attempting to destroy Jim Stone, the man who exposed the truth.

The original report:

Interview with visuals:

Read more at The Tap Blog

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    • GinaK49

      One question??? Do you hate Jews? Nough said! This is all BS.

    • FreddynoBlind

      Jim Stone article makes a lot of sense to me!
      Of course the nuclear industry keep cutting corners and profiting from what should not exist since we so many alternative sources of energy but the fact is that Fukushima was not a natural disaster and that Israelis use any method to achieve their goals no matter what.
      In my view they not only created 9/11 but the Bali bombings (that brought Australia into the coalition of the willing), the London Bombings and the Madrid bombings were the predecessors of the Fukushima “earthquake”.

    • ViewPoint

      Makes sense to me, as well. The fact that the tsunami crashed into homes, buildings, structures that were completely undamaged is very revealing. Every photo, video of the Japan-3/11 event shows numerous undamaged structures being swept away by the tsunami… not a single pic of an earthquake-damaged structure.

    • Infinite Ammo


    • Rick Carufel

      I ask where the damage from the quake was long ago. My post for some reason got only 10 views. here’s a link to it.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      makes sense to me. And can sit on it….no more traffic from me. rense has really taken a dive in the last few months anyway.

      I’ve preaching the same thing about no damage related to a 9.0 (!!!) earthquake. Why doesn’t anyone from Japan speak out…someone must know something.

      And I have no problems blaming the Israelis either. They were in charge of security at the world trade centers and the Boston airport. What does that tell you? Wake up folks…

    • Anonymous

      its the only reason Merkel shut down her reactors because she thought she was next on “the list”. Not that I admire her, but she has resisted ongoing bailouts and has stepped on a few toes. The Israelis are very dangerous. What waits for us in the Straits of Hormuz?

      And the more disgusting fact is that most of the US Congress is beholden to Israel…apparently due to fear of their lives. Ron Paul probably knows as well…but says nothing either.

      there are no brave men except for you and I. This nonsense has gone on for too long. Time to put a stop to it.

    • Idiot Proof

      This is old news, but, it should be reposted and reposted so all can know what really going on in this crazy world.

      For any like the first poster who chooses to perfunctorily dismiss the information s b.s, please post a link, just one single link to a photo that shows any earthquake damage in Japan from that day, that looks like it was the result of a 9.0 magnitude shaker…I am not asking for tsunami damage, I am specifically requesting a 9.0 Fukushima earthquake damage photo, JUST ONE, and I know for a fact that you will not produce ANY. Simply because as the story says, there never was a 9.0 at Fukushima…

    • Anonymous

      Even the footage of the Tsunami coming into the various port facilities show cars neatly parked in their spots. Wouldn’t the earthquake have move them around? Also, no damage whatsoever to Sendai Airport. No broken window? No damaged aircraft? Just the water on the runway.

    • Mort Amsel

      yeah this article is sheer right wing Bologna..

    • TheEnneagram

      R O T H S C H I L D

    • Anonymous

      The Kobe earthquake hit IN KOBE. The Fukushima thing was way OFF SHORE.

    • Roninsteel

      70 km from the epicentre is a long way it seems most of the energy was absorbed by moving all that water ,

      I remember their being tsunami sirens warning of a wave coming and in one place they could not shut the defenses in time .

      The hydrogen explosions gas type explosions and would explain hydrogen getting into reactor4 building

      Even the Japanese truth sites believe it was an earthquake. And are focusing on the radioactive fallout and the cover up over the. Ongoing problems of the triple meltdown

      I think Jim Stone is another false flag alarmist

    • Mountain Mama

      I think Jim Stone needs to be committed! He is a danger to the American mind. Entirely too many believe his science fiction crap. And entirely too many hate the Jews. This is not good for a Christian nation. After all, the Jews ARE God’s chosen people. Lest you don’t know, or forget, Jesus Christ was a JEW!

    • Anonymous

      All this has been brought out before, e.g. Benjamin Fulford and
      others. Stuxnet and an Israeli security firm instructed by the
      Japanese. Iranian uranium enrichment and contacts between the
      Japanese and the Chinese. All this, as Fulford would put it, is on public record, so it would not be my aim to feel a missionary compuslion to convince any of thos dumbed down fellows, who pretend not to see what jumps into your eye. The loose end for me is something else. The Japanese are a pretty clever people, so how could they be so stupid to call in an
      Israeli security firm to “guard” their reactors. Well, I suppose the Japanese may have their good share of those type of
      people who are known to us as “Christian Zionists”.

    • deeperpolitics

      When confronted with credible evidence I am obliged to share that. Otherwise, the research being offered will be ‘one-sided’. So, here is a response I received regarding Jim Stone’s interesting research and theories posted on this page.

      Regarding reactor 4 being serviced and not being capable of exploding.
      “Pressurized water reactor systems use two different chemicals to control the chemistry in the primary system, ammonia and hydrogen. Ammonia is added to the coolant to control Ph and keep it around 10.5 to control corrosion. Radiation causes ammonia to break down into hydrogen and nitrogen. Hydrogen is also added to scavenge oxygen which gets in via water that is added during normal operations. It is quite possible that hydrogen in storage cylinders simply leaked out and THAT is what caused an explosion. An empty reactor is NOT inert as Jim Stone seems to think. Just because there is no fuel, does NOT mean that there is no radiation breaking down the ammonia in the system and generating hydrogen gas. The pressure vessel becomes highly radioactive from exposure to the neutron radiation from the core while the core is in operation. Sorry, but I do NOT buy “the smoking gun” that Jim Mason refers to. I have 21 years of experience in the Navy with nuclear power. It was my JOB to monitor chemistry and radiation as well as operate the power plant as a mechanical operator. Compared to a civilian power plant, a nuclear submarine is TINY, but the dangers are exactly the SAME.”

      However,as Jim Stone suggests, Israeli-created Stuxnet ‘malware’ may well have infected Fukushima safeguard technology, resulting in lack of timely backup procedures and responses. Also, whether or not a nuclear bunker buster type explosive device was used to take down one of the Fukushima reactors, we are still faced with the questions of “why was this tsunami falsely reported to be the result of a 9.0 earthquake?”

      Regarding whether an earthquake, nuclear bunker buster or HAARP technology could have created that tsunami off the coast of Japan….
      Even Secretary of Defense William Cohen, back to 1997, knew about EM (HAARP) weaponry that could trigger quakes and set off volcanoes. Google search the title:
      HAARP Activity Prior to Japanese and Haiti Earthquakes – Woollam


    • Anonymous

      “why was this tsunami falsely reported to be the result of a 9.0 earthquake?”

      Hello, bright man, have you read the reports about 9/11?

    • Anonymous

      There was a very big earthquake, even if a bomb triggered it.
      At the same time, seismology, even in Israel, has not advanced to the point of knowing just how to cause an earthquake. The energy required to cause such an extraordianry Tsunami is many, many times beyond even the “Tsar Bomba.” The energy required is truly titanic, enough to drive every vehicle in N. America for several decades. The masses moved and the forces in play are almost beyond conception. Note also that the coastline levels have been changed.This was a tectonic event, beyond human compassing.

    • basscat348

      Good work jim stone,dont pay any attention to the naysayers ….you know who you are.

    • Anonymous

      Good job Jim, I will pray for your safety. It’s not about Jews, but zionists, who rule the America and try to rule the world, and who is not obeying them – get in the wars or cataclisms.

    • pigsdofly

      Want a piece to the puzzle you can’t figure out? THE WHITE HATS REPORT This report(s) explain what’shappening and by whom. This is upper level intelligence informants who have been watching the thieves&thugs in our government. These thugs all the groups use HAARP to cause these psy-op weather changes. READ ALL articles updates from Ben Fulford. And, for those who say conspiracy-forgeddaboutit! You’re a conspiracy! The Dragon Family filed a trillion dollar lawsuit in New York!

    • alexblanelayder

      You humans are ridiculous blaming everything on Israelis and Ashkenazi Jews. Get a life. Stop looking into conspiracy THEORIES and focus on the TRUTH. I bet if you trip and fall and break or sprain a body part you will exclude your foolish mishaps and some how Connect the dots and blame the Jews. I bet if you get sick and the flu you’ll blame the Jews. Seriously get real with this BS.

      And if anyone takes heed to this garbage there a word to describe you as…gullible.

      One more thing where was the epicenter of the Kobe quake???? Inland
      Where was the epicenter of the Fukushima quake???? In the ocean
      And you don’t suppose that makes a world of difference do you????

      I used to enjoy makow articles but in time you’ll find out he is a disinformation artist. Like Rense and others. Just to make you more agitated and angry offering no real solutions not even making the necessary connections to the bible and LORD JESUS CHRIST.

    • Anonymous

      Response to
      alexblanelayder on Samstag, 11. Februar 2012 09:12:05

      You seem to be living in a fine world. A world in which
      9/11, waco and ruby ridge do not exist. A world in which
      no trillions are vanishing (I think Celeste would slap you in
      the face if you would try to sell this crap to him), you live
      in a world, in which there is no Afghanistan, no Iraq and no
      Lybia, no Dresden, no Hiroshima, no Vietnam, no Korea, no
      Palestinian children and their fathers being shot hiding behind
      a rain barrell, no America that is being bled dry, because it is forced to engage in one proxy war after another and is just about to start anohter such operation for Israel. Read about the debts the US have accumulated and ceck out when this has happened. Then ask somebody to hit you on the head with a hammer to wake up or admit that you are a fifth columnist, you
      screw and scumbag!

    • FalkeAuge

      Japanese, masters of technology and gadgets – yes? Why would they get an Israeli company to install security cameras?
      Is the story possible? Maybe, I know of no evidence to prove either way wether a nuke can cause an earth quake. Is it probable – yes anything is probable but for me and a few others this is just not plausible. The dangers for any country trying to pull off such a stunt is just not worth it.
      Suppose Japan know it is fact – for sure they are planning a retaliation – (Pearl Habour) – If it were true and I was in Israel I’d be running like hell.
      Speculation at best!

    • Anonymous

      FalkeAuge on Samstag, 11. Februar 2012 09:39:47

      The story of the Israeli Security Company is true! There are
      reports of Western scientists, who were associated with Fukishima, who have confirmed that. Just check the Net. In these
      reports (not from journalists, remember) you can also find very detailed explanations, how Stuxnet has initially hampered Japanese
      attempts to get this thing somehow under control!

    • HereAmI

      For alexblanelayder, who likes to deflect the blame away from the “Ashkenazi Jews” as he calls them. Who are neither Jews nor even Semites, but the descendants of Japheth. Genesis ch 10 v3.
      “I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews but are not, but are a synagogue of Satan” Rev. ch 2 v9.
      These are the words of the Lord Jesus Christ. Do you believe the words of your Lord ?
      One slightly different question for the first poster.
      “Do Jews hate us ?”
      Nough said. Read the Talmud.

    • Anonymous

      Why is it that every time anyone mentions Israeli involvement they are accused of being anti-semitic? I’m a Jew and I don’t think this report “hates” Jews. Another thing that really ticks me off is that “Jew” has become a synonym for Zionist! Not all Jews are Zionists and not all Jews support Israel!

      Thanks for the article. I’m not a nuclear expert so I have to consult some of my friends to prove some of the scientific claims, but I will also take a look at Jim Stone’s work.

      When the Fukishima quake happened I wrote an extensive article claiming that it COULD have been caused through the use of HAARP, there are also some very interesting (and more well versed than mine) reports on the matter. Maybe worth to look into… Personally, I find that explanation more believable than nuclear explosions, which could be easily checked for by sending a probe down there and looking for indications of an explosion.

    • Anonymous

      Tsar Bomba – 58 megatons

      Fukishima Tsunami – 480 megatons (nearly 8 of those big boys), 70 km off the coast, no damage to houses? Seems odd…

    • Anonymous

      rense is better as u can save his pages to read leter thats more than i can say for before its news your whole web site needs fixing,and u have wait six months t0 get back on to the main stories

    • Anonymous

      Re Tsar Bomba facts from anon above: Had there been no N plant involved, every geophysical evidence available would tell of a majro temblor in a subduction trench. All quakes are unique. This one ,I admit ,might tend us to wonder at the small amount of direct property damage. On the other hand , this immmense event NEARLY caused extensive property damage. The tremors were very long indeed and were followed by others over days, trailing into weeks. If the quake had been epicentred inland ,eg, under Tokyo, God knows what would be left of that city.
      A lot of energy was diffused through crustal layers , as is usual. But the greater part of temblor energy that could have caused utter catastrophe by direct vibes was used to literally lift a big chunk of the Pacific. Thus the Tsunami , and its effects on property.I think your puzzlement is v .reasonable.
      I really can’t comment on the Israeli angle. Some of the stuff that goes on in the human world is so weird, nutty or odd, that anything is possible, specially for cultures that are obsessed with blood guilt and revenge. What a world.
      Ashkenazi or Ashcan nazi?

    • Anonymous

      This is a pack of lies. The Earths axis was shifted by 4-5 inches by the quake. Why give such b******t out? Isn’t there enough hatred in the world without you adding to it?

    • Pix

      It was Brazil that promised to sell Iran fuel rods for their nuke plants after the USA started throwing a 2 year olds hissy fit over Iran mining and enriching it themselves. Japan didn’t promise anything to anyone let alone to enrich plutonium for Iran.

      I can understand why Rense doesn’t want such codswallop on his web site.

    • Creators choice

      I swear I will barf with these christian zionist and zionist boo hooing of “they hate the jews”.
      Let’s get this straight, the TALMUD HATES EVERYONE WHO IS NOT A ZIONIST…the zionist christians are their lap dogs their lackeys their moles.
      I would prefer to make up my own mind versus SOMEONE else making it for me, thank you very much.
      And, the chosen people is a bunch of crap…I DO NOT believe in religion at all…this is the very reason I reject religion. NO ONE IS BETTER THAN I…period. They are the children of satan if you believe…go read it yourself…Jesus rejected the zionist Rabbi’s period. Further, if Jesus was a Jew he was an Orthodox Jew not a zionist.
      Beliefs that pray for war and destruction should be removed from the planet…chosen people my arse. Look at what they are doing to the children, the people of Palestine.
      Let’s remember the USS Liberty, let’s remember the dancing jews on 9/11…this is my country…love it or leave it.
      Look at your map, look for the country of Palestine…like Newt said…they don’t exist.

    • O. Ryan Faust

      Hitler also invented reasons to hate the Jews.

      But all it is is hate finding an avenue for support.

      It’s all contrived.

      Don’t fall for it.

    • Anonymous

      re Creator’s choice. Yes, Zionism is a fairly recent doctrine. What the above writer says of matters Talmudic seems to square with observed behaviours large and small. If people believe self-favouring stuff, they mustn’t be upset if not everyone goes along with it. However, although I know abour Jesus healing the poor woman who had an “issue of blood,” I haven’t heard of the, “zionist rabbi’s period.” There really are some curious persons in Israel!

    • Troll King

      For every disaster there is a conspiracy!

    • Anonymous

      What is with this re-booting stuff???
      I no longer even view the videos because of this.
      Anyone else having this difficulty?

    • Norry

      So how do you explain all the after shocks that went on for weeks. Bombs again ? This is absolute rubbish!


      To ‘Norry’…could the aftershocks have been a setting off of quakes in response to the offshore planted nuke…remember this is an area of strong quake activity anyways…
      I have believed, since it happened, that it was a man-made quake incident…though, I directed my suspicions to it being China/Russia – their equivalent of America’s H.A.A.R.P. – Russia’s being WOODPECKER. I have to research China’s and get back to you on this.
      I was leaning towards China due to the disputed islands affair, which was realy in gear just before this happened.
      I have my own website which gives me a little more knowledge than the general public on these issues.
      Obviously, til we have some solid data or those who would come forward with whistleblowing evidence…we will be continuing to ferret out the truth of what really happened.
      Vancouver, Canada.


      To Creator’s Choice –

      Dancing Jews on 911???…how about the dancing PALESTINIANS ON 911!!!…Sir/Madam, face it, ur a Jew-Hater.
      You are RIGHT on one thing…the Talmud is responsible for making the Synagogue of Satan what it is in the world today.
      There are good, believing Jews, however, that ARE GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE.
      Do not put all Jews into the same basket of crud.
      I agree, the children, not the adults of Palestine, are suffering.
      But, this is through the disobedience to God, from their Palestinian parents, as well as the disobedient Jews.
      And, as to your, not believing in religion – everyone believes in something – everyone has faith in something – its the way things are…you can’t get away from it.
      And, yes, you have a choice – to believe in the God of the Bible, and love others, as He told us to do – or choose to do evil and live like the devil every day.
      The tongue is a fire…as the Good Book says…it can speak hatred or love…its YOUR choice.
      Vancouver, Canada.


      To ‘Anonymous’…

      U remind me of the zealot during the time that Jesus was on the earth…he had a following and all that happened to him was he ended up dead…
      Have you become so ‘libertarian’ and ‘perfect in political doctrine’ that you have forgotten civility, respect for others?
      I hear these putdowns, all the time, on Alex’s program…’scum, moron,maggot,etc.’
      Where in the Good Book does it say that we are supposed to do ‘namecalling’ to the enemy?…
      (And, I am a regular listener to Alex’s program & agree with much of what he says…not on the delivery, many times…which, he, himself, has apologized for, ad nauseum…lol…and I am praying that it will take hold, in true change, in his program).
      One thing we forget…the elites are being controlled by a spiritual entity…’namecalling’ does not negate what these entities do…prayer and hard work in exposing the lies, does.
      I would exhort that we take an inner inventory of our own behaviors and see if it lines up with what Jesus taught in His Word.
      Jesus never once called anybody a scumbag…He DID say ‘Woe unto you, Scribes and Pharisees…he was articulate, fair and to the point, without being rude, base or vile.
      He was guileless.
      A little more thought must go into how we speak to others.
      Doctrine means nothing, whether Spiritual or Political, without Love. Love is not Rude – Corinthians.
      Vancouver, Canada.

    • Anonymous

      R O T H S C H I L D TAX HIM 1000 % OF HIS 10000 TRILLION $

    • SkareCro

      “A 9.0-magnitude earthquake is more than 100 times stronger than a 6.8. A 9.0 should have devastated everything within a 1,000-km radius.”

      You are 100% correct on that my friend.

    • Hermit

      ‘One question??? Do you hate Jews? Nough said! This is all BS.’

      No, it is not enough said. You asked a question to which you have assumed an answer. It is possible to accuse a state of wrong doing without hating the people of that state or the state’s religion.

      If I wrote a piece about Ireland and accused it of wrong doing would you accuse me of hating Catholics?

    • Anonymous

      Read the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” and then ask,”where is the love?” It is hard to love that which hates so mercilessly. As far as any group claiming to be “God’s chosen people”, I’ll wait until I hear it from God.

    • Anonymous

      Makes you wonder about some people. The biggest sites might rub elbows with the Jews. Henry Makow won’t mention the holocaust. One reason he is a Jew and second he doesn’t want the hassle. So an important story he won’t touch. He did write about the mass graves in Eastern Europe, but he blamed it on Bolsheviks instead of saying it was the Jews the ones who created Communism. Most people don’t know what a Bolshevik is. So even Henry Makow has reasons for doing certain things. Henry seems to think there is a huge difference between regular Jews and Zionists. When the Jews with Lenin came back to Russia all the Jews joined them in the overthrow of the government. There is no way it could have been pulled off so easily.

    • yes2truth

      The biggest deception re The Jews is that they are NOT the chosen race. I repeat, they are NOT the chosen race. They are Canaanites (not Kazhars as mistakenly believed by some) and directly descended from Cain via Naamah – Noah’s Cainite wife who was screwed by her son Ham thereby bridging the flood with Cain’s blood.

      Here are the links to this knowledge:,-Isaac-and-Jacob-Jews?-Genesis-38:-Royal-Judahites-and-the-Canaanite-Jews—Part-1-of-2&id=1813873—Royal-Judahites-and-the-Canaanite-Jews—Part-2-of-2&id=1815447

    • sten

      Everyone blames the jews. I dont know anywhere near enough to comment on the validity of the article but if true then you dont go looking for jews or zionists you look at the monetarists! Rothschild, Morgan, etc et al. They are the ones with the money to put all this into action using their puppet Obama and his US military machine.

    • yes2truth

      @sten And the Rothschilds are not Jews? DOH!!

    • Apolitical Blues

      I’m inclined to agree that there is no truth to the official story on Fukushima. If there were an actual 9.0 earthquake the devastation witnessed in one town would have been evident in ALL surrounding areas. There was no such surrounding devastation. This event was planned and, staged. The how and, why are up to analysis of the facts we can obtain. For Rense to exclude Makow for this one piece is highly suspect, on both parties parts.

      Enriching plutonium is driving Israel to beat the war drums but, Russia has a nuke building business that wants to use Iranian enriched uranium as fuel for the products they would build. Russia and, China would have absolutely no problem turning Israel into a sheet of glass…

    • snakedoctor33

      All I can say is that you need to be careful.I know this is true for a very very good reason but I dare not type it here as to why I know.All I can say is it’s good to see there are still people with great observational skills and common sense.The world is not as it seems and the old laws of physics no longer apply.

    • Snowball

      Nuclear bombs cannot cause a tsunami of that magnitude.

    • yes2truth

      @Snowball No need for vulgar nuclear bombs now that they have HAARP. High energy beam weapons are far more discreet – just look at how they pulverised millions of tons of steel and concrete at the WTC.

    • Amaterasu Solar

      So… Where is this report of Jim Stone’s? I click the link – and I come back here! I do not doubt that this is valid info: all One has to do is look at many much smaller quakes and see the damage – roads buckling, structures leveled, and so on – an know something is very fishy when there is NO sign of damage anywhere before the waters came in.

      And to the idiot who asked, “Do you hate Jews? Nough said!” I have to say… There is a BIG difference between Jews and Israeli Zionists. Get a grip.

    • Rick Carufel

      I have personally searched for images of the earthquake damage between the time it allegedly struck and the tsunami and can find none! If there was the wide spread devastation from the earthquake as claimed why didn’t any Japanese, who are compulsive shutter bugs, take any photos of it???

    • Mountain Mama

      @Rick Carufel…Ever think it might be because there were no Japanese ‘shutterbugs’ way out in the ocean where the earthquake occurred? Just a thought, but since they failed to be there, dive, and take pictures, I guess we should blame them for being so thoughtless. Along with blaming Israel for causing the quake or whatever it is that they are accused of doing. What I don’t understand though, if they are capable of doing this to Japan, who they do not have a bone to pick with, why in the world haven’t they wiped out all the Arabs surrounding their country that ARE trying to wipe them off the face of the earth? Where as all the common sense of American people gone? I think too much science fiction is being taken entirely too serious.

    • Rick Carufel

      Mama,That has to be the lamest rationale I’ve ever heard. Even 70 kilometer away, on land, from a 9.0 earthquake would be devastateing.
      The earthquake moved Japan several feet to the east so there should have been plenty of damage before the tsunami hit. But we see no photos of that.

    • Mountain Mama

      @Rick Carufel…I figured it would be too difficult for you to figure out. Oh well, I tried. Go on back and finish your kool-aid. That grey stuff that USED to be your brain is thirsty.




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