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By Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki
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Global Free Fair Trade Organization Is Coming Soon

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Global Free Fair Trade Organization Is Coming Soon

It is not an option but that is a must for a new earth era to have a free and fair system for everyone, whether is before or after the “doomday” natural catastrophe.
All the old thinking about corrupt actions, shaky deals, foreign spy & influence over other nations must end. Do not think that you are smart and others stupid.

The Global Free Fair Trade Organization (GFFTO) will replace the current WTO.

What is Global?
All Nations on Earth.

What is Free?

Everyone, every nations can join without any cost.

What is Fair?

Fair is mean no winner nor loser.

Fair is mean everything must be clear, transparency for everybody to choose.

Fair is mean harmony with environment.

I do not know what is “good” or “bad” guys/nations in this current world, so if you really want to have a fair system for every nation, you must talk and publish the ideal of new GFFTO to the media, public so every leaders, people can aware and have voice on it.

Here is some of quick proposal from me:

– The GFFTO will have 2 major part: one is a must requirement (between nation), and second is advice optional (between company and individual).

– Goods must divine into 3 categories: essential, semi-essential and non-essential.

What is essential?

Essential is stuffs you must have and without it you will die. To have a full picture you must using the world life from 5000 years ago.

There are only 4 things in this category: organic foods, water, clothes and natural (trees, clay, soil, rock).

What is semi-essential?

The stuffs exist and have from at least 2000 years ago like organic house, chair, bed, farming tools, etc.

What is non-essential?

The rest which without it you still able to survive like electric, car, computer, mobile phone, artificial dead chemicals, etc.

The trading number between each nations is flexible so the tariff, tax must also flexible base on overall trade deficit, there is no way you can have fair system with fixed number like the current system.

So it is nice and fair for each nation to have 3 type of account in the GFFTO:

– Tier 1: Account A represent for essential stuffs.

– Tier 2: Account B represent for semi-essential stuffs.

– Tier 3: Account C represent for non-essential stuffs.

And maybe Account D represent for overall of all above stuffs.

All nations must agree upon a fixed tarriff tax rate base on the type of the goods.


Tier 1: Essential stuffs: – 0%

Tier 2: Semi-Essential stuffs: 10%

Tier 3: Non-Essential stuffs: 20%

Sound good but not enough yet, there must be additional tax call “Space & Environment” Tax.

Space & Environment tax will base on the weight and dissolvable/melting back the soil.

This tax is on base on price of the goods but base on the price of Gold.

In order to have a fair and right tax number on this one, you must think more since I only here to give some quick proposal I do not have “equipment”.

The formula should be like: The Weight X * the TDS(total dissolvable solidarity) level * price of 100 gram or 1 kg of Gold.

Now after trading, there will be nation with trade surplus and deficit, then the tariff tax number now will be flexible and change year by year, and by account by account: A to A, B to B and C to C.

The flexible tax only apply on goods sold in nations with trade deficit. And it apply both on the price and also the Space & Environment Tax.

The table of additional flexible tax could be like this:

– For Tier 1 Essential Stuffs:
Year 1: 5%

Year 2: 10%

Year 3: 20%

Year 4: 30%

Year 5: 40%:

Year 6: 50%

Year 7: 60%

Year 8: 70%

Year 9: 80%

etc. (+ 10%)

– For Tier 2 Semi-Essential Stuffs

Year 1: 5%

Year 2: 10%

Year 3: 20%

Year 4: 40%

Year 5: 60%

Year 6: 80%

Year 7: 100%

Year 8: 120%

Year 9: 140%

etc. (+ 20%)

– For Tier 3 Non-Essential Stuffs

Year 1: 10%

Year 2: 20%

Year 3: 40%

Year 4: 80%

Year 5: 160%

Year 6: 320%

Year 7: 640%

Year 8: 1280%

Year 9: 2560%

etc. (double x2 time, but basically it will stop selling at year 9)

So to some point that nation bank account will back to zero and same point with all nations.

So no matter what happen there won’t be any “winner” or “loser” on trade.

That apply to most of nation except very few very very small island or some “only import” rich millionaire nations. They can apply for that license of “only import” goods. But I won’t go too deep into that subject for it is not essential now on Earth.

I hope all Nations and all kind of Secret Societies, Groups, Elders, Ancient Families have a look and re-think about above proposal system, it just quick few hours on Earth of my thinking, I could go must deeper state to solve anything, but without knowing the real problems I won’t waste time to punch.


Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Udumbara Flower


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