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The Church of Satan Experiencing Huge Swell in Membership as Satanism Goes Mainstream in America

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According to the LA Times, “a heterodox generation of new self-described satanists is upending old Rosemary’s Baby and Helter Skelter stereotypes in service of radical politics, feminist aesthetics and community unity”.

“…but this is your hour, and the power of darkness.” Luke 22:53 (KJV)

EDITOR’S NOTE: What’s fueling the nascent popularity of Satanism is the presidency of Donald Trump, the satanists can’t stand him. Funny thing, 8 years of Barack Obama and the satanists didn’t really have much to say, one year of Trump and it’s an explosion. Looks like the Devil is not a fan of Trump for some reason. Could it be he opposes him because God is the one that placed Trump in office to bring about end times events? It is no coincidence that satanism is rising rapidly. As the Rapture of the Church draws ever closer, the Antichrist is getting ready to take the stage. 

The newspaper sent a reporter to investigate a satanic soiree in a California basement where they found a coterie of artists, writers and musicians who chanted “Hail Satan!”, while someone, unacceptably, played minor chords on the organ.

Satanism is attracting counter-cultural Californians because it is seen as a community-based response to the Trump era. As the paper writes: “Traditionalists might debate if any of it is properly ‘satanic’ at all; this new take is much more feminist than nihilist, flexibly self-aware and better versed in internet culture than orthodox theology.”

The Satanic High Mass:

GRAPHIC WARNING: This service showing a satanic High Mass contains imagery and words that many will find objectionable, please watch with caution. 

Better versed is right. Consider the Church of Satan’s laconic Twitter feed that wryly corrects those taking the dark lord’s name in vain.

Consider, too, the good sense found in the website’s FAQs: “We see the universe as being indifferent to us, and so all morals and values are subjective human constructions” contends the “fundamental beliefs” section, while the “selling souls” section argues: “There are no souls – and nobody to buy them. If you want something out of life, get off your lazy butt and work for it.”

Satanism has been associated with moral panics over witches or the ritual abuse of children during its history, sometimes unfairly. It has also attracted devotees such as Leamington Spa’s most wicked son, Aleister Crowley, who scandalised Edwardian society by claiming to be a master of black magic. Modern satanism, riven between theistic and atheistic sects, may owe something to Crowley, who called himself Great Beast 666 and who made a posthumous appearance on the Beatles’ Sgt Pepper album cover, but chiefly because he preached free love and drug experimentation.

Satanism’s latest mutation is something else, a contrarian uprising against a patriarchal world order that deserves its comeuppance. source

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    • unidentified

      they host a pizza/videogame shop in dc :mad:

    • Anonymous

      From Isaiah 14 –
      “…thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.”

      Real Satanists want all the things of God, for themselves, so will virtue signal, and even adopt Christian mannerisms and Christian institutions (but with their twist on the truth.) They might sound like Art Bell, Ronald Reagan, and Walt Disney, in their mannerisms, not like Marilyn Manson.
      “I am pure and virtuous and wholesome and innocent. How can you say anything bad, about me?”

      From the Pike prediction on three world wars (in Morals and Dogma) –
      “…we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of *absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil.”

      The annoying posers, in these videos, are absolute atheists, saying there is no spiritual element. They are useful idiots, for the purpose of provocation.

      Satan still wants people to have the same sense of awe and wonder, which ought to be reserved for God. So, the absolute atheist would be considered spiritually-retarded, according to Satanism, because he is unable to worship.

      NTEB is correct, in that there is still a frogpot, generally heating up, from Theist to Atheist to Satanist. These activists are still mainstreaming Satanism. But, there is something more real, and far worse, than a campy person, shrieking parody, over the microphone.

      The Satanists, imhblo, consider these change agents to be disposable, in the bigger picture. If any of the philosophical types are reading, you are being tolerated for such time as you are useful, but not respected.

    • DK

      Satanism is a belief system only 170 years old and that throne they pray to is empty.

    • Canderson

      Bathe in shit and drink piss, I can see that is tempting for some psychopaths and other degenerates. (libtards
      degenerated by libertarianism – The Cultural-Marxist branch of Communism)

      Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) (‘Order of the Temple of the East’ or ‘Order of Oriental Templars’) is an international
      fraternal and religious organization founded at the beginning of the 20th century by Carl Kellner and Theodor Reuss.
      English author and occultist Aleister Crowley is the best-known and most influential member of the order.

      Hollywood-ism and the Music-Industry is of Aleister Crowley-ism, OTO Fools. (They got the false reality.)
      Hannibal staged a fake retreat from an African enemy, leaving wine tainted with mandrake root behind. The enemy drank

      it and became stupefied, allowing Hannibal to return and kill them all.

      Page 44, As a guest he used to defecate on people’s living room floors and announce his excreta was sacred.
      Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law = no order the whole order,= neo feudalism (and not anarchy at all).

      (the founding myths of the Twelve Olympians (EU- 12 fallen stars))
      The Committee of 300 aka The Olympians is a group founded by the British aristocracy in 1727
      Dr. John Coleman, Committee of 300

      Children of the Roundtable elite are members of a Dionysian cult known as Children of the Sun. Initiates include

      Aldous Huxley, T. S. Eliot, D. H. Lawrence and H. G. Wells. Wells headed British intelligence during WWI. His books

      speak of a “one-world brain” and “a police of the mind”. William Butler Yeats, another Sun member, was a pal of

      Aleister Crowley. The two formed an Isis Cult based on a Madam Blavatsky manuscript, which called on the British

      aristocracy to organize itself into an Isis Aryan priesthood. Most prominent writers of English literature came from

      the ranks of the Roundtable. All promoted Empire expansion, however subtly. Blavatsky’s Theosophical Society and

      Bulwer-Lytton’s Rosicrucian s joined forces to form the Thule Society out of which the Nazis emerged.

      How to counter the Cultural-Marxism?
      Besides a common religion as a remedy, it also works with:
      Cultural-nationalism / the real people’s, the indigenous people’s social-nationalism, for all Countries all over the

      World. (For real, not ruled by the “black” nobility) about all countries guarding their own heritage & environmental

      setting, (indigenous population & country). = Then there is no chance in the world (Hell) to call that racism. (equal

      = in balance)

      Alan Watt (Dec 31, 2017) New Year’s Eve Northern Ontario 2017-18

    • Canderson

      The Alice in Wonderland thingy, to find out what really happened to Alice (The Mind pretty much) you need to follow the trail down the rabbit hole, most people gets bewildered right away or soon, Aliens, Ancient Sumerian Reptilian Aliens, and other, all kinds of diversions.
      Anyway I say “wishing upon a star”, the physical happening.

      Is how the Ancients described this. The Promethian fire (intellect) passed down from the heavens.

      And the oldest depiction I know about this surpasses them a great deal.×400.jpg
      Why the human is not an animal, but we still share many treats.

      We could however be turned into animals and fed upon by siniser forces, that wants everything for themselves. (cultural-Marxism today and above that.)

      The mother Circe revealed by Jordan Maxwell.

      The “Church” the organized religion.
      Circe was an ancient Greek goddess who could hypnotize men, bring them into her house, and turn them into animals — taking their minds away, so that they could support and feed her.

      She was known as “Mother Circe,” and her worship was brought to medieval Scotland, in whose language Circe became “Kirk.”
      The Scottish word “Kirk” becomes “Church” in English.

      Sounds like Socialism, mind-control too me, Plato’s Cave parable.

      Plato – The Allegory of the Cave (Excerpt from The Republic) – (The Matrix) Animated

      “what really happened to Alice” (the right hemisphere is dreamy, sensitive and female)
      In ancient times it was´said that the left eye that corresponds to the right-brain was female and the right eye male, bombastic, powerful, eye-bran-intellect contained (to see is to understand) the charecteristics of the genuses. (and only 2 goddamnit)
      (Oden is often depicted with the left eye still functioning, this is all lies and out of the East (after we left it), their Satanism.)

      the left hemisphere of the brain is hard-nosed, logical and male while the right hemisphere is dreamy, sensitive and female


      War is Satan’s dominion and he is shut up, follow not the one who has no though except to control other nations by force, Satan is weak, Jesus has an Army so far advanced its absurd that the idea of support for those that want to what control humans by force as an outside agent, why if Satan were not shut up he would look down on so called followers as idiots for placing themselves under him for Satan believes that man should be a robot beast of burden or a property for his and his small army sent to only watch earthmen. Wait til he rises and realizes that he was sent to earth to watch as Gods right hand man because God all knowing knew Satan’s heart that it was of the opinion he knew beast and was a bit too much led by his baser instincts and would eventually be the source of rebellion, so God put him in a position of proving his suspicions and set him with the task to just watch and Satan instead of watching began shore leave to take human women for themselves and their pleasures which was disobeying God himself, it saved embarrassment of God having the disobedience happen in heaven and God in his wisdom used that disobedience by Gods ownership of Satan and his small army watching earth cause earthmen and women to have Gods/Heavens DNA making earth Gods liability for all that man did thereafter for the DNA is an accelerator of intellect and what with man somewhat barbaric the mixture was a threat to the very neighbors far away from earth for intellect spawns weapons of great destruction and a liability of other worlders from other lesser kingdoms getting the DNA second hand from earthmen, so in Gods wisdom he put his only Son on earth to insure that he God has ultimate say in what happens on earth as to any major event of any kind, and here we are today with man proving that being somewhat barbaric and having God’s property of his DNA have spawned great world killing weapons of war yet have not the spiritual evolution to be peacemakers first and war makers last. Satan is likely to grasp upon his rising that he was not right in his disobedience and would want to repent causing earth to be at risk of complete destruction from his error of adding his advanced DNA to earth where he was under orders not to do so. The wisdom of God is nothing to trifle with, mankinds’ leaders could learn only one lesson, be peacemakers not war makers for their is no attaining anything without that, Satans plan to rule is a mistake and now that mistake has been made man will prove himself to either maintain the peace through loving one another providing for each others needs or man will despite being controlled by Satan will destroy not only this but many other worlds if not able to spiritually become enlightened through love, no house can stand divided.




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