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President Trump Picks Jesuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh As The Next United States Supreme Court Justice

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President Trump nominated appeals court judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court Monday night to replace the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, ending a days-long guessing game that began the moment Kennedy announced his retirement on June 27.

President Trump has made his pick, the Jesuit-educated Catholic Judge Brett Kavanaugh, to be the nominee for the United States Supreme Court. Democrats have already started the protests across the country. Let the games begin.

FROM FOX NEWS: A clue to Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination emerged hours before the announcement when the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a written opinion in which the judge sided with the majority. The D.C. court does not typically issue opinions on Mondays except in response to emergency petitions, suggesting that the case had to be disposed of before Kavanaugh was nominated for the high court.

Brett Kavanaugh, a former law clerk to Kennedy in 1993, was elevated to the powerful federal appeals court in the District of Columbia by President George W. Bush, under whom he had served as a White House lawyer and staff secretary. Kavanaugh, 53, also won the confidence of key players in the Bush circle such as strategist Karl Rove.

This, however, had risked being something of a double-edged sword for Kavanaugh in the Trump era, raising concerns among some Trump supporters that he was too much of a D.C. insider and too closely associated with the Bush circle.

The Bush connections also harmed him with Democrats at the time of his initial nomination, who delayed his confirmation. But despite the criticism, he wore his support for Bush on his sleeve. It remains to be seen if those ties will complicate his confirmation process now — both with Democrats and Trump’s base.

Trump, though, may have been swayed in part because of Kavanaugh’s record of being a reliable conservative on the court – and reining in dozens of administrative decisions of the Obama White House. There are some question marks for conservatives, particularly an ObamaCare ruling that signaled his implicit support of the law.

In a 2011 case, Kavanaugh acknowledged in his dissent that the Affordable Care Act’s “individual mandate provision” could fit “comfortably within Congress’ Taxing Clause power.” His detractors say that language helped provide the road map for the Supreme Court to uphold the mandate a year later.

However, supporters of Kavanaugh have pushed back against that argument. Justin Walker, a former Kavanaugh clerk, argued that the judge’s “hypothetical discussion” about the Taxing Clause has been misinterpreted and is actually “a road map to the conclusion reached by the dissenters—that the individual mandate is unconstitutional under the Taxing Clause.”

Further, it’s also unclear how Kavanaugh would rule on abortion, as he has never directly confronted the issue as a judge. Last year, Kavanaugh dissented from a decision allowing an illegal immigrant to receive an abortion, but pro-life conservatives have criticized him for not going far enough. Specifically, they have expressed concern about language where Kavanaugh wrote “the unlawful immigrant minor is assumed to have a right under precedent to an abortion.”

Despite potential conservative grumbling, the White House is gearing up for a combative confirmation process. The administration announced earlier Monday that former Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona would guide the nominee through the Senate confirmation process. Before retiring in 2013, Kyl was a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which will be the first to consider the nomination. He now works for the Washington-based lobbying firm Covington & Burling. The White House hopes Kyl’s close ties to Senate Republicans will help smooth the path for Kavanaugh.

In addition, the conservative group Judicial Crisis Network will launch a $1.4 million ad buy in support of Kavanaugh, running advertisements in Alabama, Indiana, North Dakota, and West Virginia – states with Democratic senators on the fence about supporting Trump’s nominee. source


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    • Everette

      When Kavanaugh said he was a jesuit I then knew this reptilian did not need to be in the office of Supreme Court Justice . Trump what have you done ? I pray that he is rejected by the commity . You think you got troubles now , wait till this man starts redefining our Constitution . Trained as a jesuit he is a vatican nwo kiss ass ! Lord help us please !!! All GOD fearing people need to knock on the doors of HEAVEN and get GOD’s attention about this matter ! Once they tie this man to Bushes killing of JFK then Trump is over as the next President ! And I recently read Trump is releasing the entire JFK murder files . When they find that CIA Bush contracted the 3 men of Mafia bosses to take a hit on JFK (look up – ( JFK murder solved – is James Files telling the truth) ) and then tie Kavanaugh to Bush , Trump will then have lost his credibility with the people . Even though he may not have known nothing about it . Most people are very shallow in their thinking process and believe the media hook line and sinker and swallow the hook . In 1954 when congress began selling out our Constitution and people’s rights to foreign entities allowing them to reword many things that changed the meanings enabling foreign nationals to begin to start the take down of America , foreign entities have began the set up of our destruction . A jesuit is loyal to the vatican natzi regime far more than to America . These are the ones who began the set up change . Trump please reconsider your election choice and replace this traitor with a GOD fearing American , instead of a luciferian jesuit nwo natzi vaticanite . The vatican will own this guys loyalty over yours . If this guy is true to his teachings and religion , I know America is in trouble . He can lie and say I will respect the Constitution for how it stands . But luciferian devil worshippers pride themselves on lying , its their father lucifer’s traits . Remember Jesus said the devil ( lucifer ) was a Lier from the beginning . Jesuits worship lucifer as does the pope . Go on line and watch on YouTube the pope declaring lucifer is Jesus father and watch the singer sing praises to lucifer . Jesus stated that He beheld Lucifer cast from Heaven as Lightening . Remember John chapter 1 tells us that Jesus ( YESHUA ) was GOD who became flesh ) . Contact your Senators and congressmen and tell them not to support Kavanugh and pray that GOD preswaid them not to elect him into and American office when his heart is with the nwo who wants the take over of America .

    • raburgeson

      Trump are you taking opiates?




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