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No One Is Ready for What’s Coming.

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This is actually about the political and economic storm that’s coming. I heard it best described as a “rule of law reset” and an “economic reset” happening simultaneously. I think Dave Janda said that in a recent interview, and he’s right.

What’s about to come down from Washington D.C. will be historic, groundbreaking and largely unexpected by the masses. It could involve widespread arrests and even military tribunals of deep state operatives, potentially including the arrest and indictment of Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, everybody seems to be going insane across the political spectrum, and there are plane-loads of people falling gravely ill as possible bioweapons look like they’re being tested or deployed on commercial airplanes in the United States.

The information is now coming so rapidly that almost nobody can keep up with it, myself included. I’ve tried to distill the most important highlights of the last week into this video that covers censorship, de-platforming, the attempted assassination of President Trumpand the coming arrest of deep state operatives. The video is long, but it’s informative:

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Meanwhile, the human race is being hunted and exterminated

On the “big, big picture” front, I’ve also posted another video that would be instantly banned on YouTube. It explains the expanded globalist agenda of the complete extermination of the human race under the false banner of “climate change” and “globalism” combined with infertility chemicals and the collapse of human reproduction.

Some of this video is so sensitive and bizarre, I’ve actually had to bleep out certain words myself. Most people aren’t ready for this information. Watch and decide for yourself:

Crypto crash accelerates as bottom falls out of “digital fiat” currency platforms

Meanwhile, Ethereum, Bitcoin and other cryptos continue their free fall, with over $600 billion in crypto losses this year alone. Bloomberg is now reporting that the crypto crash is worse than the dot-com crash.

Ethereum has cratered something like 80% (or so), and many ICOs and other alt-coins have completely collapsed to zero.

As you know, I’ve been warning about all this for the last year or so, since the day I launched and accurately predicted exactly what’s unfolding right now.

Further confirming what I’ve been reporting, KevBotReport has launched a new channel on, offering incredibly insightful analysis of crypto markets. See his channel at:

His latest video describes why and how Ethereum will crater in a panic:

Keep up with current events! Check out the 25,000+ videos now posted on, with new channels launching every day.

Some very informative channels to check out:


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  • Slimey

    Video too long. Who got time to watch long videos? Where’s the speed up button that Youtube has? I told you this was critical. Most people talk to slow or ramble on.

    This is where the speed-up button comes in handy along with the Closed Caption feature.

    Stop being a dicktator and FORCING people to listen to you at normal speed as if every word of yours must be listened to.

    Did not watch the video. Usually on slow videos forced to listen to, or to long I switch tabs while the volume is on but sometimes I can’t stand it if I know the fella bans you for calling Negroes properly Negroes.

  • Nobody

    Fake news, pure B.S..

  • nomorelabels

    No one is ready because people are busy with taking care of their families and earning a living somehow.

    This nonsense only stirs the pot. Janda lies, and everyone appears to be jumping on board the doom train and no one has the slightest bit of evidence, only hot air.

  • JohnPrewett

    Jesus: “put away the sword, don’t you know I could call down an army of angels” ?
    “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds,” 2 Corinthians 10:4
    The only place of safety and victory is in Jesus and His Revelation. His Rev which promises to bless whoever heeds it.
    Revelation 13->forward reveals soul saving blessing conveying information about our end of era scenario found nowhere else.

  • Britnay Smithh

    The date for Novus Ordo Seclorum is set: 2033, on the US great seal,US flag,US 1$ bill, US Skyscrapers calendar,911-Database, and so on…




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