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SAFE SPACE: University In Michigan Arms Its Students With Hockey Pucks As Protection Against Possible Active Shooter Attack

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Hockey pucks have been known to cause some serious injuries on the rink, but now school officials are hoping that they can do similar damage in more dangerous situations.

Don Rickles died too soon. Insult comic Don Rickles, when he really wanted to insult someone for being stupid, he called them a ‘hockey puck‘. Now, an institute of ‘higher learning’ in Michigan, is arming their students with hockey pucks to ward off an active shooter. Hmm. How exactly would that work?

Well, it would work pretty good if the shooter went into an ice rink while a game was going on. My buddy Johnny C can slapshot you to death in the blink of any eye. But reaching into your pocket while running through the library, and throwing a hockey puck at someone with an AK-47 doesn’t seem like it would yield much results other than alerting the shooter to where you were so they could kill you quicker.

Hey, here’s a radical idea. Why not make learning how to shoot a firearm a required class? Why not make personal self-defense a required class? Why not install water cannons at various locations around campus where shooters tend to go most? Or, you can slap on your safety pin, grab your hockey puck, and retreat into your safe space.

Yep, Don Rickles died before he could see his most famous comedy put down come to life. With apologies to Muhammed Ali, ‘rumble, snowflake. rumble‘.

University passes out hockey pucks as possible defense against active shooters

FROM ABC NEWS: Oakland University in Michigan is passing out hockey pucks to be used as possible weapons against mass shooters. The school’s initiative is twofold: circulating hockey pucks around campus in case of a dire situation, and raising funds retrofit the school’s classroom doors so that they can be locked from the inside.

The impetus for these efforts in suburban Detroit came after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida in February, in which 17 students and staff members were killed. At the time, Oakland University was on break. But when students came back, they were shaken by what had happened.

“I walked into the classroom and a young woman approached me and said ‘Will you please lock the door? After what happened in Florida, I don’t feel safe,’” said Tom Discenna, a communications professor at Oakland University and the president of the school’s chapter of the American Association of University Professors.

“At that point, something inside me just kind of snapped,” he added.

Training sessions with the university’s police chief, Mark Gordon, were organized for the staff. Gordon cited his experience getting hit with hockey pucks while serving as a youth hockey coach as proof that they could be used to hurt, Discenna said.

Beyond the punch they pack, there are some other helpful advantages that hockey pucks provide, he explained.

“It’s not considered a weapon, it fits easily into a backpack or a brief case. It has a lot of advantages,” he said.

Discenna stressed that while they can be potentially handy in a dire situation, the real point of the hockey pucks is to raise enough money to install thumb locks on the doors across campus. The pucks have the name of the fundraising effort emblazoned on them and the school has received at least $10,000 for the effort so far.

The federal guidance on how to respond to active shooters urges people to “Run, Hide, Fight,” in that order. While the hockey pucks are part of the “fight” part of the equation, doors that can be locked from the inside are a critical part of the second phase: hide.

“It’s a great idea. I applaud them for their creativity,” Gomez said of Oakland University’s initiative.

As of now, many of the school’s classrooms are only able to be locked from outside, which would mean that a person would have to exit the room during an active shooter situation to secure the room.

“Not being able to lock their doors basically puts them in a very vulnerable position if the shooter is nearby and is able to enter their room,” said Steve Gomez, a former FBI special agent and current ABC News contributor. Gomez said when he speaks to family and friends about what to do in an active shooter situation, he urges them to look around for any objects that could be used to stop the shooter.

“A lot of times, whenever I have these discussions, I will look around and say, ‘You can grab that chair, you can grab that trash can.’ If you can’t run or hide, then the fight scenario involves any item you can get your hands on,” he said.

As for what that object can be, Gomez said that he’s heard a range of options, including soup cans that students have been urged to keep at their desk, or a wrench, or a stapler. And now, hockey pucks.

“Its a great idea. I applaud them for their creativity,” Gomez said of Oakland University’s initiative. READ MORE

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