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Can The Jews Really Exterminate The White Race?

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Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will for ever destroy because we need a world of our own…”

– Maurice Samuels, You Gentiles. 1942.

“White men can’t jump but blacks can’t do astrophysics, Asians can’t create or conceive entirely new ideas though they can develop their packaging and production to perfection, and homo-Satanisticus; the Jews, the ultimate plagiarists and corrupters of ideas for harm, who completely lack the morality gene and like war criminal Albert Fraudstein who helped develop ‘the Jewish bomb’ claim everyone else’s work as their own, and receive endless awards from other Jews, and applause in the Jewsmedia infinitum for doing so, form the most destructive race on the planet.”

The Jewish plan to exterminate the White race dates well before the son of a long line of rabbis Karl Marx, funded by the Jewish banksters in London and New York, translated Judaism into political terms as Marxism and communism. Jewish Bolsheviks and the Jewish Cheka or secret police in Russia then went on, on the basic of Bronstein-Trotsky’s invention of the word ‘racist’ to kill, by the end of communism in the 1980’s, one hundred million Russian and Slav White Christians in the Soviet sphere, not to say several million Germans by the largely Jewish STASI in occupied East Germany who along with the Jew-puppet allied forces across all of Germany even after the second world war, murdered several million Germans mainly using the old Soviet Jewish Bolshevik tactic of state-created famine.

History shows that had the leaders of the allied powers listened to Jewish demands the entire German population would have been exterminated using nuclear weapons. In fact there would now be no Germany had the traitorous allied leaders not refused this plan for the sole selfish reason that the radiation might blow across the borders and affect themselves personally in London or Paris.

Today the Jews are using a more subtle concept of genocide; Zioncorporation and bankster-enforced mass third world immigration into White nations and White nations only combined with mass-psychological brainwashing on a multitude of levels in order to convince as many Whites as possible to commit ethnic suicide. To wipe out their own race by surrendering to Jewish miscegenation or race-mixing programming beamed through the parasitic Jewish control of academe, education, entertainment, mainstream and alternative Jewsmedia and a full-on programme of promoted homosexuality, paedophilia, drunkenness and drug-taking to destroy the moral fibre and fabric of White culture and the white instinctual moral mindset.

But observation of White youth who have remained for some reason uncontaminated by Jewish degradation techniques, makes me hopeful for a White future, even though at this time we have no idea what that future will look like. We observe in South America the deleterious effects of Spanish Whites breeding with indigenous Indian tribes, where invariably the offspring revert to the more primitive ethnic genes, yet in most of those countries the elites at the top, except in cases of Jewish infiltration into their political and social systems, remain largely of pure White strain.

This fact alone should speak volumes for the future, even though the Jews in Europe especially are working hard to undermine such a natural outcome as it is they who have long sought to become the dominant ruling race or species on the planet, and indeed are following Talmudic and Toranic commands to do so, and want non-whites close to the top where they can be manipulated rather than the ever loose cannon of an untrustworthy White intellectual and moral elite howsoever corrupt.

The fact that a low IQ chimpanzee unable to do more than stutter gutteral nonsense without the aid of a teleprompter and a script written by his Jewish handlers is currently president of the Jewknighted Snakes of Amerika says more about Jewish paranoia than anything else; the only safe alternatives to follow this zoological illogicality for such an insane mindset is a woman, a hispanic or to pursue the rationale; a one-legged, mixed-race, transgendered lesbian with ‘learning difficulties.’


Only non-Judaised Whites behave like this:

Roommates Buy Used Couch, Find $40K Cash, return it to owner.

“Three White roommates who bought a lumpy old sofa at a thrift store found $40,000 in cash stashed inside and returned the money to the 91-year-old pensioner.


In April, three roommates were watching a movie in their New Paltz, NY home when they noticed several lumps in the side cushions of their new couch, which they’d purchased two months prior from a Salvation Army. Reese Werkhoven, Cally Guasti, and Lara Russo rooted through the couch’s cushions and pulled out several large envelopes stuffed with $20 bills.

“We were just really freaked out by it,” Werkhoven told CBS New York. “It had these bubble wrap envelopes, just like two or three of them. We ripped them out and was just like freaking out, like and inch and a half of hundred dollar bills.

“You keep counting more and more money and you get excited, like Reese was thinking about buying a car for his mom and a boat,” Russo said.

By the time the final count was in, the trio had more than $41,000 stacked in front of them.

“When we were in the bedroom our neighbors thought we won the lottery or something cause we were just screaming,” Guasti said.

Plans to buy cars and boats quickly turned to feelings of guilt, though, once they found the name of the cash’s owner on one of the envelopes.

“The entitlement very quickly went away with finding that notice with her name on it. Because we didn’t earn that money,” Guasti said.

The trio tracked the money’s elderly owner down and returned the cash. As you can imagine, the elderly woman was thrilled to have the money—her life savings, she said—back.

“This was her life savings and she actually said something really beautiful like ‘This is my husband looking down on me and this was supposed to happen,’” Guasti said.

The roommates didn’t leave empty-handed, though; the elderly woman gave them a $1,000 reward.”


When I look at White youth I see that even those who have been thoroughly Holohoaxed, have lost track of their own real history due to the Jeducation system’s lies, nevertheless still have those great minds which made their race great.

While a black smokes grass in his bedroom to the blaring sounds of Rap an ordinary young White college student Jarrah White can take on the greatest minds in NASA and confront their cowardly lies about a fraudulent space-programme corrupted and defiled and lied about to fulfil the needs of the criminal political elites for the short-term gain of pretending a lead over Russian competition in the space race:

It may be worthwhile at this juncture to just take a brief glance back in history to help us understand as to how we arrived at this point in our evolution as a people, perhaps to help us to see if we have enough impetus to cruise on through the current total war being waged against our very existence by the all-powerful Zionist occupation regime which holds every White nation in it’s control and it’s snake-like, malign psychological sway:


Rockets which could take men to the moon once we have solved the problem of the van Allen Radiation Belt …
Aircraft which can carry hundreds of people thousands of miles in a few hours…
Computers which have the processing power of hundreds of thousands of people…
The flowering and completion of basic ideas of arithmetic and geometry, the basics of science which made such flights possible…
The telephone – an instrument which enables people thousands of kilometres away from each to converse as if they were next to each other…
Philosophers, inventors, writers, scientists, musicians, artists, explorers, Kings, Queens, wise rulers, evil rulers…
Great causes, which have fallen and risen…
Civilizations which have conquered their known worlds…
Technological wonders of which others can only dream…

All these are achievements of the White race, the greatest race that has ever walked the face of this earth. But who are the White race, including their extended Aryan family all the way to the once racially pure Brahmin caste of India and where did they come from?

Broadly speaking there are three main sub divisions within the White race – Nordic, Alpine and Mediterranean.


Although these names seem to be referring to geographic places, they did in fact originally mean certain physical types.

The Nordic sub group is recognizable by their tallness, light hair and eye colour and long skull.

The Alpine sub group is recognizable by their shorter stature, round skulls and brown eyes and hair.

The Mediterranean sub group is recognizable by their middle size stature, and their dark eyes and hair. The Mediterranean skull shape can be long or round.

There are other sub groupings of the White Race, but these are generally mixed types – for example the Dinarics (found in Poland especially) who have light hair and eyes but the round skulls of the Alpine – the product of a Nordic – Alpine mix.


When did this broad category of races appear?

Evolutionists would have you believe that the human kind originated in Africa, and as this early man migrated north, so did his pigmentation become light and his eye and hair colour lighter – by evolution of course. But this is increasingly regarded as Jew science and as foolish a theory as the atheists regard the biblical version. Modern thinkers believe that different species of humans arose in different areas and the clear fact that Africans have such a strong physical relationship in appearance to the Simians speaks of a different ancestry to humans from Europe or the Middle East or Asia. As we saw with the films of Jarrad White above questioning the theories put forward as gospel by NASA scientists, the most dearly held scientific beliefs do not often bear real examination in the light of a greater understanding than the men who produced them at an earlier time.

Creationists would have you believe that mankind was created by a God in the space of a few days while scientists would have you belive that humans evolved from single-cell amobeas.

Both theories are just that – theories, and the archaeological evidence tells quite a different story. The frequently censored archaeological evidence consists of skeletal remains found at various sites around the world. From these skeletal types we can determine the size and physical features of the people who lived at that time.


What we see is that until about 40,000 or 30,000 years ago there was a race of beings who walked upright – called Homo Erectus. Homo Erectus was a two-legged creature who possessed very low mental faculties. This Homo Erectus is what is commonly known as Neanderthal man. His physical features were a small skull and particularly small cranial – brain – capacity. His arms were longer in relation to his body size that Homo Sapiens, and he was prognathic – a fancy scientific term which means that the forehead slopes back and the teeth stick out significantly – usually further than the furthest point of the nose or the chin. Strangely the Neanderthal gene is often found in Jews.

The evolutionists would have us believe that Homo Sapiens (which is Latin for Wise Man) evolved from Homo Erectus – but of course this is where the evolutionary theory falls flat – there is no conclusive genetic link between Neanderthal man and Homo Sapiens. On the contrary, the archaeological evidence would indicate that at the end of the last great ice age – which may have lasted hundreds of thousands of years and which only finally receded about 40,000 years ago, Homo Sapiens appeared out of the north and swept down through Europe, somehow replacing Neanderthal man.



For 20,000 years during this closing ice age – called the Upper Paleolithic period – a term referring only to the type of culture that existed amongst these early Homo Sapiens – our ancestors, the White race’s ancestors, lived as hunter gatherers in Europe.

Their physical remains and artefacts from this time are plentiful – and what is really amazing is how far spread out they were. This first race of people with whom we can claim a genetic affinity, were what is called the proto Nordic racial type – tall, light hair and eyes.

In certain isolated areas in Europe you can still find perfect living examples of this racial type, and they differ only slightly in height from modern day Nordics.

This great proto Nordic race lived in a broad band spanning from Spain right across Europe all the way to central Asia and even to the Pacific rim, where skeletal remains have been found as well.

In Siberia and Asia they were eventually absorbed by the Mongoloid races and the same happened in the Pacific rim – for example the Ainu people of Japan – that society’s highest class – are very clearly crosses of Mongoloids and Whites. They differ so substantially from the rest of the Japanese population that this is visible even to the Western eye.

Whites The First Native Americans:


When this great Ice age finally ended, some of these White hunters became a pastoral people. The first artefacts made from bone and stone date from this period – about 35,000 years ago. With established settlements came developments such as fire, paintings stone blades and the fashioning of animal bones into weapons and tools. Sewing needles were also developed during this period.

Musical instruments also made their appearance at certain sites in Southern France flutes dating back 27,000 years have been found. A typical settlement would have about 5 to 20 families living together. Coal was also first used as a fuel at about this time.

They fired clay statutes in ovens, had bows and arrows (a weapon which first appeared on the scene about 10,000 years ago).

Their challenging lifestyle, still fighting the elements and the large hosts of wild animal predators, meant that there was no time yet to settle and develop methods of noted communications and the means to store them was that they left no written records of their achievements – only paintings, usually of a spiritual nature meant to thank or placate their gods, on the rock walls of caves.


With the total disappearance of the Ice Age certain biological changes did start to creep into this proto Nordic race. In Southern and Central Europe, a process of an increasing head breadth began to develop which eventually resulted in the Alpine race.

The Mediterranean race also appeared at about this time – also originally of Nordic extraction, it appears as if they developed their own physical characteristics due to long periods of isolation around the Mediterranean basin.

I must stress here that what we today know as “Mediterraneans” are in fact different to these original Mediterraneans. The Mediterraneans commonly referred to today are much darker that the original Mediterraneans. The reason for this difference we will see presently.

The most well preserved example of this age comes from caves in Southern France, called the Azilian culture, after the caves at Mes d’Azil. Here stones were found with what appears to be writing on them dating from this period – but they have never been deciphered and it remains to this day speculation as to what they exactly are.


As climatic conditions improved, so occurred what is called the Neolithic revolution. Again, this is a fancy term indicating only a change in living style. Neolithic means the establishment of farms and crops and even more settled lifestyles.

Although there are isolated examples of proto Nordics having established farms at the beginning of the Neolithic period in Northern Europe, the fact is that the climatic conditions were not ripe for large scale farming. The proto Nordics, Alpines and darker Mediterraneans who were living in the more climatically favourable Middle East were the first to start with large scale farming and settlements. Cereal crops were planted in the Middle east 10,000 years ago.

The cereal grain farmers spread their skills westwards, penetrating central Europe about 8000 years ago – when these crops first started appearing in Italy and the Balkans.


Here we must of course bear in mind that the inhabitants of the Middle East at this period in history were not the same people who inhabit that region now! The Semites and Mongols (who lived further east) were still migrating North and West from ancient homelands in the South and East.

The people who lived in the Middle East at the time we are talking about now were a mixture of proto Nordics, Alpines and Mediterraneans, with Mediterraneans being in the majority. Although they do not predate the Upper Paleothic settlements in Europe – they can most certainly be said to have provided much of the impetus for early White civilization.

Having said that, it was so that almost without fail the leadership elite of these Middle Eastern inhabitants were Nordics. A few examples: the first Egyptian societies were clearly White. The majority of the population were Mediterraneans, while the leadership elite was Nordic. The mummified remains of numerous pharaohs and common folk from the first great Egyptian civilization have these undeniable racial characteristics, while the first written reference to blond hair is made on the wall of the tomb of the pharaoh Cheops – his daughter, Queen Hetep-Heres II, is identified as having blond hair. Cheops was of course the builder of the great Pyramids we still see today outside Cairo.

These racial types dominated in the Middle East for nearly 10,000 years, eventually being displaced and intermingle with massive waves of Semitic and Mongoloid invaders.


The first great White Egyptian civilization was in fact predated by about some 3000 years by the great Sumerian civilization – another population whose racial make up was predominantly Mediterranean with a Nordic ruling elite. This civilization, founded between the two great rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates, even built pyramids – called Ziggurats – of their own long before the Egyptians apparently stole the idea from them.

The Sumerian civilization was the first truly literate civilization, and was established as late as 3000 BC – some 5000 years ago. The most famous city state of the Sumerians was Babylon, which later became one of the wonders of the ancient world because of its beautiful hanging gardens.

The first great novel – a recreational work of fiction, was written down in Babylon – The Epic of Gilgamesh (which interestingly enough has as part of its story line the flooding of the world – clearly this was from where the later Hebrew religionists took the idea of Noah’s Ark and the flood.)

The first written law statutes also date from this Sumerian civilization – the Law code of Hammurabi, which dates from 1 760 BC.

A number of other smaller White civilizations sprang up at this time in this region as well, each of them contributing in their own way to the advancement of civilization.


Amongst them were the Phonecians, a people originally of Greek origin who established our modern alphabet and through trade established themselves as a powerful nation in the Mediterranean. The Phoenicians founded the city of Carthage, in present day Tunis, just opposite the bottom of the Italian peninsula. Carthage was of course to become one of the Roman empire’s greatest enemies.


The neolithic (farming) revolution slowly spread through Europe, first along the Grecian peninsula, Italy, up the Danube River and reaching Northern Europe about 7000 years ago.

These civilizations are what is know as the “Old European civilization” and included such places as Crete (the palace at that island’s capital city, Knossos, had by the way, the first running water toilets – this about 4500 years ago!)


By this time the modern day Nordic racial type had fully developed, and it may come as news to some of you that original large Nordic concentrations were not in fact in Scandinavia, but in modern day Ukraine and South Eastern Russia (hence Whites are mistakenly called Caucasians – after the Causacas mountains – by those who don’t know better).

The town of Kiev, was for example one of the biggest Nordic cities, dating from about 7000 years ago, and had a population of 20,000 – huge by standards of the time.

These Nordics slowly crept westward, invading and re-invading Western Europe for a period of nearly 6000 years, finally resulting in the establishment of a new Nordic heartland in Northern Europe.

These people developed a linear script and their own language. Very little of this language remains, although there are those who argue that the Hungarian language – which is exclusive and bears no relation to any other European language except to a Baltic dialect – is the purest surviving example of this language.

These original Nordic tribes had stone buildings and worked bronze and copper. How much of this metal working skill was passed South to the Middle Eastern civilizations remains a matter of debate.

However, what is for sure is that successive waves of Nordic tribes started invading central and Southern Europe in earnest about 6 400 years ago, and caused the Mediterranean civilizations (the “Old European” civilizations) to topple. Nordic tribes occupied large regions of Turkey, Crete, Greece and Southern Europe and Italy.

The invading Nordics did not kill the largely Mediterranean populations of these areas – obviously feeling some type of racial kinship, but instead just ruled over them.

Some Nordic tribes migrated into the Far East – as far as China, where some Nordic remains have been found in burial chambers. The details we have about this is too sketchy to speculate on what effect this may have had on the undeniably advanced Chinese culture.

These Nordic tribes also invaded Egypt, but were in turn occupied by a Semitic invasion – the Hyskos, who wee only expelled after 100 years of their rule.


It was some of these invading Nordic tribes, around the year 2100 BC – some 4000 years ago – laid the basis for the great age of Greek culture. From this period we owe much in terms of philosophers, mathematicians and great soldiers. This flowering of Greek civilization lasted till just after the founding of the greatest empire the world has known, in Rome.

In 1595AD – some 3500 years ago – the city of Babylon was captured by these Nordic invaders. Another invading tribe was called the Philistines by the Egyptians – and these people established what is believed to be a harsh rule over the increasing number of Semites in the Middle East. The Semites developed a fanatical hatred of the Philistines, which they developed into their religion.

This was developed to the point where today anyone who has been raised a Christian knows that to call someone a Philistine is to insult him, even though the person using that insult may not even know who the Philistines were.


Around the year 1500 BC – say 3500 years ago – Nordic tribes, who were sun worshippers, and who used the sanskrit (or Sumerian) language and their symbols, invaded central Asia and occupied territory as far as the North of India. These invaders were what is known as the Indo-Europeans, or the original Aryans. In fact, all of those countries spanning their age of conquest bear names directly related to them – India, Iran, Iraq are all corruptions of the original word Aryan.

One of the symbols the Aryans had was the sunwheel, representing the sun and well being, which later developed into the swastika. This symbol was taken up in to the Indo-Aryan’s religion, and transported over into the Hindu religion, which sprang from a marriage of the Indo-Aryans’ beliefs to the millions of crores of Indian village gods and godesses to create Hinduism. To this day you will find swastikas in Hindu temples across the world identical to the ancient swastikas of the German tribes.

Up until this time then, the development of White race’s territorial expansion was such that they were a majority in Europe and Western Russia. Nordics ruled as an elite over a largely Mediterranean population into the Middle East. In areas further East, that is Iran and Northern India, the population grew steadily darker and less White, till at the furthest outpost in India the Nordic invaders were a distinct minority.


At this stage in history the first great turning point in White civilization came about. The White Egyptians started using Nubian – or Black – labour to provide the manpower needed to build their great pyramids, while in other Central Eastern countries the Semitic or Arabic populations began to increase as they too were increasingly used as labour by the ruling Whites.

Herein lies the key to understanding the rise and fall of all civilizations – as long as a race maintains its territorial integrity and does not start to rely on others to provide its labour, that civilization will stand intact. Once it starts to allow large numbers of other races into its midst, to do the labour, then that civilization falls.

A civilization stands or falls by the homogeneity of its population, and nothing else.

To digress for one minute to explain this another way : no-one will argue that the Chinese people have built a civilization in China. If however the Australian aborigines had to immigrate to China in their millions, then in a few years the character of Chinese civilization would changed to that of an aboriginal one.

Those who occupy the territory, not those who own the territory, determine the nature of that society. This is an immutable law which cannot be escaped.


In India, for example, the Indo-Aryans established a strict segregation system to protect the racial purity of all groups and keep themselves separate from the local native population. This system was so strict that it has lasted to this day as is today known as the caste system. However, even the strictest segregation (and punishments such as death for miscegenation) did not prevent the majority population from eventually swallowing up the ruling Nordics till today when only a few very high caste Brahmin Indians could still pass as Europeans and most of the almost white population is to be found among the higher Punjabi Sikh castes which themselves are no longer pure.

Exactly the same thing happened in central Asia, Egypt, Sumeria, and to a lesser degree, Turkey. Slowly but surely, as these civilizations relied more and more on others to do their work for them, their population became darker and darker. Today Egypt is not populated by the people who built the pyramids – and the same applies to any other original site of White culture in that region.


The Nordic civilizations in Greece also fell prey to this trap, and the last great Grecian leader, Pericles, actually enacted a law in the year 451 BC limiting citizenship of the state by racial descent. However, some 400 years later this law was changed as the population shifts had become more and more evident. Today there are significant genetic differences between many inhabitants of Greece and the original inhabitants of that country, although this change is not as complete as in a place such as Egypt.

Thus, only the Nordics who invaded Eastward into Europe, have left any significant genetic heritage today, mainly because the original inhabitants of this region were genetically compatible with the Nordic invaders.


Possibly one of the best known rulers of the period leading up the Christian year 0 was Alexander the Great. His tribe of Nordic invaders had settled the land known as Macedonia – just to the north of present day Greece. Alexander set about invading the already struggling Greece and eventually most of the known world, including poor old Egypt once again.

Alexander, an intelligent version of a George Bush impearialist  was however an exponent of multi culturalism, and established his new capital at Babylon. He even forced his army’s senior officers to take Asiatic wives!

Upon Alexander’s’ early death at Babylon, virtually all of his senior officers who had been forced into these multi racial marriages renounced their Asiatic wives, and Alexander’s empire was split up amongst his generals.

The most famous one of these generals was Ptolemy, who established the Ptolemic reign in Egypt. The best known Ptolemic Egyptian queen was Cleopatra, who was of course born in Macedonia and not in Egypt at all. This Ptolemic reign provided a new short lease of life to Egypt, but soon the by then overwhelmingly Arabic population took over once again.


Then came the great civilization of Rome, unfortunatly yet another New World Order globalist grouping like Alexander’s Macedonian empire. Originally the inhabitants of the Italian peninsula were settled neolithic – or agricultural Mediterranean peoples, but starting about 1000 BC – 3000 years ago – Italy also fell victim to the invading bands of Nordics flooding across Eastern Europe. In the 9th century BC the last of these Nordic invasions took place – and the last tribe to invade carried the name the Latini – and it is from them that the word Latin came.

Together with other invading Nordic tribes, the Latini amalgamated with the Mediterraneans in Italy and formed the core of the Roman people.

One of the most prominent of the Mediterranean peoples in Italy before the arrival of the Latini, were the Etruscans, and for a long while they in fact ruled over the Nordic tribes coming south. The Etruscans were the first established and civilized – in the sense of having an establishes system of reading, writing, technology and so on – in Italy.

In 753 the city of Rome was established, and was immediately under the control of the Etruscan rulers. The Etruscan king was however expelled from Rome in the year 509 BC.

By the 4th century BC – 2000 years ago – the Latini, or as the became known the Romans, after their great city, had become the dominant tribe in all Italy. They were predominantly Nordic in racial make-up, with a fair admixture of Mediterranean blood.

The Romans quickly advanced beyond all of their neighbours because they were the first to systemize and organize the state into a modern bureaucracy. Laws, Army discipline, training, advanced weaponry and learning enabled them to start conquering all of the less civilized peoples around them, and they soon conquered virtually all of Western Europe, including the British Isles, where the neolithic age had been plodding on uninterruptedly for many years.

The only time that the Romans were in fact stopped was by their distant Nordic cousins in central Germany. The Germanic king Herman inflicted a massive defeat upon the Roman forces at the battle of Detmold in the year 9AD, and the Romans then never advanced further eastward in Germany past the present day city of Cologne.

The Roman Empire however also extended South and East – and included many peoples into its reign who were definitely not Roman stock material.

The city of Carthage proved to be one of Rome’s greatest foes, and it was only after several years’ fierce war and an invasion of Italy by the Great Carthaginian leader, Hannibal, that Rome finally overcame the city. The way they dealt with Carthage was insightful of the Roman mindset of the time – they killed all males, enslaved the females, burned the city down and then ploughed it over, pouring salt in the furrows. Nothing ever even grew on that place again.

Citizenship rights, which were at the beginning jealously guarded and in fact racially linked – only Roman citizens born in Rome of Roman parents could become citizens – were changed as the Empire expanded. With each new conquest and addition, the definition of citizenship become broader and broader.

Cato the Censor, a Roman leader who lived from 234 to 149 BC was one who saw the dangers of extending citizenship rights to non Romans, and he tried to introduce a number of measures to boost the Roman birthrate and to exclude foreigners. Augustus Caesar followed this up by issuing a decree that every Roman male between the age of 25 and 60 must be married – an hopefully produce offspring. In 9AD the Roman government announced tax concessions for Roman citizens having large families.

All these efforts were ultimately in vain, and by the year AD 70, all manner of foreigners had been given Roman citizenship. In this way the Romanised Jew Josephus, who wrote an excellent account of the Roman war with the Jews in Palestine, was actually employed by the Romans to write that history. Jews it is believed brought the Roman empire to it’s knees by their deleterious financial and moral interventions and infiltrations and the spreading of all the vice and moral corruption they spread today. It would not be a surprise to find that Roman amphitheaters and the slave trade, especially the sex trade were the idea of Jews who likely owned or ran them as well.


The issue of Palestine and the Jews must be addressed quickly as a religion which came from this region – Christianity – has played such a pivotal role in modern Western Civilization. Christianity, a total rejection of Judaism and everything it stood for was revealed by the greatest Master ever to appear in the West known in the West as Our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus was merged in God, but not the Satanic God of the Jews Yahweh or his trinity Jahbulon but the higher God also revealed by Eastern Masters such as Maulana Rumi or Guru Nanak.

In Palestine a Semitic tribe called the Hebrews had set up a particularly ethnocentric religion – a God for a specific people, which was a new concept amongst religions, as all other Gods could be for all people, but the Hebrew God was claimed to be the only god and a god who favoured the Hebrew tribe as his chosen people and called for the subjection of all other peoples as their slaves.

A small band of Hebrew heretics however objected to this ethnocentric religion, and founded a break away sect, called the Essenes. The Essenes preached that their God was in fact a god for all people, and they objected to the more chauvinist Hebrew god. The Essenes were persecuted by the majority of Hebrew tribe elders, and they were forced to hide many of their works and writings in remote monastic sites in the deserts – and this is where the now famous Dead Sea Scrolls come from.

The Essenes claimed that one of their leaders who had been persecuted had been able to perform miracles and had risen from the dead. Although these Essene claims have never been substantiated, it certainly appears to have been the basis for the claim that Jesus was an Essene. In reality what we do know about Jesus is that he was not a Jew but a Gentile from the Gentile region of Galilee in a time when a sort of ‘apartheid’ existed between tribes and different tribes lived in different areas; i.e. the Jews in Judea and Gentiles in areas like Galilee. This is still true today when Palesinians and Jews live seperatly in specific areas based on religion if not race.

The wish by an early ‘Jews-for-Jesus’ type sect created by Jewish convert Paul to make Jesus a Jew led to tying him up with prophesies in the Old Testament. Jesus Himself made his position very clear in John 8:44 in which he described the Jews to the Jews in this way: “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do: he was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” Of the disciples of Jesus only one Judas was Jewish and he was the one who betrayed him. That alone says He was not a Jew. The rest of His disciples evinced the sort of cowardice Whites evince today when dealing with the Jews when they denied Him after His arrest.


Pre Vatican II Sect Catholic and White Hollywood film director Mel Gibson refused many pleas for modern language versions of his film ‘the Passion Of Christ’ because he wanted it made absolutely clear to everyone that the language of Jesus was gentile Aramaic and not Hebrew and so in the film jesus speaks aramaic, the Jews Hebrew and the Romans Latin.



This early version of Christianity was reworked and revamped extensively after the Roman Jewish War of AD 70 which defeated the Jews of moses and placed the Babalonian Pharisees of the talmud in power to create modern Satanic Judaism. Some Jewish converts set themselves up as missionaries and started trying to convert the rest of the world – after failing fairly spectacularly to convert any large numbers of Hebrews themselves. As Jewish Christianity dwindled into extinction by the 2nd century, it was the Gentiles that took over the mantle of Christianity.

Greece was the first major region to embrace Christianity and it was the greeks who translated the earlier aramaic texts into greek; the language from which modern texts are derived.

Despite their best efforts, the Christians had many obstacles in their way, they were persecuted furiously by more than one Roman emperor who tried to stamp out what they saw as a subversive religion.


Christianity grew rapidly until the year 313, when the Emperor Constantine issued the Edict of Milan guaranteeing equal status to all religions, including Christianity, in the Roman Empire.

The reason why he did this remains a matter of debate. There is a evidence to show that his mother was an early Christian convert, and influenced him, but the popular story is that as he was about to do battle with a rival Roman general for the throne, he saw a flaming Cross in the sky with the words In Hoc Signo Vinces – In this sign you will win. He allegedly took this as a sign from the Christian God that he would win if he converted to Christianity. Constantine did win, and did officially convert to Christianity.

With the conversion of the Emperor of the Rome to Christianity, the veritable flood gates opened and almost overnight Christianity became the most popular religion in the Roman Empire.

In the year 325 Constantine called together what is known as the Council of Nicosea, where elders of the foundling church actually physically put the Bible together, discarding chapters and books of loose manuscripts that Christian preachers had been using for years – when they did not fit in with the whole story.

Constantine also founded a new city, which he wanted to be a Christian city unsullied by the paganism of Rome. Modestly, he called the city Constantinople, nowadays called Istanbul.


It does not take a genius or a fortune teller to see the parallels. As the demographic face of the two White modern heartlands- Europe and America – change, so does the nature of those civilizations. Population trends say that in 100 years America will have an absolute non White majority. Europe is not far behind this projection.

This time however, unlike ancient Egypt, India or other civilizations, there are no new White barbarians ready to take up the reins of Western civilization. There are no new territories to be developed and opened up.

If things proceed unchecked, it is not far fetched to say that the 21st century will see the final disappearance of the White Race from this globe. 40,000 years of this great epoch could be wiped out.

Who will change it? Who will rescue the West? We do not know. All we can do is help to sound the clarion call, and hope that the call will not go unanswered.”

See website for videos.


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    • Pix

      This article is racist BS, absolutely offensive.

      • Guntherian

        it would be to you, your an athiest goyim owned by the jew, a white swine, a jew pet, a son of belial

      • am123

        Is that a pig I see flying :wink:

        I actually agree with Pix for once.

      • qaneh-bosem honestyherb

        There are the children born of Father Almighty through Y’shua,
        there is the human race, made up of all of the races, including yews ( jews )

        The human race is in the same boat as those pesky yews this article slanders.

        • qaneh-bosem honestyherb

          As for the word ‘jew’, it doesn’t exist in the original hebrew
          language in the TNKH, or in the New Covenant.

          In the scriptures the word is Judean, he people of the ONE
          tribe Judah.

          There are 12 tribes, and white skin is prevalent among some
          of them.

          The use the word “jew” to describe the 12 tribes is pure lie,
          and many of those who claim the title ‘jew’ are
          generational fakes_DNA is not Semitic.

          The white race will never be removed, for it is the Believers
          who will be standing on the earth last, after
          the RAPTORS ( not rapture ) have taken the evil doers
          away to be BURNED !

      • Mongoose

        The truth is often a painful pill to swallow. Although I would agree that this article is lacking in tactfulness, what it states is mostly true.

      • an argie

        Why? Afraid it might be true?

    • Guntherian

      This article is BRILLIANT and TRUE, and easily provable, any FOOL who does not know about the jews has succumbed to the brainwashing, they are the literal offspring of the devil, and their pet cattle the merikans jump to defend the jew, they looove the jew, which is why judgement comes upon them all, but dont worry, the Bible says before our Set Apart bloodlines go extinct, He will act, and well, all the signs are their, our rescue is at hand, Luke 21:22 demands that Obidiah and Amos be fufilled, and Revelations 2:9 and 3:9, twice for emphasis, tells us this is all quite true

      • am123

        The Jews are loved on account of the Patriarchs:

        “As concerning the gospel, they are enemies for your sakes: but as touching the election, they are beloved for the father’s sakes.”

        —Romans 11:28

        • The Real Deal

          No, sh*tbird, the Jews aren’t loved. And the truth about the credints is coming out HUGE! Jew lover.

        • Stickler

          christo-Deception ALERT! :shock: :shock: :shock:
          christo-Deception ALERT! :shock: :shock: :shock:
          christo-Deception ALERT! :shock: :shock: :shock:
          eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
          am123 and unidentified are THE SAME Josef, the judeo-christo-FREAK!
          Being the stickler for accuracy that I am, I saw numb nut am123 take down the IMAGE OF HIS WHITE-SKINNED MANGOD fable avatar, and replace it with, the SAME, EXACT avatar as unidentified! Then a short time later, realizing his mistake, replace the WRONG avatar with the picture of his buddy, the white-skinned mangod avatar! ONLY the account holder of both BIN accounts could do that!

          TAKE NOTE of MORE very devious behavior by the WARPED judeo-christo-CREEP known as am123, and now unidentified!

          This has been a Successful TEST of the christo-Deception ALERT system!
          If this had been a real christo-Deception you would have been asked to place your head between your legs, so that you could kiss your arse good bye.
          FOREVER, am123!
          NO human body forever, for YOU, deceiver of children!
          NO extra cities for you to rule over, for ALL of eternity with your imaginary tyrant of a white-skinned mangod!
          :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
          DEAL WITH IT, am123, unidentified, or what ever rock you crawl out from underneath, today!
          :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • stompk

      The Jewish Sackler brothers who own Purdue Pharma, the company that makes Oxycontin and other opiate based drugs, have been this countries biggest pushers since the early 90′s. The addiction problem has reached epidemic proportions, all by design.

    • sean michael blacab

      It is how they make you feel that lets them win.I send all jews,african,asian
      indigenous people great love(lo-phi)for all you spirits below light speed
      good-day.I send your self proclaimed king of kings Mr A1,Sino.AS,
      This is new chinese king of kings.Don’t get mad at the jews it is
      there nature,you are mad at yourselves for letting them get control.
      The world will be re started soon,in your dna will be this great lesson.
      Did you learn your lesson,I did as I cannot blame others for my lack of
      knowledge,and foresight.They got you feeling just the way they want.

      They the negatives want you to hate ,get the love out of your heart
      so you are just like them.Reverse what they want anyway.


    • my2pesos

      Us Real Jews ~ Re: Jesus Law

    • Zephyrox

      They claim to be Jews, but they are the synagogue of Satan so you can’t say “JEWS DID THIS AND THAT” The synagogue of Satan includes: zionazis, babylonians, banksters, bilderbergs, illuminati and luciferians. This is the bloodline of Cain and even though Satan is god’s son, they must pay for what they have done. The benevolent Jews and Christians who keep their faith in God would never commit such acts of evil, they are the bloodline of Esau

      • Mr. Raccoon

        Zephyrox, the Moral of your religious stupid logic is, for us SANE people;
        :idea: :idea:
        Since the good, benevolent judeo-christo-CREEPS that stood by and waited (like the last 1,600 years or so) could NOT control the BAD, EVIL judeo-christo-CREEPS (who did effectively herd the good benevolent judeo-christo-CREEPS for 1,600 years or so), YOU WILL

        ALL HAVE TO GO!
        For, to us, the SANE ONES, all of you different flavors of judeo-christo-CREEP-ism ALL LOOK THE SAME TO US!
        :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
        You are ALL LUNATICS for the image of a white-skinned mangod FABLE!
        :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • unidentified

      you can replace Jew with ‘hater’ if you are concerned about truth and honesty in your article

      • stompk

        Truth. The Jewish flag is the star of David. David, wanting to marry the daughter of Saul, went out and killed 200 men, and collected their foreskins, to impress his new pagan father in law.

        • stompk

          Truth, King Solomon, being jealous that the people wanted his brother to be king instead of him, had his own brother killed.

          Truth, Lord of Hosts is Lucifer. Lord, refers to owner of the land, like a landLORD. The Lord in the Hebrew bible is not God, it’s Lucifer.

          Truth, the Jewish leaders paid Judah the silver to reveal the location of Jesus, so the officer of the Jewish Temple could arrest him, and take him before Pilate.

      • stompk

        The Jews have a ritual where a grown man, a Rabbi, sucks the penis of the baby after being circumcised. The practice has made recent news, because the babies are getting herpes, from the practice.

        It’s called metzitzah b’peh if people care to research the truth.

        • Stickler

          I am totally amazed that BIN admin left your VERY TRUE post up.

          Even MORE amazing is that the perverted jew SOB is NOT prosecuted for felonious sexual assault on an infant?

          IF that is NOT Pedophilia behavior IN YOUR FACE, then WHAT IS?

          I post my top ten Talmud verses, and for the first time in years, it disappears, although I was not banned for a period of time.
          So, NO TOS violation, and it STILL gets censored by BIN!

    • Post America American

      I’m aware of the Jewish role in promoting immigration to White countries and a whole host of other problems created or exacerbated by Jews, but this article is over the top. In fact, it seems purposely offensive – as if the motive is to make anyone pro-White or anti-Jewish seem absolutely offensive and ridiculous.

      It is possible to love your own people without hating others, folks. And that is true of ALL peoples.

      • truthlovingsoul

        post american,

        my comment was similar to yours, but has disappeared.

        there is a push to paint all white race lovers as racist, hillbilly terrorists and this article, though jammed with truths is doing just that.

        yes, jews have monopolized everything wherever they have gone throughout history. they are greedy and tribalistic, hence the many expulsions. they should not be permitted to hold any positions of power or policy-making, they have proved time and time again that they can’t handle power fairly.
        they get a foot in the door and then bring in all their cronies.

        jews are taught from birth that they are the supreme beings on this planet. they openly admit that they are greedy, destructive supremacists.

        is it only jews responsible for the mess on earth? of course not, but we have to start cleaning up this mess somewhere and it makes sense to start with the ones causing the most trouble.

        every race is wonderful and should strive to preserve their heritage and traditions, including white, chritian, european-heritaged people, a dwindling and fast disappearing race.

        black pride! white pride! asian pride! these feelings do not mean one is ‘racist’. it is natural to want to preserve our various and awesome histories.


        • V. Religious

          TLS, they, BIN Censors’, wiped out the top of this post, and put all else in the tread to the bottom of the Post.
          Accuracy Counts! Comment was very true, did NOT violate ANY TOS policy, and it was wiped out with 10 plus up votes.
          Your comment had 6+ up votes (I have a copy of it, if you do not have one yourself, TLS).
          BIN protects isra-HELL, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!
          And promotes fundie-THUGS to muck-up the rest of the comments posted on BIN!
          NOT a free speech forum AT ALL!
          Unless you post, short worded, dumb, inane, and INSANE comments like most of the Fundies do.

          • Damien

            Any you think that TruthLovingSoul is NOT a Fundie? :roll:

            • truthlovingsoul


              blow it out your ear.

            • Damien


              Don’t let me dampen the spirit of all Muricans dreaming of a global government with all the gentiles together at last in Africa and all the Jews in Greater Israel.

          • truthlovingsoul


            i’m not surprised. the amount of disappearing comments is directly proportional to the amount of jew/israel lovers working in admin on any given day.


        • caligula606

          I’m proudly Anglo-Saxon, but don’t need to disparage any other race to glorify my history.
          We ruled the world, and the world was better off for it. We invented most of the modern world, and there is no problem technology has created that cannot be solved with technology.
          We are tribalistic and avaricious, but so are most people. But we started something, why would most of the rest of the world be desparately trying to catch up?
          The Jews were treated abominably in Europe. They weren’t allowed to own land, enter professions, and so on. Mostly poor and on the fringes of the rich Christian world.
          They were allowed to lend money at interest as Christians were not allowed. They became good at it. They were also allowed to collect rags, and they washed these rags and became good at that, turning garbage into cash to survive. One way for the small farmer to wipe out his debt to the Jew: kill him. The greatest threat to our tolerant, progressive, humane and decent civilisation is Leftists who hate their own culture, and any religion with a totalitarian aspect that wants to take over the world by force. The worst of all possible governments, in my view, is a theocracy.

      • Damien

        Post America American


        It’s dank and dark under them there bridges.

        WASP Zionist Yankee versus Christian Identityist Redneck dualism though is really rooted in the Yankee hatred of all the blacks in the American south (their fear that the rednecks will miscegenate)

    • Raelynne

      People need some clarity on who’s who. Jews are white people that chose Judaism as their religion. There’s nothing holy or revering about them, they only differ from other whites by religion. Indigenous means originating or occurring naturally in a particular place so who are they? I’ll give you a hint, they are not those people who are currently governing in Europe, Asia, Australia, nor America.

      Ancient and Modern Britons by David MacRitchie

      • Big dog.../small fish...

        Huh, you’re preaching to the crowd here – these people have lost all COMMON SENSE and rely SOLELY on their *** bibles.

        • Damien

          If only a WASP Zionist Yankee would appear from his heave…oh. Doggoneit!

          • Big dog.../small fish...

            Please do explain the WASP zionist Yankee part to me – I don’t get it since I’m pure french canadian and catholic – plus I consider Jews too sensitive for their own good. Yeah, lots of things happened to them but they should keep to themselves and stop playing the victim. Plus they should have more common sense then to always shoot at the slightest provocation.

            • Damien

              >Plus they should have more common sense then to always shoot at the slightest provocation.

              Well yes thats what the genocidal YANKEE Canadians are for.


              Please do explain the WASP zionist Yankee part to me


              As the WASP diaspora and all its sheeples are the side you are trying to defend against other crackpot British Americans I choose to group you into its brahmins right to speak on your behalf as you group others others into not being them (as a surrender monkey you’re obviously incapable of disagreeing with them).

              Yankee (n.)

              It may be a dialectal variant of Jan Kaas, literally “John Cheese,” the generic nickname the Flemings used for Dutchmen.

            • CrowPie


              I see you didn’t take your time in rehab seriously…….it’s a shame.

              BTW…Your comments are still the perfect example of a liver cancer patient with an ammonia level that has all but rocketed to the moon.

              All that seems left for you are restraints, lactulose and adult diapers. (Can’t go to the loo alone when your brains are fried, you know.)

      • Mongoose

        Wrong, a Jew is a descendant of Judah.

        Est_2:5 Now in ShushanH7800 the palaceH1002 there wasH1961 a certainH376 Jew,H3064 whose nameH8034 was Mordecai,H4782 the sonH1121 of Jair,H2971 the sonH1121 of Shimei,H8096 the sonH1121 of Kish,H7027 a Benjamite;H1145



        Patronymic from H3063; a Jehudite (that is, Judaite or Jew), or descendant of Jehudah (that is, Judah): – Jew.
        Total KJV occurrences: 75

        One can choose to follow the religion of the Hebrews which is the old testament law (not Judaism) but one cannot convert to being a descendant of Judah.

        These lines have been deliberately blurred. How can there be secular Jews like most of hollywood and Israel for that matter if being Jewish is a religion?

        What we refer to as “Jews” these days are not Jews at all.

        They are:

        “Rev_3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie;”

    • DRJerkins

      Wow, it’s almost like reading the script from a Palestinian children’s TV show.

      On the bright side, when you ramp up the anti-Jewish BS this much, only a complete idiot will fall for it.

      You should send this article to Iran or ISIS, they might pay you to use it in their next press release.

      • THOTH

        Just send the article to Israel, they’ll make sure it gets to Isis. Maybe you can be the middle man dr, seeing as you’re an avid supporter of Israel, the worst human rights violator on the globe. Has anyone else ever wondered why “Isis” has never attacked the illegal Israeli settlements in Syria? It’s because you don’t night the hand that feeds you.

        The times of Israel posts much more offensive articles than this. Articles that direct hate at race equally, except Jews of course, but I guess that makes sense because Jews are not even a race, they are a religion centered around themselves.

        Dr. You accused me of trying to deceive people a while back, while you hypocritically stood in defense of the Talmud. Did you see the reply I left you? I cited the sections of the Talmud and mentioned how your hypocrite forefathers would have been proud of you.

        • truthlovingsoul


          well said.
          the brain-washing is strong in regards to the jews.
          according to themselves and their blind followers and apologists, they can do no wrong.
          so pathetic.
          i wish people would put 2 and 2 together and realize that there are reasons the jewish ‘holocaust’ has been shoved down our throats from birth for a REASON. there have been far worse/larger holocausts of christians where up to 100 million of us were slaughtered, tortured, raped, put in camps, real death camps, but never a peep about that!
          start asking questions, people.
          where are our reparations, museums, memorials, movies, tv shows, documentaries?
          turn on the tube and it’s one big jew fest.
          their love for themselves knows no bounds.

          • THOTH


            Thank you

            Yes, their brainwashing is very strong, not only to us, but to their own children. They are raised on a lie that they are chosen by God, and that everyone else wants them dead. This delusion and fear makes it easy for the big powerful Jews to manipulate the rest of them.

            There is no greater threat to the world than terrorist, apartheid Israel, yet they receive support and illegal financial aid from many people. One of my aunts who claims to be Christian. suffers from cognitive dissonance and believes Jews are Gods chosen. I told her that Abraham and the Hebrew Israelites were the recipients of Gods commandments, not Jews. I asked her if she read her bible, and to tell me where God promised Jews anything. She couldn’t do it, but wouldn’t believe me. If Christians only understood how destructive Judaism has been, and still is to their people, foreign support for Israel would disappear.

            Yes, every month it seems the idiot box is reminding it’s programmed victims of the 6 million. I’d still like to know how you can take 3 away from 6, or why in over 7000 pages of writing about ww2 that Churchill, Degaul and Eisenhower failed to mention it. AHC propaganda network shows its viewers those piles of emaciated bodies being bulldozed and suggests they are all Jews, and the viewers suck it all up. My dad watches these shows:(.. I suggested one day that those piles of bodies being bulldozed could be all Christians or Germans and that no man can guess another Nan’s religion by looking at a picture of his naked corpse. I also pointed out all the discrepancies involving numbers in various encyclopedias. He freaked out about it, because I challenged what he thinks he knows, which has been taught to him by AHC. He doesn’t get the concept of being lied to about war.

            “Turn on the tube and it’s one big Jew fest”
            You got that right! Anyone who disagrees, just look at the producers names after the shows. Look at most of the actors and actresses. Look at all the Jews involved in TV that have openly admitted that they own it. Lucky for me I’m not a big TV fan at all. I prefer books myself. Sometimes I think I can feel myself getting less intelligent as I watch tv. The news is a f’n joke. Anyone who believes they are informed because they watch the news, is either extremely naive, or a complete idiot.

            “There love for themselves knows no bounds.”
            Absolutely, they are the most self centered group on the planet. There’s always someone complaining about “anti-semitism”. I am SO SICK of hearing that. Khazars are not Semites. There are no bigger anti Semites on earth, than Zionist Jews.

            • THOTH

              Correction: i’d still like to know how anyone can take 6 away from 3.
              Not 3 away from 6.

              This relates to the Jewish population in Europe being 3 million at the start of the war, yet somehow 6 million were killed. They would’ve had to kill not only ALL the Jews in Europe, but import 3 million Jews in from around the world to kill them too. Clearly that didn’t happen.

            • THOTH

              Another correction :roll:

              No man can guess another ‘man’s ‘ religion by looking at a picture of his naked corpse.

              My apologies, I’m out of it today.

              I will add that those piles of bodies being bulldozed were a direct result of allied bombimg campaigns carried out on the supply route to to the camps.
              If you destroy the food supplies, the people in the camps starve to death and what you end up with are piles of emaciated bodies being bulldozed into mass graves. It makes no sense whatsoever for the Nazi’s to starve, or gas their slaves to death. Without those slaves making their ammo and supplies, the nazis could not continue the war. German and Russian citizens who wanted nothing to do with Nazi’s or Bolshevik communism were the real victims of WW2. Hundreds of millions dead.

        • THOTH

          Correction: you don’t ‘bite’ the hand that feeds you.

          • Mongoose

            I totally agree with you except for the idea that the “jews” are not a race. You said that they are not a race but then called them Khazar’s which tells me that you know that these people calling themselves Jews are in fact a race.

            It is my understanding that They DNA test people to see if they are “Jewish” enough to live in Israel. (they want to keep their racial purity you know) They don’t do a religious test.

            Patronymic from H3063; a Jehudite (that is, Judaite or Jew), or descendant of Jehudah (that is, Judah): – Jew.
            Total KJV occurrences: 75

            One can choose to follow the religion of the Hebrews which is the old testament law (not Judaism) but one cannot convert to being a descendant of Judah.

            These lines have been deliberately blurred. How can there be secular Jews like most of hollywood and Israel for that matter if being Jewish is a religion?

            What we refer to as “Jews” these days are not Jews at all.

            They are:

            “Rev_3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie;”

            • Mongoose

              Sorry about that. That comment was supposed to end after I said

              “They don’t do a religious test.”

              The rest of it was left over from a different comment.

    • caligula606

      The whole thrust of this article is crazy! How many Jews in the world? 13 million? How many white or Caucasian? 500 million, easily. Do the Jews really want us dead? Rubbish. Most just want to live in peace with their neighbours. However, the Islamic countries round about have an implacable hatred towards anything not Islamic.
      The Palestinian regime kill their own kids and blame Israel; fire rockets on civilians in Israel; use slaves and kids to make tunnels into Israeli territory; how many States would put up with this?
      How many Jews does this author know? Most just family people trying to have a nice life and give their kids a good start.
      This author just trying to turn history on its head, absolute rubbish? It’s like the old argument: the Jews have all the money: how many Japanese and Chinese Jews are there? None.
      Israel is the only place in the Middle East where Jews and Arabs have freedom of religion, politics, and the chance of a good education. A progressive, modern country.
      Who is really out to destroy the West and makes no secret of it: Islam. How many Jewish terrorists are spreading fear and hatred round the world? NONE.
      I’m not Jewish, by the way, just a student of history, who hates to see it perverted, by this unhistorical twaddle.
      This author should get a real education, preferably in a good Jewish school!!!

      • truthlovingsoul


        you have no idea what is really going on.
        you are pushing the mainstream narrative, so you are either one of them or a sheep.

      • THOTH

        “How many Jewish terrorists are spreading fear and hatred round the world? NONE.”

        I can not believe you are serious.

        Are you not aware that the first televised coverage of an “Islamic” terrorist attack was perpetrated by Jews who dressed up like Muslims? In 1954, Israeli Jews hired Egyptian Jews who bombed U.S. and British owned civilian targets like libraries and cinemas, in Egypt. They blamed the attack on Muslims, they even dressed up like them and yelled Muslim proclamations of faith, in an attempt to sucker the U.S. and Britain into fighting Israel’s Arab enemies. This event is known as the Lavon affair, and this false flag is celebrated by Israel.

        They did the same thing to the Liberty and there are those who brag about that too.

        Any thinking person can see that only beneficiaries of 9/11 were the Zionist Israeli’s. Netanyahu even stated publicly that 9/11 was good for Israel. Not only did the get the U.S. to hate and kill their Arab enemies, America “borrowed” the “money” from the Zionist owned and operated Federal Reserve. What has the war cost the U.S. so far? anywhere from 6-11 trillion, give or take. What do you figure the compounded interest on a debt like that is? Not only were the Zionists the only beneficiaries of 9/11, they had the people on the inside to pull it off. There were 42 Zionist Israeli dual citizens in the Bush administration. Why was Bin Ladin never officially charged with 9/11? Because there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him? Honestly, the Israeli connections to 9/11 would take an entire book to list..

        There is literally no evidence that foreign Arab terrorists have ever attacked the U.S. on American soil. There is however non debatable evidence that Israel has attacked the U.S. and blamed it on their Arab enemies, on at least two occasions.

        What makes you believe what is going on now is any different?

        • THOTH

          And no, I’m not a Muslim

    • The Watcher

      The question SHOULD BE. Can THE WHITES Really Exterminate THE BLACKS? And the answer is. It’s ALREADY HAPPENING and IT WILL BE COMPLETED!

      • VirusGuard

        The question needs to read can the white, greedy debt slaves who kisses the arse of the boss each morning wipe out the lazy blacks who refuse to play the bankers game.

        Read a bit of history and you will learn that blacks captured blacks to sell at the slave markets but most of the sellers were jewish slave masters and when the jews had a religious holiday, the markets were closed

        I’m all for calling a spade a spade but lets ask the right question first

    • dabu

      Some people just have worms for brains, no pun intended!

    • Anonymous

      This is more true than I can say. Pay attention. The jews will commit a holocast against the white people of USA and UK and Europe.

    • astonvilla

      Well… I’m a Jew. I’m not going to go away anytime soon.

      • THOTH

        You’re a Jew? Do you follow the Torah or Talmud? What are your thoughts on Zionism?

    • MikeSavage

      No, they can’t exterminate the white race. What a rediculous proposition, and a waste of blog space.

    • Sydney

      Good article, but wasn’t the Jew, Theodore Herzl, the father of communism/Zionism?

    • VirusGuard

      Jews did indeed run the slave trade but you can write that out of history if you own the media and hollywood plus all the greedy politiicians of the world using money printed from nothing.

      Even the US government (worlds bully boy) is not allowed to print it’s own debt free money and if every country in the world is in debt then who do we all owe this money too.

      Israel does have biological wepons that could take most of us out but so does all the other major players but they have more to loss then others in using these viruses but Israel on the other hand is small and they hope this Samson Option plan using man made viruses will allow the bankers to cary on just as they are doing.

    • VirusGuard

      Isreal is second to none when it comes to biological weapons so yes they have the means and the will to wipe the world out without the 200-300 illegal nukes they have.

      Numbers cannot be racist, they are facts and all the big banks are under the control of the false jews that live in Israel but i see muppet brains here in the comments wants to play the “Hate Speech” racist card and ignor the facts and numbers that says otherwise.

      They own congress and the UN and use bribes to get there own way because god gave them the money tree and this is why the UN allows Isreal to commit war crimes every day in places like Gaza and get away with it.

      Tony Blair’s Chilcot report is out to day and i am told (Not sure myself) that his wife is jewish.

      Jews only make up 0.3% of the worlds population and he just so happen to be married to one (if true) and he’s been allowed to get away with war crimes and is well in bed with the bankers, well you do the maths

    • The Watcher


    • Loyal American

      Very accurate information, Accuracy Counts!
      Just can’t debate your statement, as it is Factually correct!
      Congrats on being one of the few SANE human beings posting on BIN.

    • Chet

      What “prey tell” would be the proper way to pay homage to your yellow-skinned man god?

      Step 1. Light the BBQ
      Step 2. ……
      Step 3. send money to China?

    • Stickler

      There is NO yrellow skinned mangod, either, you DULL Putz, chet!
      Regain your eternal memory or come back here to hell, wiped clean, again. And again. And again.

      For there is NOT ONE god, but trillions upon trillions of GODS!

      For here and your human body is made PURELY for your entertainment!

      The Pineal gland and it’s de-calcification is the KEY to Spiritual Understanding through the regaining of the Eternal Memories of the individual.

      Let’s start right at the point that you self deceived humans just can’t get by.
      There is NOT one god.
      THERE ARE TRILLIONS! And YOU are one of them!

      Also, you existed BEFORE this Universe was formed BY US for our mutual entertainment, and you will exist after this Universe is LONG GONE!

      Ignore the one-god believers, as well as what they write.

      For they are nothing but your Earthly Prison Guards and their desperation is showing in the franticness of their written LUNATIC derision.

      Their vile, lying christo-CREED is dying, and they will be punished severely for losing christo-Hypnotize control over you by their one-god MONSTER, who is not god, that they mindlessly serve as Slaves.

      Can you feel their deep fear and desperation?

      For, god is NOT light.
      god is NOT love.

      Do NOT respond to anything you might perceive that wants to lead you to the light at the moment of your body’s death this time.

      Just turn around and LEAVE.

      That is all you will have to do.

      YOUR WILL IS god!
      Not “god”, but YOUR WILL BE DONE!
      All you have to do is exercise your own individual will.


      You do NOT have to stay here AT ALL.
      Go any way, any direction, except to the Light.

      And, YOU WILL BE FREE of this HELL HOLE designed to ENTRAP YOU HERE!

      Any one can begin today to regain their own “Eternal Memory”.

      You can start immediately to do this by de-calcifying your own Pineal gland.

      It is your own “Spiritual Connection” to yourself in our eternal home.

      Even the ancients were NOT as ignorant about this fact as you so called “Moderns” are now.

      For IT IS “the seat of the soul”!

      This “One god” consciousness stuff is like “Pushing Communist MALE Tyranny” for eternity!

      So, you “speculate” that there is NO individualism in the “mass perceived” world of the “metaphysical”?

      ALL ONE-god believers, YOU are the problem!
      The reality is there are trillions upon trillions of “gods” where we reside, always.

      Not one, but trillions, each with their own, distinct “personality”.

      Christians, Jews, Muslims, you are one of the trapped “Eternal Memory” stripped “gods”!

      Your thoughts control your DNA because “your” thoughts do NOT originate here.

      Before this universe was “formed’ and used, by us, we existed.

      That “internal voice” is NOT “god”, is not, universal conscious, it is YOU, always residing in our eternal “home”.

      Your “Eternal Memory” speaks to you from our home regularly. Some call it “god’s voice”. Some call it the “Sub-conscious”. What it really is……. is YOU, with your trillion upon trillions of “years” of “Eternal Memories”. No wonder that all are “that smart’! You have existed before the dawn of time here, in this physical universe.

      “Here” is an “amusement park” for the trillions upon trillions of pure energy form self-aware sentinel beings, the gods, (US) that have existed since before the beginning of time itself, here, in this physical universe.

      We do NOT reside “here” at all!

      Never have, never will.

      We exist in a “formless, timeless” void.

      We have NO physical body of any type.

      NO sight, no hearing, no touch, no body, no “reproduction”, no sensation, NO LIGHT to “see” with, none of what you “believe” will be “permanent” in any imagined after life.

      We identify one another by the unique “wave-length”, “osculation”, or “vibration” that our “self aware life form” exists at.

      We are “Pure formless energy” “Vibrating” at different and specific wave lengths for all of eternity.

      NOTHING can cause us any “pain” or “harm” or “destroy” us in ANY WAY!
      All of the above (sight, sound, light, time, etc.), and much more is why we come “here”.

      We experience none of the sensations and experiences gained “here” in our eternal pure energy form and home.

      All “roles” are played “here” by all who come “here”.

      Anything we “think” here becomes a part of this physical reality.

      We should be able to go from “Life form” to “Life form” “here” at our will.

      That is how we designed this universe to be, and it still is.

      But, that damn “Light” present at the moment of bodily “death” is such a magnet for most (complete with “overwhelming sense of “love”, with fresh human memories materialized, and waiting to greet you to “bring you to the light, to “love”) is a “high voltage bug like zapper, that STRIPS you completely of all eternal memories, which includes the “life” that you just departed from.

      NO one from our eternal “home” EVER has to incorporate into a Human body, or, if they have, come back here, EVER!

      It simply does not matter.

      NO loyalty should be extended to the “Ride Car” (“your” physical body here) used here.

      Are you “Loyal” to the Ride Car that takes you around the track at “Magic Mountain”, located within Disney Land?

      Do you “pine” for the vehicle that you used when here, and now is waiting for someone else from our real realm to “occupy” it??

      If you do “regain” your “Eternal Memories”, you will see immediately and agree.

      Remember the Universal Physical Law of this particular Universe.


      Even the individual atoms making up all molecules, and molecules making up all objects, whether solid, liquid, or gaseous, are effected by this PHYSICAL LAW.
      The atom itself is made up of parts that NEVER touch. Proton, Neutron, electron, all are sub atomic particles that DO NOT TOUCH one another, and are “held together “by Strong Force.

      Here is very temporal. Easily constructed and then “reassembled’ in the blink of an eye.
      Every atom of everything constructed here is always blinking “out’ of existence, and then back into existence, simultaneously.

      Physics, and its very exacting mathematical “proofs” of this reality, confirms this fact.

      Meet two newly discovered “particles’. The two new particles are named Xib’- and Xib*- (pronounced “zi-b-prime” and “zi-b-star”). Both Xib-and Xib*- are a type of particle called a baryon.

      Baryons include familiar particles like protons and neutrons, which are held together by strong force.

      (The other fundamental forces in the universe are gravity, electromagnetism, and weak force. Strong force holds particles together; weak force makes particles decay.)

      Scientists understand the basic theory of strong force, and they can use the theory to estimate the sizes and masses of different baryons.

      But the mathematical equations behind strong force are incredibly complex.

      That’s because the particles they apply to have some wacky characteristics.

      Part of a baryon’s mass can “spontaneously” burst “into and out of” existence.

      This weird flux makes it difficult to use strong force to predict their mass.

      Part of every atom that makes up our bodies “can “spontaneously” burst “into and out of” existence.

      “WE” are NOT “here”.

      WE project here, into these “bodies” from our common ‘Eternal Home”.

      The Human Brain is a Bio-mechanical ‘receiver” and can funnel tremendous power directly from our real “selves”, containing all of our individually gained ‘Eternal Memories”.

      We CAN move from “body to body”.

      We CAN discontinue “Projecting” here from OUR common eternal home, any time we want.

      Please consider these thoughts on “consciousness”.

      Extra Questions for the Brain-Washed One-god believers, any flavor.

      Where were you BEFORE you were ‘born” into your current “Ride Car” of a body???

      Were you “self-conscious” then?????
      Why can’t you remember that part of your Eternal Existence?

      Why does your one god demand your prayers?

      Why do you think that ‘something’ would ‘take credit, for say, a tidal wave
      that kills over 250,000 on 3 continents and numerous islands?

      You think there was some ‘divine planning’ in that that any rational, thinking
      entity called one-god would ‘take credit for”?

      Why did your one-god jesus sit next to a demon, evil incarnate, and listen to a
      sales pitch?

      Why did your one-god jesus let that pure evil walk away to continue to torment all of you?

      Why do you worship this insane, demonic personality of one-god?

      Almost all of you have a Eternal Memory problem.

      A big Eternal Memory problem that causes all of your problems HERE, in HELL on earth.

      You have all forgotten the purpose of HERE, this Universe, and why HERE was created by US.

    • Chet

      Stickler Quote – “There is NO yrellow skinned mangod, either, you DULL Putz, chet!
      Regain your eternal memory or come back here to hell, wiped clean, again. And again. And again.

      For there is NOT ONE god, but trillions upon trillions of GODS!”

      Um…. Does Master Li know you true feelings Chris?
      Surely you would be kicked out of your very new “yellow-skinned mann-god” religion if he knew you thought of him as a man only.

    • Time Traveller

      Probably the best post on BIN.. ever… Kudos. This is truth, and needs to be taken seriously.

    • V. Religious

      “If feed like a liver pate duck for 10 years”
      You’d never have to force feed Bacchus food, wine or those little Vienna wieners.
      Rumor has it that he can unhinge his weak jaw like a snake to swallow any quantity of above without breathing.

    • caligula606

      No it’s not, it’s rubbish!

    • truthlovingsoul

      accuracy counts was so accurate that they deleted his/her comment. thanks bin.

    • I AM Cow

      Thanks, TLS.
      It is getting harder & harder to be Accurate here on BIN without being penalized.
      Speaking frankly (with no cuss words) can get you banned around here, also.
      Jes sayin :wink:

    • MARK

      Tell me about it!

    • VirusGuard

      I liked the labour party picture, its true and immigrants are treated much better by our government than us whites but thats being done to oil the cogs for when our puppet politicains are told to start a race war by the bankers.

      You don’t have to be black to get a council house but it sure as hell helps and then they get the right to buy when whites are all having to rent from the public sector.




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